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A bi-weekly compilation of the latest outrageous, sometimes humorous, 
quotes in the liberal media.

1999 Best of NQ:  The Alec Baldwin Award (for Hate Speech Against the Presidential Impeachers) | Soft on Crime Award (for Promoting Those Opposed to Holding Clinton Accountable) | China Syndrome Award (for Dismissing Nuclear Espionage) | I Am Woman Award (for Hillary Rodham Worshipping) | Media Hero Award | Damn Those Conservatives Award | Good Morning Morons Award | Littleton Shop of Horrors Award (for Exploiting a Tragedy to Push Gun Control) | Shooting the Constitution Award (for Advocating the Banning of Guns) | Politics of Meaninglessness Award for the Silliest Analysis | See No Evil Award (for Burying the Juanita Broaddrick Rape Charge) | Politics of Personal Destruction Award (for Geraldo Rivera's Hatemongering) | Doris Kearns Goodwin Award (for Campaigning to Revive the Camelot Myth) | Too Late for Our Judging, But Year-End "Best of NQ" Worthy | Quote of the Year

11/29/1999: Contradictory Conservatism | Bryant on the Barricades | Reagan, Thatcher Deep? Please | Congress Wasn't Liberal Enough | What Across-the-Board "Cut"? | Reality Check | Kerry, The Ultraliberal "Centrist" | Whoops! Bush Leaned Right | Steve Forbes, Hard-Core Slasher | Mr. Starr, Admit You're a Zealot | Rivera's Assertiveness Training | Yeah, and Some Miss Hitler | Boys Are Different...And Inferior

11/15/1999: Gumbel: Holds Views in Check? | No Clinton Scandal Questions | A $5 Million Man Abhors Greed | Why are Republicans Allowing More Juvenile Bloodshed? | CBS Chooses to "Dog" Bush | Promoting the Hot New Idea from Little "People's Republics" | Simpson's Self-Absorption | Gorby Blamed for Berlin Wall Fall | McCain Wins Press Primary | Adultery Only Makes You Better | Bradley's Stellar Stock Offering | Dole for Veep, NBC's Choice | More School Shootings, Please

11/01/1999: So Never Cut a Cent, Ever | Spending Cuts Not an Option | Ken Starr: McCarthy or Booth? | I Still Pass the Media's PC Test | Dole Folds: Blame the System | Schieffer Warned Conservatives | He's Liberal, But Look at His Pals | GOP Embarrasses America | Close Free Speech "Loopholes" | Touting Imaginary Centrists | Ten-Foot Pole for Pro-Life Terms | Clinton Will Be Happy with Hugh | The Chutzpah President

10/18/1999: W. Fans: Geraldo, Eleanor, and Al | Only "Loudmouths" Object | Ted Turner: I'm a Socialist | Bush vs. The "Harsh Hard Right" | Good Morning, Liberal America | Soak The Rich Some More | "Intelligent" Catholics Like Dung | If Only We Listened To Clinton | America Wins With Liberal Laws | Celebrating Communist China | "Bolder, Adventurous" Statism | Too Cute By a Hair

10/4/1999: Top Story: Reagan the Airhead | Fictions Are Very Reaganesque | "Gun Down the 2nd Amendment" | The Heartless Idiot Genius | Bravely Standing for Censorship | We Still Despise Linda Tripp | Immediate Exploitation on Guns | Raisa as Jackie and Hillary | Yippee! Unless You Root for GOP | Bush's Pseudo-Religious Devotion | No Hateful Motives Here? | I'm Vice President and I'm Horny

9/20/1999: Liberals Concede Pro-Hillary Bias | Tough Query on the New House | Hillary, the FALN Pardon Victim | Peacemakers Release Terrorists? | They Can't Buy Hillary's Line... | ...Oh, Yes They Can, and Did | Honest Janet Needs to Party | Jimmy Stewart in Satin Shorts? | ABC's Platform for Clinton Today | Could You Be A Bigger Liberal? | Moderate with Liberal Appeal? | "Whopping" 0.4 Percent Tax Cut | No Tolerance Test for Democrats | Nice Wording

9/6/1999: The Rumor We Won't Let Die... | ...Unlike Any Clinton Allegations | Koppel Never Did a Juanita Show | Copying the Koppel Lecture | Conventional Liberal Obsessions | Clinton Rape? Don't Go There! | Carlson's Cockeyed Caricature | Couric Finds the Character Issue | Where Was Steve in 1992? | Get This Man a Sedative | Cronkite's Utterly Apolitical PBS | How Could Women Be Pro-Life? | Our Feeding Frenzy on Bush and Coke? Hey, Blame Republicans | American Intruders Should Die | PBS Star Says I Was a Drug Fiend

