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Celebrities on Politics and War

Garofalo Mocks Fox News’ Intelligence
Actress/activist Janeane Garofalo delivered a rant against Fox News and claimed she’s not going to apologize to FNC’s Bill O’Reilly for anything.

Lauren Hutton Makes a Bizarre Political Statement
Former model and actress Lauren Hutton delivered a bizarre political rant during an interview about her cosmetic line on CBS’s Early Show. Hutton claimed there was a “ten and a half million square mile hole in the sky” and said “boys have great vision and they’re fun in bed.”

Actors Disagree With Moore’s Comments at Oscars
While in Washington, D.C. for the White House Correspondent Association’s dinner, Kelsey Grammer, Jason Priestley, Ron Silver and Robert Duvall all said they disagreed with Michael Moore’s anti-Bush rant at the Academy Awards. Hollywood activists should “keep their mouths shut,” Duvall added.

Maher's Learning Experience
The controversy over Sen. Rick Santorum's remarks on a Supreme Court case about consensual sex has provided a bit of an education for one liberal commentator. HBO's Bill Maher admitted that prior to the controversy he thought the right to privacy was granted in the Constitution.

Rick Schroder is Bush Supporter
Rick Shroder, the kid star who went on to roles in the Lonesome Dove mini-series and ABC’s NYPD Blue, told the Washington Post that he’s a support of President Bush. “He’s a fantastic guy, let me tell you that,” Schroder said. “I told him I wanted to help him get re-elected.”

Miller Defends Bush with Shot at Clinton
During a segment on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, liberal author/professor Michael Eric Dyson claimed the war in Iraq was a matter of Christianity versus Islam because President Bush “bows his head and prays to God.” Actor/comedian Dennis Miller fired back with this zinger: “At least he’s not bowing his head to watch an intern…” Click on the link see how Miller finished the sentence. Warning: the passage contains slang terms for sexual acts.

Sarandon’s Special Information
In an appearance on CBS’s Early Show, actress Susan Sarandon claimed to possess information the public doesn’t and cited the example of veterans’ benefits. According to Sarandon, the benefits will be cut by “two hundred and some billions of dollars” over the next ten years. A quick check of federal budget numbers proved that her claim was ludicrous.

ABC’s New McCarthyism
ABC News has ignored the vicious anti-war rants of left-wing celebrities. But when actor Tim Robbins complained about being "punished" for his unpopular views, Peter Jennings and company dedicated an entire segment to it and even compared a few “disinvites” to McCarthy-era “blacklists.”

Robbins Whines About Hall of Fame Dis-Invite
The Baseball Hall of Fame told Tim Robbins he was un-invited to a special event celebrating the movie “Bull Durham.” Robbins was unhappy and said during a Today appearance that claimed people were being silenced. One thing’s for sure, Robbins hasn’t been. In addition to a lengthy interview on Today, the actor appeared at the National Press Club on Tuesday.

Newsweek and FNC Note Garofalo’s Promise
The MRC made note of actress Janeane Garofalo’s promise to apologize to the White House “on my knees on cut glass” if Iraqis celebrated liberation and weapons of mass destruction were found. Now Newsweek and Fox News are wondering when the apology will occur.

Huffington Compares Statue Toppling to American Idol
We’re not kidding. Besides the senseless analogy – there was even more to it than the headline describes -- Huffington also berated host Bill Maher for suggesting that those opposed to the war now “enjoy” moment of Iraqi freedom.

90210 Star Supports Bush
Shannon Doherty extolled her love for Donald Rumsfeld, said she’s “a big supporter of George Bush” and admitted that she keeps a picture of herself and Ari Fleischer on her fridge.

Dennis Miller Backs the President on Today
Comedian Dennis Miller appeared on Today and told viewers he was a big fan of President Bush. Miller also made several French jokes and said he was like Bush in that he “saw the world more like checkers than chess.”

That’s Really Gonna Hurt!
On FNC's The O'Reilly Factor in early March, actress Janeane Garofalo said she would "go to the White House on my knees on cut glass" if Iraqis welcomed U.S. forces and weapons of mass destruction were found. Well...

Miller Slams Protesters, Arnett and the Dixie Chicks
After voicing his pride in the American military, comedian Dennis Miller slammed anti-war protesters, journalists and celebrities during his appearance on NBC's Tonight Show with Jay Leno. “Surprisingly,” Miller said in reference to the Dixie Chicks, “making fun of the President on foreign land in a time of war doesn't seem to play with the NASCAR crowd.”

