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CyberAlert Editor Brent H. Baker, the Steven P.J. Wood Senior Fellow and Vice President for Research and Publications at the Media Research Center (MRC), has been the central figure in the MRC’s News Division since the MRC’s 1987 founding. CyberAlert is an often-cited, near-daily e-mail report on national media coverage of politics he created in 1996. By the beginning of 2009 over 20,000 people, including many influential reporters, editors, editorial writers, commentators, talk show hosts, and producers had joined Baker’s mailing list of cyber-subscribers. Baker spearheaded the MRC's launch, in August 2005, of the NewsBusters.org blog for which he now serves as Editor. Check here for his blog postings.

June 2 CyberAlert
NBC Suggests Bill O'Reilly Fueled Murder of Dr. George Tiller
ABC's Take on Tiller Murder: 'The Abortion Debate Turns Deadly'
CBS Early Show Sees No Controversy in Tiller's Abortion Work
David Shuster Once Again Railing Against 'Hypocrite' Gingrich
Matthews Berates 'Jealous, Phony' GOP, 'Pathetic Swipe' at Obama
New MRC Web Site, So New Online Location for CyberAlerts

June 1 CyberAlert
NBC's Williams Cues Up Obama: 'That's One She'd Rather Have Back'
Also Doubted Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Pro-Abortion Credentials in '93
Leary: 'Greatest President in History!,' Sotomayor 'Fantastic!'
CNN Uses Two Libs to Bash Conservatives' 'Judicial Activist' Label
ABC Offers Skeptical Take on Stimulus Claims; CBS, NBC Uncritical
Highlights from ABC's Show Mocking Left-Wing, Environmental Family
New MRC Web Site, So New Online Location for CyberAlerts

May 29 CyberAlert
Nets Push 'Abortion Rights' Advocates' Concerns on Sotomayor
NBC's Cowan Glows Over Obama Frosh Photos: 'Humble Beginnings!'
CBS Urges: Paint Roofs and Roads White to Stop Global Warming
CNN Panel Overwhelmingly Argues in Favor of Same-Sex Marriage
New MRC Web Site, So New Online Location for CyberAlerts

May 28 CyberAlert
CBS on Sotomayor: 'Can't Be Easily Defined by Political Labels'
Washington Post's Labeling Bias Over Recent Supreme Court Picks
Sotomayor Calls Herself Liberal, Even When the NY Times Won't
ABC's Praises 'Obama's Latina Powerhouse,' Her 'Mean' Guacamole
Lauer: Will Opposing Hispanic Supreme Court Nominee 'Cost' GOP?
On MSNBC's Hardball: Racist Limbaugh Chasing Away Hispanics
New MRC Web Site, So New Online Location for CyberAlerts

May 27 CyberAlert
Sotomayor Prompts More 'Conservative' Than 'Liberal' Labels
Quick to Tag Alito & Roberts 'Ultra' & 'Hardline' 'Conservatives'
ABC Minimizes 'Liberal' Label for Sotomayor, But with Alito...
CNN's Toobin: Sotomayor 'Moderate Liberal, Like Ginsburg & Breyer'
Matthews: Skip 'Crazies' Like Rush, Obama 'Wowed Us' w/ Sotomayor
New MRC Web Site, So New Online Location for CyberAlerts

May 26 CyberAlert
ABC & CBS Lead w/ Powell v Cheney & Limbaugh, GOP Too Conservative
Cummings Whines Cheney's 'Made It Much Harder to Close Guantanamo'
CNN's Anderson Cooper: Is Cheney 'Emboldening Our Enemies?'
New Animated Series on ABC to Lampoon Environmentalists
Flashback: Couric to Mr. & Mrs. Edwards, 'One Frosty, Two Straws?'
New MRC Web Site, So New Online Location for CyberAlerts

May 22 CyberAlert
NBC and CBS Use Cheney and Obama Speeches to Jab at Cheney
O'Donnell on MSNBC: Cheney Speech 'Sleazy,' and 'An Abomination'
NY Times Scolds Californians for Voting Against Tax Hikes
ABC Touts George Soros as a Superhero; Ted Turner is Superman?
Brokaw Calls for 'Economic Justice,' 'Earth Taken Turn for Worse'
New MRC Web Site, So New Online Location for CyberAlerts

May 21 CyberAlert
Gibson: 'Why Not' Put in U.S. Prisons 'the Guys from Guantanamo?'
NBC: Impediment to Raising Taxes a 'Problem' for California
Today Turns to Leftist and a Moderate for Advice on GOP Comeback
MSNBC's Brewer: GOP Thinks 'Americans Are a Bunch of Idiots'
O'Donnell on MSNBC: Steele Speech Like a 'Bad Hallmark Card'

May 20 CyberAlert
ABC Regrets California's 'Unwillingness to Raise Taxes'
Sanchez and Slater Agree Bush 'Presided Over a Reign of Bullies'
NBC's Mitchell Touts Liberal 'Good Republican' Chris Shays on GOP
ABC's Diane Sawyer Pleads for European-Style Gas Tax
PBS's Tavis Smiley in Time: 'Capitalism is Like a Child'
Today Show Crew 'Dazzled' by Michelle Obama's Night Out at the Met

May 19 CyberAlert
Dire Couric Cites Great Depression, Kids Will Be 'Lost Generation'
Matthews Likens Cheney to Stalker Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction
CNN's Whitfield: Have Catholics 'Evolved' on the Moral Issues?
Cuomo Debates Priest Over 'Angels & Demons' -- But Only Online

May 18 CyberAlert
CNN's Whitfield Hails as 'Courageous' Obama's Notre Dame Speech
CBS on Pelosi: 'Is This Over?'; ABC Hails Obama's 'Masterstroke'
CBS and NBC Spike Panetta's Rejection of Pelosi's Smear of CIA
After Three Weeks, Pelosi's Anti-CIA Rant Pushes Nets to Action?
Excuse Pelosi; Hope 'Moderate' Will Save GOP from Rush Limbaugh
CNN's Chetry Uses Left's Spin on Rush Limbaugh and Wanda Sykes
CBS's Harry Smith 'Regrets' Not Speaking Out Against Iraq War

May 15 CyberAlert
Diane Sawyer Frets: Obama 'Caved-In' to Cheney & 'Political Right'
CBS's Early Show Ignores Obama Reversal on Abuse Photos
MSNBC's O'Donnell Grills Opponent of Obama's Notre Dame Address
Chrysler Closes 789 Dealerships, ABC, CBS & NBC Show Same Dealer

May 14 CyberAlert
ABC Channels Those Who See GOP as Limbaugh-Cheney 'Freak Show'
Matthews Mocks GOP 'Schoolyard' Tactics But Employs Them Himself
Omission Watch: ABC, CBS and NBC Ignore Pelosi's Torture Hypocrisy
Downbeat Spin from NY Times: World Ends, Minorities Hardest Hit
CBS's Rodriguez Grills Miss CA: Are You Being 'Hypocritical'?

