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Press Releases

2004 Archive


December 16:
Dan Rather Headlines The Best Notable Quotables of 2004 With Worst Quote of the Year

December 14:
Free Market Project Follow-Up Finds Media Obsessed With Obesity

November 23:
Statement by Brent Bozell on Dan Rather’s Stepping Down as Anchor of CBS Evening News

November 10:
New Free Market Project Study Shows Major Media Distort Climate Change Coverage, Downplay Huge Costs of Kyoto Treaty

November 8:
Newsweek Prints False Claim About Swift Boat Ads—Bozell Calls For Newsweek Apology

October 28:
Media Research Center Releases “The Ten Worst Media Distortions of Campaign 2004”

October 26:
October Surprise by New York Times and CBS News Blows Up in Their Faces

September 20:
Statement From Media Research Center President Brent Bozell Reacting to CBS News Statement

September 17:
Bozell Calls on CBS to Follow Examples Set By Washington Post, CNN and New York Times

September 16:
CBS’s Embarrassing Defense Evokes Shades of Bill Clinton

September 14:
Media Watchdog Sends Letter to CBS President Regarding Forged Documents

September 13:
Bozell Challenges CBS to Apologize to America, Come Clean and Expose the Forgers

September 10:
Bozell: CBS Must Come Clean on Fraudulent Memos

September 2:
Bozell: Don't Believe The Myth of Democratic “Politeness” in Boston

September 1:
Network Anchors Insist There’s Not Enough Bad News at Republican Convention

August 31:
Network Reporters Attack Moderate Speakers as Part of GOP Convention “Con Game”

August 24:
Network Morning News Shows Censoring Swift Boat Spokesman

July 21:
MRC Billboard Goes up in Boston on Road to Democratic Convention

July 15:
Bozell Rips Hollywood for the Seven Emmy Award Nominations Given to “The Reagans”

July 8:
Media’s Joy at Democratic “Dream Team” Shows Blatant Double Standard

June 18:
Media Research Center Launches $2.8 Million Campaign to Force the Media to “TELL THE TRUTH!”

June 14:
MRC Releases Special Report Detailing What the Media Really Thought About Ronald Reagan

June 2:
New Free Market Project Study Shows “Supersized Bias” in Media Coverage of Obesity and the Food Industry

April 6:
New Media Research Center Study Finds TV News Coverage of Religion has Doubled in Ten Years, But Tone Still Negative

March 16:
Bozell Blasts CBS Evening News for Spiking a CBS Poll Showing Bush Ahead of Kerry

January 22:
MRC’s New Study of 2003 Coverage Proves Media as Liberally Biased as Ever

January 8:
Bozell Issues $1 Million Challenge to Tom Brokaw and NBC



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