Dennis Franz Backs The Troops
Vietnam veteran and NYPD Blue star Dennis Franz told the syndicated program Extra that he supports the war. “I think we’re doing the right thing,” he said. Franz also urged Americans to get behind the troops. “They are defending our country. Thank God we have people in this world that are willing to do it.”

Fans Walk Out on Pearl Jam’s Anti-Bush Rant
The Rocky Mountain News reported that dozens of incensed fans walked out of a Pearl Jam concert after the group’s lead singer impaled a mask of President Bush on a microphone stand and slammed it to the stage.

Garofalo Denounces War, Claims Radio Hosts Make Stuff Up
Appearing with Janeane Garofalo on an HBO show, radio host Michael Graham mentioned an anti-war sign that proclaimed “We Support Our Troops When They Shoot Their Officers.” This set Garofalo off. She flew into a rage and claimed “right wing” radio hosts “make s*** up all the time.” Garofalo also added that attacks on the Dixie Chicks were a good way “for really stupid people to hook up.”

CBS Corrects Moore’s Post-Academy Awards Rant
Filmmaker Michael Moore obnoxiously and falsely claimed “a majority of Americans oppose what Bush stands for.” “Not according to the latest CBS News/New York Times poll,” Sandra Hughes reported.

Fund: Moore's Movie Full of Inaccuracies and Distortions
Left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore's documentary Bowling for Columbine is up for an Academy Award. According to OpinionJournal.com's John Fund, the movie has so many misrepresentations, distortions and inaccuracies that it should be considered a work of fiction.

Paltrow Questions Motives Behind War
Gwyneth Paltrow told ABC’s Richard Gizbert that anti-Americanism was rife in Britain and that some were calling British Prime Minister the “Vice President.” She also questioned “the war and the motives behind it.”

Hollywood Stars Aren’t Anti-War, Just Anti-Bush
The Wall Street Journal’s John Fund wrote a piece for OpinionJournal.com that documented how Hollywood liberals were silent when President Clinton, without U.N. approval, bombed Kosovo, Afghanistan and Sudan.

Glover: Patriotism and Nationalism Are “Barriers” to “Detain” and “Quiet”
Danny Glover accepted an NAACP award and asserted: “How we assume our responsibility as concerned, informed citizens, to question, [to] dissent, to speak truth in times when fear and the call to nationalism and patriotism are used as barriers to quiet us and detain us will determine how we [are] remembered.”

A New Blacklist?
Here's more proof that celebrities and the so-called "journalists" that cover them are out of touch with reality. Access Hollywood's Pat O'Brien ran a story suggesting anti-war celebrities might be "blacklisted" in Hollywood because of their views. The segment included a comment from actor Peter Boyle, who claimed he wasn't making any anti-war statements because he was "afraid of Bush."

Lange Resents Being Labeled Anti-American
Jessica Lange got a sympathetic ear from guest Late Show host Whoopi Goldberg as she complained some more. “The thing I resent most,” said the woman who claimed last fall to be embarrassed and humiliated to be an American, “is…some kind of equation between being anti-war and anti-American.”

Grammer and Vaugh Support Iraq Policy
Not all Hollywood celebrities are embarrassed by the U.S. policy toward Iraq. Kelsey Grammer professed support and Vince Vaughn asked British critics of America what they thought of the Marshall Plan.

O’Reilly to Garofalo: People Are Going to Think You’re a Loon
On The Pulse, Bill O’Reilly confronted actress Janeane Garofalo about her remarks that George Bush is a bigger threat to world peace than Saddam Hussein. “Equal in a different way,” she said.

Maher Claims Rather Was Too Soft on Hussein
Anti-Bush comedian Bill Maher even thought Dan Rather was too easy on Saddam Hussein, wondering if it was proper “to be throwing softball questions to the guy who the President says is a liar.”

Thompson Versus Sheen
U.S. Senator-turned-actor Fred Thompson appeared in Citizens United ads last week in support of President Bush’s Iraq policies and opposite “peace” activist Mike Farrell on Meet the Press. Meanwhile, Sheen, an actor who plays the President on a TV show, was hitting softballs from CNN and garnering more free publicity for his anti-war advertisement.

Miller Offers His Thoughts on Protesters and Saddam
Comedian Dennis Miller appeared on the NBC Tonight Show and provided this unique look at “peace” protesters: “If you’re in a peace march and the guy next to you has a sign saying that ‘Bush is Hitler,’ forget the peace thing for a second and beat his ass.”

Garofalo, on TV Again, Has Running Argument With Fox Anchor
Anti-liberation of Iraq activist Jeneane Garofalo appeared on Fox & Friends and got a surprise; a combative, eight-minute interview from co-anchor Brian Kilmeade.