May 13 CyberAlert
CBS's Smith Cues Up Sebelius to Recite Health Care Talking Points
Shuster Absurdly Says Cheney 'Didn't Know' About Al-Qaeda Pre-9/11
Tina Brown Slams Dick Cheney's 'Crazy Jihad' and 'Hate-Fest'
CNN Panel Pushes Republicans to Say Cheney Should 'Just Shut Up'
On FX, Writer Frets U.S. Didn't Heed France on Not Going to War

May 12 CyberAlert
Koppel: 'Enhanced Interrogation' Like 'Rape Is Enhanced Seduction'
CBS's Smith Defends Sykes Over Her Nasty Anti-Limbaugh 'Joke'
Sawyer Skips Controversy for 'Angels & Demons'; Grilled Mel Gibson

May 11 CyberAlert
Time Mag Blames 'Extremely Conservative Ideas' for GOP Decline
To Schieffer's Astonishment, Cheney: 'I'd Go with Rush Limbaugh'
Stossel Zings Cuomo: In 'Your Family' Govt the Only Way to Help
Letterman Writer Scheft: Obama 'Too Competent' to Joke About

May 8 CyberAlert
NBC and Newsweek Liken Obama to Spock: Both Victims of Prejudice
ABC's Diane Sawyer Waves 'Mission Accomplished' Sign for Obama
'Robber Baron' Becomes 'Shrewd Businessman' After Loan to NY Times
CNN's Acosta: Just Say Yes to Travel and Trade with Communist Cuba
Newsweek's Disrespectful Treatment of 'Amateur Econo-Cultist' Kemp
You Read It Here First: Hannity Cites Revolving Door Examples

May 7 CyberAlert
NBC: 'Quintessential Obama' Doctrine of Talking Leads to Hug
ABC's GMA Skips Probe Into Edwards Campaign Cash to Mistress
The NYT Co.'s Hypocritical Hardball vs. Boston Globe Unions
Glowing Dutch -- NY Times Magazine Celebrates Euro-Socialism
Follow the MRC, NewsBusters & TimesWatch on Facebook & Twitter

May 6 CyberAlert
CNN and ABC Vets Join Obama's Team, So Revolving Door Up to Ten
ABC Labels Potential Activist Obama Court Pick a 'Centrist'
Williams Recommends Liberal Reading List on Souter and Successor
CBS Uses Kids' Letters to Promote 'Hope' of Obama

May 5 CyberAlert
NBC's Mitchell Hails Hillary Clinton: 'Foreign Policy Superstar!'
'Trollish' Limbaugh, Cheney & Gingrich Turn Off Families to GOP
ABC, CBS Blame Conservative Social Positions for GOP Misfortunes
Linda Greenhouse Lavishes More Love on a Liberal Justice
ABC Features James Carville to Tout Theory of 40 Years of Dem Rule
NBC Uses Kemp Obit to Tout Obama as Proof U.S. a 'Great' Nation

May 4 CyberAlert
Newsweek's Thomas: GOP 'Their Extremists Take Them Straight Down'
CNN: If McCain Won, SCOTUS 'Would Be Changing in Extreme Ways'
MSNBC's Guthrie: Seeing Obama in Press Room Like 'Dream Sequence'
Gingrich: 'Press Corps Has Taken Such a Pathetic Dive' with Obama
David Shuster Loves 'Brilliant' Obama; Hates 'Atrocious' Fox News
ABC Ignores Own Role In 'Myth' of 'Perfect' Edwards Couple
Flashback: In Backhanded Bias, Kemp Choice Spurred 'Haters' Talk

May 1 CyberAlert
Cover for Biden's Gaffe: 'Not Terrible Advice,' 'Informative'
Joe Biden to ABC's Robin Roberts: I'm Humbled by Cheering Crowds
ABC's Gibson Already Presumes There Will Be a Second Obama Term?
Washington Post's Tom Shales Calls Obama 'Smartest Kid in Class'
NY Times Buries Their Own Jeff Zeleny's 'Enchanting' Question
CBS's Smith to RNC Chair Steele: 'Room For Moderates' In GOP?

April 30 CyberAlert
Obama a Victim, Stephanopoulos Echoes Emanuel on Greatest Success
A- for Obama from CNN: 'Nuanced...Mastery...Articulate...Capable'
NBC's Chuck Todd Calls Specter Departure 'Devastating' to GOP
CBS's Smith Discusses Obama's 100 Days With Left-Wing Pundits
ABC's Yunji de Nies Fawns Over 'Belle of the Ball' Michelle Obama

April 29 CyberAlert
Specter 'Driven Out' of GOP by 'Right Wing' and 'Fringe of Party'
CNN on Specter: GOP 'Far to the Right;' Democrats in 'Center'
Flashback: When Jeffords Switched, Media: GOP Too Conservative
MSNBC's Brewer: GOP Obstructionism Slowing Response to Swine Flu?

April 28 CyberAlert
Study: Coverage More Positive for Obama than for Bush or Clinton
Alter: 'Not Patriotic' for 'Sick' Cheney to Call Obama 'Weak'
Kudos: NBC Notes Prof's Turn Down, Over Obama, of Notre Dame Award
US News's Erbe Bashes 'Dishonest' Pro-Lifer, Demands: 'Go Away'

April 27 CyberAlert
Sunday TV Obama Appraisals: 'Moderate,' 'Spring Time in America!'
'Ethicist' for NYT: 'Great to Have President Who's...Not Insane'
ABC's Dr. Tim Johnson Still Promoting Universal Health Care
Cafferty: Scolds GOP 'Hardliners' for Using 'Socialists' Tag
Gumbel on Gang Violence: 'Why's Nobody Talking Gun Control?'

