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Stop the Spin

Al Gore Gaffes


Below is a quick-loading HTML reproduction of the ad.
Minus the "subliminal message." See the real ad

As seen in the New York Post, October 2, 2000
As seen in The Boston Herald, October 3, 2000
See the Real Ad!

A Demand for Network News to Stop Their Pro-Gore Bias

Where is the Balance?
How the TV Networks are Covering Up for Al Gore

The networks jumped on the Gore campaign complaint about one-thirtieth of one-second of a GOP ad which included the word "RATS" as part of the word bureaucrats. The media trumpeted the Gore charge that the Republicans were trying subliminal advertising techniques on the public. But there's nothing subliminal in the way that ABC, CBS, and NBC are shamelessly covering up any news story that threatens Al Gore's appeal to the voters: (for more details, visit


The Aug. 30 Washington Times reported: "The woman who sharply questioned Vice Pres. Al Gore at a town-hall meeting about Juanita Broaddrick's rape accusation against President Clinton" has become the subject of a tax inquiry by the IRS. Network coverage? Zero.

On Sept. 14, the New York Times reported the Justice Department opened a preliminary probe of possible quid pro quo donations from Texas trial lawyers who talked to Al Gore in exchange for a tort reform veto. The Justice Department later denied the probe, but network coverage? Zero.

The Sept. 6 Washington Times reported: "A top Democratic fundraiser targeted by the Justice

Department's campaign finance task force on possible criminal charges in the sale of missile-related expertise to China has donated $734,500 to Democrats for the 2000 campaign." Network coverage? Zero.

Later that day, wheelchair-bound Flint, Michigan reporter Chris Swiatecki was told by the Gore staff that he would not be allowed to follow the motor pool in his car, or ride in the press van. Network coverage? Zero.

A reconstructed e-mail trail confirmed that Al Gore knew that campaign money would be raised at the Hsi Lai Buddhist temple, the event that drew five felony convictions for Gore aide Maria Hsia. Network coverage? Just 24 seconds on CBS.

"Gore's Negro tolerance level has never been too high," declared Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-Ga.) about the complaints of black Secret Service agents that a ceiling has been placed on the number of black agents assigned to Gore, according to the Sept. 8 Washington Times. Network coverage? Zero.

On Sept. 18, the Boston Globe discovered Gore "mangled the facts" when he claimed his mother-in-law pays three times as much for an arthritis drug also used by his dog Shiloh. Gore didn't get the numbers from the family budget, but from a Democratic study. Network coverage? CBS did one story three days later, NBC touched on it after four days. ABC never mentioned it.

USA Today reported Gore told the Teamsters Union convention on the 18th that "I still remember the lullabies that I heard as a child, 'Look for the union label.'" But the song was written when Gore was 27. Network coverage?  Only NBC brought it up briefly.

Also on the 18th, Gore fumbled over the word which described breast-cancer detection technology. Gore declared potential breast cancer victims faced "a long waiting line before they could get a biopsy or, uh, or a uh, another kind of, what am I looking for, a sonogram or...." People in the crowd shouted "mammogram." Network coverage? Zero.

And that's not all...

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