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 MRC in the News

Many media outlets — radio, television and print — regularly feature MRC guests on their programs, quote MRC spokespeople in their articles, and cite MRC research in their stories. Below are links to a sampling of MRC making news in the media. Links to the full story are provided when available, and were active when posted.

For TV appearances by MRC staff check out MRC on TV, December 31, 2009: “Media Center's Bozell Raps Couric, Others for Worst Reporting” by Jim Meyers
VIDEO: Brent Bozell discusses Best of NQ., December 28, 2009: “Max Baucus's Speech Under Conservative Fire” by Patrick Gavin
Cites NewsBusters post about Baucus’s slurred speech.

FNC’s Fox & Friends, December 28
MRC President Brent Bozell on to discuss Best of Notable Quotables 2009.

Human Events, December 24, 2009: “MRC's 22nd Annual Award for the Year's Worst Reporting”

The Washington Times, December 23, 2009: “Inside the Beltway” by Jennifer Harper
Coverage of Best of Notable Quotables 2009.

FNC’s “The O’Reilly Factor” on December 23, 2009
Tim Graham on as guest to discuss Katie Couric.

Breitbart TV’s B-Cast Interview: “MRC’s Bozell Talks ’09’s Worst Reporting” with Liz Stephans and Scott Baker, December 21, 2009

U.S. News’ “Washington Whispers” blog, December 21, 2009: “Media's Most Outrageous Quotes of 2009” by Paul Bedard

The Washington Times, December 14, 2009: “Inside the Beltway” by Jennifer Harper
Quotes MRC’s Tim Graham on Garrison Keiller’s liberal bias.

Politico, December 12: “Fight's on to be right’s TPM, HuffPo” by Michael Calderone
Politico lists as number 14 among the 30 top influential blogs, citing Technorati.

Politico, December 11: “Campaign intensity 'really didn't end'” by Daniel Libit
“A lot of it is, sadly, the new journalism,” says Brent Bozell, president of the conservative Media Research Center, “where it is rip and read, and if it bleeds it leads, and there is not much serious journalism that goes on these days, especially on television.”

Washington Times, December 11: “Inside Politics” by Greg Pierce
Quotes MRC’s Brent Baker on media coverage of ClimateGate.

American Spectator blog, December 11: “Media Belles at the Ball” by Quin Hillyer
Details of MRC’s “Best of Notable Quotables” from NQ judge, Quin Hillyer., December 9: “Bozell: Elite Media Ignored Climategate” by Jim Meyers
Video and online story from Newsmax with an interview from MRC President Brent Bozell on ClimateGate.

Washington Times, December 9: “Inside the Beltway” by Jennifer Harper
Quotes MRC’s Tim Graham about plans to have a “non-religious” Christmas at the White House.

Washington Times, December 9: “Inside Politics” by Greg Pierce
Cites Matthew Balan's BiasAlert about CNN’s good coverage of ClimateGate., December 8: “The B-Cast: Climate Conference Delegates Love Their Limos”
Online TV interview on ClimateGate with MRC President Brent Bozell., December 8: “Remind me: what did Chris Matthews do for Jimmy Carter?” by Ed Morrissey
Cites and links to NewsBusters post about Chris Matthews' attack on Sarah Palin.

Washington Times, December 7: “EDITORIAL: Media complicity in Climategate”
“The Media Research Center reported that through Tuesday, ‘none of the broadcast network weekday morning and evening news shows addressed Climategate or the incriminating [East Anglia climate scientist Phil] Jones development. ... This marked 12 days since the information was first uncovered that they have ignored this global scandal.’”

Washington Times, December 7: “Inside Politics”
Cites MRC’s Brent Baker about ClimateGate coverage.

WorldNetDaily, December 5: “ABC, did you get the news on 'Climategate'?” by Drew Zahn
Cited MRC's tounge-and-cheek effort to get media coverage of ClimateGate by sending the New York Times story to ABC, CBS and NBC.

New York Times’ “Caucus” blog, December 5: “Saturday Word: Nominating From the Heart” by Janie Lorber and Nick Corasaniti
“Meanwhile, former Vice President Al Gore has canceled a $1,200 per handshake lecture during the summit because of “unforeseen changes” in his schedule. The conservative Media Research Center asks: could the change “have something to do with ClimateGate and/or the fee being charged for his handshake?”

Investor's Business Daily, December 1: “Seeing No Evil on Climate-Gate”
“ the Media Research Center's Rich Noyes reminds us, the networks wouldn't let go of allegations that the Bush administration suppressed global warming science.”

Washington Times, November 25: “Inside Politics” by Greg Pierce
“The Media Research Center's Rich Noyes reports that the broadcast networks have been silent about revelations of scientific fraud by leading advocates of global warming….”

U.S. “Mary Kate Cary” blog, November 24: “Is Newsweek's 'The Decade in Seven Minutes' Biased?” by Mary Kate Cary
Cited NewsBusters post about Newsweek’s biased 2009 montage.

Washington Times, November 17: “Hot Button” by Amanda Carpenter
“MSNBC "Morning Meeting" anchor Dylan Ratigan apologized to viewers on Monday for using fake, sexy photos of 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin during a previous broadcast.…The error was caught by many conservative bloggers, including those at the conservative media tracking Web site, who demanded an apology….”

Fox News Channel’s “Fox News Watch” with Jim Pinkerton on November 17
Cited the our November 17 NewsBusters post on the fact that morning shows gave only 21 seconds to the Obama administration’s fake congressional district scandal.

Washington Times, November 17: “Inside the Beltway” by Jennifer Harper
“’We've already seen the disdain for Sarah Palin which certainly fulfills Carrie Prejean's observations about a tougher standard for conservative women. It's sure to get worse this week as Palin launches her book tour,’ the Media Research Center's Brent Baker tells Inside the Beltway.”

Big Hollywood, November 16: “‘Gossip Girl,’ CW Network and Entertainment Media Engage in Threesome” by Billy Hallowell
Quotes MRC President Brent Bozell., November 13: “Obama Refuses to Say Bombing Hiroshima Was the 'Right Decision'”
Posted an EyeBlast video with NewsBusters blog excerpt, linking back to NB blogger Mark Finkelstein’s original post.

MediaBistro, November 13: “Ratigan Uses Photoshopped Photos of Sarah Palin” by Kevin Allocca
References a NewsBusters post.

Associated Press, November 11: “CNN finding that prime-time success is elusive” by David Bauder
Includes a quote by MRC’s Tim Graham; 75 other new outlets ran the AP story.

World Net Daily, November 10: “CNN fretting: 'Right-wing' backlash against Muslims” by Aaron Klein
Cites a NewsBusters post about CNN’s coverage of Fort Hood., November 9: “Obama Ignores Terror Threat at His Own Peril” by Jim Pinkerton
Cites and links back to, November 9: “Lauer: 'Egocentric' to Think Fall of Berlin Wall Was an 'American Victory'”
Uses an EyeBlast video and linked to a Breitbart item, also with video from EyeBlast., November 9: “Lauer Questions If It’s ‘Egocentric’ to View Fall of Berlin Wall as ‘American Victory’”
Uses video from EyeBlast and in the related links section, links to the original NewsBusters item.

American Thinker, November 7: “Saint Cronkite: Journalism's Twice-Blemished Icon” by Eric Rozenman
“The conservative Media Research Center has compiled a list of Cronkite's post-retirement left-leaning columns, speeches, and interviews.”

Fox News Channel’s, ‘Fox & Friends’ from November 6
MRC President Brent Bozell appeared to talk about the Fort Hood shootings, as well as the media coverage of the conservative anti-Pelosicare rallies in Washington.

The Opinionator blog from the New York Times, November 6: “Are Democrats, Too, Facing a Civil War?” by Tobin Harshaw
Cited for catching George Stephanopoulos of ABC News saying, “But, what’s most interesting here is civil war inside the Republican Party. You saw this conservative candidate just come in and swamp the Republican who was pro-choice, pro-gay rights. And what the White House is trying to do even if they lose here is exploit- is fan the flames of this civil war.”

Washington Times, November 5: “Inside the Beltway” by Jennifer Harper
References the MRC’s "Dewey Defeats Truman" awards for biased coverage of conservatives.

Wall Street Journal, November 5: “Pelosi's Suicide Pact” by James Taranto|
Credited for clarifying comments made by White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs.

Fox News Channel’s, ‘Hannity,’ from November 5 ‘Great American Panel
MRC President Brent Bozell was on the panel to speak on a range of subjects including the Fort Hood shootings, the Kill the Bill rallies in D.C., and the Obama economic plan

Syndicated column by Cal Thomas, November 4: “Communism’s Enablers and Excusers
Cal Thomas was the first to announce MRC’s special report “Better Off Red”: The Media Research Center (MRC) has compiled reports, editorials, articles and commentary that extend over the last 22 years revealing how the pre-Fox, pre-talk radio liberal media were the handmaidens of one of the greatest totalitarian evils to strike the planet.

Opinion Journal from, November 4: “Best of the Web Today” by James Taranto
“In yesterday's lead item, we erred in stating that Norma Desmond is in the White House. That is to say, the setup for that punch line turned out to be based on false information. reports that White House press secretary Robert Gibbs did not say President Obama had watched an HBO special on his campaign instead of election returns Tuesday night.”

National Review, November 2: “Media Malpractice” by Ramesh Ponnuru
Print edition article cites MRC analysts for transcribing material used throughout the story., October 30: “TPM joins the pool and makes a splash” by Michael Calderone
MRC’s Tim Graham was quoted on the White House’s battle with Fox News Channel.

Washington Times, October 27: “America's Morning News
MRC President Brent Bozell is quoted on the White House censorship of Fox News.

Washington Times, October 25: "Inside the Beltway; Offensive Linemen" by Jennifer Harper
Features the “NewsBusted” comedy show, calling it “a sassy, snarky dispatch modeled after Saturday Night Live's parody news reports, complete with audience laugh track.”

