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CyberAlert Editor Brent H. Baker, Vice President for Research and Publications at the Media Research Center (MRC), has been the central figure in the MRC’s News Division since the MRC’s 1987 founding. CyberAlert is an often-cited, near-daily e-mail report on national media coverage of politics he created in 1996. By the beginning of 2003 over 12,000 people, including many influential reporters, editors, editorial writers, commentators, talk show hosts, and producers had joined Baker’s mailing list of cyber-subscribers.

2005 CyberAlert Archive

December 30 CyberAlert
Third Runners-Up Quotes in MRC's Awards for the Worst Reporting
List of the 52 Judges Who Selected the Winning Quotes

December 29 CyberAlert
NewsBusters.org Blog Postings on Brokaw, Koppel and Olbermann
Second Runners-Up Quotes in MRC's Awards for the Worst Reporting

December 28 CyberAlert
First Runners-Up Quotes in MRC's Awards for the Worst Reporting

December 27 CyberAlert
Winning Quotes in MRC's Annual Awards for the Worst Reporting
List of the 52 Judges Who Selected the Winning Quotes

December 21 CyberAlert
Cafferty: "If You Listen Carefully, You Can Hear...Impeachment"
MSNBC's Countdown Also Circulates Bush Impeachment Possibility
Jonathan Alter: "Snoopgate" Leaker a "Patriot," Bush "a Dictator"
After Full Story on Bush's Low Approval, ABC's GMA Buries Rebound
Embedded Journalist Learns Troops in Iraq "Don't Trust Reporters"

December 20 CyberAlert
ABC's Moran Suggests Shame for Nation Bush-Cheney Will "Pass On"
Networks Hyperventilate Over "Big Brother" Spying on "All of Us"
Time Editor Contends Plame a Good "Person of the Year" Candidate
Mapes Lashes Out Anew, Claims Typeface Issue "Hijacked the Story"
You Read It Here First: Fred Barnes Picks Up MRC Study on Iraq
"Top Ten Signs You're Not Going to Be Named Time Person of Year"

December 16 CyberAlert
Nets, Especially ABC & NBC, Deliver Upbeat View of Iraqi Election
Cooper: Media Focus on "Bombs and Bullets," Miss Much of Iraq
Olbermann Corrects Boortz/Cleland Photo Mixup, Praises Cleland
Doom on ABC: Hottest in 500,000 Years, Polar Bears Drowning
"Top Ten Things You Don't Want to Hear at Office Christmas Party

December 15 CyberAlert
CNN Heralds How Cindy Sheehan Has "Taken Her Cause...to England"
MSNBC's Chris Matthews Blames America First for bin Laden's Anger
NBC Labels Leftists "Religious Activists" & Cites "Cuts" to Poor
Olbermann Confuses Boortz with Cleland, Calls Boortz "Racist"
Special Discount on Bozell's Book, Give It As a Christmas Gift

December 13 CyberAlert
Williams Hits Bush with Charge of Racism Behind Katrina Response
FNC's Panel Ridicules Newsweek's "Bush in the Bubble" Cover Story
ABC Promotes Stephanopoulos to Chief Washington Correspondent
Katie Couric Not So Tough With Hussein Lawyer Ramsey Clark

December 12 CyberAlert
Totenberg: Tax Vote "Immoral," Thomas: Hike Taxes on "Super-Rich"
NBC's Andrea Mitchell Tells Matthews Kerry was "Lied To, Misled"
CBS Highlights Clinton Attack on Bush's Opposition to Kyoto

December 9 CyberAlert
NBC Frames Tax Cut Story Around Liberal Spin of Benefit to Rich
Olbermann: "Rioting from Hard Right" If Bush Appoints Democrat
Mike Wallace: Only a "[Expletive] Up" America Could Elect Bush
You Read It Here First: Columnist Picks Up on Murtha v Lieberman
NBC's Brian Williams: A "Democret" Since He Was 7 Years Old?

December 8 CyberAlert
CBS: Most Want "Timetable," But Skip Most See Pullout "Disaster"
Oops, CBS Admits Scoop About GOP Move to Dump DeLay Didn't Occur
Today and Lauer Push Guest to Agree that Rumsfeld Should Be Fired

December 7 CyberAlert
ABC, CBS and NBC Jump to Push Racism Charges of Katrina Victims
CBS's Storm Sets Gloomy Mood, Adds CNN's Dobbs for Emphasis
25 Years Late, CBS Says Ketchup Is a Vegetable & Is Good for You

December 6 CyberAlert
Dismissal of Charge Against DeLay Barely Touched by ABC and NBC
Sawyer Has Gall to Rant Over Delay in Radio Public Safety Space
New Co-Anchor of ABC's WNT Delivered Propaganda from North Korea

December 5 CyberAlert
Schieffer Touts How Close Kerry Came, If Baffled He Lost to Bush
CNN Showcases Marines Frustrated by Media's Bad News Bias on Iraq
Scoring Brian Williams's First Year as NBC's Anchor
C-SPAN Has Posted Video of Entire Bozell Interview of Mary Mapes

December 2 CyberAlert
Roberts Falsely Reports Gen. Pace Admitted Iraq War "Mistakes"
Barnes: "Mainstream Media Still Rules," Trumps Alternative Media
News Media Ignored Lieberman, But Leno Presses Dean About Him
C-SPAN to Air Interview of Mary Mapes Conducted by MRC's Bozell

December 1 CyberAlert
ABC Exploits Christmas Decorations Tour to Hit First Lady on Iraq
CNN Yearns for a Cronkite on Iraq, Paints France as "Vindicated"
FNC's Hume: Nets Played Up Murtha But Went Silent on Lieberman
"Top Ten New President Bush Strategies for Victory in Iraq"

November 30 CyberAlert
Broadcast Networks, Which Led With Murtha, Ignore Lieberman
Kanye West Stands By His Slam on Bush: "I Spoke from My Heart"

November 29 CyberAlert
ABC and CBS Fret If Hussein Can "Get Justice" or a "Fair Trial?"
Wallace Saw "Chaos," Reveals Rather Didn't Watch Memogate Story
Olbermann Distorts Cheney, Labels Media Bias Complaints Vitriol

November 23 CyberAlert
NBC: Iraq Followed Bush's Travels, "Botched Exit" Symbolizes Trip
Garofalo & Olbermann Mock Conservatives, FNC & Liberal Bias Claim
NBC's Displays Human Corpse Next to Katie and Matt, a Dissident?

November 22 CyberAlert
Poll: Media Elite to Left of Public on Iraq and War on Terrorism
Media Hype Imaginary Spending "Cuts" Hurting "Poor" and "Farmers"
GMA to Bush: If You Can't Open the Door, You Can't Win in Iraq
"Top 10 Thoughts Going Through George Bush's Mind at This Moment"

November 21 CyberAlert
CBS Portrays Murtha as Victim of Unfair Attacks on His Patriotism
ABC's Woodruff Corrects Claim Bush Called Critics "Unpatriotic"
Murtha CNN's "Play of the Week," Blitzer: He's Iraq War Cronkite
Newsweek Reporter: Murtha Right, Team Bush: Deluded "Ideologues"
New York Times' "Ethicist": Bush "Lied the Country Into a War"

November 18 CyberAlert
Nets Lead With Murtha, His Hit on Cheney's Lack of Military Time
Michael Moore Goes to CNN Where Cooper Trumpets His Bush Attack
CNN Gives Time to October 17 Grandmothers Against the War Protest
Letterman's "Top Ten Signs There's Global Warming"

November 17 CyberAlert
CBS & NBC Spike Woodward's CIA Leak Revelation That Boosts Libby
Frist Displeases Couric, Next Day Biden's Answers Please Lauer

November 16 CyberAlert
ABC: "Stinging Rebuke" of Bush, CBS: Senate Finally Reins Him In
ABC Gives Conservative GOP House Speaker a Segregationist History
Actors Rob Reiner and John Cusack Launch Vicious Attacks on Bush

November 15 CyberAlert
CBS Focuses on Concerns of "Moderate" Republicans on Alito
On ABC, Murderer is "Home School Student Charged with Murder"
Lauer Equates U.S. Prisoner Torture With China's Rights Abuses
MSNBC's Hardball Distorts Bush and Cheney Words on Iraq-9/11 Link
CNN's Carol Lin Calls French Rioters "African-Americans"
Koppel Wonders What Bush Knew, Quips Staff Has "Irish Alzheimers"

November 11 CyberAlert
Mapes: Liberal & Conservative, Unaware If Registered as Democrat
Olbermann Portrays Alito's Judicial Ethics as "Throat-Cutters"
CNN's Morton Insists McCain's Stands Not What Endear Him to Media
FNC to Air One-Sided Liberal Case for Human-Fueled Global Warming
"Top Ten Good Things About Being an 18-Year-Old Mayor"

November 10 CyberAlert
Nets Paint Vote as Slap at Bush, In '97 Saw No Rebuke of Clinton
Mary Mapes: Bush National Guard Report Still "Is a Good Story"
"Memogate" Mapes Tells CNN's King She Had No Political Agenda
New CBS News President: "I Don't See" Any Liberal Bias On CBS
NBC: Lack of "Affirmative Action" Behind Rioting in France
Today's Movie Critic Calls Desert Storm "America's First Oil War"
Letterman's "Top Ten Signs You've Run a Bad Campaign"

November 8 CyberAlert
ABC's GMA Compares Bush's Low Approval with LBJ's During Vietnam
You Read It Here First: FNC's Fox NewsWatch Picks Up MRC on Alito
Read It Here First: Hume Picks Up How Clarence Thomas Deserves *
Monday's IBD: Op-Ed by MRC's Noyes on Labeling Ginsburg v Alito