April 24 CyberAlert
Trumpet Obama's Efforts to 'Protect Consumers' on Credit Cards
CBS's Smith: Shouldn't Bush Officials Face 'Recrimination'?
Chris Matthews Demands: How Do We Prosecute Bush and Cheney?
ABC's Moran Draws Comparison Between Middle East Torture and U.S.
Matt Lauer Marvels At 'Captivating' Photos of Obama
CBS Early Show Hosts Excited by Obama Paper Dolls
Olbermann: 'Reagan's Dead and He Was a Lousy President'
Biden's Approval Lower than Cheney's in 2001, Obama Below Reagan

April 23 CyberAlert
Cites Blair on 'Harsh' Tactics Value, Calls View 'Controversial'
NY Times Buries Memo on Effectiveness of 'Torture' Methods
CBS's Smith: Bush Interrogation Methods Caused Abu Ghraib?
CNN Headline News Anchor Defends Perez Hilton's Vulgar Comments
MSNBC's O'Donnell: Tea Parties Not 'Organic...Not from Ground Up'
Begala: Tea Partiers 'Whiny, Weasels Who Don't Love Their Country'

April 22 CyberAlert
Matthews Bellows: Is GOP 'The Party of Tax Cuts and Torture?'
ABC Touts Meghan McCain as Moderate GOP Voice on Gay Marriage
Hilton on CBS, No Mention of Vulgar Insults of Miss California

April 21 CyberAlert
ABC Defends Obama's 'New World View,' Touts Supposed Successes
Critics of Obama-Chavez Meeting Making 'Mountain Out of Molehill'?
MSNBC's Brewer: Will Lefty Meghan McCain Be 'Voice' of GOP?
Time Mag: 'Odd' That Gun Control 'Petered Out' After Columbine

April 20 CyberAlert
Vitriolic Garofalo: Racist Tea Party Protesters; FNC for Dummies
NPR's Nina Totenberg Dismisses Tea Parties as 'Cockamamie'
ABC Highlights 'Frank' Repudiations of Conservative Social Views
Donaldson: 'Torture Memo' Writers Must 'Held Accountable' in Court

April 17 CyberAlert
ABC Upset 'Chilling' Memos Reveal Zubaydah 'Tortured with Insect'
CNN Doubts Tea Party 'Rationality,' Hints They're 'Out of Step'
Scarborough Takes on MSNBC? Attacks Those Who Mock Tea Parties
ABC's Sawyer Presses on Guns; Skips Story of Right-Wing Violence
CBS's Rodriguez Urges Assault Weapons Ban to DHS Chief
Matt Lauer and Andrea Mitchell Push for Assault Weapons Ban

April 16 CyberAlert
Discredit 'Tea Party' Rallies as Front for 'Corporate Interests'
CNN's Anderson Cooper: 'It's Hard to Talk When You're Tea-Bagging'
CNN Reporter Claims Tea Parties 'Anti-Government' and 'Anti-CNN'
CBS Fears 'Right Wing Extremism May Increase' After Obama Election

April 15 CyberAlert
Lauer 'Worried' Feds Unable to Dictate to Business Any More
Guthrie: Obama Gave Great Speech -- On MSNBC My Boss Told Me So
FX's Rescue Me Pushes 9/11 'Massive Neo-Conservative' Conspiracy

April 14 CyberAlert
MSNBC's Shuster Claims He's Balanced, Blasts 'Partisan' MRC
Matthews Retorts to Pro-Tea Party Guest: 'Stay In Your Box!'
Krugman: Limbaugh's Tactics 'Right Out of Stalinist Show Trials'
'Dwindling Number' of 'Very Hard Line' Oppose Changing Cuba Policy
Matthews Laughs at Biden Riff, Skips His 'Daydreams' About Obama

April 13 CyberAlert
SNL Joke: Chris Matthews Daydreams of Obama in a Loin Cloth
Moran: Limbaugh Would Call Jake Tapper a Traitor if He Hit Bush
Fleischer: 'Where is the Press' in Checking Biden's Claim?
Cold Shoulder from NYT for Anti-Global-Warming Activist Morano
Totenberg: Washingtonians Flocking to YouTube to Watch Obama
Howard Yearns for Less Powerful America Not 'Driven by Militarism'

April 10 CyberAlert
Couric Presses Holder from Left on Guns and Probing Bush Crimes
ABC Wonders If You Care About Obama Bow; White House: 'A Lean'
Gun Special on ABC to Dismiss Using Guns for Self Defense?

April 9 CyberAlert
Laura Ingraham Tweaks Lauer and Today on Obama Obsession
Obama 'Wins Troop's Cheers,' But Bush's Visit Greeted w/ Petulance
CNN's Sanchez Blames Fox News, 'Right-Wing Radio' for Cop Killings
NBC: Only GOP Governors Caught in Sex Scandals Get Party Label

April 8 CyberAlert
Stephanopoulos: Obama's Trip a Test He 'Passed Pretty Easily'
NYT Trumpets Obama in Democrat-Heavy Poll, Skips Upbeat Iraq Take
Boston Globe's DC Chief: Obama Reflects 'Devotion He Inspires'
CNN Bemoans Hostility to Islam, Obama Must 'Educate' Americans
ABC's Weir Goes Easy on Religion and Palin-Bashing 'Family Guy'
ABC's Robin Roberts Hits Speaker Pelosi from the Left on Guns
On Today, NBC's Okwu Hails Obama as 'Hugger-in-Chief'

April 7 CyberAlert
NBC Hails Obama's Turkey Visit as 'Shrewd', CBS: Highest Approval
Shuster: Conservative 'Wing-Nuts' 'Inspire' Cop Killer Violence
ABC Touts Gun Control Group; Hypes Special on Firearms
NBC Rehabilitates Spitzer as Regulatory Expert, Forgets Party ID

April 6 CyberAlert
Obama's Week Through ABC's Prism: 'Cool Kid in the Class'
Donaldson on Obama:'Just Changing the Tone a Great Plus' for U.S.
ABC's GMA Gushes Over Michelle Obama's 'Cinderella Story'
CBS's Smith Praises the 'Raw Realness' of Michelle Obama
ABC Again Exploits Shooting to Push for More Gun Control
News Photogs Flock to Obama's White House, from Time Mag, AP...

