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  May 18, 2009
Republican Party = A Bunch of Extremely Conservative Extremists | Republicans Must Go Liberal If They Want to “Look Sane” | Jack Kemp: Clueless Amateur Who Damaged America | Scorning Cheney’s “Crazy Jihad,” “One Man Hate-Fest” | Like Her Own Personal Harlequin Romance | ABC Assumes Second Term for Obama? | “Quintessential Obama” Gets Leaders Hugging | Like Saying “Rape Is an Enhanced Seduction Technique” | Sarah Palin, Illiterate Embarrassment | Yesterday’s “Robber Baron” = Today’s “Shrewd” Philanthropist | MSNBC Anchor Upset by Partisanship of...Fox News | Wanda May Be Edgy, But Rush Is Really Offensive | Barack Obama: Simply “Too Competent” to Joke About | Admiring America’s First Vulcan President

May 04, 2009
Saluting Obama’s “Stupendous” 100 Days | Rahm and George: Two Buddies Sharing a Single Brain? | Awestruck by Obama’s “Mastery of the Issues” | Arlen Specter vs. Far Right “Fringe of the Party” | Good Grief, What Was He Expecting? | NYT Ethicist: “Great to Have President Who’s Not Insane” | ABC Horrified Terrorist Might Have Faced a Caterpillar | CBS’s Smith: Shouldn’t Bush Officials Face “Recrimination”? | “Not a Very Patriotic Thing” for Cheney to Criticize Obama | Clamoring for Crackdown on U.S. Guns | Barack + Michelle = “Springtime in America!” | Tax Protesters: “Wimpy, Whiny Weasels” Who Hate America | Tea Parties Are Racist; Fox News Is for Idiots | Classy Olbermann: “Reagan’s Dead, and He Was a Lousy President”

 April 20, 2009
Reporter Derides Anti-Tax Tea Parties: “Not Family Viewing” | Tea Parties = “Group Therapy” for Crazy Conservatives | Just a Front for Corporate Interests | Announcing His Disdain in Advance | Juvenile Journalist Turns Tax Protests Into Dirty Joke | Lauer “Worried” Obama Won’t Be Able to Dictate to Business | Obama’s Week Through ABC’s Prism: “Cool Kid in the Class” | Washingtonians Flocking to YouTube to Watch Obama | Impossible to Mock Near-Perfect Prez | Drooling Over Michelle — “She’s Almost Overtaking Oprah!” | Katie Pushes Holder from the Left on Guns | CNN Cheap Shot: Blaming Fox News for Cop Deaths | Anchor Derides “Nut Case” Conservatives, Then Slams MRC’s “Partisan Agenda” | Prime Time Drama Pushes Wacky 9/11 Conspiracy

April 06, 2009
Obama “Thrills” Chris Again; “He Is the New Us!” | America’s “Royal Family” Goes to Europe | Obama Goes On a Trip, So Let’s Show Republican Flubs | Star-Struck Over Fascinating Obamas | She’s Just Too Good to Be True | “Have You Lost Any Friends, Yet?” | What a Shock: Stephanopoulos Loved Obama’s Performance | “What Good Does It Do” to Criticize Obama’s Deficits? | CBS Paints Stock Market Rally As “Vindication” for Obama | Elitists Scoff At “Scary” and “Theocratic” Sarah Palin | MSNBC: “How Offensive Can Rush Limbaugh Be?” | Andrea Hits Hillary From the Left | Gun Buyers “Not Rational,” Maybe “Paranoid” | ABC Hails Obama-Adoring English Teacher | Olbermann Denounces Hume for His Praise of MRC | Lights-Out Gimmick = Standing Up to Segregation

April Fools 2009 Edition

March 23, 2009
Slamming Rush as Villainous “Vat of Vitriol” | Limbaugh: “Sweaty, Swollen” “Monster” Who Is Destroying the GOP | MSNBC Desperate for a Republican to Validate Liberal Spin | CBS’s Infomercial for Obama’s Big Spending Plan | Applauding Obama’s “Whirlwind” of Activity | “Blown Away” By Obama’s Smarts on Health Care | Teddy Gives Health Care “Knute Rockne-Like Boost”| Like a Latter Day FDR | Mindlessly Repeating Democratic Spin About “Ban” on Embryo Research | Sounding Like Robert Gibbs’ Puppet | Worst Part of AIG Bonuses: It Creates “Tough Dilemma” for Poor Obama | MSNBC Anchor Demands “Standards” At Other Networks | Touting “Power Duo” of Hillary and Michelle |Michelle Obama: Buff, Sexy Celebrity of a New Generation

