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Media Coverage of Supreme Court Nominee John Roberts
Check out the most up-to-date information and examples of liberal media bias in the coverage of the Senate hearings for Supreme Court nominee John Roberts -- and join in the discussion on the MRC blog, NewsBusters.org!



“The Reagans”
This page is a compilation of MRC’s commentary and activities on CBS’s planned mini-series “The Reagans.”

California Recall Page
California’s recall election, currently scheduled for October, promises to be the dominant political story of the late summer and early fall. This is a compilation of all MRC items about the election.

Promoting the Prescription Drug Entitlement
Over the past two months, the networks have passed off political activists as “typical” senior citizens in several prescription drug stories. At least one network has shown a penchant for interviewing the same expert over and over and, in a rather embarrassing mistake, CBS and ABC actually interviewed the same “victim.”



Howell Raines: Editor and Partisan
New York Times Executive Editor Howell Raines has consistently and aggressively promoted liberal policies throughout his career. Listed on this page are what others have said about the head man at the Times and a couple of comments from Raines himself.

War on Terrorism:  The Celebrity View
Many celebrities feel obligated to share their political opinions and the war on terrorism has been no exception. From novelist Norman Mailer’s rants about “what if the perpetrators were right” to singer Steve Earle’s soon-to-be released tribute to John Walker Lindh, the celebrity community has been a source of anti-American commentary since the war started. Here’s a selection of some of those comments.

Harken, Halliburton and Hype
Bankruptcies, corporate misdeeds and a tumbling stock market have led to another media overreaction. Big business is bad, the media have decided, and more government regulation is needed to tame the beast and protect the “little guy.” This simplistic spin has influenced almost every corporate corruption story since Independence Day.

Stephanopoulos: Lone Anchor of This Week
George Stephanopoulos will take over as the solo host of ABC's Sunday interview show This Week in the fall, ABC News President David Westin announced on June 18. Stephanopoulos's rise has been marked by numerous acts of bias.

Connie Chung: CNN's New Prime Time Star
Connie Chung Tonight will become part of CNN's prime time lineup on June 24. In anticipation of the new show, the MRC takes a look back at some of Chung's most outrageous incidents of liberal bias.

Carter Goes to Cuba
Former President Jimmy Carter recently completed a tour of Cuba that created a flurry of network coverage and provided viewers with a fleeting glimpse inside the island nation.

Bryant Gumbel Set to Retire
Check out videos of Gumbel at his most biased in "Top Ten Gumbel Stumbles" and read a staggering anthology of the liberal activist-anchor's personal bias masquerading as journalism.

Palestine Pete:  Jennings and the Palestinians
ABC's World News Tonight anchor Peter Jennings has demonstrated a pro-Palestinian, pro-Arab bias in Middle East coverage for years.





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