8/23/1999: Liddy Dole: Not Liberal Enough | Inoculating Bush from His Conservative Critics | Reagan a Model for 'Rare Leftist' | Gore Never Did Anything Bad... | ...And Clinton Didn't Break the Law | Starr to Smear Hillary | Rightward Blacks: Racial Traitors | Follow the Japanese to Save Kids | Crippling Fraternity of the Gun | Get Feds to Watch Over Internet | Reality vs. Uncorrected Reporting | We're Out of Water?

8/9/1999: Hillary, Frank and Candid? | ABC's Shill-Filled Showcase | Neither Party is Socialist Enough | Stop That Stupid Tax Cut | Now This Golden Oldie from '88... | Nike's Evil Empire | Gun Control Hopes | JFK Jr.: Media's "Sun God" | Teddy: Champion of the Little Guy | Colin Powell, Gun Nut | ...A Minute Here, A Minute There

7/26/1999: Kennedys: Heroic Royal Family | Emoting Over Kennedy Mystique | Oh, Vanishing Camelot! | Creating Another Myth in Death | Poor, Brutalized Hillary | Hillary's Strength: Media Drivel | The GOP Protects Evil HMOs | ABC Pushes Gore Left | To the "Far Right" of Bush | Gore and Bradley: Centrists | Katie Couric, Feminist Killjoy | Glorious Sports-Bra Symbolism

7/12/1999: An Ungrateful America | Rudy Giuliani, Psycho Killer | No Hillary Jokes Will Be Allowed | Turn Back the Clock to God? | Conservatives Can't Handle Truth | Medicare: Not Enough Spending | Bush's Refreshing Repudiation | Move Left, Mr. "Compassionate" | Starr's Inept, So Webb's Innocent | Oh, Poor Wounded Hillary's Soul! | Hubbell, Hounded and Hooked | Gore: "Militantly Married"? | Kind Sir, Why Are You So Hated? | Hillary, My Goddess

6/28/1999: George W. Is An Extremist... | ...But Dukakis Was a Moderate | It's Not Your Father's Racist GOP | Victim of Gun Lobby Bullies | That Insane Anti-Tax Pledge | Clinton's Heroic Place in History | What Impeachment? | Clinton the Racial Healer | Where Did Our Momentum Go? | Christian Coalition = Inquisition | Hillary's Unknown Religious Side? | Modest Gun Control | Attack of the Illogical Cliches

6/14/1999: Dan Rather at Hillary's Heel | The Phantom Red Menace | Hitting Clinton from Left on Guns | ABC Has More Money Than MRC: Is That Democracy? | Child Advocate vs. Autocrat | "Extremists" Threaten U.S., China | The "Gun Lobby" as Bully | Jesse "The Body" Throws Matt Lauer Out of the Ring | Get Rid of Liberal PBS Analysis | CNN: Chinagate Overcovered | Bias Discovered...on Fox | Right, But Jerks of the Century

5/31/1999: Spinning Away the Cox Report | Repeal the Bill of Rights Now! | Kooky Mr. Cokie | A Little Media Help on Gun Laws | The Today Gephardt Playbook | Rubin: Greatest Since Hamilton | China Channels Hillary | The Super Second Banana? | Hillary's Dignity, or Dependency? | Larry King's Disarming Deity

5/17/1999: Jacking Up Jesse Jackson | Margaret's Schoolyard Cheap Shot | Bedeviled by Zealots | Gun Control Now! Who Cares If it Actually Works? | Hockenberry on Monicagate | NBC's Unease with Gun Culture | Totally Support Clinton | Possibly? | Chinagate Spins | How Slobo Could Kill Smarter | Another Vast Geraldo Conspiracy | Television: The Healing Box? | ...Or The Exploiting Box?