November 7 CyberAlert
Clift: "Next Logical Step is Impeachment" of President Bush
Totenberg "Ashamed of My Country"; Thomas, Bush: "Tool of Right"
Nets Hype Bush "Dogged" in Argentina by Scandal -- Their Agenda
Mike Wallace: Liberal Bias "Damn Foolishness," No Bias in Memos

November 4 CyberAlert
CBS Again Cites Negative Bush Numbers in Poll With Skewed Sample
ABC Highlights Poll Showing Support for Roe and Bad News for Bush
NBC's ER Features Blessing With Shot at "War Founded on Lies"
West Wing Fantasy: Pro-Choice Repub Soars Sans Right Wing Baggage
"Top Ten Ways CBS News Can Attract Younger Viewers"

November 3 CyberAlert
CBS Highlights How Only Nixon Had Lower Approval in Second Term
Brown Goes Out Channeling Wilson & Lowlights of Brown's CNN Years
Olbermann Slugs Limbaugh and Hannity as "Reactionary Parrots"

November 2 CyberAlert
Cafferty Unleashes Tirade on View "We Were Lied To" Pre Iraq War
Sawyer Channels O'Connor on Alito's "Repugnant" View of Marriage
Milwaukee Journal Editorial: Thomas Not Black Enough, Deserves *

November 1 CyberAlert
Nets Distort Alito on Abortion, Peg Him a "Hardline" Conservative
Couric Cues Up Wilson's Attacks, But Blitzer Challenges Him
CBS's "Public Eye" Blog Agrees with MRC Criticism of CBS Story

October 31 CyberAlert
Alito Labeled as "Very Conservative" and "Quite Conservative"
CBS and CNN Zero in on Alito's Spousal Notice Abortion Ruling
Schieffer: Bush Caught Between "Democrats" and "Hard Right"
Brokaw: "What Did Cheney Know and When Did He...?"; Scolds Media

October 28 CyberAlert
CBS & ABC Stories Blame Conservatives for Mistreatment of Miers
Gibson Baffled Why Conservatives Upset by Miers' Abortion Formula
CNN's Toobin Tags Potential Nominees as "Very Conservative"
Woodward Points Out Wilson Found Evidence of Iraq-Niger Deal
Coulter Hits Lauer on Respect for Fitzgerald vs Impugning Starr

October 27 CyberAlert
Matthews: Bush Officials "Exposed" Plame "to America's Enemies"
Mitchell Skips Evidence Against Wilson, Relies on Bush Critic
Ousted CBS News Chief Denounced MRC as "Extreme," Denied Bias
"Top Ten Signs Your Supreme Court Nominee Is Not Qualified"

October 26 CyberAlert
Nets Barely Touch Iraqi Constitution, Recall Bush's "Combat Over"
Olbermann Cues Up Franken's "Execution" Line, Defames MRC Chief
Letterman's "Top Ten Ways to Cheer Up George W. Bush"

October 25 CyberAlert
Lauer Laughs at Franken's Re-Run Rove and Libby "Execution" Quip
Olbermann Compares Bush to Clinton-Era "White House in Crisis"
In 2000, Networks Didn't Care About Hillary's False Testimony

October 24 CyberAlert
Totenberg Advises Democrats to Hit GOP on Tax Cuts for the Rich
CBS Paints Longtime DeLay Critic, Who Calls Him a "Hog," as Fresh
Franken Jokes About Execution for Treason of Rove, Libby & Bush
Spike Lee: "Not Far-Fetched" to Say Levees Deliberately Destroyed

October 21 CyberAlert
Olbermann Likens White House to Clinton's "White House in Crisis"
Canoeing Kosinski Swears Deeper Waters Weren't Well-Lit Enough

October 20 CyberAlert
Matthews Raises Watergate Specter: "What Did the President Know?"
Olbermann: Bush and Others "Inescapably" Lied in Plame Case
AP Cites Bush Team's "Slash-and-Burn Assaults on Its Critics"
Roseanne: I'm Like Totally More Intelligent Than President Bush

October 19 CyberAlert
Stahl Predicts Plame Case May "Take Off the Way Watergate Did"
ABC Passes Along Worries Saddam Hussein Won't Get Fair Trial

October 18 CyberAlert
Cafferty Cracks About Rove's Size, Giddy Over Him Going to Jail
Maher Wishes Bush to Match TV, Tell Christian Right to "Go Screw"
MRC Study: "ABC, CBS & NBC's Defeatist Coverage of War in Iraq"
"Top Ten Signs Your Barber Is Working for Al Qaeda"

October 17 CyberAlert
"Embarrassing" Bush Event, CNN Heralds Kucinich's Spontaneity
Flustered How Miers' "Consensus-Building" Considered "Epithets"
Old Budget Bias: Is House GOP Really Planning "Cuts" in Programs?

October 14 CyberAlert
Shocked, Just Shocked Nets Hype "Staged" Bush Event with Troops
Olbermann Features Dana Milbank Mocking Iraqi Soldier's Accent
CBS Blog: "Perception Problem" for Wallace at Anti-Gun Fundraiser

October 13 CyberAlert
Olbermann: Conspiracy of Terror Alerts to Cover Bush's Bad Days
Couric Scolds Rove & Frets Over Day Care, Insists She's "Purple"
CNN's Cafferty and Velshi Amused By Shot at Bush's Intelligence
Variance on Miers Shows Evangelicals Not "Simple and Obedient"
"Top 10 Thoughts Going Through George Bush's Mind at This Moment"

October 12 CyberAlert
Warren: Conservatives Never Pleased, So Bush Should Lie to Them?
Couric More Concerned About Freeh's Credibility Than Clinton's
Harrelson Denounces "Oil-Garchy," Character Paints Hill as Victim
NBC's Law & Order Wednesday Night: Plot Inspired by Schiavo Case

October 11 CyberAlert
CBS Challenges Marine Recruit's Linking of 9/11 to Battle in Iraq
MSNBC's Matthews Presumes Wilson the Victim, Rove the Wrongdoer
Hollywood Delusion: NY Times Could Endorse GOP Presidential Nod
"Top Ten Things Columbus Would Say About America If Alive Today"

October 10 CyberAlert
Roberts: Opposition to Miers "Sexism" and Fear of "Pragmatism"
Iraq Vet Rues Lack of Positive Images on U.S. TV About Iraq
Matthews Attacks Republican from Left on NBC's 'West Wing' Too

October 7 CyberAlert
Olbermann: Subway Alert to Distract from Rove, Bush Like McCarthy
ABC Delivers Unusual Story-Ending Spin from the Right (on Miers)
Sutherland Tears Up: "Shameful" What U.S. Is "Doing to Our World"

October 5 CyberAlert
Only NBC's Mitchell Unaware of Brownback's Criticism of Miers
Keith Olbermann Connects Harriet Miers to Pre-9/11 Memo
Nets Turn Daycare Study Into Push for European-Style Paid Leave
Letterman's "Top Ten Signs Bush Is Drinking Again"

October 4 CyberAlert
CBS's Nomination Liberal Prism, "Even Far Right" Will Like Miers
Newsweek's Alter: "Corrupt Zealot" DeLay, "Fringe" Running House
Koppel and MSNBC's Kaplan Heap Praise on Rather, Belittle Critics
WPost Insider: Colleagues "Cheer Unabashedly for the Democrats"
"Top Ten Signs Your Supreme Court Pick Isn't Qualified"

October 3 CyberAlert
CBS Evening News Never Touched Durbin, But Leads with Bennett
WashPost Editor: "Bill Bennett Is the Poster Child for Racism"
Juan Williams on Bennett: "Speaks to a Deeply Racist Mindset"
Rooney Rails Against Iraq War, Advocates Cutting Defense Spending

September 29 CyberAlert
Nets Obscure Earle's Partisan Affiliation; CBS Didn't With Starr
Cafferty Brags About His "Has He Been Indicted Yet?" Flip Remark
MSNBC's Olbermann Implies He Sees Limbaugh as a "Rude, Vile Pig"
Kurtz Scolds Media for Not Describing ANSWER's True Agenda
Gallup: By 3-to-1 Public Sees Liberal Over Conservative Bias
Conservative House Speaker the Ogre on ABC's 'Commander in Chief'

September 27 CyberAlert
Rather: Bush Guard Memo Story "Accurate," Never Proven Not So
NBC's Williams Measures Deaths in Iraq During Hurricane Coverage
Bush Can't Win: NBC Relays Criticism He Was Too Quick on Rita
Jessica Lange Charges Bush "Traffics in Deadly Lies" and Worse

September 26 CyberAlert
Totenberg, Clift Urge Tax Hike; Thomas Recalls Reagan Upped Taxes
Russert's Dream Scenario: Bush Realizes He Must "Freeze" Tax Cuts
Hollywood: ABC's President Geena Davis Portending HRC Presidency?
"Top Ten George W. Bush Money-Saving Tips"

September 23 CyberAlert
CBS Evening News Executive Producer Denounces CyberAlert Stories
CBS Discounts Global Warming as Culprit, Notes Big Storms in '50s
Alec Baldwin: Bush Let in "Hooligans" to "Plunder" the Government

September 22 CyberAlert
CBS News Trumpets Carter's Criticism of Bush Administration
CBS and NBC Blame Global Warming for Stronger Hurricanes
CNN's Jack Cafferty on Tom DeLay: "Has He Been Indicted Yet?"
Bette Midler Cites Bush's Coke Dealer, Says "F***" RNC -- Joking?