 Washington Times, October 20: “Media Misled in 'balloon-boy' case” by Jennifer Harper     
Quotes MRC’s Tim Graham: "It's disturbing that cable news networks get hoaxed. But they also exploited their own mistakes for another marathon of balloon-boy-aftermath programming...They can be manipulated. Then they seem almost grateful to their manipulators for giving them an ongoing audience-grabber, even as their own reputations float away." from the Wall Street Journal: “Best of the Web Today: Fools Rush In” posted on October 15 by James Taranto
NewsBusters is cited several times throughout the article.

Washington Times, October 14: “Inside the Beltway” by Jennifer Harper
Quotes MRC President Brent Bozell.

Weekly Standard, October 26: “A Rush To Slander”
“…These quotations were utter fabrications. The Media Research Center traced their origin to ‘pranksters who tampered with Limbaugh's Wikipedia page several years ago…Recently, the [slavery] quote was cited by St. Louis Post-Dispatch sportswriter Bryan Burwell in an October 7 column about Limbaugh's joint effort to purchase the St. Louis Rams. Other sportswriters soon cited the quote as well, including Detroit Free Press columnist Drew Sharp writing in the October 12 USA Today.’”

Fox News Channel’s “Fox and Friends” from October 17
MRC President Brent Bozell appeared as a guest to discuss the fabricated quotes attributed to Rush Limbaugh that were spread throughout the media.

FNC's “Special Report with Bret Baier” from October 15
MRC Director of Media Analysis Tim Graham appeared to discuss the recent attacks on Rush Limbaugh and the MRC Special Report “Rush to Ruin.” from October 13 was cited five times on Rush Limbaugh’s homepage for the coverage and analysis of the controversy surrounding the fabricated racists quotes attributed to Limbaugh., October 13: “Today show to Limbaugh: Would you have a beer with Obama?” posted by Allahpundit
Article linked to a post by MRC’s Scott Whitlock.’s “Pro Football Talk,” October 12: “Limbaugh addresses critics of his plan to buy the Rams” by Mike Florio
At, for example, Scott Whitlock calls out MSNBC for relying on Steelers linebacker James Farrior as the source for the quote.  In so doing, Whitlock calls the "slavery had its merits" quote "dubious" and describes it as something Limbaugh "supposedly" said. 

FNC’s “Fox and Friends” from Sunday, October 3
MRC President Brent Bozell appeared to address Janeane Garofalo's charge that TEA Party protesters are racist. Her charge, Bozell argued, illustrates that Garofalo is a "racist in her own right" for ascribing racism to legitimate ideological and political grievances against the president., October 1: “Will McCain read Palin's memoir?” by Michael Calderone
“NewsBusters asks today if the mainstream media will ignore Palin's book like this year's best-sellers from Glenn Beck, Michelle Malkin and Mark Levin (which sold over 1 million copies in 2009 without a NY Times or Washington Post review). I say no.”

FNC’s “Fox and Friends” from September 30
The Media Research Center's Brent Bozell appeared to talk about USA Today's biased ACORN coverage.

 Mallard Fillmore by Bruce Tinsley, from September 29
The Mallard Fillmore comic strip, cited

FNC’s “Fox and Friends” on September 28
MRC's Brent Bozell appeared discussing how the New York Times now admits it was slow on the uptake reporting on the ACORN prostitution sting video scandal., “Obama Draws Criticism for Pausing to Promote Chicago Olympics Bid” posted on September 28
“Brent Bozell, founder of the conservative Media Research Center, questioned why Obama would take time out from such urgent priorities…”

USA Today, September 25: “Obama's TV blitz: Was it 'overkill'?” by Al Neuharth     

Features a quote from MRC President Brent Bozell: "Obama chose five networks that would smother him with softballs and avoided the one that might ask him a serious question. There goes that transparency pledge."

FNC’s “Fox and Friends” from September 24
MRC President Brent Bozell appeared to talk about President Obama's recent “media blitz,” a subject also addressed in Bozell's latest column: "Omnipresent Obama."

Investor's Business Daily, September 16: “Coverage Still One-Sided, But Tide's Turning” column by MRC President Brent Bozell

Washington Times, September 16: “Inside the Beltway:  OBAMAPALOOZA” by Jennifer Harper
Quotes MRC’s Tim Graham: "Political analysts must be divided into two camps. One, that Obama's speechifying wins every battle, and five Sunday interviews makes a political juggernaut. Or two, Obama is clearly desperate about how badly he's losing, and the five interviews suggest panic. If they really believed these appearances help, why hasn't all his ubiquitousness helped already?"

Wall Street Journal, September 14: “NY Times Buries Massive Conservative D.C. Rally, Hails Smaller Liberal Protests” by Clay Waters
An article from Clay Waters of MRC’s TimesWatch appeared online, covering the lack of media attention surrounding the recent conservative protests in D.C., September 13 and 14: “HBO Comedian Bill Maher in Bold Obama Race Sketch…
Links to video created by MRC’s Brent Baker.

Christian Science Monitor, September 11: “With Mike Duvall, fall of another ‘family values’ crusader” by Daniel B. Wood
“Family values are family values. Just because someone doesn’t live up to them doesn’t mean they don’t stand,” says Tim Graham, director of media analysis for Media Research Center, the largest media watchdog organization in America…

Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” on September 11 during the “Great American Panel” segment
MRC President Brent Bozell appeared as a panel guest where topics included an ACORN sting video, the controversy over Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) yelling "You lie" at President Obama, and the 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks., “Becoming the Mainstream Media” posted on September 8 by Lorie Byrd
“Watchdog groups like Brent Bozell’s Media Research Center have identified, tracked and catalogued liberal media bias hoping to shame those in the mainstream media into at least attempting the appearance of balance...”

Washington Times, September 8: “Inside the Beltway: Free Advice” by Jennifer Harper
“Broadcast networks, meanwhile, portray Mr. Jones as "a victim of conservatives," says Brent Baker of the Media Research Center - with Republican attacks framed as a petty distraction in times of crisis….”, September 4: “As White House Briefings Get Hotter, Gibbs and Press Play Game of Piñata” by Judson Berger
“Rich Noyes, research director at the Media Research Center, said Gibbs' freewheeling style sometimes serves to eclipse the sound bites the White House is trying to embed in evening broadcasts and front-page articles…”

Washington Times, September 3: “Inside the Beltway: Achors Away” by Jennifer Harper
“’Of the current broadcast network morning-show co-hosts, [Miss Sawyer] probably comes across as the least liberal. But that doesn't make her any kind of conservative, just a pretty conventional liberal in her approach to the news,’ the Media Research Center's Brent Baker tells Inside the Beltway.”

Michelle Malkin blog, September 3: “Culture of Corruption stays at #1 for 5th week in a row”
“Newsbusters spotlights the MSM’s refusal to acknowledge the right-wing upheaval on national best-seller lists — and examines the Milk Carton Conservative Author phenomenon.”, September 2: “Media Ignoring Conservatives' Return to Dominance of Political Book Market...”

Human Events, September 2: “WaPo Opens Jihad Against McDonnell” by Christian Toto
“Tim Graham, director of media analysis with the conservative Media Research Center, says the Post’s approach is hardly new…’This is a longstanding pattern on state-wide elections,’ he says…’It seems to me they’re huddling with consultants in deciding which way they’re going to get the Democrat elected…’”, August 5: “Obama Joker Poster? Yawn” by Greg Gutfeld
“The Web site Newsbusters points out that — after all — that former President Bush had been portrayed as everything from Dracula to the Joker to worse: a Texan!”

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, August 3: “Media Monday”
“Here are some of the latest outrageous, sometimes humorous, quotes from or about the liberal media, courtesy of the Media Research Center…”

American Thinker, August 2: “Barack Obama, laughingstock” by Thomas Lifson
“Via Tammy Bruce,  Atlas Shrugged and Newsbusters (three terrific conservative sites) and Bedlam Magazine (an arts site) comes news of a poster spreading across Los Angeles, depicting Obama as a Heath Ledger Joker, and carrying the caption "Socialist." ...Noel Sheppard of Newsbusters includes pictures of the actual posters in use.”

Washington Times, August 25: “Inside the Beltway: Act Two” by Jennifer Harper     
…We can only speculate if the ""peace mom"" has changed her act for the new administration. Will anyone listen? "She may get some passing notice as one of the 'goings-on' on the island during the Obama stay, but I very much doubt she will earn anywhere near the attention she got when she could be used to amplify an anti-Bush message -- even though there's certainly a news angle to a left-wing antiwar protester holding a vigil against a liberal president," the Media Research Center's Brent Baker tells Beltway. ABC News anchor Charles Gibson recently told Chicago radio station WLS ""enough already"" when he heard Ms. Sheehan was heading for Martha's Vineyard.

Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” from the August 24 show
Sean Hannity cited NewsBusters for a post by Mark Finkelstein: ‘GMA 'Forgiveness' Segment Features Sanford and Vitter, Ignores Edwards, Clinton’, August 13: “UPDATE: Congresswoman: 'Maybe it's a doctored video'...”
Linked to a NewsBusters post by MRC’s Matt Balan.

G. Gordon Liddy Show, August 20
MRC President Brent Bozell appeared on Liddy’s radio show to discuss the passing of Bob Novak.

Washington Times, August 19: “Inside Blogotics: Jackson Lee I” by Victor Morton    
“An account at the conservative site NewsBusters gave a rare "kudos" to CNN's Rick Sanchez for pursuing the question doggedly as Mrs. Jackson Lee repeatedly evaded and filibustered questions about the video, which shows Mrs. Jackson Lee talking into her phone onstage while a constituent tries to ask her a question…Matthew Balan of the Media Research Center wrote at his NewsBusters blog.”

Mark Levin Show, August 6
Mark Levin read a NewsBusters item posted by MRC’s Seton Motley.