Kid Rock Has A Different Take
Kid Rock, the hip-hop/country/Southern Rock singer, differs with most musicians on Iraq. “We ought to kill that mother [bleeper], Saddam,” the Kid told the New York Daily News, although he does think musicians should stay out of politics.

Garofalo Gets on Fox News Sunday
A few weeks ago, actress and “peace” activist Janeane Garofalo was complaining about not being taken seriously. Then she started popping up every time a TV set was turned on. On February 24, she was on Fox News Sunday with Tony Snow.

Maher Stands Up for the French
Finally somebody came to the defense of the French. “No more whining about the French,” comedian Bill Maher said. “At least they’re standing up to the Bush administration, which is more than I can say for the Democrats!”

The Voice of CNN Is For “Finishing” Iraq
Actor James Earl Jones, the voice of both CNN and Darth Vader, is not a typical anti-war celebrity. Jones told a group of North Carolina college students “that we should have finished that war the first time.”

Actress: Hussein and Bush Threaten Peace
To a Hollywood celebrity, President Bush is as big a threat to peace as Iraq's dictator. Actress Janeane Garofalo claimed both men were “very threatening to world peace” and added that anyone who didn't believe her was “incredibly naive.”

Jamie Lee Curtis Rages Against Bush 
Actress Jamie Lee Curtis launched an anti-Bush tirade during an appearance on The View. When host Meredith Vieira passed along President Bush’s statement that he would not make policy based on “focus groups,” Curtis exploded. “That was millions of people!…That was millions of the people he’s supposed to serve!”

That’s a Question?
Actress Susan Sarandon appeared on CNN’s American Morning and got this tough question: “Why, as an American citizen, do you think it’s important to stand out and step up now?”

Turner Claims New Civil War Movie is “Anti-War”
Ted Turner claimed Gods and Generals was an anti-war movie with a message: good guys get killed in wars. Turner also suggested that because there is the power “to destroy the human race…we’re gonna have to learn to negotiate.”

Queen Latifah Claims “Cold War Thing” Was a Ruse
Actress Queen Latifah told the ladies on The View that she didn’t know what to believe. I remember when I was a kid, you know, this whole Cold War thing. They had us scared of the Russians. 'The Russians, the Russians, the Russians.' So it’s almost like what’s real and what’s not?”

Too Much Miller Time for Donahue
Pro-Bush comedian Dennis Miller slammed several of Phil Donahue's liberal claims and wondered why the talk show host insisted on claiming the U.S. would kill innocents in a war with Iraq. "Do you think that's our intention, to go over and seek out the innocent people?" Miller asked.

Danny Glover Calls Bush Racist
Actor Danny Glover told a Brazilian magazine that President Bush was trying to “eliminate everything Americans had accomplished so far in matters of race and equality.”

Ron Silver Takes Up for Bush, Slams Europeans
Ron Silver recently took the head of the European Parliament to task for the continent’s anti-American attitude and discussed the episode with FNC’s Beltway Boys. European criticisms, Silver said, are “logically incoherent.”

Ted Turner Talks About War and Lectures Us All on Sharing
AOL Time Warner Vice Chairman Ted Turner claimed an Iraq war would be like dropping a nuke to get a sniper. The billionaire founder of CNN also claimed poverty was the problem behind terrorism and trying to “build a better world” was his number one priority.

Gere Goes to Berlin, Claims Bush Is Hiding Something
Actor Richard Gere told reporters in Germany that he was having “feelings” about the attempt to get rid of Saddam Hussein. “I have a feeling something is at work here that will someday see the light of day,” he said.

Dustin Hoffman Slams Bush
In keeping with recent tradition, Dustin Hoffman went abroad and slammed the Bush administration, claiming it was “manipulating the grief of the country.” Hoffman also showed he had paid attention in political science class, claiming the Iraq war was about “hegemony” as well as oil, power and money.

Dennis Miller on Hardball
The comedian appeared on MSNBC’s Hardball and defended his beliefs for Chris Matthews. The comedian stands behind Bush’s Iraq policy and started moving away from the Democratic Party because of their stand on school vouchers.

Dennis Miller Slams The French…and Others
Comedian Dennis Miller took shots at the French, the ACLU and Sean Penn in an appearance on NBC’s Tonight Show.

Not Being Taken Seriously...No Kidding!
Actress and "peace" activist Janeane Garofalo complained that she was not being taken seriously by the news media. She then went on to claim that George W. Bush's pro-life stance was "glaringly hypocritical" because of his Iraq policy. 