September 21 CyberAlert
CBS: Air-Conditioned Bush Should "Wake Up and Smell the Coffee"
Katie Couric and Matt Lauer Blame Hurricanes on Global Warming
CBS Gives Court TV's Crier Forum to Denounce the "Extreme Right"

September 20 CyberAlert
NBC Finds Oklahomans to Nudge Bush to Raise Taxes and Leave Iraq
To Blitzer's Amazement, Turner Defends Jong, Treatment of People

September 19 CyberAlert
Stephanopoulos and Russert Cue Up Talking Points to Bill Clinton
Evacuee Reaction on ABC to Bush: "Mixed" vs "Loved Every Word"
NPR's Totenberg Urges a "Katrina Tax," Says "I Want More Taxes"
Ted Turner: Tanks Don't Stop Terrorism, "Giving People Hope" Does
Tacky Danner and Classy Arquette Comment on Iraq During the Emmys

September 16 CyberAlert
To ABC's Surprise, Katrina Victims Praise Bush and Blame Nagin
Analysts Note Bush's FDR-Like Big Spending, Mull Tax Hike Need
Scarborough and Williams Fret About Bush's Damage-Free Backdrop
Visit by "Big Oil" Bush to Oil Refinery Agitates Olbermann
Gibson Again Urges Tax Increase, FNC First Suggests Spending Cuts

September 15 CyberAlert
PBS Analysts Ridicule Eminent Domain Concerns of Conservatives
ABC's Douglass Feels the Pain of Democrats Frustrated by Roberts
"Upside of Katrina" for Clift: No More Tax Cuts or Spending Cuts

September 14 CyberAlert
Hearing Framed from Left; Williams Touts Specter's "Independence"
CNN's Brown Confronts MRC's Bozell on Criticism of Injecting Race
CNN's O'Brien: No Denial Bush Slow When "Black People Were on TV"
Tim Russert Makes Democrat Tim Kaine's Day in Virginia Debate
"Top Ten Questions on the FEMA Director Application"

September 13 CyberAlert
Confused About Poll, ABC Skips How More Blame Locals Than Bush
Mitchell Mea Culpa on Pre-War; Castro "Engaging" & Clinton "Fun"

September 12 CyberAlert
Stephanopoulos Pushes Racism Claim as Reason for Slow Response
Alter Urges Bush Go Left to Fix Poverty, "Midcourse Correction"
Bush "Is a Moron!...He's an Idiot...Cheney is Evil....Impeach!"
Harvey and Latifah Defend Kanye West, Portray Him as a Martyr

September 9 CyberAlert
NBC's Williams Seemingly Endorses Racism Explanation for Delay
CBS Turns Liberal Claims on Disaster Response Into Poll Questions
Moran Relays Urge to Rescind Tax Cuts & "Even" Drug Entitlement
U.S. News Delivers Contrasting Ideological Labels for Senators

September 8 CyberAlert
Olbermann Compares Bush Supporters to Lincoln's Opponents
Unlike Media, Public Holds Local Officials, Not Bush, Responsible
Gibson Presses Sen. Clinton to Raise Taxes, Frets She Won't Agree
CBS's Smith Worries "Church Families" Will "Proselytize" Victims

September 7 CyberAlert
Olbermann Delivers Anti-Bush Diatribe Pegged to Chertoff Slip
ABC Reporter Pushes Jackson to Say Racism Behind Stranding People
Newsweek Reporter: "Just as We Saw Bush Flitting Around" on 9/11
Expanding Blame, NBC & ABC Look at Local Government Culpability
Jon Stewart: "Hurricane Katrina is George Bush's Monica Lewinsky"

September 6 CyberAlert
CBS Commentator Charges Bush Doesn't Give "a Damn" About Blacks
Race-Baiting by Blitzer & Brown; Race Raised by Williams & Koppel
Moran Hits Bush on "Resources" for Iraq Over Hurricane Victims
Totenberg Blames Tax Cuts for Flood Disaster in New Orleans
Damon on Kanye West's Anti-Bush Outburst: "I Let Out a Cheer"
Network Reporters Assess Rehnquist Through a Liberal Prism

September 2 CyberAlert
On CBS Man Blasts Bush for Stuporous Response Compared to Iraq
CNN's Jack Cafferty Again Goes on Anti-Bush Tirade, CBS Joins In
Olbermann Mocks Condoleezza Rice for Seeing "Comedy on Broadway"
Raines: Bush Worries Over Big Oil as "Poor Drown in Their Attics"
ABC's Diane Sawyer to Bush: "Will You Call for Tax Increases?"

September 1 CyberAlert
Sawyer Hits Bush with Liberal Spin, Iraq or Aid Katrina Victims?
ABC's Cuomo Exploits Disaster to Push FDR-Like Government Growth
MSNBC's Olbermann Rationalizes Looting, "What Would You Do?"
CNN's O'Brien Urges Imposition of a "National Price Cap" on Gas
Mitchell/Matthews Use Calamity to Mock Conservatives and Hit Bush
"Top Ten Ways Osama Bin Laden Can Boost His Popularity"

August 31 CyberAlert
CNN's Cafferty Takes Shot at Bush's "Vacation" After Hurricane
Poll Showing Sheehan's Lack of Impact Buried by ABC and WashPost
Reporters Blame Global Warming for Katrina, Not Even NYT Buys It

August 30 CyberAlert
Totenberg Again Discovers & Warns Roberts is "Very Conservative"
Matthews Touts Sheehan as "Tipping Point" Analogous to Cronkite
ABC: Natl Guard Families "Facing This Storm Alone" Thanks to Bush
"Top Ten Signs George W. Bush is Having a Bad Vacation"

August 29 CyberAlert
Based on One Edit, WashPost: Roberts Sympathetic to Confederacy
Boston Globe Touts Wonders of Cuba's "Free Universal Healthcare"

August 26 CyberAlert
NBC/MSNBC: Sheehan the New Cronkite Driving War's "Tipping Point"

August 25 CyberAlert
ABC Relays Charge Bush "Lied," But Not How He Met with Families
ABC Admits Anti-War Movement Weak, Suggests How to Give It Impact
NBC: "Iraq: The New Vietnam?"; Matthews Hears Dusty Springfield
Olbermann Targets Hume as "Worser" in "Worst Person in the World"
ABC & CBS Falsely Cite "Record High" Prices for Both Oil and Gas
NBC Blames Floods on Global Warming; CNN: "We're Making It Worse"

August 24 CyberAlert
NBC: Iraq "Rhetoric Beginning to Sound Much the Same" as Vietnam
Newspaper Mag Editor Urges Papers to Urge Withdrawal from Iraq
Network Firestorm Tuesday Night Over Pat Robertson

August 23 CyberAlert
Net Seize on Republican Hagel's Comparison of Iraq to Vietnam
GMA Features Sheehan Ally, Pleads: "Can Anti-War Moms Stop Bush?"
ABC's Gibson Scolds Americans for Excessive Per Person Oil Use
HBO Show Ends with Shot at Haliburton and "Corporate War-Mongers"

August 22 CyberAlert
Totenberg: Roberts "Much More Conservative" Than I "Guessed"
Washington Post Reporter Finds Roberts Offensive Toward Women
Alter Urges "Stubborn" Bush Be "More Responsive to the Suffering"
Will Scolds Media for False Reports of "Record High" Gas Prices
Olbermann Calls MRC "Scam," Tags Rush as "Worst Person in World!"

August 19 CyberAlert
Nets, AP Tout Sheehan's Achievements, See Revived Anti-War Effort
WashPost's Dana Milbank: You Can't Mess With Cindy's Iconic Aura
Washington Post Page 1 Blast: "Roberts Resisted Women's Rights"
HBO Series Goes Out With Another Angry Rant Against the Iraq War

August 18 CyberAlert
CBS's Plante Asks If Sheehan Will "Ignite the Anti-War Movement?"
WW II Press Would've "Mercifully Given No Publicity" to Sheehan
Olbermann Distorts Rush, Calls Him "Worst Person in the World!"
Soldier to Lauer: "I'd Be Depressed Too If I Got News" from Media
AP: Judge Roberts' Hometown Nearly All White and No Jews Allowed

August 17 CyberAlert
GMA "Pores Over" Roberts Memos on "Comparable Worth" and Abortion
Stumbling Into Context: Gallon of Gas Same Cost as Gallon of Milk
Lahti: Bush "Dripping with the Blood" of "All" Killed in Iraq
NewsBusters: NYT "Chokes on 'Partial Birth'" and AP's Skewed Poll

August 16 CyberAlert
MSNBC's Chris Matthews Recommends that Sheehan Run for Congress
Absurd Couric: "I Had to Take Out a Loan to Fill Up My Minivan"

August 15 CyberAlert
Sheehan "Single-Handedly Bringing Iraq Debate to Bush's Doorstep"
Nets Trump Bush Driving by Sheehan on Way to Fund-Raiser
More False Claims of "Record High" Gas Prices, But NBC Admits...
NBC Re-Run: Tom DeLay a Hero to White Supremacist Murderer

August 12 CyberAlert
NBC Showcases Sheehan, MSNBC Touts Her as Symbol of "Dissent"
Fred Barnes Calls Sheehan "Crackpot," Rues Media Focus on Her
Nets Falsely Cite "Record High" Gas Prices, Target Oil Profits
MSNBC Discourages GOP Candidate But Encourage Losing Democrat

August 11 CyberAlert
Schieffer on Sheehan: "I Wonder Why" Bush "Doesn't Meet with Her?"
Approaches from Right on Anti-Roberts Ad, "Un-Reaganesque" Pork
Limbaugh Cites NewsBusters Blog, FNC Highlights Totenberg Quotes
"Top Ten Strategies of Saddam Hussein's Attorneys"

August 10 CyberAlert
NBC Notes Lack of Economic Confidence; Blames "Record" Gas Price
Good Morning America Features "Exclusive" Interview with Sheehan
Koppel & Brown Deny Jennings Had Bias, Brown Tags Critics "Silly"
Update on the Radical Leftism of "Raging Grannies" Touted by NBC

August 9 CyberAlert
Networks Trumpet Cause of Bush-Hater Sheehan's Anti-War Vigil
NBC's Today Champions Singing Anti-Bush "Raging Grannies"
Come Check Out the MRC's New Blog: NewsBusters.org

August 8 CyberAlert
Roberts' Work for Gay Rights Portrayed as Illustrating "Nuance"
Enola Gay Vet Indignant When Williams Asks If He Has "Remorse"
After Stressing Bad, CBS Gives Short Shrift to Good Economic News
WashPost Editor Sees Finland's Welfare State as an "Inspiration"
A Few Times Peter Jennings Acknowledged Media Bias

August 5 CyberAlert
Nets Exploit Marine Deaths to Prove Ohioans Turning Against War
AP: Unborn Panda "Baby," But with Human Unborn Child a "Fetus"
Film Reviewer Blames U.S. for "Tens of Thousands" of Iraqi Deaths
HBO Rant: "Oh God, What Are You? Like Some Red-Neck Blogger Pig?"

