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A bi-weekly compilation of the latest outrageous, sometimes humorous, 
quotes in the liberal media.

May 3, 1999

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(Vol. Twelve; No. 9)  


Protect Parents & Kids from Republicans and Guns

"The Republicans want to get government off our backs, but into the soul business. They want government into our souls, which I don't think is the answer. Gary Bauer, for instance, in announcing his candidacy said that if they'd, if somebody told them - if they had prayer in school or were told God loved them - they would be, this wouldn't have happened. This wouldn't have happened without the TEC-9 semi-automatic pistol, it wouldn't have been quite as brutal. I can take care of my daughter's soul. What I can't take care of is whether her friends have guns or not."
-- Time's Margaret Carlson on CNN's Capital Gang, April 24.

"You know in Japan in 1996, which has very violent media culture, there were 15 murders with handguns. In America there were 9,200 murders with handguns so, yes, I do think there are things that can be done. The Brady Bill can be - the three-day waiting period, trigger locks on guns, making parents more responsible, adults more responsible for the use of firearms by juveniles. I think there are things that can be done."
-- Steve Roberts of U.S. News, a former New York Times reporter, on CNN's Late Edition, April 25.

"Joe Waldron, executive director of the Citizen's Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, are you on the phone? Don't you think that your movement, what you stand for, even the Second Amendment itself is rightfully under attack after the carnage in Littleton, Colorado?"
-- Geraldo Rivera, April 26 Rivera Live on CNBC.


Quayle's Wrong. It Should Be An Excuse for Gun Control

"The excuses are always different [after shootings], but one thing remains constant: People who had no business with guns somehow found them. The gun lobby assures us that stricter gun laws would not have prevented them and maybe they're right. But I know one thing. If the kids who walked into that high school had been armed with baseball bats or even knives, instead of guns, most of the children who died last week would still be alive. The bodies had not yet been removed when presidential candidate Dan Quayle, among others, told Chris Matthews, 'I hope we won't use this as an excuse to go and take away guns.' No offense, Mr. Quayle, but this ought to be an excuse, an excuse to get to the bottom of things like this and see that they never happen again."
-- Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer at the end of the April 25 show.


Rosie's Representative Public Pulse: Total Ban on Guns

"'If there was a winner in this week's mayhem, it's gun control advocates,' says Time Denver bureau chief Richard Woodbury. From Colorado to Washington, long-dead legislation is back on the table, single-issue pol Rep. Carolyn McCarthy is back on TV again, and no less a public pulse-taker than Rosie O'Donnell is calling for a near-total ban on guns, England-style. Will Littleton be our Dunblane? The logic is clear enough: Guns may not kill people, but neither do disaffected teens - until they get a hold of some guns. Keep guns away from those teens, and they can't shoot anyone. But they can still blow plenty of people up with homemade pipe bombs."
-- Frank Pellegrini in an April 24 Time Daily Web site story.


God Bless Clinton for Caring

"It was an off-the-cuff, I think politically brilliant speech today as President Clinton evoked his own Arkansas childhood and its gun culture then challenged all of us, all his fellow citizens to change their long-held ways of thinking. Guns are incredibly easy to buy in this country. I've mentioned it and I think it is the most bitter irony of all that in Colorado you can get a gun at 18 and you can't buy a drink until you are 21. I mean what the hell is that about? What? What genius thought up that scheme? I mean it makes me sick to my stomach....

"Conservative commentators have been so willing and so able to point the finger of responsibility for the Littleton massacre at violent movies or video games. I think it is criminally irresponsible not to talk about the need for gun control. So God bless the President and the First Lady. I'm telling you, though, if the popularity of these gun shows are any indication, it is easier said than done to get this thing changed."
-- Rivera, April 27 Rivera Live.


Starr's Murderous Team

"Do you believe that they had, at least indirectly, something to do with your ex-husband, Jim McDougal's, ultimate demise?...Did they help speed your husband's sickness and his ultimate death?"
-- Geraldo Rivera referring to Ken Starr's prosecutors in a question to Susan McDougal, April 14 Upfront Tonight.

"I think that their persecution of you was way beyond the pale. It was indefensible, it was reprehensible and I promised you before you went down on trial this time and I promise you next time if they go after you, they're going after both of us."
-- Rivera to McDougal later in the same CNBC show.


