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Press Releases 

May 12, 2009
Letter From Catholic Leaders Calls for President Obama to Fire Anti-Catholic Bigot Harry Knox
Instances of Harry Knox’s Bigotry

April 27, 2009
Bozell: "The Media and Obama: 100 Days and Still Madly in Love"

April 16, 2009
Bozell: "Now the News Isn't Just Biased, It's R-Rated. MSNBC and CNN Owe the Public An Apology

March 27, 2009
BACKFIRE! Obama and the Democrats’ Attacks on Rush Limbaugh Send Radio Ratings through the Roof

March 25, 2009
Bozell to NBC: "MSNBC Is Already An Embarrassment to Your News Credibility - Do You Really Want to Add Ed Schultz?"

March 20, 2009
HBO’s Bill Maher “Wins” MRC’s DisHonors Awards Quote of the Year

March 11, 2009
Bozell: "Newsweek and Air America - Perfectly Liberal Together"

March 09, 2009
Bozell Calls For Associated Press to Correct Democratic Parroting and Issue Apology to Rush Limbaugh
Read Brent Bozell's Letter Here

March 05, 2009
Media Advisory: MRC’s DisHonors Awards Gala Draws Conservative Celebrities to Roast Liberal Media

March 04, 2009
All FCC Nominees Must Vow to Protect Talk Radio From All Government Censorship or Political Speech Or They Should Not Be Confirmed

February 19, 2009
MRC's Free Speech Alliance Calls on Pres. Obama to Oppose All Forms of Government Censorship on the Radio

February 11, 2009
Bozell: "Yet Another Liberal Seeking A Return of the Censorship Doctrine"

February 10, 2009
George Stephanopoulos: ABC’s In-House Spin Doctor

February 09, 2009
More Evasions From ABC News on the Stephanopoulos Question
Brent Bozell's Letter to ABC's Smith

February 04, 2009
Bozell to ABC President: You Must Publicly Address Stephanopoulos' Apparent Conflict of Interest
Brent Bozell's Letter to ABC News President David Westin

January 29, 2009
Bozell: ABC's Stephanopolous Must Recuse Himself From Any Reporting Involving The Obama Administration

January 28, 2009
Bozell: Media Must Ask Where $350 Billion Went (BMI)

January 26, 2009
Bozell: Obama Assault on Conservative Talk Radio Has Begun

January 6, 2009
Bozell to Coulter: Don't Lose Sleep Over NBC


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