April 3 CyberAlert
Michelle 'Mega-Star' Obama; Press Corps 'Begged' to Query Obama
NBC's Today Can't Get Enough of 'Michelle's Magic' in the UK
CBS Expert: 'Responsibility of Being a Savior' Obama's Burden
On MSNBC, O'Donnell & VandeHei Hail Barack Obama the 'Rock Star'

April 2 CyberAlert
TV Journalists Enchanted by Obamas: 'America's Unofficial Royalty'
Matthews Chirps Groovy Cool Obamas Gave Him Another 'Thrill!'
CNN's Alina Cho: Obamas are 'Royal Family of the United States'
NBC's Today Cheers Obamas Bring 'Charisma' & 'Stardust' to UK
MSNBC's Brzezinski: No One Cares About Tax Problems of Sebelius

April 1 CyberAlert
Matthews 'Immensely Proud' of 'Sophisticated' Obama 'The New Us!'
ABC and CBS Remind Viewers Obama More Popular than Bush
Democratic President Goes to Europe, So ABC Touts Past GOP Goofs
NBC's Friesen on Michelle Obama: 'Can't Take My Eyes Off of You'
CBS's Early Show: The Obamas 'Have An Extra Je Ne Sais Quoi'
Shuster Slams 'Nutty,' 'Offensive' Quotes from Rush and Others
Jon Stewart and CNN's Jack Cafferty's Bash Bush/Praise Obama Show

March 31 CyberAlert
ABC Trumpets How Japanese Use Obama to Learn English
MSNBC Skips ID of Lib Director; Grilled Conservative Documentarian
CNN: Despite Obama's Gun Agenda, Owners 'Might Even Be Paranoid'
CBS's Rooney Dismisses Viewers Criticizing His Pro-Obama Bias
Beck 'Apocalyptic,' Leftists Maddow & Olbermann Never Criticized

March 30 CyberAlert
Schieffer Commiserates w/ Obama: 'Have You Lost Any Friends Yet?'
Jump to Publicize Spanish Judge's Quest to Charge Bush Officials
CNN's Sanchez: 'Far Right' Poking Fun at Obama's Teleprompter Use
Actor Ed Norton Compares His 'Earth Hour' to March On Selma

March 27 CyberAlert
Obama's 'Virtual Town Hall' White House 'First' Enthralls ABC
Chris Matthews: Does Palin Think McCain is the 'Anti-Christ?'
CNN's Jack Cafferty Mocks Sarah Palin...Yet Again
Jack Cafferty: I'm 'Rooting' for 'Terrific' and 'Bright' Obama
NBC's Mitchell Pushes Hillary to Bring Back Assault Weapons Ban

March 26 CyberAlert
ABC's George Stephanopoulos Fawns Over Obama's 'Law Seminar'
CBS's Rodriguez: 'What Good' Is GOP Criticism of Obama?
MSNBC's Shuster Mocks 'Fantasy' Media Were Too Easy on Obama
NBC Highlights Downbeat 'State of Black America' Report
Not Even NBC Buys, or Can Fit, 'Overseas Contingency Operation'

March 25 CyberAlert
NBC Admires Obama's 'Know What I'm Talking About Before I Speak'
Stephanopoulos: Obama and Press Corps 'Hit Their Marks Tonight'
ABC Certifies Obama's Claim Policies Inducing Economic Progress
MSNBC's David Shuster: When Will Obama Subpoena Cheney?
CBS's Smith: Stock Rally 'Vindication' for Obama Administration

March 24 CyberAlert
Stocks Soar and Plunge, Couric Always Upbeat About Obama's Efforts
AP, AFP, Reuters: French Supporters of Pope on 'Far-Right'
Local DC Fox Reporter Jumps to Terry McAuliffe's Campaign
Hume's Remarks in Accepting MRC's 'Award for Media Excellence'

March 23 CyberAlert
Hypocritical Olbermann Maligns Hume for Using 'Lunatic-Fringe' MRC
MSNBC Dives To Cover For Obama With New 'Special Olympics' Theory
'Masterful' Obama Performance with Leno 'Calmed Down' Totenberg
NBC Buries Obama Special Olympics hit; ABC Hits 'Late Night Gaffe'
Joy Behar's Kids Book: Barack Obama Vs. Mean Republican Dogs

March 20 CyberAlert
DisHonors Awards Held Thursday; Hume Honored with Buckley Award
Text of the 14 Nominated Videos Played for the Audience
The Ten 'DisHonors Awards' Judges Who Evaluated the Quotes
Audience Awards the 'Quote of the Year' to Bill Maher

March 18 CyberAlert
MSNBC's Shuster Frets Over GOP 'Fear Mongering' and 'Wing Nuts'
Today Show Continues Trek to Discover Obama's Global Appeal
CNN's Jack Cafferty: 'Refreshing' Obama is 'Working His Tail Off'
No Party ID for Murtha, But CBS Tags Critic Flake as '(R)'
CBS News Poll: Limbaugh Has Higher Favorables than Pelosi

March 17 CyberAlert
Stephanopoulos Empathizes with Obama's 'Tough Dilemma'
CBS's Early Show Praises Obama's 'Optimism Offensive'
NBC's Vieira Refuses to Challenge Frank on Wasteful Earmarks
NBC's Al Roker Celebrates Obama's Irish Roots on Today Show

March 16 CyberAlert
Roberts Tosses Softballs to Michelle Obama; Hostile to Laura Bush
USA Today's Al Neuharth Blames Iraq for Economic Downturn
ABC's 20/20 Features Stossel's 'Bailouts and Bull'
Campaign Video Look Back: Liberal Media Bias Ballad
Flashback: Actor Ron Silver, RIP, Stands Up for American Values