August 4 CyberAlert
Loss in "Referendum" on Bush Ignored, "Surprisingly Tight" Race
Poll: Two Thirds Say Media Have Bias & Regularly Make Up Stories

August 3 CyberAlert
Nets Trumpet Hackett, "Candor" in Chastising "Chicken Hawk" Bush
Early Show Forwards Liberal Spin on Bolton Recess Appointment
LA Times Reporter David Shaw, Who Documented Abortion Bias, Dies

August 2 CyberAlert
Scold Bush's "End Run" on Bolton, ABC Points to Hillary as Model
ABC and NBC More Sympathetic to Clinton's Recess Appointments
Rather Stands By What He Won't Call "Memogate," Will Get Emmy

August 1 CyberAlert
Totenberg "Surprised How Very, Very Conservative [Roberts] Was"
CBS's Bob Schieffer Again Pushes McCain's Wiseness Over Bush Team
Frist Decision "Re-establishes His Credentials As Man of Science"
CNN's Frank Sesno Scolds Media for Bad News Bias in Iraq Coverage

July 29 CyberAlert
NBC Rebukes U.S. for Not Matching "World" on Paid Maternity Leave
Olbermann Suggests Plame Case "Deja Vu" for Watergate's John Dean
If "Liar" Cheney Runs, Helen Thomas Promises "I'll Kill Myself"

July 28 CyberAlert
Arnett Living in Baghdad, Describes Hussein as "Very Elegant"
MSNBC's Stewart Frets: "Haven't Heard" Rove's "Name In Few Days"
Trudeau: Bush's Nicknaming People is "Very Aggressive...Bullying"

July 26 CyberAlert
CNN's Dobbs Warns of Dire Global Warming, But NBC: Hotter in '30s
Mrs. Roberts Against "Abortion Rights," Fed Society "Dogging" Him
Olbermann Raises Watergate in "Potentially Explosive" Rove Case
"Top Ten George W. Bush Solutions for Global Warming"

July 25 CyberAlert
Totenberg: Roberts a "Hardline Conservative," "Very Conservative"
Olbermann Sees Wilson as Truth-Teller, Skips Credibility Problems

July 22 CyberAlert
To Reinvigorate Rove Matter, CBS & MSNBC Jump on State Dept. Memo
Couric Asks Bill Clinton Whether Karl Rove Should Be Fired
ABC Hypes "New Questions" on Roberts, "Disappointment" No Latino?
AP: "Low Morale" for Soldiers in Iraq, WPost: "Morale Improving"
Bill Moyers Tasked Hoover's FBI to Find Gays on Goldwater's Staff

July 21 CyberAlert
Networks Express Concern About Where Roberts Stands on Roe v Wade
NBC's Today Frets About Roberts' Threat to Abortion "Rights"
ABC and CNN Raise Possible Influence of Roberts' Catholic Faith
"Very, Very, Very Conservative" or "Very, Very Conservative"?
Assessing Economy, CBS Prefers Dire Anecdotes to Factual Stats

July 20 CyberAlert
ABC Tags Roberts "Very Conservative," Zahn Frets Woman Not Picked
Network Reporters Focus on How Announcement Distracts from Rove
In Obit on Westmoreland, CBS News Skips His Lawsuit Against Them
Flip-Flop Flap Used to Raise Jenna's Alcohol Use and to Mock Bush

July 19 CyberAlert
Evening Newscasts Continue Rove Focus, Offer Ominous Predictions
Olbermann Compares Rove Case to Watergate and Clintonian Parsing
Denouncing Rove's Defense, CNN Staffer Blurts: "That's Bullshit!"
CBS Has Gall to Chastise White House for Going Into "Attack Mode"
Plame's Boss: "Her Cover Began to Erode" When Dating Joe Wilson

July 15 CyberAlert
CBS Airs One-Sided Anti-Rove Story; CNN Sees "Smear" of Wilson
MSNBC's Keith Olbermann: President Bush "Needs to Banish Rove"
USA Today: Ill Jennings' Keeps "Fingerprints All Over" ABC News
Chicago Tribune Touts "Bold" Plea for a Chief Justice O'Connor

July 14 CyberAlert
NBC's Today Treats Wilson as Victim, Lets Him Rail Against Rove
Roberts: We'll Beat White House Press Secretary "Like Dusty Rug"
CBS's Schieffer Skips News of Higher Tax Revenue for Government
Editor Castigates Colleagues for Biased Iraq War News

July 12 CyberAlert
Networks Pounce on Leaked E-mail to Begin Push for Firing Rove
White House Reporters Ridicule Scott McClellan at Monday Briefing
New Study Finds No Media Honeymoon in Bush's Second Term Either
Celebrity Journalists Gather to Help Left-Wing Anti-Gun Group

July 7 CyberAlert
Gibson & Stephanopoulos Fret About Bush as Obstructionist at G-8
Morning Shows Push Bush to Pick Moderate to Replace O'Connor
Time: SCOTUS Has "Staunch Conservatives" and "Moderate Liberals"
Hardball's Chris Matthews Tosses Softballs to DNC's Howard Dean
Boston Globe Columnist: U.S. Not Worthy of July 4th Celebrations
USA Today's Neuharth Regrets "No Cronkite to Call Bush's Bluff"

July 5 CyberAlert
On O'Connor, Lots of Labeling, Wishes for Moderate Replacement
CNN: Only Conservatives Have 'Litmus Test,' MSNBC Pushes Gonzales
NBC Newsroom Animated by View U.S. Presidents Were "Terrorists"

June 30 CyberAlert
ABC and NBC Peg Stories to Criticism of Bush for Invoking 9/11
CBS Lets Soldier in Iraq Express Frustrations with Media Coverage
ABC Looks at Successful Transfer of Authority to Iraqi Soldiers
FNC Picks Up On Other Side of Guantanamo: Feces Thrown at Guards
TV Land to Air 1983 Left-Wing ABC TV Movie, The Day After
"Top Ten Surprises in President Bush's Prime-Time Address"

June 29 CyberAlert
CNN Team Upset by Bush Tying 9/11 to Iraq, Gergen "Offended"
Couric Sees Iraq "Unraveling" Thanks to "Tenacious Insurgents"
In Midst of Listing Problems in Iraq, ABC Notes Positive Trends
Gannett Editor Promises to Burn Flag If Burning Amendment Passes

June 28 CyberAlert
Sawyer: Court "Conservative" & Totenberg Warns It'll Be More So
Gibson Obsesses on Cheney's "Last Throes," Uses Poll to Counter
Couric Urges Bush "Move to Middle," Guest Says No Dem in Cabinet
At Commencement, Horror Novelist Stephen King Denounces Bush

June 27 CyberAlert
To Totenberg's Indignation, Thomas Accuses NPR of Liberal Bias
Olbermann Conflates Cruise & Rove, Suggests Intervention for Rove
Fox News Sunday Relays MRC Tracking of Durbin vs. Rove Coverage
McCullough Point on Deleterious Media: CyberAlert to Rumsfeld?
Sarcastic Brown: "I Don't Think" Bush Will Be "In a Flight Suit"
Retired General Tours Guantanamo, Tells CNN Media Portrayal Wrong
Pew Poll: View of Media's Patriotism, Bias & Fairness at New Lows

June 24 CyberAlert Extra
Nets Skipped or Barely Touched Durbin & Clinton, Now Jump on Rove
Morning Shows Pounce on Rove, Unlike Handling of Dem Comments
Washington Post Buried Durbin, But Puts Rove on the Front Page
Hardball Panel Frets GOP Making National Security a "Wedge Issue"

June 24 CyberAlert: Special 2,000th Edition
CNN Anchor Wonders: "Could Your Lawnmower Kill You?"
NBC's Tim Russert Reacts to the MRC: "Holy ****"
John McLaughlin Asks If Bill Clinton Is "a Fighting Cock"
CNBC's Geraldo Rivera Shows Himself Naked on the Travel Channel
Recalling Time's Effusive Praise of a Communist Party Boss
CBS Host Asks Is It "Legal" for Business to Raise Prices
CNN Media Critic: Fundraiser Won't Alter Dan Rather's Objectivity
Matt Lauer "Sexed Up" by Lion at Siegfried and Roy's House
Dan Rather Confesses: "I Made Up the Last Three Stories"
After Banana Milkshake, ABC's Sawyer "Dreamed About Bill Clinton"
Reporter Asks Rumsfeld to Tell Taliban Where We Will Bomb
Connie Chung Sings to Dan Rather: "You're Number One"
While Wife Cooked Duck, Ted Koppel's Baby Hit Floor With a Thud
CNN: "Experts Agree: Al Qaeda Leader Is Dead Or Alive"
Feet from Murder, Geraldo Autographs Shorts of Hooters Girls
James Carville Shares with CNN Audience How He's Poorly Endowed
Oceans Advocate Ted Danson Admits Relieving Himself in Ocean
Peter Jennings: "My Dad Wrote 'Smoke Pot' in Cloves" on a Ham
Cicadas Are People Too: Letters to the Editor Upset by Abuse
CBS Reporter Sells "Never Used!" CBS News Standards at Yard Sale