Sean Hannity Radio Show, August 6
Sean Hannity read a statement from MRC President Brent Bozell on liberal hate speech., August 5: “Exposed: Network TV Docs Give Cash to Dems, Promote ObamaCare on Air”
Linked to a NewsBusters post by MRC’s Rich Noyes., August 3: “Obama Joker Poster Popping Up In Los Angeles…” Links to a post by Noel Sheppard, July 31: “Woman Selling Her TVs Because 'Obama on Every Channel'”
Links to a post from Seton Motley on, “Hannity's America” post from July 30 by Sean Hannity      
…Not only are liberals losing the support of the American people, but praise from the Obama-mania media also seems to be vanishing. As noted Wednesday, even National Public Radio was forced to acknowledge the rough patch the president and his allies now find themselves in....

Associated Press, July 30: “ABC expands medical coverage, hires CDC doctor” by Marilynn Marchione                  
…Meanwhile, a conservative media watchdog said Besser donated $400 to President Barack Obama's campaign last year. Two $200 contributions turn up on, the Web site of the Center for Responsive Politics. Given that Besser will report on the health care reform debate, "how in the world is this ethical?" said Brent Bozell, founder of the Media Research Center….

Opinion blog from USA Today, July 29: “Private-sector options can improve health care” by Dan Eichenbaum, M.D.           
…Our health care system is not in crisis and is not broken. Brent Bozell of the Media Research Center recently reported that 84% of insured Americans are satisfied with it, and that 46% of the uninsured are somewhat satisfied with the care they receive….

 Washington Times, July 29: “Inside Politics: Rah-Rah” by Greg Pierce    
"Liberal hopes for a quick health care bill are in collapse, as Senate Democrats push any floor action off until the fall, a move House Democrats may match this week. But if the Obama White House is upset that their plans for a huge expansion of government health care have been delayed, they surely cannot complain about the media coverage," the Media Research Center's Rich Noyes and Julia Seymour write at 

Fox News Channel’s “Glenn Beck Show” from July 28
…The web site posted a November 2004 interview with Air America's Randi Rhoades, where Senator-elect Obama complains about the Bush administration….

Wall Street Journal, July 28: “Can’t Blame Liberal Media for Health Bill Stall” by the MRC’s Rich Noyes and Julia Seymour published the full text of the MRC’s July 28 Media Reality Check.

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, July 27: “ObamaCare's spin doctors edition: Media Monday”
…Here are some of the latest outrageous, sometimes humorous, quotes from or about the liberal media, courtesy of the Media Research Center….

Washington Times, July 26: “Inside Politics: Tale wagging” by Jennifer Harper       "The media need to stop acting like arsonists when it comes to their reporting on the U.S. health care system, starting a fire and then suggesting to put it out the government takeover of a fifth of our economy," says Brent Bozell, director of the Media Research Center….

The Politico, July 23: “Conservative movement rallies around health care” by Ben Smith   
…A source on the right passes on a memo from a series of conservative leaders -- Grover Norquist, Ken Blackwell, Richard Viguerie, and Brent Bozell, among others -- outlining their lines of attack on the Democrats' health care plan…., July 22: “Cronkite: Jimmy Carter 'Smartest President'” by Dave Eberhart    
…The Drew University remarks were recounted in MRC’s “Walter Cronkite: Liberal Media Icon” – in its self-styled category of “Denouncing Conservatives.”…

Washington Times, July 21: “Inside Blogotics: Ted Love” by Victor Morton
Newsweek used the cover of its latest issue to plug a lengthy personal essay by Sen. Edward M. Kennedy…Wrote Brent Baker of the Media Research Center at the group's NewsBusters site: "ABC and NBC on Sunday night dutifully championed his cause as World News anchor Dan Harris highlighted how 'Kennedy is using his own battle against brain cancer to make an emotional pitch for health care reform' and NBC reporter Mike Viqueira touted: 'Today, another dramatic push, this time from an ailing Ted Kennedy, absent from Washington but appearing on the cover of Newsweek.'”

Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends” on July 20
MRC President Brent Bozell appeared to discuss health care costs and the apparent demise of union card check. Bozell also announced the MRC's tongue-in-cheek federal bailout request, patterned after one made by the Minority Broadcasters of America.    

Washington Times, July 17: “Inside Politics: Carter the Great” by Greg Pierce           "Leave it to Chris Matthews, a former speechwriter to Jimmy Carter, to actually commemorate the 30th anniversary of the former president's infamous 'malaise' speech," the Media Research Center's Geoffrey Dickens writes at

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, July 13: “Media Monday”
“Here are some of the latest outrageous, sometimes humorous, quotes from or about the liberal media, courtesy of the Media Research Center…”

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, “Sunday Pops” piece from July 12
“An analysis by the Media Research Center shows that the recent deaths of seven U.S. soldiers killed in Afghanistan received 1/20th of the network news coverage that was devoted to Michael Jackson's death….”, July 7: “Relatives of Soldier Killed in Afghanistan Decry Lack of Coverage Amid Jackson Spectacle” by Joshua Rhett Miller
…The deaths of seven U.S. soldiers killed in Afghanistan on Monday received just 1/20th of the network television news coverage devoted to Jackson, according to an analysis by the Media Research Center, a Virginia-based news analysis organization….“This is a prime example of why network television news audiences are disappearing before our eyes," Media Research Center President Brent Bozell said. "There is no justification for determining that the death of a celebrity over a week ago merits 20 times more news coverage than the tragic deaths of American soldiers in Afghanistan.", July 6: “Bozell: Media Ignores Obama's Falling Polls”
Media Research Center President Brent Bozell Monday demanded that the so-called mainstream media accurately report the facts about President Barack Obama’s plunging poll numbers….  

Pittsburgh Tribune Review, July 6: “Media Monday”
…Here are some of the latest outrageous, sometimes humorous, quotes from or about the liberal media, courtesy of the Media Research Center

Rush Limbaugh Show from July 2
Rush Limbaugh cited NewsBusters on air, referring to a post about an L.A. Times reporter who said the reason South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford was in the news for so long was because American men sympathize with adulterers.

Washington Examiner, July 1: “Self-serving Republicans gave Democrats cap and trade victory” Op-Ed by NewsBusters’ Noel Sheppard 

Los Angeles Times blog, June 30: “Rippling through the blogosphere” by Catherine Lyons
…And finally, Noel Sheppard on the NewsBusters blog was quite taken aback by Karen Bass's statement during an interview with Patt Morrison that Republican radio talk-show hosts were "terrorizing" their fellow Republicans in the California legislature….

Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” from June 30 during the “Media Mash” segment
"And tonight's "Media Mash" is brought to you by Bill Clinton's former top advisor, turned journalist, George Stephanopoulos. Now as points out, he spoke with Paul Krugman of the New York Times on Sunday to talk about politicians who commit adultery. You won't believe what they say…”

Washington Times, June 28: “Sunday talk shows remain vital” by Jennifer Harper   
"[David] Gregory is another journalist to rise through the ranks by bad-mouthing Republicans and defending the Democrats," said Brent Baker of the Media Research Center (MRC), a conservative media watchdog…

Washington Times, June 26: “Tryst e-mails make rounds, but are they newsworthy?” by Jennifer Harper    
"The newspaper made the right decision in declining to publish before the story was proven," said Tim Graham of the Media Research Center. "Even today, I don't think there's anything in these e-mails that's in the public interest. We may discover more on that as the story develops.

Fox News Channel’s “The O’Reilly Factor” from June 23
MRC's Tim Graham appeared to discuss the media's treatment of President Obama generally and a recent interview question by CBS's Harry Smith in particular.

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, June 22: “Media Monday”
…Here are some of the latest outrageous, sometimes humorous, quotes from or about the liberal media, courtesy of the Media Research Center…

World Net Daily, June 20: “Obama's dinner joke: I sleep with Brian Williams” by Drew Zahn           
"Although this is a funny joke, it's actually sad because the joke's really on us," commented Noel Sheppard, associate editor of NewsBusters, "for the underlying truth is that Williams and NBC are indeed in bed with the new administration, and everybody present including the guest speaker knows it."    

Washington Times, June 17: “GOP fears slant in ABC news special” by Jennifer Harper      
“I don't expect a pure 'infomercial,' but likely something close to it. The programming will advance President Obama's agenda that we have a health care 'crisis' that must be resolved, and Obama and his 'solutions' star. But ABC will probably squeeze in a little time for contrarian views," said Brent Baker of the Media Research Center….

Fox News Channel’s “Special Report with Bret Baier” from June 17

MRC President Brent Bozell gave his reaction to ABC News's planned special at the White House on health care. Bozell points out, "Just try to imagine a world wherein ABC would give George W. Bush a two hour opportunity to have a quote-unquote discussion with the American people on the war on terror."   , June 17: “Critics Warn Glowing Obama Coverage Reflects Growing Media Infatuation” by Mike Emanuel         
"Just try to put into context how ridiculous this ABC quote-unquote discussion is -- just try to imagine a world where an ABC would give George W. Bush a two-hour opportunity to have a quote-unquote discussion with the American people on the War on Terror," said Brent Bozell, president of the conservative Media Research Center., June 16: “ABC News Teams Up With Obama White House to Present President's Health Care Plan”
…Rich Noyes, research director at the Media Research Center, said the amount of time being dedicated exclusively to Obama's platform presents a problem for those claiming fairness. "Will the opponents of President Obama's health care plan get an equal shot at the debate on the airwaves? This is an awful lot of time that ABC is giving over to one side of the debate," Noyes said. "This is an issue of such importance, the public really requires a balanced debate."

Washington Post, June 16: “Palin Gag? Comedy's All in the Mis-Timing” by Paul Farhi        
…It's conceivable that Palin was aware of the late-night jokes made about her daughter during the campaign and wanted to fight back, but kept quiet as a strategic matter, says Tim Graham, the director of media analysis for the Media Research Center, a conservative media watchdog organization…       

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, June 15: “Obama cruises past media” column by MRC President Brent Bozell

The Miami Herald, June 13: “Media must confront, not fawn” by Cal Thomas           
…NBC’s Brian Williams recently hosted an "Inside the Obama White House" special. As the conservative Media Research Center has noted, even liberal Bill Moyers couldn’t take the sugar rush: "NBC News this week delivered a candygram to the President — two prime time specials called ‘Inside the Obama White House.’ President Obama couldn’t have asked for a sweeter salute . . . " 

Fox News Channel’s “Fox Newsroom” from June 12
Appearing on FNC's "America's Newsroom", MRC President Brent Bozell discussed the inappropriate attacks made on David Letterman's show about Palin and her family.