Talk Radio Reminds an Editor of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy

"I haven't listened to any talk radio today, but I apologize, I do often, and I'm often reminded of your wife's comment about the right-wing conspiracy critics who want to get at you for anything and undermine your presidency and discredit you personally. But there is a common drumbeat on the airwaves now, and it is that you, personally, lack the moral authority to be commander-in-chief. And certainly, I guess, there's a powerful inclination to ignore those criticisms. But if you had to address it to an Air Force pilot, how would you - who would listen to the same radio shows and perhaps been persuaded to that point of view - how would you address that?"
-- Seattle Post-Intelligencer Managing Editor Ken Bunting to President Clinton at the convention of the American Society of Newspaper Editors, as shown live on cable networks, April 15.


Ken Starr Not Like a Virgin

"Ken Starr blaming the statute for his sorry record is, you know, like Madonna assailing promiscuity."
-- Wall Street Journal Executive Washington Editor Al Hunt on Starr's view that the independent counsel law is unconstitutional, April 17 Capital Gang.


Koppel's Assessment: Hillary Would Make a "Great" Senator

"'She's focused, she's smart, and her vision of policy is a clear, perfectly legitimate one,' the Nightline anchor said during a recent interview in Washington. 'She'd give a lot of force to propelling that vision through the legislature in the Senate.' Like many others, Koppel initially thought Clinton's Senate tease 'was so much hokum....The longer [her interest] goes on, the more seriously I have to take it....I can envision Hillary Clinton - a very smart, tough woman who has devoted much of her adult life to supporting her husband's career - looking at her own life and saying, 'Would it be painful? Absolutely. Would it be tough? Absolutely. Am I entitled to go through some pain and hard times for my own career? Yeah, maybe it's time.'"
-- From a story by Philadelphia Inquirer TV columnist Gail Shister, April 21.


Irrational Lack of Respect for VP

"We did a survey this week that asked who do you trust as commander-in-chief. Twenty-one percent said they trust Al Gore as commander-in-chief, 43 percent said they trust George W. Bush.That is irrational Mark, but it's real."
-- Wall Street Journal's Al Hunt, referring to a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, April 24 Capital Gang.


Milosevic: Winning or Losing?

"As the war enters its second month NATO troops are already in Macedonia, Albania and Bosnia. NATO hopes to complete the encirclement of Yugoslavia by basing planes in Hungary and using Romanian and Bulgarian air space to attack from every direction. Milosevic would seem to be in a no-win position and while he is slowly losing his war against NATO, he is rapidly winning his war against the people of Kosovo."
-- David Martin ending an April 20 CBS Evening News story.


"There's no sign tonight that Milosevic himself is about to crack. The latest U.S. intelligence says that Milosevic and his regime, despite NATO bombing, remain firmly in power."
-- Jim Miklaszewski concluding a story on the NBC Nightly News the same night.


Clift: Contemptible Clinton's Legacy Still Intact

"I'd like to point out that the Judge said reasonable expenses, and the Paula Jones attorneys were going to hold this deposition anyway, so I don't think there's a whole lot of extra cost here. And in terms of the impact on his legacy, I think the Judge pointed out that she was sympathetic with the President's frustration at the political motivations behind much of this case. And I think that this contempt citation will be a footnote to the whole impeachment saga and that historians will view it in the context that while the President certainly behaved badly, he was less than truthful and he should have been punished, that impeachment was an excessive sentence for what he did, that actually Judge Wright's ruling is the appropriate punishment for what the President did, and that is to be less than truthful in a civil case."
-- Newsweek's Eleanor Clift reacting to Judge Wright's contempt ruling, April 14 Fox Report on the Fox News Channel.


Liberal Columnist: Those Who Pray Are "Fatheads"

"Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we say better metal detectors and more psychiatrists could end the horror of schoolyard shootings? The main reason, of course, is Congress, which takes campaign contributions from the NRA and cowers before it. We know just what to do, we think, when international big shots are in danger [at NATO summit in Washington, DC]. 'Thousands of law enforcement officers will cover the streets, escorting and protecting the heads of state....aggressively guarding against potential problems.' But when it comes to preventing violence in our schoolyards, some fathead is bound to say that prayer is the solution."
-- Syndicated columnist Mary McGrory in her column featured on page A3 of the Washington Post news section, April 22.


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