March 13 CyberAlert
NBC's Brian Williams Connects FDR's 'Fireside Chats' to Obama
Lauer Oddly Asserts NY Media Didn't Help Put Obama in Office
CNN Champions 'Obama-Clinton Power Duo' and 'Dynamic Duo'
ABC's Cuomo Prompts Dubai Kids: Obama's Middle Name a Good Thing?
Highlights from the MRC's TimesWatch Site: Michelle, My Belle...
Gupta Doesn't Correct Clinton's 'Embryos Aren't Fertilized' Gaffe

March 12 CyberAlert
NBC Nightly News Champions Obama's 'Power Duo' Women
ABC Enthuses Over 'Muscular Arms' of 'Rock Star' Michelle Obama
CBS: Michelle Obama 'Found Her Place in a Glamorous World'
CBS's Mason: Rich Getting Richer is Good for the Economy
Today Last Day to Get Tickets to Next Week's 'DisHonors Awards'

March 11 CyberAlert
Nets Celebrate Obama's 'Whirlwind' of Activity' in First 50 Days
CNN's Cafferty Bashes Limbaugh's Audience as 'Right-Wing Nuts'
CBS's Early Show Uses Meghan McCain to Slam Ann Coulter
ABC's GMA Acknowledges 'Tim Geithner's Stock Has Dropped'

March 10 CyberAlert
Couric's Stem Cell Expert: Dr Who Yearned to Shape Obama's Policy
CBS Claims Obama Overturned Stem Cell 'Ban;' Makes Correction
ABC Champions Obama's Embryo-Destroying Stem Cell Decision
Matthews: Limbaugh Like a Bond Villain, a 'Human Vat of Vitriol'
MSNBC Attacks Limbaugh Again: 'Is Rush Toxic for GOP?'
CNN Correspondent Now the Communist Candidate in El Salvador

March 9 CyberAlert
Couric Uses Bad News to Tout 'Stimulus' Bill 'Is Creating' Jobs
Kurtz: 'Outrage' Media Ignored CNN Host Who Called Repubs 'Nazis'
Phony Soldiers II: Limbaugh Smear Over 'Kennedy Memorial' Bill
Newsweek's Wolffe: Limbaugh Is GOP's 'Jeremiah Wright' w/ Hate
CNN: Rush the 'Anti-Obama' Since He's Not 'Slim or Well Schooled'
FNC's Baier Apologizes for Not Using 'Illegal Alien' Description
Saw It Here First: FNC Highlights Journalists 'Rooting' for Obama

March 6 CyberAlert
Friendly Network TV Reception for Obama's Health Care 'Fix'
Alter: GOP 'Party of Jell-O' for Not Standing Up to Limbaugh
Shuster: GOP Members Who Don't Slam Rush 'Appear Unpatriotic'
Ari Fleischer Zings MSNBC: Should Dems Denounce Keith Olbermann?
Former NYT Reporter: 'Clown' Limbaugh a 'Sweaty, Swollen Man'
Maddow on Leno: Limbaugh Should Back Socialism Once It's Enacted

March 5 CyberAlert
ABC Touts 'Huge Impact' of Spending, Credits Dow Up to Home Plan
Matt Lauer Excoriates Steele for Not Condemning Limbaugh
MSNBC's Shuster Badgers Ron Paul: 'Even You' Won't Slam Rush
Matthews Accuses Limbaugh of 'Preposterous Pomposity'
CNN Uses Unlabeled Left-Wing Group to 'Fact Check' Mike Pence

March 4 CyberAlert
National Media Avoid IDing Levy Murder Suspect as an Illegal
WashPost Reporter on MSNBC: GOP Nominee Must 'Stand Up to Rush'
CNN's Jack Cafferty Confesses His 'Crush on Michelle Obama'
CBS's Early Show Discusses Future of GOP with Liberal Journalists
ABC Skips Key Facts, Continues to Fret About No Ice at North Pole

March 3 CyberAlert
ABC's Jake Tapper Laments Some Producers 'Root' for Obama
Matthews: Sebelius Survive 'Terrorism of Anti-Abortion People?'
CNN's Hughley: Republicans 'Literally Look Like Nazi Germany'
Iseman on CBS: NYT 'Out of Control' on False McCain Affair Story
Letterman: 'Bonehead' Limbaugh Looks Like a 'Gangster'
Tribute to Paul Harvey from ABC Radio

March 2 CyberAlert
ABC: 'National Shame' Will Propel Obama's Health Plan to Victory
Nina Totenberg's Friend: 'Oh My God, We Have a President Again!'
Only ABC Credits Bush's 'Surge' for Allowing Obama's Draw Down
Tina Brown: Liberal Ad Elevates 'Blow-hard Bullfrog' Limbaugh
5,000th Wheel of Fortune, Sajak Accepts, Get 'DisHonors' Tickets

February 27 CyberAlert
CNN: Obama Leading U.S. 'Into Sunlight' & 'Up to Mountaintops'
Meredith Vieira Cites 'Conservative' David Brooks to Bash Jindal
MSNBC's David Shuster Touts Jindal as Beavis and Butt-head Insult
Garofalo: 'Self-Loathing' Steele, Eva Braun Types Like Limbaugh
CBS's Early Show: Junk Food Ban/Tax Needed to Prevent Cancer

February 26 CyberAlert
Stephanopoulos: Obama Speech 'Made a Start in Inspiring Hope'
CBS's Rodriguez: Public 'Loved' Obama, Jindal a 'Debbie Downer'
ABC Saw 'Hard Core' Conservative Bush in 2001; No Label for Obama
Matthews: Obama 'Wowed,' Jindal 'Odd,' DeLay Calls Chris 'Biased'
Obamas 'Hip,' CPAC Like a 'Star Trek Convention' Says Matthews
Wash Post Gossip on Jindal: 'I Found His Manson Eyes Disturbing'