The Politico, June 12: “Letterman, right's new public enemy?” by Daniel Libit
…Brent Bozell, president of the conservative Media Research Center, says the Letterman flap "underscores everything that conservatives are saying. If Rush Limbaugh had made a joke about Barack Obama's daughter, he wouldn't finish the sentence before they were calling for him to be fired. It is beyond a double standard. It is a rank hypocrisy, and everyone sees it."       

Human Events Online, June 11: “He's Telling You To Be Thrifty?” by Martha Zoller  
…This week, the voices of dissent around this administration were given a flicker of credibility by what the Media Research Center calls "The Cheerleaders of the Revolution" in the mainstream media.     

Washington Times, June 8: “Hot Button: Google's limits” by Amanda Carpenter
"I have to say, though, that this is no departure for Google, a firm that finds it nearly impossible to post images celebrating any American holidays or important milestones in American history," wrote Warner Todd Huston of "So what we have here is just one more example of Google's essentially anti-American policies."           

Pittsburgh Tribune Review, June 8: “Media Monday”
...Here are some of the latest outrageous, sometimes humorous, quotes from or about the liberal media, courtesy of the Media Research Center

Fox News Channel's “Hannity” from June 8 during the “Media Mash” segment
Sean Hannity relayed a NewsBusters video of Newsweek's Evan Thomas saying Obama was "like God" on the June 5 "Hardball" on MSNBC.

Wall Street Journal, June 8: “Best of the Web Today” by James Taranto   
…In February 2007, as noted, Thomas, an editor of Newsweek, declared: "Our job is to bash the president." But a Newsbusters item last week quotes Thomas as praising Obama to the skies, literally: "I mean in a way Obama's standing above the country, above--above the world, he's sort of God."        

Washington Times, June 5: “Coverage uneven for abortion doctor, soldier; Army killing didn't get as much notice” by Jennifer Harper          
"The killing of an Army private by a Muslim convert is at least as dramatic a story as the abortionist shooting, and its victim is seen by most Americans as a much more sympathetic figure than an abortionist. But the network stars have barely touched this story," said Tim Graham, director of media analysis at the Media Research Center (MRC)….

World Net Daily, June 4: “Networks in 'total celebratory mode'”
…In the days following President Obama's nomination of Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court, the broadcast networks were "in a total celebratory mode," devoting the majority of their coverage to the judge's persona with "much less discussion of her judicial philosophy" and actual record on the court, according to Rich Noyes, director of research at the Media Research Center….

Washington Times
, June 4: “Hot Button: Huffington honored” by Amanda Carpenter

...Ms. Huffington's Web site is frequently targeted by conservative commentators for its liberal slant. Media Research Center President Brent Bozell also criticized the award as premature. "The Huffington Post has been a successful Web site for three years. That does not a lifetime of journalism make. If they want to recognize the success of the Huffington Post as a Web site that's good - the Huffington Post is a successful Web site. That's it. There's no lifetime achievement. You might as well say that if you walk for three years you've got a lifetime achievement in track.", June 3: “Media Coverage Differed in Killing of Abortion Doctor, Army Recruiter”
Conservative media analyst Brent Bozell said the difference in responses comes down to politics. "Politics dictated that they be outspoken on the murder of Dr. 'Killer' Tiller, but be silent on the murder" of Long, he said, explaining that a long-held double standard by the media renders the latter unremarkable….    

Fox News Channel’s “Special Report with Bret Baier” from June 3
The show featured a soundbite by MRC President Brent Bozell about the media virtually ignoring the slaying of an Army recruiter in Arkansas by a Muslim convert while paying heavy attention to the slaying of abortionist George Tiller.

Fox News Channel’s “America's Newsroom” from June 3
MRC Director of Media Analysis Tim Graham on the June 3 Fox News program "America's Newsroom" discussing a Robert Samuelson column in Newsweek that slams the media for its soft coverage of President Obama.   

Broadcasting & Cable, June 2: “MRC Says It Delivered ‘Almost 400,000’ Anti-Fairness Doctrine Petitions To Hill” by John Eggerton
…According to a spokesperson for the Media Research Center and its Free Speech Alliance initiative, the group delivered almost 400,000 petitions to house Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to hold a floor vote on a stand-alone bill to prevent the FCC from re-imposing the fairness doctrine….

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
, June 1: “Media Monday: Singing Sonia's praises”

...Here are some of the latest outrageous, sometimes humorous, quotes from or about the liberal media, courtesy of the Media Research Center…   

Human Events, May 30: “‘Jon and Kate Plus 8’ Needs A Reality Check” column by MRC President Brent Bozell

The Hotline, from National Journal: “The Well-Tempered Justice” posted on May 29
…Media Research Center's Rich Noyes: "The media elite are helping to build Sotomayor up as a folk hero, whose sympathetic life story is supposed to trump issues of judicial philosophy or her controversial statements about using the courts to reshape the law. ... That's a sea change from the media's typical approach to conservative nominees, where reporters would help stoke fears that the 'conservative' or 'ultra-conservative' judges would supposedly trample the rights of women, minorities and the poor"

Washington Times, May 29: “Sotomayor finds favor in coverage” by Jennifer Harper                   
"The media elite are helping to build Sotomayor up as a folk hero, whose sympathetic life story is supposed to trump issues of judicial philosophy or her controversial statements about using the courts to reshape the law," said Rich Noyes of the Media Research Center, which analyzed recent broadcast treatment of the nominee….

Human Events, May 28: “Cheers for Cheney” column by MRC President Brent Bozell

The Politico, May 27: “Robert Gibbs gets a lot of laughs in his briefings” by Patrick Gavin   
…Tim Graham, who watches for liberal press bias at the Media Research Center, says all the high times may be a sign of reporters’ political affinity with the Obama administration. "It's possible that reporters just think Gibbs is much funnier than the Bush people," Graham said. "But I think this is another subliminal sign that reporters are much more comfortable with a spokesman that represents the hope and change they voted for.", “Best of the Web” from May 26: “La Jueza Empática” by James Taranto …..As does Jeanne Cummings, an editor at Politico, whose criticism of Cheney on PBS's "Inside Washington" is quoted at length by

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, May 25: “Media Monday”
…Here are some of the latest outrageous, sometimes humorous, quotes from or about the liberal media, courtesy of the Media Research Center…        

Fox News Channel, “Hannity” from May 22
…And tonight's meltdown is brought to you by the scaremongers over at MSNBC. points out that the folks over there at the network recently debuted a new series called "Future Earth" which will surely become TV's focal point for environmental alarmism….      

Hot Air: “Olbermann: Cheney’s as ‘insane as any terrorist’” posted on May 22             ...Hot Air blogger “Allahpundit” linked to a Newsbusters post on Keith Olberman.                  

AmSpecBlog, from The American Spectator, May 21: “GE's Terrible Jeff Immelt Self-Servingly Lauds Cap-and-Tax” by Matthew Vadum
…General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt, a left-wing panderer who has presided over his company's decline in recent years, says the economy-killing cap-and-trade system of trading emission permits is the best way to crack down on carbon emissions, Jeff Poor of NewsBusters writes….       

Washington Times, May 19: “Inside Politics” by Greg Pierce 
"After ignoring for three weeks House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's denial [that] she was briefed by the CIA about how waterboarding was being used, only to decide it was news on Thursday when Pelosi at a press conference accused the CIA of 'lying' and of 'misleading' the Congress, on Friday the CBS and NBC evening newscasts fell silent again despite the backlash from CIA Director Leon Panetta, a former Democratic congressman," the Media Research Center's Brent Baker writes at     

Broadcasting & Cable, May 19: “Bozell Calls Out Copps Over Fairness Doctrine Issue” by John Eggerton               
   …Media Research Center President Brent Bozell called out acting FCC Chairman Michael Copps over the issue of the Fairness Doctrine….Bozell challenged Copps to support an up or down vote on the Broadcaster Freedom Act in the House….

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, “Media Monday” from May 18
…Here are some of the latest outrageous, sometimes humorous, quotes from or about the liberal media, courtesy of the Media Research Center, May 17: “Notre Dame speech key for Obama with Catholics” by Carol E. Lee and Jonathan Martin   
"There's a lot of buyer's remorse growing out there," said Brent Bozell, president of the Media Research Center who recently joined Catholic leaders in urging Obama to remove Harry Knox from his White House advisory council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, charging that Knox made anti-Catholic remarks….

Investor's Business Daily, May 14: “Networks Go Weak-Kneed at White House” column by MRC President Brent Bozell       

American Spectator, May 13: “The Strategy of the Not So Smart Surrender” by Peter Ferrara          
…Even more cutting was Noel Sheppard of, who said on Powell's tax point, "Which Americans want to pay more taxes, General? You mean the top 50 percent of wage earners that currently pays 97 percent of all federal income taxes….Or how about the bottom 50 percent? Are THEY asking to pay more?"

Washington Times, May 12: “Inside Blogotics” by Victor Morton        
…Tim Graham noted at Newsbusters noted that "Allison did not have the facts on his side," noting that the Catholic fraternal organization did almost $145 million in charitable work in 2007 - a hundred times their Proposition 8 donation., “A Late Night Comedy Writer's Proudest Moment” posted on May 12, by Lorie Byrd                                  
…During the panel discussion Bill Scheft, a writer for the David Letterman show for 18 years, talked about a segment on the show that I remembered well. Newsbusters blog posted a transcript of Scheft’s comments…

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, May 10: “Big Media's darlin' Arlen” column by MRC President Brent Bozell, May 10: “Bozell: Media Work as 'Pamphleteers' for Obama” by Jim Meyers                        
…Media watchdog Brent Bozell tells Newsmax that the national media are so slanted to the left that they have been "pamphleteers for the Obama administration."  Bozell, founder and president of The Media Research Center…also said that the major TV networks have refused to call Obama a socialist or even a liberal even though he is "the most radical left-wing president in the history of the United States." 

