MRC Staff Listing

Media Research Center Senior Staff

Brent Bozell - Founder and President
David Martin- Executive Vice President
Brent Baker - VP of Research and Publications
Thom Golab- Vice President for Development
Eric Pairel- Chief Technology Officer
Ed Molchany- Chief Marketing Officer
Dan Gainor- BMI/CMI Vice President
Cheryl Michener- Director of Financial Operations
Terry Jeffrey- Editor-In-Chief
Melissa Lopez- Executive Assistant to the Founder and President
Christian Robey- Political Director

News Analysis Division

Tim Graham - Director of Media Analysis
Rich Noyes- Research Director
Geoff Dickens-Research Asst. Director
Brad Wilmouth- News Analyst
Matt Balan- News Analyst
Scott Whitlock- Senior News Analyst
Kyle Drennen- News Analyst
Matt Hadro- News Analyst
Michelle Humphrey- Research Associate

Terry Jeffrey- Editor-In-Chief
Michael Chapman- Editor
Craig Bannister- CNS Communications Director
Fred Lucas- Investigative Reporter
Jonathan Schulter- Video Producer
Melanie Hunter- Evening Managing Editor
Susan Jones- Morning Managing Editor
Penny Starr- Senior Staff Reporter
Matt Cover- Staff Reporter
Pete Winn- Senior Writer and Staff Reporter
Nick Ballasy- Video Journalist
Edwin Mora- Staff Reporter
Eric Scheiner- Video Producer

Business & Media Institute

Julia Seymour- BMI Assistant Editor
Matt Philbin- BMI Managing Editor
Iris Somberg- BMI Staff Writer

Culture & Media Institute

Dan Gainor- BMI/CMI Vice President
Matt Philbin- BMI/CMI Managing Editor
Erin Brown- CMI Staff Writer

NewsBusters Blog

Ken Shepherd- NewsBusters Managing Editor

Information Technology

Eric Pairel- Chief Technology Officer
Joshua Cabana- System Administrator
Christina Reccord- Web Developer/Programmer


Bob Parks- Senior Video Producer
Stephen Gutowski- Eyeblast Content Coordinator
Joe Schoffstall- Eyeblast Content Specialist

Marketing Department

Ed Molchany- Chief Marketing Officer
Bill Toye- Assistant Marketing Director
Gabriel Schaefer- Marketing Communications Manager
Bob Parks- Senior Video Producer
Cory Parks- Video and Graphics Specialist

Development Department

Thom Golab- Vice President for Development
Jessica Sherwood- Director of Development Operations
David Bozell- Director of Development for Major Gifts
Larry Gourlay- Senior Assistant Development Director
Kirk Henderson- Membership Manager
James Nolan- Development Associate
Michael Ganoe- Development Associate
Rhiana Wilks- Receptionist/Development Assistant
Jamie Sullivan- Development Coordinator
Michael Ganoe- Development Associate
Lauren Merz- Development Assistant