About US

Welcome to Times Watch, a project of the Media Research Center, dedicated to documenting and exposing the liberal political agenda of the New York Times.

The New York Times is arguably the most influential media outlet in America. Not only is it the most influential newspaper in the media capital of the world, New York City, but it is also read nationwide and frequently sets the agenda for the television news programs from which most Americans get their news.

Complaints about the Times’ liberal bias have grown stronger since the 2001 promotion of Howell Raines from editorial page editor to executive editor. As even Newsweek reported: “A hard-charging editor’s crusading style is coloring the Gray Lady’s reputation.... [the] Times is being criticized for ginning up controversies as much as reporting them out” (Seth Mnookin, December 6, 2002).

By documenting and exposing the Times liberal bias, Times Watch is committed to compelling the paper to provide balanced reporting, or risk forfeiting its standing as the "newspaper of record."

Under experienced leadership, Times Watch media analysts dissect the New York Times daily and post examples of liberal bias, as well as factual or funny mistakes, to this site. Check back frequently for the latest from Times Watch.

Who We Are

Clay Waters, Director, Times Watch. Clay is an experienced analyst of both print and broadcast news media, has worked in journalism and is based just outside of Manhattan.

The Media Research Center (MRC) is the leader in documenting, exposing and neutralizing liberal media bias. The MRC’s mission is to bring balance and responsibility to the news media. The MRC was founded on October 1, 1987 by a group of young, determined conservatives headed by L. Brent Bozell III who set out to not only prove — through sound scientific research — that this bias exists, but also to neutralize its impact on the American political scene.

The MRC News Analysis Division, headed since 1987 by Brent H. Baker, the MRC's Steven P.J. Wood Senior Fellow and Vice President for Research and Publications, produces daily, weekly and special reports that document and counter liberal bias from television network news shows and major print publications. Times Watch is a project of the News Analysis Division.

E-mail TimesWatch Director, Clay Waters, with TimesWatch feedback at cwaters@mediaresearch.org