June 23 CyberAlert
CBS Skips Durbin, Picks Up Repub's Shot at Dems as Anti-Christian
MSNBC's Countdown Finally Gets to Durbin, But Only to Scold GOP
Lauer Asks Biden for Good News from Iraq, Then Returns to Usual
Tom Brokaw Bought a Dude Ranch with Clinton Admin's Robert Rubin
"Top Ten Reasons Saddam Hussein Loves Doritos"

June 22 CyberAlert
It Takes Durbin Apology to Get Net Coverage, But CBS Still Spikes
Lauer to McCain: Time to "Revisit" Comparison of Iraq to Vietnam?
MSNBC's Countdown Showcases Leftist Cause-Celebre "Denver Three"

June 21 CyberAlert
Nets Avoid "Filibuster" Term with Bolton, CBS Relays Innuendo
CNN's Morton Says Biden "Usually" Knows What He's Talking About
PBS Stations Use Airwaves to Enlist Viewers to Fight CPB Cuts
CNN's NewsNight: Downing Memo, Tribute to Jones & Bush Dishonest

June 20 CyberAlert
Clift: Iraq "Worse than Vietnam," Bush Has LBJ's Credibility Gap
CBS Picks Up on Criticism of Bush for Avoiding Iraq Dead Funerals
Couric Finds Time for 'Downing Street Memo' But Not Dick Durbin
If Modern News Media Around in 1776, Colonialists Would Have Lost

June 17 CyberAlert
Nets Tout Iraq Withdrawal Pushed by 4 U.S. Reps, But Skip Durbin
Morning Shows Ignore Durbin, Today Hits Frist But Cues Up Clinton

June 16 CyberAlert
ABC Denounces "Illegal Interrogation Techniques" at Guantanamo
Salivating for Hillary vs McCain in 2008: "Oh! Pray for It!"
Brokaw Chides Attitude Toward World, Urges We Love "Mother Earth"
Kudos to CBS for Showing Chinese Brutality, Noting Gun Control

June 15 CyberAlert
FNC Picks Up New Annan Scandal Link, NBC Plays Up British Memos
CBS Again Trots Out Markey to Push for Amusement Park Regulation
Chicago Trib Vet Denies He's Liberal, Then Espouses Liberal Views
ABC Admits America-Bashing Relayed by North Korean Translators

June 14 CyberAlert
CBS Again Pushes Theme of Republicans Turning Against Bush on War
CBS's Storm & Time's Novak Fret About Treatment of 20th Hijacker
Schieffer: Clinton Recognized Osama Threat, If Not for Starr...
Journalists Rue Greater Focus on 60 Minutes than Bush's NG Record
"Top Ten Things Overheard During the Michael Jackson Verdict"

June 13 CyberAlert
CBS Frames Lead Around "Mounting Criticism" of Bush from GOP
ABC's Roberts Hits Gonzales with How Carter Wants Guantanamo Shut
Schieffer: Opponents Like Those "Who Urged Columbus to Stay Home"
"Extremely," "Dramatically" & "Quite Overwhelmingly Conservative"
Moyers Claims Liberal Reasoning "Too Complex" for "Red Meat"

June 10 CyberAlert
NBC Displays Agenda, Leads with Case for Closing Guantanamo
Schieffer Again Compares Guantanamo with North Vietnamese Prisons
ABC: North Koreans Hate Americans, Offer Great Music/Art for Kids
Three National Journalists Deny Liberal Bias or Proclaim Centrism

June 9 CyberAlert
Nets Jump on Charge Oil Lobbyist Edited Global Warming "Science"
Confronted by Hannity, Rosie O'Donnell Rages Against Bush & Rice
Raines' Premise Kerry Earned Better Grades than Bush Discredited
"Top Ten Ways George Bush Can Regain His Popularity"

June 8 CyberAlert
Networks Pounce on Opportunity to Hype "Downing Street Memo"
ABC Stresses Disapproval of Bush, But Approval Only Down 1 Point
CNN's Schneider Endorses Accuracy of Hillary Clinton Slam at Bush

June 7 CyberAlert
Couric Treats Annan as Wise Sage, Pushes Him to Denounce Bolton
Chris Matthews Recalls How He "Cheered Like Mad" for Gorbachev
Newsweek's Alter Admits Lack of Neutrality on Stem Cell Research
MSNBC's Witt Sees Vindication for Newsweek in One Koran Incident
NPR Hits Hard at RNC's Mehlman, But Goes Softer on DNC's Dean
Letterman's "Top Ten Ways to Cheer Up Saddam Hussein"

June 6 CyberAlert
In "Greatest American" Contest, Lauer Trumpets Clinton's Success
Talking to Bradlee, Stephanopoulos Raises Conservative Media Bias
Rather Receives Standing Ovations from "Investigative" Reporters

June 3 CyberAlert
Rather Insists Guard Story True, "Not Fact" to Call Memos "Fake"
Stahl: Felt a "Big Hero" Justified By "Nazis" in the White House
Brokaw Chides Buchanan for Calling Felt "Traitor," But He Didn't
Woodward and Bernstein Dance Around Felt's Personal Motivations
CBS: Suicide Bombings to Decline in Iraq; ABC Warns Growing Worse
Judy Woodruff Leaves CNN: A Rundown of Her Most Biased Quotes
CNN Ratings Down "Sharply" from Year Ago, FNC Draws Twice as Many

June 2 CyberAlert
ABC & CBS Counter Felt Critics, Contend Felt Had to Go to Media
Journalists Denounced Starr's Leaks to Media, Denigrated Tripp
Williams Embraces Bill Clinton, Pines: "Two for the Price of One"
Ted Turner Credits Castro with Inspiring CNN International
Jones Applauds HRC Nomination, Behar Rejects She'll Hike Taxes

June 1 CyberAlert
Watergate Glory Days Revived, Motivations Skipped, Felt a Hero
Moran Gives Credibility to "Gulag" Description of Guantanamo
Showing Silliness, Morning Shows Look at Hillary v Laura in 2008

May 31 CyberAlert
Schieffer: To Save America's Honor, Guantanamo Must Be Closed
Kurtz: Conservative Hypocrisy in Not Denouncing Koppel's 'Fallen'
AP and ABC Note Law & Order Slam at DeLay, But Skip Racist Angle
Networks Resist Calling Filibuster of Bolton a Filibuster
PBS's Now Again Pounds a Conservative and Cues Up a Liberal

May 26 CyberAlert
NBC's Couric Champions "Clarion Call" of "Moderates Are Coming!"
CBS Skips Poll on Opposition to Expanding Number of Stem Lines
ABC Highlights Amnesty International's Attack on the U.S.
ABC's Gibson "Surprised" to Learn Iraqis Wish Zarqawi Dead
CNN's Hemmer & O'Brien Endorse E-Mails Mocking "Culture of Life"
Law & Order: CI Tags DeLay as Hero to White Supremacist Murderer

May 25 CyberAlert
Borger Touts "Extraordinary" Deal, "Saves" Senate from Partisans
Morning Shows Praise McCain, Couric: "Slap in Face of Extremists"
CBS Champions GOP Rejection of Bush on Stem Cells, Overseas Work
By 3-to-1, Journalists Identify as Liberal Over Conservative
Patrick Swayze Derides Fear of Soviets, Couric Echoes Sentiment

May 24 CyberAlert
Schieffer Touts Misleading Poll on Most Favoring 60 Vote Standard
Couric and Gibson Blame America, First Lady Counters Their Claims
Meacham Touts Newsweek's Truth-Telling, Forgets Spiking Lewinsky
Jennings Visits ABC, World News Tonight Focuses on Prisoner Abuse
You Read it Here First: FNC Picks Up on Rather's Praise of Mapes

May 23 CyberAlert
Rather Praises Mapes, CBS News: "Kingdom of Journalistic Knights"
Off-Topic Poll Touted as Showing Opposition to Ending Filibuster

May 20 CyberAlert
CBS Cites Dire Litany, Asks: Is Iraq "Sliding Toward Civil War?"
Williams Claims Filibuster to Block Judges "Used by Both Sides"
Moran: Media Have "Anti-Military Bias," 70% at WH Voted for Kerry
Carlson: "Bush's Policies," Not Newsweek, "Fuel Arab Anger"
Newspaper Union Boss Charges U.S. Military Targets Journalists

May 19 CyberAlert
NBC Trumpets Distorted Poll on Opposition to Ending Filibuster
Stephanopoulos Worries Non-"Moderate" May Get on Supreme Court
Matthews Paints Newsweek as Diversion from Opposition to Iraq
FNC Examines How Media Upset at White House Advice to Newsweek
Limbaugh Picks Up Wednesday on a Couple of CyberAlert Articles

May 18 CyberAlert
McClellan Suggestion Newsweek Repair Damage Appalls Journalists
Lauer Frets About "Pressure" and "Piling On" from White House
Olbermann Charges White House with "Treasonous" Action
NBC Airs One-Sided Look at What Critics "Fear" from Bush Judges
NBC: Oil Prices "Soaring," E-Mailer Wishes for Higher Gas Prices
CBS Cancels 60 Minutes Wed, But Rather to Move to Sunday Edition

May 17 CyberAlert
Reporters Come to Newsweek's Defense, Suggest Story Really True
MSNBC's Olbermann & Crawford Suggest Bush Team "Set Up" Newsweek
Schieffer Blames Newsweek's Retraction on White House "Pressure"
Alter: Story May Be True, Chides Pentagon, Touts Mag's "Digging"
Newsweek Critic Ansen's Changing Approach to Star Wars Movies