February 25 CyberAlert
Couric Pushes 'Out of Touch' GOP to Be 'More Supportive' of Obama
CNN's Gergen: Obama Agenda 'One of Greatest Dramas of Our Time'
Obama 'Grabbed Center,' Jindal 'Far Right,' 'Micro-Cosmic' Chat?
CBS's Early Show Celebrates One-Month Anniversary of POTUS Obama
ABC Ignores Personal Responsibility in Look at Home Foreclosures
Time Mag Trashes Goldberg's Bias Book as One to 'Toss' Not Read
Profs Claim Nets Slanted Toward GOP in Presidential Races 92-04

February 24 CyberAlert
MSNBC's Norah O'Donnell Denies Anti-Palin Media Bias
Defensive Matt Lauer Forced to Admit Sarah Palin Not an Idiot
Matthews Calls Limbaugh and Republicans 'Trolls Under the Bridge'
Networks Presume Obama's Tax Hike Will Increase Revenue
CBS's Smith 'Wept Openly' Over Sean Penn's Performance in Milk

February 23 CyberAlert
ABC's Terry Moran: For Obama, Presidency Is a 'Step Down'
Cuomo Assures Viewers: Bill Clinton Had No Role in Bank Scandals
CBS: 'Hardline' Netanyahu May 'Dim Hopes for Peace' in Israel
MSNBC: Capitalistic Oil Wealth to Blame for Sexism in Middle East

February 20 CyberAlert
Couric: Nationalizing Banks Will Provide 'Big Dose of Confidence'
CBS Criticizes GOP Governors for Opposing Stimulus
ABC Frets NY Post Comic Could Harm 'Post-Racial Glow' of Obama
CNN Talking Heads Unanimously Praise Holder's 'Coward' Remarks
Muslim Wife's Beheading Spiked, But Not Charge Against Catholic
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February 19 CyberAlert
New Yorker Editor: Rush Limbaugh 'Very Similar' to Bull Connor
Matthews Prods Guest: 'Say Something Nasty About Rush Limbaugh!'
Suggests Water-Boarding Libby to Get Truth About Cheney Misdeeds
Just Four Weeks Until MRC's DisHonors Awards: Get Tickets Now

February 18 CyberAlert
ABC Champions How 'Stimulus' Will Enable Mayors to Create Jobs
Lauer to Rove: Do You Have 'Credibility' to Criticize Stimulus?
ABC's David Wright Derides Sarah Palin as a Barbie Doll
Bill Ayers vs. Bill Buckley: Double Standards in the NY Times
CNN Airs Sympathetic Report on Latest Michael Moore Project

February 17 CyberAlert
Giddy Over 'Presidential Whirlwind' & 'Remarkable' Cookie Photos
Carl Bernstein Lauds Obama's 'Masterful' Leadership
WPost's King Scoffs Idea Reagan Had 'More Substance than Obama'
NY Times Editor Keller Denies Reporters Fell 'In Love' w/ Obama
Ifill & Carlson: Prosecute Bush Question 'Perfectly Reasonable'
CBS: 'Obstructionist' GOP Opposes Needed 'Large-Scale' Spending
Ann Curry Lofts Softballs to Bill Clinton on NBC's Today
Flashback: In 2004, Donaldson Yucked It Up at 'DisHonors Awards'
Tickets Available for MRC's March 19 'DisHonors Awards' and Gala

February 16 CyberAlert
Resistance to 'Stimulus' Bill 'Irresponsible,' Nationalize Banks
CNN's Anderson Cooper: Has Insurgent GOP Declared 'War' on Obama?
Network Morning Shows Mostly Ignore Gregg Withdrawal; Census Grab
Bill Maher on the U.S.: 'It's Still Not a Very Bright Country'
FX's 'Rescue Me' Will Push 9/11 'Inside Job' Conspiracy
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February 13 CyberAlert
In Gregg Stories, Short Shrift to White House's Census Grab
NPR Asks FNC to Drop Williams' NPR Affiliation on O'Reilly
CNN's Kyra Phillips on Obama: 'Lincoln Came to Life'
CBS's Early Show: 'Lincoln's Sexuality Still Remains a Mystery'
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February 12 CyberAlert
Couric Celebrates 'Stimulus' Deal by Giggling Along with Pelosi
Chris Matthews Charmed: Obama is 'Fred Astaire Out There!'
ABC's Terry Moran to Obama: Why Don't You Just Fire Bank Execs?
On PBS Two Leftists Indict Media for Aiding and Abetting GOP
CBS: Netanyahu Win Means Rise of 'Right Wing Fringe' in Israel
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February 11 CyberAlert
ABC's Moran: Obama 'Too Nice,' Empathizes: 'You Got No Honeymoon'
Time 'News' Piece Compares GOP to Geese Who Caused Plane Crash
CNN's Borger & Gergen: Obama Comes Across 'Pragmatist,' 'Shrewd'
ABC's Stephanopoulos Grades Obama's Press Conference an 'A'
CBS's Early Show Fact Checks Obama Press Conference
Networks Silent on White House Grab of 2010 Census
In Housing Segment, ABC Ignores Truth Behind 'Bank Terrorist'
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February 10 CyberAlert
MSNBC 'Impressed' by 'Intellectual' Obama, 'Love to Think w/ Him'
'Teaching Moments,' 'Message' to Right, Fret Not Tougher Sooner
Lauer Fearmongers: 'Draconian Cuts' In 'Jobs, Teachers, Cops...'
CBS Ignores Broad Public Support for Tax Cuts in Recent Poll
Tickets Available for MRC's March 19 'DisHonors Awards' and Gala

February 9 CyberAlert
Steele Stumps Stephanopoulos on 'Make Work' vs. Jobs
NBC Thrills Over 'Brand Obama': 'The Messiah of Madison Avenue'
Stephanopoulos Links Obama's Islamo Dictatorship Metaphor to GOP
Olbermann: Time for 'Dick' Cheney to 'Shove It' & 'Leave Country'