Fox News Channel’s “Special Report with Bret Baier” from May 8, “The Grapevine” segment

"One official at the Media Research Center says, quote, 'The left has reached the conclusion that the political price to pay for reinstating the Fairness Doctrine is to high,…so now they're looking at these new means.'" 

Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” from May 8, the "Great American Panel" segment    MRC President Brent Bozell appeared as a panelist on Hannity’s "Great American Panel" segment. Topics included stimulus package and the forced resignation of White House Military Office director Louis Caldera.   

Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends” from May 8, 2009
MRC President Brent Bozell appeared on the show to address how the media consider The View’s Elizabeth Hasselbeck "controversial" for teaching her kids to believe the Bible's creation account rather than labeling liberal co-host Joy Behar "controversial" for suggesting that teaching children creationism is "child abuse."   

American Spectator, May 8: “Three Cheers for Chrysler's Dissident Creditors” by John Berlau                     
…As Tom Lauria, an attorney representing some of the creditors, said in an interview on Detroit radio station WJR (transcribed by the Media Research Center's "My clients bought a position in the Chrysler capital structure that entitles them to be paid 'first dollars out.' That is, they're to be paid 100 cents of what they're owed before any junior creditors get a penny."

Washington Times, May 7: “Inside Politics” by Greg Pierce               
"Following the path of CNN Middle East correspondent Aneesh Raman and producer Kate Albright-Hanna, who both jumped aboard the Obama campaign last year, senior political producer Sasha Johnson this week announced she's leaving the network's Washington bureau to take the press secretary slot at the Department of Transportation," the Media Research Center's Brent Baker writes at  

Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” from May 6: “Media Mash” segment
…at the outset of the President's term, several of the so-called objective journalists left their jobs to join the administration. Now points out that a few more are following suit….

Human Events, May 6: “Obama Policy as Bankrupt as Chrysler” by John Berlau                               
…As Tom Lauria, an attorney representing some of the creditors, said in an interview on Detroit radio station WJR (transcribed by the Media Research Center’s “My clients bought a position in the Chrysler capital structure that entitles them to be paid ‘first dollars out.’ That is, they're to be paid 100 cents of what they're owed before any junior creditors get a penny.”, “Concerns Raised Over Makeup of 'Diversity Committee' at FCC” posted on May 5
"Why is it the government's job to do a bean count on who owns what? I would think the only color that matters in business is green," said Seton Motley, director of communications for the Media Research Center….

The Hotline, from National Journal, “This Morning: The Taming of the Shrewd” posted on May 5
…Media Research Center dir. of media analysis Tim Graham, on the question posed by New York Times' Jeff Zeleny during Obama's 4/29 press conference: "Jeff Zeleny ought to be mocked by his colleagues for at least a year. It sounded like he was trying to re-create a puffball Barbara Walters interview. But it's a stunning contrast with the infamous question Times reporter Elisabeth Bumiller asked President Bush in 2004 -- whether he felt a 'personal responsibility' for the dead Americans on 9/11."   

Washington Times, May 5: “Press corps newly 'tamed,' but news vets say just wait” by Jennifer Harper      
..."Few people today remember the White House press corps as a shouting scrum at presidential press conferences, and even fewer would want to return to that era. I don't have a problem with reporters standing upon the president's arrival if we stand for the entrance of the local traffic judge. But if they only do it for presidents they like, then they're telegraphing their favoritism," said Mr. [Tim] Graham of the Media Research Center….

The Bulletin (Philadelphia), May 5: “The President Who Hates His Country” by Joan Swirsky         
…Media Research Center’s Brent Bozell adds, “Obama ‘gets’ the America-haters.”     

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, “Media Monday” posted on May 4
…Here are some of the latest outrageous, sometimes humorous, quotes from or about the liberal media, courtesy of the Media Research Center…

U.S. News & World Report, May 4: “Government Has No Business Bailing Out Newspapers the People Don't Want” column by MRC President Brent Bozell    

Kansas City Star, May 3: “Who's watching news scorecards on Obama?” AP story by David Bauder
…The conservative Media Research Center is doing its own study. While not quite done, its conclusion is already clear: The media "are completely in the tank, working overtime to help (Obama) succeed," said Brent Bozell, the organization's president…. 

Sunday Telegraph (London), May 3: “The adultery business cashes in on the world's recession worries” by Philip Sherwell         
…The commercials have been denounced as promoting "Home Wreckers Inc'' by Brent Bozell, the president of the Media Research Centre, a conservative monitoring group….          

Human Events, May 1: “In 100 Days Obama Failed to Take Out 'Enemy No. 1'” by Michelle Oddis 
...According to Director of Communications for the Media Research Center Seton Motley “This has never been done before, where they entered office and on their list of things to do is attack a member of the media.”

Fox News Channel’s America's Newsroom” from April 30
Research Director Rich Noyes discussed New York Times reporter Jeff Zeleny's fawning question about what enchanted Obama the most in his first 100 days. Also discussed, the forthcoming MRC study on the media's bias in the first 100 days of the Obama presidency., April 30: “Obama and media - 100 days and still in love” by Chad Groening     
…The Media Research Center says President Obama has put forward policies representing the most radical government intervention in the free market in American history, with more proposals for even greater government interference on the way. But MRC says during Obama's first 100 days, instead of challenging the president's radical policies, the media has often celebrated the Obama agenda….

Oregonian, April 29: “100 day round-up” by Elizabeth Hovde
…Brent Bozell, syndicated columnist and president of the Media Research Center, writes in a recent column, "A hundred days of love," that the media has given Obama a free pass and media consumers a distorted picture of No. 44. Bozell writes that the media "continue to be what they've been all along -- a rolling gaggle of Obama cheerleaders -- only before it was a campaign, and now it's an administration."

Washington Times, April 29: “Obama telecast a TV sacrifice” by Jennifer Harper      ...The Media Research Center (MRC) evaluated 852 broadcast news stories on Mr. Obama that aired between Jan. 20-April 15. The group cited such trends as a press tendency to "sanitize Obama's socialist agenda" as well as the president's ideology…."For the pro-Obama liberal media, the Obama honeymoon is nowhere near over," said MRC President Brent Bozell….     

The Vote blog, from the Christian Science Monitor, April 28: “Obama on Air Force One debacle: Mistake, won't happen again” by Jimmy Orr 
…That’s what the guys at Newsbusters — a conservative media watchdog group — think too. The media isn’t being harsh enough on President Obama opines [Noel] Sheppard after examining transcripts of how the story was reported last night by Katie Couric and Brian Williams. “Is this how the coverage would have went if this incident happened while Bush was in power? Would a totally unknown official in the White House military office been allowed to apologize, and the president get a pass because he was furious?”   

Washington Post, April 28: “For the Media, 100-Days Story Represents the Perfect Swarm” by Howard Kurtz     
…But the conservative Media Research Center said in a report that mainstream organizations are "in the tank" for Obama and are refusing to report that he is a "socialist." 

Human Events, April 27: “Idle Media Dismiss Tea Parties Same Way Crowd Treated Susan Boyle” column by Brent Bozell and Dan Gainor  

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, “Media Monday” from April 27
...Here are some of the latest outrageous, sometimes humorous, quotes from or about the liberal media, courtesy of the Media Research Center…

Townhall, April 24: “Beauty Pageants Get Ugly” column by MRC President Brent Bozell

World Net Daily, April 24: “CNN gutter talk complaint awaits review at FCC” by Bob Unruh 
…Media Research Center President Brent Bozell released a statement asserting the coverage of the tea parties was biased and the language egregious. He also called on CNN – and fellow news station MSNBC, whose hosts made "tea-bagging" jokes even more explicit – to apologize…

Wall Street Journal, April 22: “Best of the Web Today” by James Taranto     
…It can no longer be said that journalists are ignoring the tea parties. But some of them are treating them in a remarkably derisive way....The worst offenders have been on CNN. describes an exchange on the April 14 episode of "Anderson Cooper 360"...  

World Net Daily, “Pentagon official blames U.S. for al-Qaida attacks” by Aaron Klein, posted April 20        
…L. Brent Bozell, president of the Media Research Center, countered, "The day that the government gets involved in the news media you see the end of the democratic process, because an independent news media is absolutely essential to the success of a democracy."

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, April 20: “Media Monday”                                    
Here are some of the latest outrageous, sometimes humorous, quotes from or about the liberal media, courtesy of the Media Research Center…

AmSpecBlog, from the American Spectator: “Chicago Tea Partiers Confirm My Column Today” posted on April 20 by Paul Chesser              
Newsbusters' Noel Sheppard took note from yet another YouTube video of CNN Sucks reporter Susan Roesgen stirring up trouble…

Washington Times, April 19: “Inside Politics Weekend: Palin press” by Jennifer Harper                   
…Warner Todd Huston, a media analyst at, questions the nation's third-largest newspaper chain. "Has McClatchy ever had any headlines like this: 'Those Crazy Kennedys'? Or since we recently had Obama's half brother denied a visa to England over his rape charges — not to mention his illegal immigrant aunt — how about a headline like this: 'Those Crazy Obamas?'" Mr. Huston asks….

Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends” program, April 19
MRC President Brent Bozell reacted to media coverage of Tea Party protests and liberal comedian/actress Janeane Garofalo's accusing Tea Party-goers as racist "teabagging rednecks."

Washington Times, April 17: “Hot Button: Tea party bias” by Amanda Carpenter                  
…Ken Shepherd of, housed in the conservative-leaning Media Research Center, said that CNN's Susan Roesgen's "confrontation" with a tea party protester topped their list of tea party media bias….  

Washington Times, Editorial: “Let them drink tea; Tax-day coverage exposes media prejudice” from April 17                    
…Media Research Center President L. Brent Bozell III said that the media's dismissive attitude toward the big events surprised him. "There is nothing more American than demonstrating against oppressive government," Mr. Bozell told us. "But that basic concept, that basic idea was attacked by people who say they are news reporters. That I didn't expect to see."

Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom” from April 16
MRC President Brent Bozell denounces CNN's Susan Roesgen for her sparring with a conservative protester, rather than reporting on the event. 

Mark Levin Show, April 16
Norman, the man who took on CNN’s Susan Roesgen at a Tea Party event on April 15, talks to Mark Levin: “Well, you know, I've been kind of following on NewsBusters and watching the liberal bias that's been going on in the media for probably about three years. I think it confirmed something that I knew all along, and I'd actually discussed with my grandmother before she had passed on about the bias. I mean, she talked about it during the Reagan years when there was rallies and stuff she would say, "Now look. They're making a big deal out of this and there's only 200 people here, but they didn't even cover the conservative rally over here where there was thousands." So, I kind of knew about it well beforehand, but when I came across NewsBusters, I really got tuned in. And, they've got a great audience over there, and it really helped to fine tune some of my arguments.”  

AmSpecBlog, from the American Spectator, April 16: “Flashback: In 2006, CNN's Roesgen Joked About Bush/Hitler Mask” by Philip Klein
…back in 2006, when [Susan Roesgen] was covering protests against the Bush administration's response to Katrina, she jokingly referred to this photo of a man wearing a mask with devil horns and a Hitler mustache as a Bush "look-alike." (Video available at NewsBusters)…., “Fox teas up a tempest” by Michael Calderone posted on April 15
…The Media Research Center, a conservative watchdog group, said that the tea parties have received relatively little attention from other networks - and less than was devoted to protests against Proposition 8, the California measure that outlawed gay marriage in the state. "It's time to end journalism by censorship," Dan Gainor, a vice president with the organization, said in a statement. "None of the nation's top news outlets have treated the tea party movement remotely fair; they've all but spiked the coverage."

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, “Media Monday” from April 13
…Here are some of the latest outrageous, sometimes humorous, quotes from or about the liberal media, courtesy of the Media Research Center…  

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, April 12: “Cutting Edge: New Ideas/Sharp Opinions” compiled by Bill Toland                     
…Noel Sheppard at thinks it's unseemly how quickly the left rallies to turn every shooting into a gun control debate and an indictment of conservative politics…

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, “Media's love tour with Michelle” column by MRC President Brent Bozell posted on April 12

Washington Post, April 12: “Media Notes” by Howard Kurtz
…But in [David Shuster’s] "Hypocrisy Watch" segments this year, the conservative Media Research Center points out, 34 of the targets have been Republicans or conservatives -- including Rush Limbaugh twice and Karl Rove five times -- and only four have been Democrats or liberals….

National Review, April 11: “Our Reprimitivized Future” by Mark Steyn        
If the incompetent management driving the New York Times from junk status to oblivion wished to decelerate their terminal decline, they might usefully amend their motto to "All the News That's Fit to Distract." Tom Blumer of NewsBusters notes that in the last 30 days there have been some 2,500 stories featuring Obama and "distractions," as opposed to about 800 "distractions" for Bush in his entire second term…

Fox News Channel’s “Fox News Watch” from April 11: “Caught in the Web” segment with host Bill Hemmer                     
“Media watchdog site NewsBusters reports new MSNBC host Ed Schultz was given seed money by congressional Democrats to start his radio show. That claim is not coming from Republicans, says the site, but from former left-leaning radio talk show host Randi Rhodes. How much money we talking about? It's said to be, reportedly, spoken of, 800 grand.”

National Review, media blog: “Analyzing David Shuster's ‘Hypocrisy Watch’” posted April 7 by Greg Pollowitz       
…David Shuster's former 6 p.m. show, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, had a segment called "Hypocrisy Watch" in which Shuster, supposedly, would call out both Democratic and Republican hypocrisy.  The Media Research Center analyzed the [segment] and found Shuster had a liberal bias, which really shouldn't shock anybody… 

Fox News Channel’s “Glenn Beck” from April 6 Associate Editor Noel Sheppard appeared as a guest to discuss the recent Pittsburgh shootings and other topics.

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, April 6: “Media Monday”
Highlighted several items from the latest edition of the MRC’s Notable Quotables., April 5: “Anti-Obama talk worries some on right” by Michael Calderone         
…As for media strategy, Bozell doesn't see a need to tone down the rhetoric. "When Republicans distinguish themselves from Democrats, they do well," Bozell said. "When they try to do Democrat-lite, they do poorly. That's true in electoral politics, and it's true in radio ratings."

Daily Telegraph, blog posted on April 5: “Marc Morano and Joe Romm debate the politics of climate change” by Milo Yiannopoulos  
…Marc Morano, former Republican director of communications for the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, and Joe Romm, environmentalist blogger and author, just debated the politics of climate change on Roll Call TV....There's a superb analysis of the debate over at Newsbusters - including a response from Romm….

IBD Editorials from Investor's Business Daily, posted April 1: “How 'Opinion' is Manipulated in Washington” column by MRC President Brent Bozell

Fox News Channel’s “Special Report with Bret Baier” from March 31
…And "Newsweek" magazine contributing editor Kenneth Woodward wrote and opinion editorial for "The Washington Post" Monday explaining "why Notre Dame should welcome President Obama. The president has accepted an invitation to deliver the school's commencement address in May. Woodward says, quote, "American Catholics and their bishops should be proud. Catholicism is not a sect that shuns the world as evil. As a body, the American hierarchy has usually been both principled and open to political engagements." But reports that Woodward's son is a Notre Dame employee. Todd Woodward is the Associate Vice President for Marketing at the Catholic Institution, but neither the editor nor the newspaper disclosed that fact to readers….

Washington Times, “Inside Blogotics” from March 31: “Art History” by Victor Morton
…In a trip to Mexico, Mrs. Clinton stopped at the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe to see one of the staples of devotion to Mary, popular in Mexico and other Catholic countries. The Guadalupe image of the mother of Jesus as a native peasant is popularly thought to be a miraculous imprint made on the cloak of St. Juan Diego in 1531. While viewing the famous image, Mrs. Clinton asked, "Who painted it?" The basilica's rector, Monsignor Diego Monroy, responded, "God!" …Added Warner Todd Huston at Newsbusters: "Now, perhaps Clinton being so woefully ignorant of anything religious isn't such a surprise, but for a Secretary of State to be visiting one of the most famous and important churches in the region, one holding a much beloved religious relic, without even finding her staff informing her 'who painted' the image reveals a shocking lack by professionalism of both the Secretary of State and her staff."

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, March 30: “Media Monday”
…Here are some of the latest outrageous, sometimes humorous, quotes from or about the liberal media, courtesy of the Media Research Center

Chattanooga Times Free Press (Tennessee), March 29: “Watchdog offers well-researched jaw-poppings to biased reporters” by Steve Barrett     
…Mr. Graham, director of media analysis at the MRC, says America needs good reporting but instead gets monotonously biased coverage from many TV and radio news outlets and newspapers and magazines....So what the MRC is out to demolish is the unexamined trust that some news consumers place in journalists who hide behind supposed objectivity while energetically pursuing a left-wing agenda….  

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, “Media Monday” posted March 23
…Here are some of the latest outrageous, sometimes humorous, quotes from or about the liberal media, courtesy of the Media Research Center…

Washington Post, March 23: “Man of the Hour” by Howard Kurtz       
…At times, Kroft's interviews have drawn flak from the left and right. When he sat down with Obama's top campaign deputies on election night -- calling them "talented, laid-back and idealistic" -- the conservative Media Research Center said that "Steve Kroft abandoned hard-hitting journalism and instead offered a glowing profile."…

The Sleuth blog from the Washington Post, March 20: “Joe the Plumber Wants to Make Love to Washington” by Mary Ann Akers
…The Media Research Center's DisHonors Awards ceremony was an evening of roasting the "most outrageously biased liberal reporting of the year." And it was also an evening of lampooning the mainstream media's treatment of President Obama, who the gala's hosts sarcastically referred to as "the Messiah."…

Fox News Channel, “Fox & Friends” on March 20
MRC President Brent Bozell appeared on Fox & Friends to discuss the 2009 MRC Gala and DisHonors Awards, as well as the gaffe made by President Obama on the Tonight Show.     

Washington Whispers blog from U.S. News and World Report, “Joe the Plumber Steals the Show…” posted on March 20 by Nikki Schwab
…[Joe “the Plumber”] Wurzelbacher got a standing ovation and was called a folk hero when he sauntered on stage, dressed in flannel and denim, to accept one of right-leaning MRC's DisHonors awards, the less serious awards of the evening that roast the most "outrageously biased liberal reporting of the year." Wurzelbacher grabbed the Obamagasm Award on behalf of ABC's Bill Weir, who had made flowery comments about President Obama on Inauguration Day. Other winners included MSNBC's Chris Matthews and HBO's Bill Maher., March 20: “MRC lampoons the ‘liberal media’” by Michael Calderone …Throughout the night, humorous awards were given out to mainstream journalists and political commentators whose coverage the MRC found most biased over the past year. There were plenty of jabs at the president, leading members of the Democratic Party, and TV talking heads—most notably, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann….

First Person blog of the Chattanooga Times Free Press (Tennessee), “Media Research Center's gala Thursday night in Washington, D.C.” posted on March 19 by Steve Barrett        
…Conservative critics of the liberal media gathered in Washington on Thursday evening for the Media Research Center's annual DisHonors Awards…"Ever heard of Newsweek?" Mr. Levin asked. "It's a magazine that was popular about 30 years ago. It's sort of like Pravda with photos." Not to be outdone, Attorney General Meese mentioned an internal debate at CNN on the birthplace of Barack Obama: "Half thought it was in a log cabin. Half thought it was in a manger."…

Human Events, March 20: “White House Attack Machine” by Rowan Scarborough    
"I don't mind a press secretary having a bit of bite," said Tim Graham, director of media analysis at the Media Research Center, which points out liberal press bias. But Graham, who spent two years in the White House press corps, told HUMAN EVENTS he is struck by how reporters treat Gibbs compared with Fleischer….