May 16 CyberAlert
Newsweek Buries Its Backtracking, NBC Assigns Blame Elsewhere
Couric Fawns Over Specter, Blames GOP for "Disgusted" Public
GMA Paints John Bolton as the Prototypical "Bullying" Boss
NPR Centers Interview with 'Jerks at Work' Author Around Bolton
Schieffer Describes Senator John Warner as "Very Conservative"
National Poll of Journalists: 68% Voted for Kerry, 25% for Bush
In Look at MRC Labeling Study, Gabler Denigrates MRC as "Clowns"
"Top Ten Thoughts Going Through Putin's Mind at This Moment"

May 12 CyberAlert Extra
CBS Twists Starr Rebuke of Democrats Into Blast at GOP on Judges

May 12 CyberAlert
Sawyer Presses Mrs. Reagan on Variance with Bush on Stem Cells
NBC's Favorite Historian Frets that Gorbachev Underappreciated
NYPost & FNC Pick Up on CyberAlert Item on Rather's Speaking Fee

May 11 CyberAlert
NBC's Today Treats Sen. Clinton as Victim in Fundraising Trial
PBS's David Brancaccio Cues Up Garofalo, Hits Barr from the Left
FNC's Hume Picks Up on MRC's Labeling Study and CyberAlert Item

May 10 CyberAlert
Wallace Touts How, Unlike Bush, Putin Reads Papers -- Yet...
ABC's Gibson Scolds Bush for Criticizing Putin on Eastern Europe
Newsweek's Meacham Chastises Bush for Lamenting Yalta Agreement
Media Pounce in Outrage Over Minister Who Ousts Kerry Voters

May 9 CyberAlert
Contention USSR the "Oppressor" of Baltic States Disturbs ABC
CBS Focuses on Bolton Antagonists, Ignores Supportive Comments
Stephanopoulos Uses GM's Troubles to Push "National Health Care"
Early Show Has Time for SpongeBob and Elvis, Not Big Jobs Gain

May 6 CyberAlert
BBC Election Coverage Features Derisive George Bush Impersonator
Apple: Religious See NYT and WPost as "Arms of Democratic Party"

May 5 CyberAlert
In Profiling Abramoff, CBS Skips How He Paid for Democrats Too
NBC and CBS Hype "Explosive" Old News About Pat Tillman's Death
NPR Talk Show Host: "George Bush Is a [Unprintable Vulgarity]"
Dan Rather Signs With Speakers' Bureau, Fee: $75,000 Per Speech

May 3 CyberAlert
CNN/USA Today/Gallup Delivers Another Distorted Filibuster Poll
Reporter Getting in Bed With a Republican, But a "Maverick" One
Another Poll Finds Many More See Liberal Than Conservative Bias

May 2 CyberAlert
O'Donnell: Bush "a War Criminal...Should Be Tried at The Hague"
WashPost Ombudsman Cites Biased Poll to Defend Biased Poll
Matt Drudge Praises MRC as "Front-Runner" and "Revolutionary"

April 29 CyberAlert
Obnoxious Questions to Bush: Terrorism on Rise, Renditioning...
CNN Reads Aloud Viewer-Proposed Questions from Left for Bush
CBS News Treats as Scandalous "Big Oil's Profit Windfall"
"Top 10 Thoughts Going Through Pres. Bush's Mind at This Moment"

April 28 CyberAlert
CBS & NBC Trumpet "Setback" for DeLay, Things "Worse" for Hammer
Recalling Goldwater, Olbermann Warns "Extremism" Will Doom GOP
WashPost Editors Defend Wording of Anti-GOP Poll on Filibuster
On Florida Self-Defense Law: "Wild West" and "License to Kill"
CBS Reporter Sells "Never Used!" CBS News Standards at Yard Sale

April 27 CyberAlert
CBS Presses Fulfillment of Its Wish: Demise of Personal Accounts
Sans Dan Rather, CBS Evening News Hits All-Time Viewership Low
Hume Finds Polls with Support for Blocking Judicial Filibusters
NPR: Chafee and Jeffords Both Centrist/Moderate and Liberal
Fox & Friends Crew Stings CNN's Brown for His Attacks on FNC

April 26 CyberAlert
ABC/WPost Word Poll Question to Get Desired Result on Filibuster
Morning Shows Treat as Scandalous Frist at a Religious Event
WashTimes Really Runs Article on MRC's "DisHonors Awards" Gala

April 25 CyberAlert
Reporters Believes Democrats "Good-Hearted," Republicans "Evil"
CBS's Schieffer Twice Touts How Greenspan Predicts Tax Hikes
Clift: "Nuclear Option Equivalent of FDR's Trying to Pack Court"
Washington Times Runs Article on MRC's "DisHonors Awards" Gala

April 22 CyberAlert
Winners at the MRC's "Dishonors Awards" Held Thursday Night
The Judges Who Selected the Winning Quotes
Audience Awards the "Quote of the Year" to Dan Rather
Media Ignore Bolton Critic's Tie to "Mothers Opposed to Bush"
CBS: Germans Unhappy with German Pope, "Unease" Over Nazi Years

April 21 CyberAlert
CBS's Early Show: "Many Catholics" Disappointed by Pope Pick
NBC Labels New Pope But Not Liberal Critic, Raises Nazi Past
On ABC, Gibson Stresses Pope Out of Touch with U.S. Catholics
CNN and NPR Like the "God's Rottweiler" Epithet for Pope
Kondracke: "Appalling" Pope Delivers "Dictatorship of Certitude"

April 20 CyberAlert
CBS Most Egregious in Applying Ideological Labels to New Pope
ABC & CBS Quick to Tag "Rottweiler" Ratzinger as "Controversial"
ABC's Gibson April 4: "Extreme Conservative Views" Doom Ratzinger

April 19 CyberAlert
Nets Zero in on "Ultraconservative" Ratzinger, "God's Rottweiler"
CNN Focuses on "Discouraged" Catholic Women Who Want "Revolution"
Couric Distorts Poll to Say Most Want "Less Conservative" Church
Reporters Predict DeLay Won't Survive, Will They Help Him Along?

April 18 CyberAlert
Nets Fret Over Women in Catholic Church, Give Platform to Liberal
Tom DeLay's Quip at NRA Convention Appalls CBS's Bob Schieffer
CNN Picks Up Gimmicky Attacks on DeLay, Uncle Sam Whacking Head
CBS Ignores Unprecedented Use of Filibuster to Block Judges
Mitchell's Promise of a GOP Scandal Over Oil-for-Food Falls Apart
Not Even Tim Russert Is Aware of Good News and Normalcy in Iraq

April 15 CyberAlert
Matthews & Stahl Recall When Democrats & Mainstream Media Ruled
CBS's U.S. "Lied" About Shooting of Italian Undermined by NBC
ABC Crams in Good Iraq News: "No Shortage" of Police Volunteers
"Top Ten Signs Your Accountant Doesn't Give a Damn Anymore"

April 13 CyberAlert
CBS News Treats Gingrich as a Wise Sage After He Criticizes DeLay
Clinton Lectures Couric on Obstructionism, She Scolds Vatican
CBS Features Italian's Charge U.S. "Lying" About Shooting Her Car
Andy Rooney Refuses to Repeat "So Help You God" Portion of Oath
West Wing Not Only Liberal Presidential Drama: WB's Jack & Bobby

April 12 CyberAlert
Networks Focus on Democratic Attacks on UN Nominee John Bolton
ABC, CBS and NBC All Falsely Hype "Record" High Gas Prices
Novak Reports NYTimes Went Fishing for Op-Ed Asking DeLay to Quit

April 11 CyberAlert
Dionne, Borger and Ifill Fret About Snub of Carter from Funeral
CBS Cites "Exceptional" Work of Iraqi Cameraman Detained by U.S.
Rather & Mapes Win Peabody Award for Abu Ghraib Abuse Story
You Read It Here First: WashPost Picks Up Baldwin's Anti-GOP Rant

April 7 CyberAlert
CBS and ABC Pounce on "Ethics Questions Dogging" Tom DeLay
NBC/MSNBC Continue to Obsess Over the Supposed Snubbing of Carter
NBC Relays View Pope "Affirmed Death" in Rejecting Use of Condoms
Gibson: Would American Crowds Be So Polite? They Were for Reagan

April 6 CyberAlert
NBC's Today Frets that Carter "Snubbed" from Funeral Delegation
CBS: Catholics in U.S. Saw Pope as "Reactionary and Out of Touch"
Networks Continue to Forward Canard About "Record" High Gas Price
The West Wing's Ideal Republican President Holds Liberal Views

April 5 CyberAlert
CBS Evening News Touts AP Poll on How Catholics Want Changes
Gibson's Pal "Bitterly Disagrees" with Pope "On So Many Issues"
Some Tag Papal Candidates as "Extreme" and "Ultra-Conservative"
NBC's Holt on Pope: "Alienated," "Marginalized" and "Divided"
Matthews Goes Into Rant About What New Pope Will "Have To" Do
Welch Shoots Down Couric's Admiration for European Work Ethic

April 4 CyberAlert
ABC: Pope "Controversial," "Too Conservative" for U.S. Catholics
Lauer: "Contradiction" Between "Conservative" Pope and His Pitch
Alec Baldwin: GOP Leaders "Maniacs" from "Christian Loony Bin"

April 1 CyberAlert
CBS on Schiavo: "Dangerous Precedent," "Far Right" May Exploit It
Nets Downplay or Skip How Panel Finds Intel Not "Politicized"
Berger Pleads Guilty, But Last Year Media Painted Him as Victim
Tom Brazaitis, RIP; Would've Voted for Al Franken for President
Ex-NBC News Reporter Shriver's Office the "Go-To Place" for Dems

March 31 CyberAlert
ABC Gets Around to Jesse Jackson, But Doesn't Air a Word from Him
HBO to Air Glowing Documentary on Success of Liberal Air America

March 30 CyberAlert
ABC Chooses ACLU Hit on Military Over Jackson's Defense of Life
Jennings Refers to Late Senator Howell Heflin as "Senator Howell"
Rather Returns to 60 Minutes, Has "Howdy" & "Adios" Voice Mail
Of Three Cable News Networks, MSNBC Falls to Fourth in Ratings