February 6 CyberAlert
MSNBC's Matthews to Obama: Explain Stimulus & Don't 'Let Us Down'
Irate Matthews Defends Obama's White House Attire, Bashes Bush
Kroft Denies 'Cheerleading' for Obama in Fawning Documentary
'Helpful' USA Today Advice to Obama: Carpet White House w/Pizza
ABC's Sam Champion Touts Living With Filth; Worm Composting
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February 5 CyberAlert
New Day, New Pro-Obama Spin from Stephanopoulos: 'He Can Move On'
Williams Pleased Obama, Unlike Bush, Admitted He 'Screwed Up'
CBS's Katie Couric Praises Barack Obama as the 'Anti-Bush'
On Regis, Couric Defends Daschle and Obama, Snarls at Critics
Williams Urges Obama to Copy Douglas in 'The American President'
On Hardball: '100,000 People Dead' Because of 'Creepy' Cheney

February 4 CyberAlert
Couric & Williams Paint Obama as 'Culture of Washington' Victim
Mitchell: Public Will Blame the GOP for Bringing Down Daschle
CNN's Blitzer and Vanity Fair's Orth Fawn Over Obama and His Team
Stop the Presses! ABC Explores Not Passing Giant 'Stimulus'

February 3 CyberAlert
ABC Indicates Successful, Safe Election Means 'End' to Iraq War
Lauer to Obama: Are You Worried About a Gitmo 'Willie Horton?'
ABC's Sawyer to McCain: 'Are You Offended' by Rush Limbaugh?
Vanity Fair's Maureen Orth Cheers Obama's Cabinet on Today
After Being Dead Wrong, NYT's DeParle Hits Welfare Reform Again

February 2 CyberAlert
Lauer Empathizes with Obama Over 'Sobering' Intel Briefings
CNN's Blitzer on Steele: 'I Don't See Whole Lot of Black People'
Time: Steele Pledges 'To Temper Party's Rigidity and Truculence'
CBS Lists Excess Spending Which Prompted GOP Opposition
Nets Skip (D) for Blagojevich as Scandal-Plagued Governor Ousted
Flashback: Showtime Displays Barbara Bush's Abortion of Son W
Zellweger: 'I Have a Crush on Jimmy Carter...He Writes Poetry'

January 30 CyberAlert
Network News Embraces Obama's Wall Street-Bashing
CNN's Zain Verjee: 'The World Wants Obama, the Road Show'
ABC's Cuomo Again Whines About Lack of GOP Support for Spending
CBS's Rodriguez to Coulter: Shouldn't Republicans Move to Middle?
MSNBC's Norah O'Donnell: Sarah Palin 'Called Obama a Terrorist'
On MSNBC, O'Donnell Calls for Republicans to Denounce Limbaugh
ABC's Claire Shipman on New Law and 'Female-Friendly White House'

January 29 CyberAlert
ABC & CBS Chide Republicans for 'Turning Cold Shoulder' to Obama
ABC Distorts Economic Horrors; Spending Deal a 'Promising Signal'
On Hardball, Chris Matthews Patronizes Limbaugh Listeners
CBS's Schieffer: Obama Banning 'Torture' Like Civil Rights Act
Newsweek.com Omits 'Pro-Life' Groups' Connections to Democrats

January 28 CyberAlert
CNN's Cafferty Slams Limbaugh as 'Corpulent Oxycontin Aficionado'
Olbermann: Obama 'Separating Mullah Limbaugh from the Herd'
Brian Williams: Obama 1st Non 'Choice of Evils' in 'Generations'
NBC: 'Immediate Action' Needed to Stop 1,000 Yrs Global Warming
Gregory Insists NBC News 'Not Influenced' by MSNBC's Hosts
McFadden: Reporters Saw Obama as 'Bright Hope in the Distance'
ABC Highlights 'Brutal' Reaction to Obama's Abortion Order

January 27 CyberAlert
MSNBC's O'Donnell Hails Obama's 'Cajones' in Bashing Limbaugh
NBC's Mitchell Calls Smearing of Caroline Kennedy 'Inexcusable'
In 17 Minutes of Blago Coverage, ABC Skips Fact He's a Democrat
ABC vs. ABC: Excited Over Obama Inaugural; Not So Much With Bush
CNN's Sanchez 'Making News' on Torture Case Against Rumsfeld?
Olbermann: Gitmo Inspired Innocent Ex-Detainee to Go Terrorist

January 26 CyberAlert
After 3 Days, Obama Delivers 'Sweeping Change' at 'Warp Speed'
ABC Spins New Empire State Senator as 'Conservative Democrat'
CNN Guest: 'Religious Right' Opposed Past Medical Advances Too
CNN Re-Plays Zakaria's Fallacious 'Bush's Biggest Mistake'
WashPost Wouldn't Print Negative Obama Ads, But Weird Ones Fine
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January 23 CyberAlert
Brown Scolds Limbaugh's 'Outrageous...Foul'; Halperin: 'Off-Key'
CBS's Early Show Trumpets Barack Obama as 'Hugger in Chief'
Ashcroft vs. Holder: A Tale of Two Vote Delays in the NY Times
Actor Josh Brolin Tells CBS He 'Waved Goodbye Happily' to Bush
MSNBC's Joe Scarborough on WaPo Writer's Torture Claims: 'Bull!'

January 22 CyberAlert
Kids Around the World on ABC: Obama Means 'Peace' & 'Yes We Can!'
ABC's GMA Touts Kids to Obama: Stop the Wars! Save the Earth!
CBS's Harry Smith: Obama Inauguration a 'Sacred Event'
Lee Cowan: Obama Inaugural Like Being in a 'Political Cathedral'
CNN's John Roberts Dubs Inaugural Crowds 'Barack-Sstock'
George Stephanopoulos Recites Dem Talking Points on Economy
Chris Matthews: 'Does Rush Limbaugh Hate This Country?'
NBC's Roker Jabs Matthews and Olbermann for Obama Infatuation
Wash Post Emphasizes Critics In Obit of 'Media Elite' Co-Author