Fox News Channel, “Special Report with Bret Baier” on March 16
…One report states there are more than 150 tea parties scheduled across the nation in the upcoming months. The events so far have been largely ignored by the mainstream media, but several blogs are tracking them. Noel Sheppard, associate editor for the conservative writes on the coverage so far: "Compare that to how these networks practically fell all over themselves to report war protests after the public's opinion changed concerning Iraq in late 2003."   

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, March 15: “Obama's stock answers” column by MRC President Brent Bozell      

Human Events, March 16: “Newsweek and Air America Join Forces -- Both Reputations Tarnished” by MRC Director of Communications Seton Motley

Washington Times
, March 13: “Economic news pressures press” by Jennifer Harper

"The media isn't shying away from economic bad news. It's telling the public about the bad statistics. But it's very hesitant to associate any bad news with [President] Obama's policies or speeches or decisions. That includes the dismal sinking of the Dow Jones average," said Tim Graham of the Media Research Center. "They have employed all of Obama's lingo. They use terms like 'stimulus package' and 'recovery plan' without any quotes or ironic distance. They continue to use the sales language they employed during the campaign, that Obama is basically a detergent that removes all odors and brightens your colors," Mr. Graham said….

Los Angeles Times
, Top of the Ticket blog: “At jet speed, Pentagon averts comment on Pelosi plane pranks” posted on March 12 by Andrew Malcolm
”Over at Newsbusters, they're wondering why the mainstream media is all over congressional members mocking automotive company leaders for taking private jets to testify in Washington, while largely ignoring high-handed attitudes over private jet flights by members of Congress.  Probably just an oversight.”, March 9: “CNN Correspondent Now the Communist Candidate in El Salvador...”
Links to a post by Brent Baker on

Fox News Channel, “Fox News Watch” from March 7 with host Jon Scott
…ABC White House Correspondent Jake Tapper caught the attention of the Media Research Center in their Tuesday CyberAlert. The Washington Post reports Tapper believes Obama's "attractive qualities have prompted some editors and producers to ‘root for him.’" “Some? Or most, or almost all?” asks the MRC. Well, at least somebody is asking that question….

Washington Times, March 6: “Levy suspect's illegal status stirs media debate” by Jennifer Harper  
“Too many journalists don't want to provide ammunition to those who want stricter immigration laws, so avoid connecting illegal immigrants to evidence which will bolster the argument that illegals cause harm," said Brent Baker of the Media Research Center. "So, when police charge an illegal immigrant with murdering Chandra Levy, reporters for CBS, CNN and AP benignly describe him as a 'Salvadoran immigrant' or as simply 'a laborer from El Salvador,'" Mr. Baker said.

 World Net Daily, March 4: “Free speech litmus test proposed” by Bob Unruh
…Obama's nominees for Federal Communications Commission and other key posts should pledge to preserve the First Amendment freedoms of conservative and Christian talk radio, contends L. Brent Bozell III, president of the Media Research Center. Without that pledge, they simply shouldn't be confirmed for their posts, he said. "The time has come for all of President Obama’s nominees, and Obama himself, to publicly vow to protect conservative and Christian talk radio from ALL forms of government censorship. So far their silence has been deafening. Should Mr. Genachowski and Company not vow to protect the First Amendment freedoms of talk radio, the Senate should refuse to confirm them," Bozell said., March 3: “MSNBC Host Chris Matthews Says Pro-Life Advocates Use "Terrorist" Methods”
…Geoffrey Dickens, the senior news analyst at the Media Research Center, noted Matthews' comments and called his attempt to correct what he had said aboutpro-life advocates using terrorist tactics "feeble."…

One News Now (Tupelo), March 3: “A commercial for adultery?” column by MRC President Brent Bozell, March 2: “Journalists Turn Into Pols in Blog-centric Media World” by Johanna Neuman
…And Stephanopoulos's pro-Hillary moderation of one of the Clinton-Obama debates also came under harsh criticism. "This is a clear conflict of interest... a clear violation of journalistic ethics," wrote L. Brent Bozell III, who runs a right-oriented watchdog group called Media Research Center, in a letter to ABC's David Westin demanding that Stephanopoulos recuse himself from coverage of the Obama administration….

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, March 1: “Eric Holder is no healer” column by MRC President Brent Bozell

Human Events, “A Commercial For Adultery?” column by MRC President Brent Bozell, posted on February 27, February 26: “Poll: Obama Popularity Lags Bush After First Month” by Dave Eberhart   
…Late last week, polls showed 62 percent of independents approved of Obama, compared with 54 percent in the last three days, according to NewsBusters. Obama’s approval rating among Democrats has dipped slightly, while approval among Republicans has not changed significantly…. 

Washington Times
, February 26: “Live-mike remark creates ruckus” article by Jennifer Harper  
"It was just one more example of Matthews' political agenda coming through at inappropriate moments. Being appalled by Jindal certainly matches Matthews' record of disgust with conservatives," said Brent Baker of the Media Research Center….

Washington Times
, February 25 “Inside Politics” by Greg Pierce: “In Denial”
“…MSNBC's Norah O'Donnell on Monday denied there was a media bias against Sarah Palin during last year's presidential campaign, the Media Research Center's Brent Baker reports at”

The Frontrunner, February 19: “Conservatives Denounce "Revolving Door" Between Journalism, Obama Team” 
  …Blogs at both the Weekly Standard and the National Review are pointing to a "revolving door" that spins between the media and the Obama administration. And while Brent Bozell, president of the conservative Media Research Center, acknowledges that financial troubles may be forcing reporters out of newsrooms, he thinks it's worth noting where they're going. "When some leave journalism because of a reduction in staff, what's the natural landing spot? The Obama Administration," Bozell charged…., February 19: “Despite Signs of Revival, Critics Call 'Fairness Doctrine' Outdated Swipe at Modern Market”
…But critics say the Fairness Doctrine would not open up dialogue in the way it was intended. The conservative Media Research Center, and other organizations, contend that when the policy was in effect it only stifled debate on serious political issues because broadcasters were afraid of bureaucrats influencing content…

Washington Times, February 18: “Inside the Beltway” by John McCaslin, “One Winner” 
"That's right, 'Joe The Plumber,' 'Joe The War Correspondent,' 'Joe The Beltway Reporter,' and now 'Joe The Author' is coming to your city for a book signing!" proclaims the publicist of a new book by Joe Wurzelbacher. Washingtonians can get signed copies at various times and locations (suburbs included) from Feb. 25 to 28, when the campaign sensation will be in town for CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference. Then he's off to Ohio, Wisconsin, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas, Arizona and California, before coming back to Washington to be a special guest of honor at the Media Research Center's 2009 gala…, February 18 post “Dem exclusive? Reporters jump ship” by Michael Calderone         
 …Blogs at both the Weekly Standard and the National Review are pointing to a "revolving door" that spins between the media and the Obama administration. And while Brent Bozell, president of the conservative Media Research Center, acknowledges that financial troubles may be forcing reporters out of newsrooms, he thinks it's worth noting where they're going. "When some leave journalism because of a reduction in staff, what's the natural landing spot? The Obama Administration," Bozell charged….

Human Events, February 18 column by Robert H. Knight: “Listen Up, While You Still Can”
“…On January 7, Rep. Mike Pence (R-Ind.), along with Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) re-introduced the Broadcaster Freedom Act to prevent the FCC from imposing the Fairness Doctrine. The bill is supported by the Free Speech Alliance, a coalition with more than 30 groups, including the American Civil Rights Union and the Media Research Center…”         

 The Hotline, from National Journal, February 18: “This Morning: Connecting The DoTs” 
…Brent Bozell, pres. of the conservative Media Research Center, argues: "If you are in journalism, and you can so easily fit in the world of politics, it tells you something. ... That you were not that detached from it when you were in journalism" (Calderone, Politico, 2/18)…

American Thinker, article posted on February 18: “‘Fairness’ for fun and mostly profit” by Doug Powers     
“…Newsbusters has a telling quote from Bill Press during his appearance on the Steve Malzberg Show on WOR radio. This from Press concerning why he's for a return to the Fairness Doctrine for talk radio:…”, February 17 online article, “Could 'Fairness Doctrine' Be Used to Police the Internet?”
“…Brent Bozell, president of the conservative Media Research Center, said it would be "impossible" to regulate balance and neutrality on the Internet. He said he thinks Democrats eventually want to bring those standards to the Web but are struggling to rally the political will to revisit the Fairness Doctrine. He said any legislative efforts to reinstate it will probably occur behind closed doors, since doing it out in the open could cause political repercussions…”

New York Postt, “Blog Watch” February 15: “Press Pets”
Cites post on Obama’s pre-approved list of press conference journalists.  

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: February 15 column by MRC President Brent Bozell, “Rise of the Teflon President”

Mark Levin Show, February 13
…The Media Research Center has a pretty good effort at organizing around this free speech issue and talk radio, so you might want to check them out: MRC….

Washington Times, February 12 “Inside Politics” by Greg Pierce: “Silent on Census”
“The Obama administration's decision to have the White House supervise the 2010 census - a response to left-wing complaints that the census was too important to leave under the authority of Republican Judd Gregg, the nominee for commerce secretary - has thus (as of Tuesday morning) far drawn absolutely no attention from the three broadcast networks, with not a single mention on the ABC, CBS or NBC morning or evening newscasts,” the Media Research Center’s Brent Baker writes at

Fox News Channel, “Hannity,” February 11
….Now, when it comes to spending nearly $1 trillion of your money, now you'd think the best approach would be to do so cautiously and transparently. This is except if you're a Democrat or ABC News national correspondent, Claire Shipman. Now, as NewsBusters points out, Shipman clearly thinks that speed trumps accuracy, and the rule is quantity over quality, not the other way around…

Human Events, February 11: “ABC: Part of the Obama Media Machine” by Michelle Oddis
“If Karl Rove took a job as an anchor on FOX News you would have to pass smelling salts around Washington DC,” Media Research Center President Brent Bozell told Human Events….

