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Read Op-Ed pieces written by the MRC staff as they've appeared in newspapers and magazines including the Wall Street Journal, Investor's Business Daily and National Review.

September 10
20 Years of Bias: Network anchors are captains whose ships list left.
Wall Street Journal


July Issue
Silence on Welfare Reform
The World and I

May 31
From the Same School: Brian Williams is more liberal anchoring from NBC
National Review


August 24 
Network TV Hates Helms
Charlotte Observer

May 21
The Big Polluters: CBS, NBC and ABC
Investor's Business Daily

March 30 
Polls? What Polls?
New York Post


December 05
Please Recuse Me...A fantasy.
National Review Online

December 02
Results-Oriented Journalism: Distinguished or narrow-minded?
National Review Online

November 30 
NBCís Titanic Mistake: It wasnít Heidi this time
National Review Online

November 25 
Margaretís Flagrant Foul, Feminists find an enemy in the Endless Election
National Review Online

November 22 
Call It Viewsweek: A thinly disguised sample of The New Republic with pictures
National Review Online

November 20
TV News in Deep Gumbo: Billy Tauzin takes on the media 
National Review Online

November 17 
The Woodstein Myth Is Dead: Corruption is king 
National Review Online

November 16 
Imagine This Alternative Media: Another "what if." 
National Review Online

November 14 
Goreís Happy Handmaidens: Anything but objective 
National Review Online

November 10
How Election Night Became a Sit-Com 
Human Events Online

November 08 
TVís Fright Night: The media love it 
National Review Online

November 06 
Turn out the Lights: Goreís breaking media hearts 
National Review Online

November 05 
Too Kind to Kin: The double standard in using politiciansí kids 
National Review Online

November 04
Barbraís Bust: Lining up behind the Democrats 
National Review Online

November 01
Zero on Zinc: The mining double standard 
National Review Online

October 30
No Surprise: Media Ignore Goregate 
Human Events

March 15
The LaBella Memo: Not Ready For Prime Time? 
The Wall Street Journal

February 25 
Look for the liberal label 

February 19 
Media loves McCain 


August 23
Bush talks, Clinton walks 
The Washington Times

August 06
Kennedy Overkill -- John John Was No 'Sun God,' Chappaquiddick Was a Kopechne Tragedy 
Human Events

July 20
MRC's Tim Graham Testified Before House Committee About PBS List Sharing Controversy 
Congressional testimony

June 4
Chairman Bozell's Speech: The Role of the Media in America 
Hampden-Sydney Summer Alumni College

May 19
Darth Vader vs. Johnny Chung 
The Washington Times


August 20
How About a Media Culpa? 
The Wall Street Journal

June 9
MRC Analysts Reveal that Real Network News is Dead 
National Review Feature Article

May 15
The Rise of the 'Clinton Haters' 
Investor's Business Daily

January 26
Now They Decide to Cover a Scandal 
Investor's Business Daily


June 4
Media 'Revolving Door' Spins Faster for Liberals 
The Wall Street Journal



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