January 21 CyberAlert
ABC: 'National Pride' Made Cold Feel Warmer While Seagulls 'Awed'
Mitchell: Cell Cameras 'Seemed Like Stars Shining Back' at Obama
NBC News Panel 'Emotional' and Cries Over Obama's Inauguration
On Nightline, Obama's Ascension = 'America the Beautiful'
Tom Brokaw Cheers Obama Inauguration Like 'Velvet Revolution'
Tom Brokaw Compares Dick Cheney in Wheelchair to Dr. Strangelove
MSNBC: Bush Family Like Romanovs, Obama 'Oratorical Mt. Rushmore'
ABC's Gibson on Al Gore: 'Had He Gotten a Second Term...'
Matthews Gushes About How MSNBC 'Has Opened Its Heart to Change'
Matthews Criticizes Anti-Bush Booing, Olbermann Not So Much
ABC Enthuses 'New Face' of Obama; 'Driven by an Audacity to Hope'
CNN's Verjee: Obama Inauguration Like Muslim Pilgrimage to Mecca

January 20 CyberAlert
'Honor' of Our Lifetimes' for All Left-Wing MSNBC Anchor Team
And Obama Shall Bring Tranquility to the Land...
Woman on MSNBC Exclaims 'Santa Claus Loves' Obama
ABC Touts 'Obama-Stock,' 'American Pilgrimage' of D.C. Visitors
CBS's Smith Goes Aboard Obama's Train: 'This Was Something More'
On Train a 'Down-Home Folksiness' Between Journalists and Obama
ABC Cites Only Democrats as 'Warriors' in Civil Rights Movement
CBS's Nancy Giles Describes 'Carnage' of Bush Administration
Olbermann Calls for Prosecution of Bush, Invokes Nazis & Slavery
Before the Coming of Obama, Springsteen Slams Bush 'Nightmare'

January 19 CyberAlert
Top 100: Actors, Bands and Singers Converge to Celebrate Obama
Updated: Celebs Swarm to DC Giddy for Obama's 'Magic Moment'
NBC's Today Show Touts 'Obama Thongs'; Skimps on Bush Farewell
CBS's Parting Shot at Bush: Lowest-Ever Approval Rating

January 16 CyberAlert
MSNBC Follows Bush with Bush-Bashing Diatribe from Matthews
CBS's Early Show Unveils on Set Mural of 44 Barack Obamas
Celebs Giddy for Obama's 'Magic Moment' After 'Hell' of Bush
NBC Revives Barbara Walters' 'Disturbing' Slap at Palin
GMA's Sam Champion Uses Freezing Cold to Tout Global Warming

January 15 CyberAlert
Couric Presses Obama on Effectiveness of Tax Cuts Not Spending
AP: Bush's Inaugural 'Extravagant,' Now It's Spend, Baby, Spend
Network Evening Shows Downplay Geithner Tax-Evasion Speed Bump
Most Networks Skip Story of Obama's Socialist Global Warming Czar
Olbermann: Unlike Palin, Pitbull Can 'Keep Its Mouth Closed'
ABC's Chris Cuomo Actually Grills Nancy Pelosi on Accountability
Bravo Reality Show Contestant Wears Hammer & Sickle Shirt

January 14 CyberAlert
CNN's Acosta: Obama Inaugural Speech 'Could Be One For the Ages'
Could Pro-Obama Bias Trump Media's Anti-American Bias?
ABC's Barbara Walters Derides Palin Interview as 'Disturbing'
CBS's Harry Smith: No 'Job Well Done' on Bush's Report Card

January 13 CyberAlert
CBS Cites Liberal Historians to Call Bush 'Worst President' Ever
CNN Highlights Pepsi and Ikea's Obama-Inspired Ad Campaigns
Washington, DC TV Anchors to Host an Obama Inaugural Ball

January 12 CyberAlert
Stephanopoulos to Obama: Drop Tax Cuts, Prosecute Bush's Crimes
NBC's Mitchell: Obama Story 'Turns Her On,' Bashes Talk Radio
MSNBC's David Shuster Slams Palin as 'Clearly Unqualified'
'Media Owe a Mea Culpa' for Not Warning of Bush's 'Misdeeds'
Nets Use Pro-9/11 MD, Charges Israel w/ 'War Against Civilians'
CNN Omits Democratic Affiliation of Indicted Baltimore Mayor
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January 9 CyberAlert
Time Mag's Joe Klein: 'A Profoundly un-American Administration'
Newsweek's Jonathan Alter Slams Sarah Palin as 'So Lame'
NYT on Medicare: Obama's Benign 'Overhaul' vs. GOP's 'Big Cuts'
CNBC's John Harwood Pins Obama Down on Blackberry, Topless Photos
ABC's GMA Touts 'Amazing' Obama Crayon Sculpture
Two New Stars of Fox's '24' Denounce Bush's 'Torture'
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January 8 CyberAlert
NBC Commiserates with 'Hard Realities' Obama 'Up Against'
On Today, Coulter Takes Matt Lauer and Brian Williams to Task
Coulter Spars with Gifford and Kotb About Her 'Venom'
ABC Series Searches for 'Ugly Americans'; Anti-Immigrant Bigotry

January 7 CyberAlert
Ann Coulter Calls Out CBS's Smith on Fearing Obama Assassination
NBC's Today Show Replaces Bumped Ann Coulter with Rachel Maddow
ABC's David Wright Compares Burris to Capra's 'Mr. Smith'
Gupta Raises McCain's 'Substance Abuse,' Scolds Reagan on AIDS

January 6 CyberAlert
ABC Touts School for Obama Kids: 'Complete With Organic Lunches'
CNN and Post's Quinn Gush Over Obama Kids' New 'Magical' School
CBS's Schieffer to Cheney: 'Is Anything President Does Legal?'

January 5 CyberAlert
ABC Frets Over Richardson as 'Distraction' from Obama's Agenda
CNN Omits Radical Left-Wing Bent of 'Activists' Protesting Obama
Holiday Weeks CyberAlert Headlines: Hyping Obama & Deriding Palin
4th Runners-Up Quotes in MRC's Annual Awards for Worst Reporting
List of the 44 Judges Who Selected the Winning Worst Quotes

January 2 CyberAlert
NBC Empathizes with Obama's Plight: Hounded by Press Corps
Vicki Iseman Sues NY Times for $27 Million for Defamation
As U.S. Succeeds in Iraq, Network TV Pulls the Plug
ABC's GMA Hypes Obesity Tax: Pay More to Live Longer
3rd Runners-Up Quotes in MRC's Annual Awards for Worst Reporting
List of the 44 Judges Who Selected the Winning Worst Quotes


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