World Net Daily: February 10, “News bailouts threaten freedom of press” by Drew Zahn
 Quotes MRC President Brent Bozell from an article in The Philadelphia Bulletin:
“When a media outlet proposes a bailout, it proposes to put itself under the authority of the entity bailing it out,” Bozell said. “Therefore, if it's a government, the media entity proposes to become an arm of the government.”…

Sean Hannity Show (radio), February 9
Cites post on women having dreams about Obama

Washington Times, February 8 “Inside Politics Weekend” by Jennifer Harper: “Call to Order”
  “Will Stephanopoulos be critical of the White House's plans when he spends every morning helping to craft them? Not likely,” observes MRC director Brent Bozell….

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: February 8 column by MRC President Brent Bozell, “It's a Spending Bill”, “Political Machine” February 5: “Biased: George Stephanopoulos Gives Daily Advice to Rahm” by Matt Lewis  
  …With the establishment media remaining predictably silent on this issue, Brent Bozell of the Media Research Center is calling on Stephanopoulos to recuse himself from reporting on Obama…. February 5, “Group Calls ABC News on ‘Conflict of Interest’”
Article discusses letter from MRC President Brent Bozell to ABC News, urging George Stephanopoulos to be removed from any White House reporting due to his conflict of interest.

O'Reilly Factor, February 4: Bernard Goldberg cites MRC quotes.
“Katie Couric interviews President Obama and says, you know, 'you came here to implement change. Did you find that it's harder to do?' -- as if he's some kind of victim of all of this. And then Brian Williams interviews him and says 'you lost two nominees today. Are you angry?' Hey, bulletin Brian Williams. I didn't pick Tom Daschle. Barack Obama picked Tom Daschle. He's not a bystander in all of this.”

World Net Daily: February 3 column by Les Kinsolving, “Will Obama hold 'fixed' press conferences?”
…All of which makes it beyond belief that almost all of this nation's media – with the exception of the Media Research Center – failed to report what this Obama news authority wrote in the Sun Times on Sunday, Jan. 4 of this year…, January 30 Political Junkie blog: “Who Will Lead the Republican Party?” by Ken Rudin 
 …On that latter point, it is fair to say that Blackwell has indeed picked up a slew of endorsements from both social and economic conservatives. That list includes…Brent Bozell… TVNewser blog from January 30, “What's the Weather in Tampa? ‘Moist’” 
Links to NewsBusters video on EyeBlast of Meredith Viera.

The Bulletin (Philadelphia), January 29 story by Chris Friend: “Possible 'Inquirer' Bailout Draws Ire” 
“Where does one start?” asked L. Brent Bozell, III, president of the Media Research Center, an Alexandria, Va.-based media watchdog organization. “I would submit that if there were a bailout, it would prove the end of the free-market system in America…”

Opinion Journal from, January 29: “ABC & CBS Chide Republicans for 'Turning Cold Shoulder' to Obama” by Brent Baker post from Brent Baker.

Washington Times, January 28 “Inside Politics” by Greg Pierce: “No party label”  
“On Monday's 'Good Morning America,' the ABC morning show featured four segments on scandal-ridden Democratic Gov. Rod Blagojevich. And over the course of 17 minutes and 38 seconds, not one host or reporter mentioned his party affiliation,” the Media Research Center's Scott Whitlock writes at

Dallas Morning News, Religion blog from January 28: “You caught me! I confess! I found a liberal!” by Bruce Tomaso     
 ...NewsBusters is a Web site dedicated, in its words, to “documenting, exposing and neutralizing liberal media bias.” Apparently, they think they've busted me….                 

World Net Daily: January 27 column by Janet Porter, “Where do we go from here?”
…The Media Research Center has shown there was between a 4-to-1 to a 10-to-1 bias for Obama during the elections….

New book released week of January 26: A Slobbering Love Affair Starring Barack Obama: The True (and Pathetic) Story of the Torrid Romance Between Barack Obama and the Mainstream Media by Bernard Goldberg
Contains several chapters with quotes from the NQ archive, plus an Appendix which credits MRC and reprints the summary of the MRC's August of 2008 special report, “Obama’s Margin of Victory: The Media.”

Washington Times, January 23: “Press's affair with Obama hits bumps” by Jennifer Harper 
 “If you're looking for evidence of a honeymoon, the inauguration showed a press corps as in love with a president as I've seen in 25 years of studying the media,” said Rich Noyes of the Media Research Center….

One News Now (Tupelo), January 22: “Media waxes poetic over Obama's inauguration”  by Chad Groening 
 …The Media Research Center fully expected the mainstream media to hold true to form in its coverage of a Democratic presidential inauguration. And Rich Noyes, who serves as the director of research at the MRC, says the media tried to make the festivities a “national moment far beyond just a typical inauguration.”…, January 21:
“Top 10 Media Moments...”
Links to CyberAlert from January 20., January 21: “Journalists Feel Tug of Public Service as Obama Takes Office” by Greg Bensinger       
   …Reporters appeal as public servants particularly because of their ability to write and to ask difficult questions of people in power, Tim Graham, director of media analysis for Media Research Center in Alexandria, Virginia, said in an interview….

Washington Times, January 21 story by Jennifer Harper: “Pro-life marchers lose attention”  
“…In the last 20 years, despite large annual crowds, the liberal manufacturers of TV have simply never found the March for Life to be the slightest bit newsworthy,” said Tim Graham of the Media Research Center…. 

Fox News Channel, “Hannity’s America,” January 20
…As the Media Research Center notes back in January of 2005, ABC's Terry Moran asked about President Bush's party plans, saying "In a time of war and national disaster, is it time for a lavish celebration?" And AP reporter Will Lester was equally credulous, charging, "Do we need to spend this money on what seems so extravagant?"…

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, January 18 editorial: “Sunday Pops”
…The same Associated Press that criticized spending $40 million on President Bush's second inaugural doesn't seem to have a problem with spending $45 million on the Obama inauguration, notes the Media Research Center…., January 18 column by Nathan Tabor: “USA Today Rejects Christian Message to President Obama”  …For years Accuracy in Media, the Media Research Center, and other watchdog groups offered evidence of media bias and rampant political correctness that exists in America's newsrooms…., January 15 Media Reality Check: “No media mudballs this time” posted on January 16
Cites and links to January 15 Media Reality Check
 …The MSM's blatant pro-liberal, pro-Democrat bias is nowhere more evident than in its coverage of presidential inaugurations over the years. The Media Research Center reviews the recent history of this phenomenon… from Investor's Business Daily, posted January 15: “Bush's Final Jabs: Too Little, Too Late” column by MRC President Brent Bozell

Sun-Sentinel (Fort Lauderdale, FL), January 15: “Obama's inaugural speech expected to unify, reassure” by William E. Gibson  
  “This president is going to get the biggest wave of celebration and coverage that any president has ever received when taking office, which should give him a lot more political clout,” said Richard Noyes, research director and political analyst at the Media Research Center in Alexandria, Va…., January 14: “AP Slammed 'Extravagant' Inaugural in '05...”
Linked to January 14 post by Rich Noyes

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, January 11: “Coulter v. The Counter-Coulters” column by MRC President Brent Bozell 

Washington Times, January 11 “Inside Politics Weekend” by Jennifer Harper: “Quotes of note” 
 “One sign the liberal news media live in a plastic Manhattan bubble is their undying ardor for the Kennedy Myth." - Brent Bozell, founder of the Media Research Center….

Human Events, January 7:  Coulter “Coulter v. The Counter-Coulters” column by MRC President Brent Bozell, January 6: “NBC ‘TODAY’ Replaces Banned/Bumped Ann Coulter with Rachel Maddow…”     
Links to January post from Geoff Dickens.

Human Events, January 6: “George W. Obama” by John McCaslin     
…Washington's Media Research Center observes that nearly two years after reporters derided President Bush's troop surge as “a folly” and “lost cause,” American troop deaths are at their lowest level since the Iraq war began in 2003. “So right on cue,” says the media watchdog, the New York Times reports that “ABC, CBS and NBC have all pulled their full-time reporters from Iraq…”

Washington Times, January 5 “Inside the Beltway” by John McCaslin: “Success By George”   
 …Washington's Media Research Center observes that nearly two years after reporters derided President Bush's troop surge as “a folly” and “lost cause,” American troop deaths are at their lowest level since the Iraq war began in 2003….

Jerusalem Post, January 2: “Roseanne Barr: Israel is a ‘Nazi state’” by Michael Freund  
…[Rosanne] Barr's comments were revealed by the Newsbusters Web site, which is a project of the conservative media watchdog group, the Media Research Center….

Washington Times, January 1 “Inside Politics” by Greg Pierce: “Camelot itch”
“The very same media which spent months dismissing former mayor and Gov. Sarah Palin as too inexperienced for national office is now championing a woman whose primary qualification - her only qualification - is her last name,” the Media Research Center's L. Brent Bozell writes at

Washington Times, January 1: “Hollywood’s best and worst” column by MRC President Brent Bozell

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American Spectator: “Profane Losers” posted on January 8 by Quin Hillyer\

New York Post, December 31 editorial, “HOIST ON THEIR OWN PETARD”

Augusta Chronicle (Georgia), December 29 editorial, “Sad, silly year for media: This was the year the media got a thrill running up their legs.”

Rocky Mountain News (Denver), December 26 column by Mike Rosen: “2008 liberal media awards”

Washington Times: “Media thriller,” December 26 “Inside Politics” by Greg Pierce  

American Spectator’s blog, December 23: “MRC's Notable Quotables,” by Robert Stacy McCain

World Net Daily, December 23: “And you call yourself an objective reporter? Media bias watchdog laughs at list of 2008’s worst quotes.”

American Thinker, December 23: “And the winner of the ‘Quote of the Year’ is...”, December 23-24: “MEDIA RESEARCH CENTER: The Best Notable Quotables of 2008...MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Wins ‘Quote of the Year.’” 

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