5/3/1999: Protect Parents & Kids from Republicans and Guns | Quayle's Wrong. It Should Be An Excuse for Gun Control | Rosie's Representative Public Pulse: Total Ban on Guns | God Bless Clinton for Caring | Starr's Murderous Team | Talk Radio Reminds an Editor of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy | Ken Starr Not Like a Virgin | Koppel's Assessment: Hillary Would Make a "Great" Senator | Irrational Lack of Respect for VP | Milosevic: Winning or Losing? | Clift: Contemptible Clinton's Legacy Still Intact | Liberal Columnist: Those Who Pray Are "Fatheads"

4/19/1999: Mean Judge Ruins Clinton's Day | Clinton Needs a Break, Like FDR | If Only You'd Stuck with the Pack | Lucianne's got a Gun! | Send the Ad Bill to Sarah Brady | Zhu Rongji, Witty Oppressor | Geraldo's Heroes | Moderates are Fixing the GOP... | ...While Zealots Inspire Murders | Easy-to-Command Automatons | Post to Hillary: Forget the Senate, You're "Queen of the World"! | Brokaw's Greatest Liberals

April Fools Edition: Reporting Live from Hillary's Toes | Horrendous Geraldo | The Serbian Shutdown | NBC's Restrictive Definition of "News Judgment" | Consider the Totality of the Man | Where's Your Test Tube, Sam? | Hail to Thee, Queen of History! | McPaper's Deep Thinker | Catch Clinton at the Improv | Purple Stain, Purple Stain | Clinton, Our Lord and Savior | Conservatives Are Not Allowed to Protest Atrocious Boxing Judges

3/22/1999: China: Just Another Witch Hunt | Punt Juanita, Attack Star Wars | First Woman (Raping) President? | Blackmun Grew In Office Into Liberal Champion of the Poor | Stephanopoulos: From Hero to "Creepy Linda Tripp Type" | Judas Tripp? | "Utterly Un-American" Starr | Rivera the Hater | Larry King's Wacko Patrol | The Far Right Hates Compassion | Wow: Prisoners Up, Crime Down | Crusading for Hillary for Senate | Duffy in the Buff

3/8/1999: Juanita Doesn't Deserve Air Time | Why Give Lisa Myers the Glory? | We Knew It, And Blew It Off | Broaddrick: Everybody Looks Bad | Is It True? All That Matters Is the Right-Wing Conspiracy Peddled It | Hillary's a Centrist? | Don't Care Enough to Do Our Job | This Story Stinks (Right Boss?) | Watch Republicans Get Blamed | Priss Conference | No Heroes in the Monica Wars | Unanimous Principled Democrats | Geraldo Favors Clinton? No!

2/22/1999: Get Rid of the House Managers | Northeastern Liberal: In Touch | Admiring the Liars... | ...Hating the Truth-Tellers | Anti-Democratic Republicans | Hugh's Glandular Thing | "Horrible" FNC Fed the Right | Racist Managers, Honest Clinton | Managers Lack Good Breeding | More Trial? Terrifying Nightmare | Using Newt's Vindication to Take Pot Shots at Starr | Heckler: The Voice of the People, the Hero of Monicagate | Monica, Part of an Anti-Climax? | His Sixth Wife Got His Brian

2/8/1999: Assuming Ken Starr's Guilty | Clinton, a Republican? | Managers Have Too Much Sway? | Canonize St. William Clinton? | Republicans Remind One of Nazis | ...And /Or Stalinists, So Clinton Should Sue for False Arrest |  Clinton, Soaring Internet Stock | Clinton on Pope's "Lofty Plane"? | Mills Rebuffed Racist Republicans | "America's Business" On Hold | "Secret Clique" of Conservatives | Thank Heaven for Dan Quayle and His "Backward Remarks" | Bipartisanship: Republicans Do What Democrats Want | GOP Response: Out of Date | Not the Best Wording

1/25/1999: Conservatives Choose Torturing Clinton Over the Constitution | Dan Rather, Defense Counsel | Don't Blame Clinton for Delays? | Charles Ruff: Eloquent & Clever; Republicans: Tedious | Journalists Like  Clinton-Lovers Much More Than Clinton-Haters | Scaife and American Spectator: Same As Larry Flynt | Brian Williams Picks on Hyde | Journalists for Wellstone | House Managers = The Klan | Hastert: Pawn of the Far Right | Clinton Partisan Sees Partisanship | "Grew" by Moderating Reagan

1/11/1999: A Legislative Coup d'Etat? | Republicans Self-Destruct? | Traitorous Republicans | Hitting Clinton...from the Left | We Wanted to Honor Hillary As Our Spurned Spouse of the Year | Freudian Slip About Republicans As Extremists? | Ken Starr: Just Larry Flynt With Subpoena Power | Stop a Senate Trial | Lauer: Have You No Decency? | Media Should Raise McCarthyism | Republicans Hate Clinton Because...He Can Do Two Things at Once






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