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 Media Reality Check

Top reporters, editors, producers, talk show hosts and columnists, as well as members of Congress and heads of public policy organizations receive documented proof of the media's liberal bias in the News Analysis Division's usually weekly Media Reality Check. Written by Director of Media Analysis Tim Graham and Research Director Rich Noyes, the Media Reality Check serves as an excellent reference for the most egregious examples of media bias.

April 06 
Media Reality Check: Ignoring Democratic Hypocrisy, Zinging GOP

March 26
Media Reality Check: Can MSNBC Get More Liberal? Yes, They Can!

January 15 
Media Reality Check: Media Mudballs Unlikely for Obama Inaugural

December 08 
Media Reality Check: David Gregory, ‘Custodian’ of NBC’s Biases

November 12 
Media Reality Check: Blackout of Left's "Fairness" Doctrine Push

October 28 
Worst of the Week: Brian Williams Grills McCain- Palin on Biden Gaffe, Ayers

October 23 
Media Reality Check: As Campaign Cops, Media Tilt Against GOP

October 21 
Worst of the Week: ABC's Terry Moran Implies GOP Endangers Obama's Life

October 15 
Media Reality Check: Bob Schieffer Tilted Left Against Bush in 2004

October 14 
Worst of the Week: Media Rage at “Nasty,” “Ugly” & “Bitter” McCain Campaign

October 09 
Media Reality Check: Media Silence on Abortion Aids Radical Obama

October 07 
Worst of the Week: Obama & Terrorist Ayers: Media See Palin as Real Villain

October 01 
Media Reality Check: Gwen Ifill Is Pro-Obama and Anti-Palin

September 30 
Worst of the Week: MSNBC Debate Night: “Genial” Obama vs. “Troll-like” McCain

September 25 
Media Reality Check:Jim Lehrer: Not a “Bias-Free” Moderator

September 23 
Worst of the Week: ABC Slams McCain, Ignores Obama’s Slandering of Rush

September 16 
Worst of the Week: Nets Peddling Anti-Palin Lies

September 09 
Worst of the Week: The Trashing of Sarah Palin

September 02 
Worst of the Week: Hate GOP Attacks, But Yearn for Democratic "Red Meat"

August 26
Worst of the Week: Matthews: The Thrill Is Back

August 19
Worst of the Week: CBS Keeps the News Sunny for Obama's Summer Vacation

August 12
Worst of the Week: TV Waited on Edwards’ Adultery But Leaped on McCain Rumors

August 5
Worst of the Week: ABC & NBC Ignore Good Economic News, While CBS Pretends It’s Bad

July 29
Worst of the Week: Networks Tilted 10-to-1 In Favor of Obama World Tour

July 22
Worst of the Week: Gore Speaks, TV Swoons Over $3 Trillion Energy Makeover

July 21
TV Keeps Pushing Bad News Agenda on Iraq
Study: ABC, CBS & NBC War Coverage Plummets; Reporters Emphasize Casualties Over Surge Success

July 15
Worst of the Week: Obama's Liberal Buddies = "Non-Partisan" Experts?

July 8
Worst of the Week: Networks Skip Iraq Progress Report

July 1
Worst of the Week: Robin Roberts Hails Priest, Skips America-Rapes Sermon

June 24
Worst of the Week: Going Easy on Obama, Rough on His Critics

June 17
Worst of the Week: Katie Couric Lambastes "Hostile" and "Sexist" Media

June 10
Worst of the Week: Media Tout Obama's "Magic Moment" But Public Sees Bias

 June 3
Worst of the Week: Couric Scorns "Embarrassing" Lack of Pre-War Dissent on TV

 May 27
Worst of the Week: Liberal Paranoia: Media See Election Theft in November

 May 20
Worst of the Week: CNN Skips Own Tape to Push False Partisan Shot at McCain

 May 13
Worst of the Week: GOP Peddles "Slime and Hate"; Interviewers Coddle Obama

 May 06
Worst of the Week: Feeling Barack Obama's Pain; Old Folks Hungry & Homeless

 April 01
Media Rally 'Round Latest Democratic Deity
Journalists Glorify Barack Obama as Martin Luther, Jonas Salk and Nelson Mandela of Campaign ’08

March 17
Five Years of Slant Against Iraq War Success
MRC Studies: Nets Minimize Iraq Success and Heroism, Emphasize Setbacks and Purported Atrocities

March 03
The Audacity of Silence About Tony Rezko
Broadcast Networks, News Magazines Ignore or Downplay Barack Obama’s Sleazy Home Purchase

February 28
Fewer U.S. Dead = Less TV Coverage of Iraq
Networks Minimize Good News From Iraq, Don’t Press Democrats on “Wrong-Headed” Predictions

January 30
Networks Swoon Over New King of Camelot
Broadcast and Cable Networks Offer Oohs and Ahhs For Kennedy Family Endorsements of Obama

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“The Media Research Center is the indispensable counter-punch to liberal reporting, providing timely, accurate, and balanced analyses of the most egregious examples of media bias.”
~ Robert Novak, Nationally Syndicated Columnist




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