March 29 CyberAlert
NBC's Expert: On Schiavo, Republicans Have Soured Swing Voters
Mitchell Scolds DeLay for Schiavo Publicity to Mask Ethics Issues
Boston Globe/NPR Journalist Tags Novak a "Mendacious Lycanthrope"
"Top Ten Things Overheard at the White House Easter Egg Hunt"

March 28 CyberAlert
ABC Hits Cardinal from Left, Plugs Pope's Critique of Capitalism
Media Biased Against Religious, Few "People of Faith" at NY Times
NPR's Totenberg Uses Schiavo to Push for Universal Health Care
GMA Seeks Kevorkian's "Very Interesting Perspective" on Schiavo
CBS Uses "Guerrilla News Network" Video to Show a Homeless Vet

March 25 CyberAlert
CBS Raises Good News in Iraq and Lets Reporter Bring Up Prayer
Novak: Journalists "Passionately Oppose" Schiavo Intervention
NPR Suggests "Consensus" On Right-to-Die Upset by Congress
Stephanopoulos Boasts He Talks "Every Day" With James Carville

March 24 CyberAlert
On Schiavo, Politically-Motivated or Unpopular? CBS Can't Decide
Unlike CBS, CNN Concedes Hit on DeLay Came from Liberal Group
Olbermann: Schiavo Death Will Benefit "Grotesque" Republicans

March 23 CyberAlert
CBS Treats Innocuous DeLay Comments on Schiavo as Scandalous
ABC Discovers that Disabled Worry What Schiavo Means to Them
Guest Undercuts Olbermann's Shot at DeLay and Bush for Hypocrisy
CNN's Schneider Goes to Liberal Enclave to Get Views on SS
Mary Mapes Signs Book Deal, Insists Bush Guard Memos Authentic

March 22 CyberAlert
CBS Runs Silly Look at How Gas Prices "Force" Man to Kip at Work
NBC's Curry Frets About "Dangerous Precedent," "Broader" Agenda
On CNN, Howard Kurtz Avoids Study Finding on 2004 Anti-Bush Tilt
Rather Critics: "Drop Dead"; No "Crazy Biased Liberals" at CBS

March 21 CyberAlert
To Rumsfeld's Amusement, Stephanopoulos Probes "Biggest Mistake"
Jennings Hails Wisdom of George Kennan's Criticism from the Left
ABC Rails Against Congressional "Interference" in Schiavo Case
Media Laud Liberal Book on Supreme Court, Skip Conservative One

March 18 CyberAlert
Media Mantra on "Record High" Gas Prices, But a Few Note Reality
GMA Guest and Diane Sawyer Warn of Extinction Soon for Humans

March 17 CyberAlert
Gregory Insists Personal Accounts "Unpopular," Poll Differs
Bumiller of the NY Times Again Poses the Most Obnoxious Question
ABC's Moran and Jennings Fret Over "Very Big Issue" of Rendering
Networks Falsely Claim Oil and Gas at "Record High" Prices

March 16 CyberAlert
Olbermann: MRC Wants "Institutionalized, Pro-Republican Slant"
Public Radio Vet Edwards Blasts Bush for "Information Control"
Top WashPost Editor Decries Bush's Policies as "Imperialism"

March 15 CyberAlert
Jennings Takes Snide Shot Over Difficulty to Improve View of U.S.
Thomas: Democratic Rumblings in Middle East Make Press Look "Bad"
Matthews: Rather "Nothing Like the Portrait Painted...by Critics"
Bury or Ignore Finding Media Three Times Negative on W Than Kerry
MRC's "DisHonors Awards" Gala Nearly Sold Out, So Buy Tickets Now
"Top Ten Things Overheard During Bill Clinton's Hospital Stay"

March 14 CyberAlert
Russert Targets Private Accounts as "Stumbling Block" to SS Deal
Time's Duffy Blames America: "Why Can't We Run a Check Point?"

March 11 CyberAlert
Under Schieffer CBS Maintains Hostility to Bush's SS Reform Plan
CBS Finally Airs Look at Chile's Success with Private Accounts
Schieffer Pledges to Not Take Viewers' Trust in Him for "Granted"
Matthews Rejects Notion Anchors Liberal, But Admits Cronkite Was
Brown: Rather Left "More Tragic than Heroic" and That's "Wrong"

March 10 CyberAlert
Rather Draws Line from Being Called "N-Lover" to a "Liberal"
Dan Rather's Last Word as CBS Evening News Anchor: "Courage"
Praise Heaped on Rather, "Sad" Conservatives Exploited Memogate

March 8 CyberAlert
Nets Avoid How "Italian Journalist" Works for Communist Paper
CBS Profile Denies Rather Biased, He Blames His Passion for Image

March 7 CyberAlert
Totenberg Eats Shoe, Admits Misjudgment on Iraq Election's Power
Hunt Agrees with Shields' Contention a "Lynch Mob" Got Rather
When 9-Year-Old Praises Bush's SS Plan, Couric Corrects Him
FNC's Ratings Continue Rising While CNN's Plummet in Prime Time

March 4 CyberAlert
ABC Considers Leading with Good News, But Goes with Bad, in Iraq
When Fleischer Raises Media Bias, Lauer Pounces on WMD Claims
Rather: Memos Real, Insists to Letterman "Nobody Lied" at CBS
Re-Welcome to the New CyberAlert and Our Two New Versions

March 3 CyberAlert
CBS Charges Conservative Group with "Slime" Tactics Against AARP
Sharpton Thanks Matthews for a Great Anti-Bush SS Plan Soundbite
When Juvenile Executions Okayed, Nets Stressed Condemnation
Rather Cries During Interviews, Still Believes Memos Authentic
Welcome to the New CyberAlert and Our Two New Versions

March 2 CyberAlert
Nets: Juvenile Execution Ruling Brings U.S. Into Line with World
ABC Stressed Torture Claim, Skips Evidence of Plan to Kill Bush
NPR Spurns Social Security "Reform" Tag, But in Clinton Years...
"Top Ten Other Changes at CNN"

March 1 CyberAlert
NBC Uses Car Bombing to Resurrect "Mission Accomplished" Marker
Gibson Hypes How White House "Responds" to Rock, But They Didn't
Matthews & Carlson Reject Notion White House Press Corps Liberal
Hollywood Celebrities Oppose Liberal Because He's "Anti-Choice"

February 28 CyberAlert
Oscar Audience Applauds Louder for Fahrenheit 9-11 Than Passion
Rooney Hails Liberal Presidents, Dismisses Reagan as a Divider
Committee Chair Chides WashPost for Groundless Hit on Rumsfeld
You Read it Here First: FNC Panel Picks up on CyberAlert Points
"Top Ten Revelations in the Secret Bush Tapes"

February 24 CyberAlert
CBS Highlights German Anti-Bush Marchers, How Remarks "Jarring"
CBS Dwells on How Marine Not Charged in Mosque Shooting
CNN: Romney on Wrong Side on Stem Cells, Preventing Life Saving
Jennings: "I Believe There Are Unidentified Flying Objects"

February 23 CyberAlert
ABC Treats Torture Allegation as Equal to Assassination Charge
CBS's Roberts Blames Bush Hard Line on Iran for Summit "Chill"

February 22 CyberAlert
Katie Couric Pushes Ted Kennedy's Latest Regulatory Intrusion
Care More About Gannon Than Jordan, Many Softballs for Clinton
"Top Ten Good Things About Having the Same Name as a President"

February 21 CyberAlert
Future CBS Anchor Applies Ideological Tag to Republican, Not Dem
CBS Decides to Authenticate a Bush Story -- By Another Outlet
CBS Paints Making People Pay Their Bills as Pay Off to Business

February 18 CyberAlert
Negroponte Profiles Link Him to Death Squads and Iran-Contra
Day Late, Jennings Notes Greenspan's Approval of Bush SS Plan
NBC Gives Air Time to Left-Wing Cause-Celeb: Gannon/Guckert
"Al-Qaeda Has Replaced the Soviet Union as the Great Boogeyman"
NBC's Social Security for Dummies' Non-Existent "Trust Fund"

February 17 CyberAlert
Skip Greenspan's Approval of SS Plan, Excited Bush May Hike Tax
Jennings Uses Bill Gates to Push Americans to Travel Abroad
GMA Hypes Prediction of "Devastating" Flooding Caused by Warming
NPR Commentator Denounces "Support Our Troops" Stickers on Cars
CBS Producers in Memogate Refuse to Go, Implicate Top CBS Execs

February 16 CyberAlert
Out of Blue, ABC Hypes Attack on Bush's Faith-Based Initiatives
ABC Promotes GOP Back Bencher Attacks from Left on SS Reform
Olbermann Takes on "Faux News Channel," Guest Wants Hume Ousted
Gas Tax Revenue Falling? CBS Pushes Tax by the Mile Driven

February 15 CyberAlert
CBS Highlights SS Reform Opponent While FNC Shows Dem Hypocrisy
Sam Donaldson Charges Budget Cut "On the Backs of the Poor"
Journalists Spend Weekend Touting Howard Dean's Virtues

February 11 CyberAlert
Jennings Suggests Bush Administration Provoked North Korea
Gergen Claims Hillary Clinton Has "Conservative Social Values"
CBS Publicizes Charges Against Cosby, Suppressed Against Clinton

February 10 CyberAlert
After Pushing for Big Drug Entitlement, Cost Now Upsets Networks
NBC Highlights Conservatives Disturbed by Bush's Big Spending
WashPost Sees Deep Cuts and Bigger Government in Bush's Budget

