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What People Are Saying About the Media Research Center

Talk show hosts, authors, conservative politicians and even journalists have praised the MRC for its work in bringing fairness to the media. Click on the links below to read them.

Books citing the MRC

Read what media figures had to say about the MRC
Journalists | Radio Hosts | Conservative Leaders

Rush LimbaughRush Limbaugh 
"I don’t think there’s anybody, other than Brent Bozell, who spends more time giving examples of press bias than I do…"

"Brent Bozell and the MRC provide a most precious commodity - a quest for the truth. I can't possibly expose every example of bias and error that emanates from the national mainstream media, but Bozell and his group come as close as anyone can. MRC is a vital national interest."

"They are as diligent as they can be in uprooting and discovering examples - not just bias, but journalistic malpractice."

Ann Coulter
"If you want the facts, you go to Media Research Center."

Cal Thomas
"I don't know what I'd do without the Media Research Center...It's a tremendous resource for me."

Pat Sajak
“For Conservatives, MRC is Google, LexisNexis and YouTube all rolled into one.”

Edwin Meese
"It is critical that people support [The Media Research Center] efforts to maintain freedom of the airwaves."

Laura Ingraham
"[The liberal media] want to try to keep information from the people."


CNN's Robert NovakRobert D. Novak, CNN Crossfire Co-Host and Nationally Syndicated Columnist
"The MRC is the indispensable counter-punch to liberal reporting, providing timely, accurate, and balanced analyses of the most egregious examples of media bias."

FNC's Brit HumeBrit Hume, Fox News Channel
"American conservatives have complained for years that the news media and, in particular, the broadcast TV networks, consistently labeled conservative public figures as such, but rarely do so with liberals. Now the Conservative Media Research center has run some numbers to make that case.

Here's what the center says it found after reviewing the ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts from 1997 through 2001. Conservatives were so labeled 997 times, while the liberal label was applied only 247 times. That's an 80 percent to 20 percent differential, with the biggest gap between national political candidates, who the center says were labeled liberal only four times to conservatives, who were so identified 96 times."

Don Feder, Boston Herald columnist 
"Their research is first rate, meticulous, comprehensive and always on target. The Media Research Center provides necessary exposure of liberal bias in the Fourth Estate."

Rich Lowry, Editor, National Review
"Perhaps no conservative organization does work as important as the MRC does. It's an indefatigable watchdog, exposing the crudities, omissions, and inequities of our corrupt Fourth Estate."

Edward Capano, Publisher, National Review
"The Dishonors Awards ceremony was a sheer delight. After all these years of liberal media bias, the Media Research Center provided payback was great fun. And the evening was a grand tribute to MRC showcasing its incomparable value to the conservative movement."

Fred Barnes, Executive Editor, The Weekly Standard
"Nobody exposes inaccuracy, sensationalism, and liberal bias in the mainstream press like Brent Bozell and his media sleuths at the Media Research Center. Their work is heroic. It's not only indispensable to understanding the media, it's critical to preserving a free and independent press."

John Fund, Wall Street Journal Editorial Board Member
"Brent Bozell is an American patriot. I don't normally go out of my way to endorse groups, but I think his Media Research Center is one of the seminal institutions in American life today because where else can you go find out what they are saying on television and not have to waste the time to watch it." 

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Radio Hosts

Michael W. Rosen, KOA News Radio, Denver, CO 
"About once a week I spend a few minutes quoting from…Notable Quotables. My audience loves it. I've even heard from liberals who find it hard to believe some of these things have actually been said on the record. Keep up the great work. Your material not only documents the liberal bias in the media, it's entertaining."

Jim Eason, KGO Radio, San Francisco
"I use a lot of sources in preparing my show. One of my favorites is the Media Research Center. Their work frequently sparks heated discussion. And, although MRC sometimes hits close to home, I appreciate it. They keep us honest."

Mark Davis, WRC 980AM Talk Radio, Washington, D.C.
"Media Research Center publications provide me with extra eyes and ears. I hope the MRC is able to long continue its watch with the vigor and conscientiousness many of us in the talk show business have come to enjoy."

Howie Carr, WHDH Radio, Boston, MA
"I love Notable Quotables. Use it all the time."