Ed Harris Claims Bush is not “A Man”
In a sanctimonious, childish display at a NARAL Pro Choice America banquet, actor Ed Harris denigrated Bush’s manhood. “He knows how to shoot a gun and drive to drive a pickup truck, etcetera like that. That’s not the definition of a man, God [expletive],” the actor shouted.

Clooney Claims the Government “Is Running Exactly Like the Sopranos”
More deep thoughts from Hollywood. George Clooney appeared on Charlie Rose – isn’t that supposed to be a “serious” show – and claimed “We’re picking on people we can beat, you know, and we’re saying, okay, we’ll go get them.”

Sheryl Crow Says War Disturbs Karma, Is Not The Answer
Sheryl Crow provided some incoherent opinions on war and peace at the American Music Awards. War is never the answer and there are "huge karmic retributions" Crow told AP. "The best way to solve problems is to not have enemies," she added.

Lange & Hopkins Drool Over Carter
Jessica Lange and Anthony Hopkins gave fawning tributes to former President Jimmy Carter during the 2002 Nobel Peace Prize Concert from Oslo, Norway. The filmed event was shown on A&E on January 10.

Clooney Calls Bush "Dim," Thinks Cuomo Should be President
According to the New York Post's Page Six feature, actor George Clooney put his political views on full display in a recent interview with GQ. The country needs a leader, not a manager, and President Bush doesn't fit the bill, Clooney claimed.

Asner Claims U.S. Has No "Moral Authority"
Left-wing actor Ed Asner disparaged President Bush and suggested Iraq posed no nuclear threat. "They'd have to borrow atomic bombs from Israel," Asner bellowed. The U.S. policy also lacked moral authority and contained "a strong streak of racism," he added.

George Clooney's Short Memory
A recent MSNBC web story picked up comments George Clooney made to a British newspaper last January. The former star of NBC's ER compared America's post 9-11 actions to WWII and told London's Observer "it was a lot clearer then. We were attacked."

New Primetime Show Will Feature Liberal Senator
New NBC drama about a liberal U.S. Senator and his staff promises to follow in the steps of The West Wing. The "models" for the two stars of the series are Paul Wellstone and Nancy Pelosi.
The actor who will be playing the senator is Barbra Streisand's stepson, Josh Brolin.

Bill Maher is Depressed by How Little Bush is Doing to Fight Terrorism
The former host of ABC's Politically Incorrect told CNN's Larry King that he found President Bush's popularity to be depressing. "He has really done so little to fight terrorism," Maher whined.

Dennis Miller Praises Bush
Comedian/actor Dennis Miller told Jay Leno that President Bush was "a decent guy" who made him "proud to be an American again." Miller praised Bush's anti-terrorism efforts and favored attacking Iraq.

Country Performer Needles Peter Jennings
Country singer Vince Gill introduced Peter Jennings nemesis Toby Keith at the November 7 Country Music Association awards cermony. Gill claimed he had asked Jennings to come to Nashville and introduce Keith. "He didn't come. He's afraid he's gonna get one of them boots up the ass is what happened," Gill said.

Jessica Lange Campaigns for Mondale
Fresh from her anti-American rant in Spain, actress Jessica Lange campaigned for Walter Mondale in Minnesota and shared the stage with the liberal Democrat on at least one occasion.

Babs Claims Wellstone Crash Was "No Accident"
Singer and Democratic activist Barbra Streisand "is privately saying that Senator Paul Wellstone's plane crash was 'no accident.'" According to a story in the Nov. 4 New York Post, the singer also claimed Republican victory in the Nov. 5 election would be "devastating" for reproductive choice, the environment and civil liberties.
Streisand Denies "No Accident" Comment

Maher Condemns U.S. and Praises Smaller Cars
In an appearance on Larry King Live, the former host of ABC's Politically Incorrect rejected the notion that the United States is basically good. "Not for the rest of the world," the comic said. Maher also suggested that President Bush is focusing on Iraq to avoid the economy and said Americans can fight terrorism by buying hyrid cars.

Business and al-Qaeda Are Just Alike!
Actress Susan Saradon shared her wisdom with some left-wing friends at the October 26 anti-Bush/Iraq war protest on the National Mall. She first claimed "terrrorism has never successfully been fought this way" and later asserted that Bush had "hijacked our pain, our loss, our fear."

Right Back At Ya: McCain Slams Babs on SNL
Saturday Night Live's studio audience broke into applause when Sen. John McCain zinged Barbra Streisand . "Do I know how to sing?" the Arizona Republican asked. "About as well as she knows how to govern America." McCain then sang part of a Streisand song and took another swipe. "Pretty annoying, huh? Now you know how I feel."