March 9, 2009
Our “Visionary Leader” Demoted to Mere President | Wow! “We Have a President Again!” | Applauding Obama’s “Start at Inspiring Hope” | Right-Wing Jindal vs. Obama, the “Excellent” Centrist | “Big and Bold” Obama vs. “Hard Core Conservative” | Bush Pressuring Republicans to Join Obama’s Revolution | Obama Will Fix “National Shame” of Health Care | Katie Touts Comfort of “Uncle Sam’s Big Arms” Seizing Banks | Obama Nominee vs. Pro-Life “Terrorism” | “Toss” Book on Media’s Pro-Obama Bias | Bobby Jindal = Charles Manson | Another Reason to Hate Big Oil | Rush Limbaugh = A “Troll Under the Bridge” | Media’s Advice to GOP: “Stand Up” to Limbaugh | Women Fans of Limbaugh Like Hitler’s Girlfriend | Rush Limbaugh = “Bonehead Gangster” | Republican National Convention “Literally Looks Like Nazi Germany” | “Dreaming About Sex with the President”

February 23, 2009
Like It or Not, “We Are All Socialists Now” | Applauding Professor Obama’s “Teaching Moment” | ABC’s Moran: Too Nice Obama “Got No Honeymoon” | Mere $800 Billion In Spending = “Draconian Cuts” | Detecting a Republican “War on Obama” | Scolding Anti-Spending GOP: “Where’s the Bipartisanship?”
GOP Leaders = Geese Who Downed Jet | Katie Celebrates “Stimulus” Deal by Giggling with Pelosi | New York Times: Nicer to Bomb-Thrower Ayers than to Conservative Buckley | ABC Awed by Obama’s Cookies | Cheney’s Wrongness Killed 100,000; It’s Time for Him to Leave America | Sarah Palin = “Barbie” Doll | “Fair Question,” But We’re Not in Love with Obama | USA Today’s “Helpful” Advice for President Obama

February 9, 2009
Dastardly Republicans Caused Daschle's Downfall | Feeling Obama's Pain | Changing Washington "at Warp Speed" | CBS Now Urges Republicans to Be "More in the Middle..." | ...But Scolded Democrats as "Too Close to the Middle" in 2002 | "Relentless Attacks" vs. "Extraordinary" Bipartisanship | Rush Limbaugh Criticizes Obama — Does He "Hate this Country?" | CNN's Advice to Obama: Don't Fight with "Corpulent Oxycontin Aficionado" | ABC's Liberal Kids: Save the Earth — and Feed Us Broccoli! | An End to Generations of "Evil" Presidents | Obama's Inauguration = Sacred Event | Tale of Two Inaugurals | Obama's Inauguration: "A Giant Love Fest" With "A Million Friends" | "All Good Things" = Jimmy Carter

January 26, 2009: Obama Inauguration Edition
A Day When Even the Seagulls Were Awed | After Eight Years of Bush, Finally Some Smart People in Charge | A Great Day for Objectivity | Matthews: It’s an “Honor” to Cover Obama... | ...And We’ve Opened Our Hearts to Change | Cheney Exiting Like “Dr. Strangelove” | Farewell to the Unpopular Dictator | Bush In “Retreat,” Like Executed Russian Czar | First on Obama’s Agenda: Arrest the War Criminal Bush | Chris Scolds “Hermit Crab” Bush for “Not True” Belief in Freedom | Press Gets Intimate with Obama | CNN Expected an Inaugural Speech “For the Ages” | Bush’s “Lavish” Inaugural Scolded, But “Go for Glitz” with Obama | As Obama Ascends, Horn Honking Ends | Take That, You Rednecks! | Slamming War Criminal Bush’s “Profoundly Un-American Administration” | To Fix Problems, Let’s “Dial Down” Talk Radio & Blogosphere | Ordinary Demonstrators vs. “Hardline” Demonstrators | Santa Claus Loves Obama | After Eight Years of Hell, Celebrating Soulful, Brilliant Obama | “Nightmare” of Bush Ruined Thousands of Lives

January 12, 2009
Drooling Over Obama's "Chiseled Pecs" | Admiring the Greatness of Obi-Wan Obama | Barack Obama = "The Epitome of Cool" | A "Team of Moderates" with "So Much Brain Power" | Chris Clamors for More Lefties: "I'm Waiting for Change" | Praying Obama Is Another Gorby | Bill and Hillary to the Rescue | Bush's Legacy: No Job, No Health Care, No House | Ann Coulter: A "Whiner" Who Should Be Hung on a Cross | Newsweek Ends the Year By Slamming Sarah Palin | Accused Senate Seat-Seller Just a "Victim" of History? | New York Times: No Poison Politics Before 1998 | Celebrating Iraq's "Instant Hero" | I'm Not Stumping for Anybody -- I'm a Journalist | Washington Post Ombudsman Acknowledges: "Conservatives Excluded" | From the ‘I Wish I Could Take That Back' File

December 29, 2008: The Best Notable Quotables of 2008
A compilation of the most outrageous and/or humorous news media quotes from 2008 (December 2007 through November 2008).


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