Neal Boortz, WSB News Talk Radio
"We live in an age where irresponsible or inaccurate journalism has no consequences. So who cares except for you and me and the Media Research Center? Most people are too busy watching professional wrestling or griping about ATM fees to give a damn."

David Brudnoy, Talk Show Host and Television Commentator
"Without the MRC's vitally important work holding the media to account, I would be in serious deficit in terms of having the ammunition to do my job as well as I possibly can.... Any American interested in what are the realities of mass media in our country these days should profit enormously, as I have and daily do, from the MRC."

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Conservative Leaders

Honorable Todd Tiahrt (R-4th/Kansas)
"Those of us who appreciate honest and fair media coverage owe a great debt to Brent Bozell and his colleagues at the Media Research Center. Were it not for their important work, Fox News Channel would probably not exist, the liberal media would go largely unchallenged in distorting and creating the "news" and a great injustice would continue to be perpetrated on the American people."

Newt GingrichNewt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House 
"I would say that the MRC, and Brent Bozell, are remarkably important. There are days when their reports are a breath of fresh air. You almost think that you are losing your own sense of what’s going on because the biases around you and then when you have Brent reporting on just how bad the bias is, it sort of reassures you, you just keep doing what’s right for America and not allow the media to get you off stride or to get you off focus."

Steve ForbesSteve Forbes, President & CEO, Forbes Magazine
"Thomas Jefferson and all those who believe in a truly free, vibrant, diversely principled press would love the work being done by the MRC. Too often, American media covers stories and delivers opinions as if the reporters and editorial writers were simultaneously told to parrot a particular (and almost always liberal) line. The MRC is in the forefront of battling this smothering, monolithic culture. It plays a crucial, uniquely effective watchdog role in exposing media bias and partisanship. Conservatives should applaud - and financially support! - the splendid work being done by Brent Bozell and his intrepid, courageous colleagues."

Dr. William J. Bennett, Co-Director, Empower America
"The MRC is one of the most important organizations in the country. In the battle for our culture, the facts are on our side. And the MRC helps to provide conservatives around the country with the facts about politics, media bias, and popular culture. It is a group whose information is worth using, and it is a group worth supporting."

Judge Robert H. Bork
"May the day come when the media are shamed into more evenly balanced news and commentary. If so, Mr. Bozell and MRC will deserve a share of the credit and our deep felt gratitude."

Dr. Jerry FalwellDr. Jerry Falwell, Chancellor, Liberty University
"Media Research Center... is accurate, insightful and right on target."


Ward Connerly, Chairman, American Civil Rights Institute
"MRC keeps the liberal media accountable for...hypocrisy and defends those of us who otherwise would not get a fair hearing in the marketplace of ideas."

Stephen Moore, President, The Club for Growth
"The MRC is effective because it uses the media mavens’ own words against them.... As an economist... I’ve noticed in recent years that the media’s bias in covering economics is not quite as pronounced as it once was. Could this be the impact of the MRC? I believe it very well could."

Lucianne Goldberg, New York Literary Agent
"Your reports are without a doubt the most valuable resource on the web. I can't thank you enough for the hard work, the insight and for just being here. Please don't grow weary - we need you desperately."

Phyllis Schlafly, President, Eagle Forum
"MRC is the media watchdog we need to learn the truth about national issues."

Paul M. Weyrich, President, Free Congress Foundation
"MRC has long been known for its identification and documentation of liberal media bias....In doing so, MRC has performed an enormous public service for which the nation is deeply indebted to Brent Bozell and his talented staff.... You have my profound respect. You have my earnest congratulations. And you have my hope that you will redouble your efforts in the days to come."

John McLaughlin, Nationally Recognized Pollster and Strategist 
"The MRC is America's most effective watchdog to provide honesty and fairness in the media.... MRC is truly unique, because it is performing a service vital to the preservation of freedom and free speech in our American democracy."

Alfred S. Regnery, President, Regnery Publishing
"[T]he two greatest defenses that the conservative movement has are exposing the left wing press and training the best lawyers to fight the battles in the courts. The Media Research Center provides the first, uncompromisingly and tirelessly."


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