Kevin Spacey: Dems Believe "They Can Truly Help People"
CNN's Lou Dobbs interviewed actor Kevin Spacey on the October 18 Moneyline. Spacey, a contributor to Barbra Streisand's late September fundraiser for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, claimed Democrats want to help people and "govern through evidence." Republicans, according to Spacey, "govern through ideology and power." 

Sean Penn Pays to Criticize Bush
Actor Sean Penn spent $56,000 last week to proclaim his displeasure with President Bush. In an ad that covered three-quarters of page A8 in the October 18 Washington Post, Penn accused Bush of violating the country's defining principles and "deconstructing" civil liberties. The actor also urged the President "to listen to Gershwin, read chapters of Stegner, of Saroyan, the speeches of Martin Luther King."

Woody Harrelson Claims Iraq Policy is Racist
Saddam Hussein bears no responsibility for Iraq's people, according to the former "Cheers" star. Harrelson also claimed President Bush stole the White House and that the Bush administration is eager to make "perpetual war" on non-white countries. The actor also took former President Clinton to task for "allowing the deaths of thousands of innocent people."

Jessica Lange, America-Hater!
Lange told an audience at Spain’s San Sebastian Film Festival that “I hate George W. Bush” and “I despise” his administration. She also said it was an “embarrassing” time to be from the United States. Also includes comments from ABC’s Barbara Walters, who took Lange to task for her comments. “This is still the greatest country in the world, whether you like the President and agree with him or you don't. It's the wrong place to do it.” 

Not in Our Name!
Ed Asner, Susan Sarandon, Jane Fonda, Ossie Davis, Oliver Stone, Danny Glover, Marisa Tomei and a few leftist playwrights, authors and singers ran a full-page ad in the New York Times to promote “Not in Our Name,” a petition that begged President Bush to stop the war on terrorism, calling it “unjust, immoral, and illegitimate.”

Asner Claims Bush is “Desecrating” America
Ed Asner, the left-wing actor who became famous for playing the role of Lou Grant on the 1970s comedy The Mary Tyler Moore Show, appeared on FNC’s The O’Reilly Factor and claimed “George Bush’s actions are desecrating the America I grew up in. He is making us an imperialist government.”

Barbra Streisand Helps Dems Raise $6 Million 
Surrounded by Hollywood stars and Democratic politicians, Streisand sang a semi-clever parody of “The Way We Were,” called Bush, Cheney and Ashcroft crazy, and said she would do “practically anything” to help the Democrats win the House of Representatives in the upcoming election. 

Good Thing She Can Sing Because She Sure Can’t Spell! 
Streisand sent an urgent memo to House Minority Leader Dick “Gebhardt” that encouraged Democrats to “go on the offensive” against President Bush and his Iraq policy.

Deep Thoughts from the Shawshank Redemption Guy
Actor Tim Robbins asserted that President Bush wants to attack Iraq to “change the subject from Cheney and Halliburton” and to keep control of the House. 

The West Wing: Democratic Propaganda in Prime Time
Martin Sheen told PBS interviewer Charlie Rose that President Bartlet – the part Sheen plays on The West Wing – was a combination of Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter and John F. Kennedy.

The West Wing launched its season with a liberal rant as President Bartlet begins his fictional reelection campaign. His opponent is a Republican governor from the South who’s in cahoots with Big Oil.

Steve Earle (Who?) Sings About John Walker Lindh and Gets on TV! 
Alternative country singer Steve Earle – a sales-challenged singer for the last decade – has recorded a tribute to American Taliban John Walker Lindh and it has led to his appearance on network news shows. Twice!

Richard Dreyfuss Fears for the Constitution
Actor Richard Dreyfuss appeared on Fox News Channel and criticized conservatives for “giving Bush power that simply doesn’t exist in the Constitution.” Dreyfuss also praised Barbra Streisand and Al Gore and found fault with Democrats for not speaking out against the Iraq policy more often and earlier.

Harry Belafonte Blasts Colin Powell
Singer Harry Belafonte called Secretary of State Colin Powell a “house slave” in a San Diego radio interview. The singer also accused Attorney General John Ashcroft of using McCarthy-era tactics.

Hollywood Heresy: Barbra’s Not God!
Everybody Loves Raymond co-star Patricia Heaton talks about being pro-life and conservative in Hollywood on FNC’s The O’Reilly Factor. The Emmy-award winning actress defended both her faith and her beliefs, telling host Bill O’Reilly: “As a Christian, it will not be Barbra Streisand I'm standing in front of when I have to make an accounting of my life.”

The Rest of Us Think It’s Ridiculous!
James Woods blasted liberal critics of former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and criticized feminists and Hillary Clinton.




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