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Press Release

1998 Archive


November 24:
CBS's Hypocrisy: Censoring Pro-Life Ads Showing Abortion, But Promoting Murder on National Television

November 17:
Media Completely Miss the Boat in Covering Elections

October 29:
MRC Releases Primer for Reporters Covering Climate Change

October 26:
Reaction from Brent Bozell to the Media's Double Standard in Coverage of Violent Hate Crimes

October 14:
Statement By Brent Bozell Regarding the Attack Against Christians By NBC's Today Show

September 17:
Statement from Brent Bozell on the Character Assassination of Henry Hyde

August 27:
Networks Ignore Democratic Leader's Criticism of Clinton Even Though It's Front-Page News

August 18:
Pro-Clinton Media Continues to Spin for the White House

August 13:
On the Eve of His Grand Jury Testimony: Top Five Clinton Lies for the Media to Ponder

July 29:
NBC's Couric and O'Donnell: Blame Reagan for Capitol Hill Shooting

July 22:
MRC's Five-Year Review of Coverage Exposes Media as an Extension of the Pro-Abortion Movement

July 6:
"I'd Be Happy to Give Him [Oral Sex] Just to Thank Him for Keeping Abortion Legal"

July 2:
Chairman Bozell's Statement on CNN Retraction and Apology Over "Operation Tailwind" Report

June 26:
Networks Continue to Ignore News Broken by Newspapers on Chinagate

June 15:
Networks' Infatuation with Monica Overshadows News About Missiles

June 9:
In National Review Cover Story: MRC Analysts Reveal that Real Network News is Dead

May 8:
Conservatives Consistently Depicted as Anti-Clinton "Haters" and "Bashers"

April 17:
MRC Analysis Reveals Media's Savaging of Richard Scaife is Unprecedented

April 13:
News Media Fall For Nutcase's Story

March 25:
MRC Web Site is Huge Hit

February 18:
Bozell Blasts White House and CNN for Playing Politics with American Troops and their Families

February 12:
Six Years of Clinton Adulation; Ten Days of Guilty Consternation

January 28:
Bozell Identifies Leader of Vast Anti-Clinton, Right-Wing Conspiracy


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