February 9 CyberAlert
Schieffer Suggests Tax Hike Since We've "Got" to Fund Programs
CNN Leads Budget Coverage with Anecdote About WWII Vet's Plight
GMA Finance Expert, a Big Democratic Donor, Slams Budget Cuts
Couric Uses Today Show to Extol Virtues of Feminism and Steinem
Couric More Enthusiastic for Socialism Than Even the French?
On NBC's Law & Order: Murder of a "Conservative Talk Show Host"

February 8 CyberAlert
Nets, Especially CBS, Paint "Cuts" Hurting "Homeless" & "Hungry"
NBC Today's Coverage of Bush's SS Reform Brought to You by AARP
Jobs Report Undermines Dan Rather's Comparison of Bush to Hoover
CBS Hopeful on Iraq, NBC Warns of Islamic Law, Breaking Apart

February 4 CyberAlert
CBS Takes on Bush SS Plan: "Takes the Safety Out of Safety Net"
Apple & Olbermann Cite 1967 Vietnam Vote to Undermine Iraq Vote

February 3 CyberAlert
MSNBC's Matthews & Reagan Argue Hug Choreographed to Boost Bush
Hug Leaves Roberts "With Goose Bumps," Rather: "Poignant Moment"
Jennings: Bush's Iraq Election "Euphoria" Not Matched by Iraqis
CNN and NBC Focus on Bush's "Historic Low" Approval Rating
Calling Inked Fingers "Disgusting," Garofalo Uses Nazi Salute
Bush Jokes with Rather About Joining Him in Retirement in Texas
WPost Editor Says Bush Invents Reality, Complains Taxes Too Low
Lauer: Bush SS Plan Makes Him "Divider," Koppel: W Using "Fear"
NPR's Liasson Labels Dean a "Staunch Centrist" & "Deficit Hawk"
"Top Ten Surprises in George Bush's State of the Union Address"

February 2 CyberAlert
ABC's Stephanopoulos Resurrects Vietnam Election Headline
Zakaria: W Less Rational Ayatollah, Stewart: Afraid Bush Right
Richard Gere: "Saddam Hussein and Us, We Are Not Separate"
Couric Pleads for AG to Take on SUV's Which Could "Squash" Her

February 1 CyberAlert
After Vote Success, NBC Asks: "What If the U.S. Fails in Iraq?"
Chris Matthews Suggests U.S. Soldiers Forced Iraqis to Vote
Dick Cavett Denounces "Stinking War," Bush "Sold Bill of Goods"
Kurtz Chides Media for Overplay of Post Attack on Cheney's Parka

January 31 CyberAlert
Jennings: Iraq "Bleak," Williams: "Unease," Rather: "Inspiring"
FNC's Harrigan on Friday: "There's Going to Be a Bloodbath"
For Second Time, Jennings Finds Iraqi Who Champions George Bush
Jennings v World News Tonight with Jennings on Ballot Confusion
Media See Cheney "Fashion Faux Pas" as "International Incident"
NPR's Totenberg Urges Bush to "Abandon" Tax Cuts for Top 2%

January 28 CyberAlert
CBS & NBC Paint Dire Picture of Violence In Iraq, But Not ABC
NBC Touts Whitman's Book as Lauer Commiserates About "Far Right"
Couric Elicits Quip Woman Knows Who's President, "Unfortunately"
FNC Notes Lack of Media Interest in Case on Which Moran Hit Bush

January 27 CyberAlert
Moran Hits Bush with Obscure Case, WPost Delights He's "Stumped"
Wash Post and CBS Dub Liberals as "Centrist" & "Not...Left Wing"
Brown Provides Sympathetic Forum for Boxer, Cues Up Her Attacks
Turner: Iraq War "Obscene," FNC: Bush's "Propaganda Voice"

January 26 CyberAlert
NBC Focuses on Iraq Vets "Who Tumbled Quickly Into Homelessness"
Jennings Concedes Iraq Improvements, But Better Off with Saddam
ABC's GMA Contrasts Education Budget with Twice as Much for Iraq
Tax on Grocery Bags Intrigues Today Show's Couric, Lauer & Curry

January 25 CyberAlert
Army Officers Tell Jennings Media Have Mis-Reported Iraq Efforts
Miklaszewski Contrasts Spending on Iraq to 1/13th as Much on EPA
ABC's GMA Gives Time to Claim Iraq War Drove Marine to Murder
NPR Frames Roe Story Around Fears of "Abortion Rights" Advocates

January 24 CyberAlert
CBS's Bob Schieffer: Iraq "Sort of a Vietnam in Reverse"
When Conservatives Criticize Conservatives ABC Sees Their Wisdom
Dan Rather v Bill Plante on If Bush Has Asked for "Sacrifice"
NBC's O'Donnell Wishes Bush Inaugural Was More a "McCain-Type"
NBC's Shalit: Rwandan Genocide Ignored Because It "Had No Oil"
Garofalo: "George W. Bush is Unelectable," Blames "Vote Fraud"
"Top Ten Bush Goals for His Second Term"

January 21 CyberAlert
ABC Contrasts Inaugural with Funeral for Marine Killed in Iraq
Jennings: Iraq Ignored, Stephanopoulos: "Idealism, Not Realism"
ABC Brings Aboard Critics to Douse Enthusiasm for Bush Speech
Empathize with Marchers, Contrast Quelling to Bush Freedom Call
NBC Raises "Legitimacy" of Ohio Vote, Blames GOP for Bad Tone
Sitting by Rather, Historian Suggests Press Out to "Get" Bush
MSNBC's Ron Reagan Recommends Bush Start Telling "The Truth"
GMA Repeatedly Complains About "Lavish" & "Excessive" Inaugural
GMA Devotes Segment to Kids Denouncing Bush/Whining About Life

January 20 CyberAlert
On Inauguration Eve, CBS Stresses Bush's Approval Below Nixon's
NBC's Today Highlights Kerry's Attacks, Brings Carter Aboard
CNN's Zahn: Will Rice Be "Own Woman" or "President's Puppet?"

January 19 CyberAlert
ABC Piles on With Rice Critics; Only FNC Notes Biden Admonition
Stephanopoulos: Bush Has Lowest Approval Rating Except Nixon
Claim Kerry Didn't Favor Abortion & Same-Sex Marriage Defended
By the Standard of NBC's 'The West Wing,' Bush Won a "Landslide"

January 18 CyberAlert
ABC and NBC Press Bush About How He's Damaged U.S. Credibility
Barbara Walters: Public "Afraid" of "Conservative" Supreme Court
ABC Decides MLK Day a Good Time to Show How Blacks Dislike Bush
CBS Vets Insist Rather and Mapes Would've Gone After a Democrat
Harris Finds That By 3-to-1 Americans Don't Trust "The Press"

January 17 CyberAlert
ABC and AP Focus on Those Upset by Bush's "Lavish" Inauguration
Washington Post: Kerry Didn't Favor Abortion & Same-Sex Marriage
6 Days After CBS Panel Report Net Devotes Whole Show to Kennedy
Williams Frets CBS's "Mistakes...Obscured....Legitimate Story"
Carlson: Unlike at CBS, Bush Staffers Not Held Accountable
"Top Ten Perks of Being the New White House Dog"

January 14 CyberAlert
Rather Has Chutzpah to Tag FBI Problem as "Major Embarrassment"
Ex-CBS News Chief Chides Net's "Unremitting Liberal Orientation"
Downs: Reporters Liberal Because They're "Liberated" & Informed

January 13 CyberAlert
ABC Treats No WMD in Iraq as Big New News, Re-Hash Bush Claims
Rather Uses Casket Video to Denounce Policy Barring Such Viewing
Fineman Admits Mainstream Media Act Like Political Party
"Top 10 Questions G.W. Bush Asked His Homeland Security Nominee"

January 12 CyberAlert
NBC's Engel Admits He Rarely Reports on Heroics of U.S. Soldiers
Today Repeatedly Hypes Book Which Says Abraham Lincoln Was Gay
USA Today Story Frets Democrats Don't "Fight Back" in Campaigns
NPR: Rumsfeld Aims to Kill "Alien Artists and Hollywood Actors"
Letterman's "Top Ten Proposed Changes at CBS News"

January 11 CyberAlert
Olbermann: CBS a Victim, FNC the Villain for Running Swift Ads
Fret CBS Staffers Fired, Yet No One Fired from Bush Team for War
CBS Stresses Panel Saw No Political Bias, But Admits Others Do
Don Hewitt: Would've "Been More Scrutiny If...About John Kerry"
CyberAlert Long Ago Noted Same CBS Dissembling That's in Report

January 10 CyberAlert
Iraq "Death Squads" Remind Couric of Innocents Killed in Salvador
Clift: Bush Team "Took Their Damn Time" in "Laggard Response"
Best Jobs Numbers Since 1999, But CBS and NBC Stress Negative

January 7 CyberAlert
ABC and NBC Treat Ohio Vote Protest by Democrats as Credible
New Favorite "Even Republican"; Promote Graham's Hit on Gonzales
Michael Moore So Enthralled Couric She Awarded Him a 2nd Segment

January 6 CyberAlert
Jennings Blames 9/11 Limits for Stinginess of "Muslim Charities"
Williams: World Will See U.S. as Anti-Iraq War Activists Wished
9 Days Later, Jennings Still Hits "Insufficient" U.S. Response
MSNBC's Matthews Frets that Bush Didn't Ask for Carter's Help

January 4 CyberAlert
ABC: Missed Chance to Show "Good Faith"; NBC: Bush "Fumbled"
CBS's Plante Recites Slow Bush Response, Hope of More Than Bombs
Bush Named Dad & Clinton to "Take the Heat Off" on Fed Spending
Stephanopoulos Harangues Powell on U.S. Stinginess, Hails Annan
Ceci Connolly: U.S. Stingy, Scolds Bush for Delay in Speaking
Newsweek's Clift: "'Bush-Orwell '04: Ignorance is Strength'"



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