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ABC, CBS, and NBC...

Why are you not reporting



Open Letter to ABC, CBS, and NBC

If the Fox News Channel and the nation’s most prestigious newspapers – the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post, and the Washington Times – can report story after story over the past year about important dates, facts, people, hearings, testimonies, documents, evidence, and events involved in the Chinese espionage case... Why can’t you? Why are you ignoring what is one of the most serious and frightening news events this country has faced in decades?

The Media Research Center has been monitoring and documenting your absolutely horrendous record for reporting the story to the American people in your evening and morning news shows. On mornings when newspapers delivered major espionage revelations, your networks dedicated more coverage to beavers chewing down trees at the Jefferson Memorial, the latest weight loss pill, and celebration tips for New Year’s Eve 1999.

On March 8, 1999, referring to the New York Times article first disclosing Chinese espionage, NBC’s own Washington Bureau Chief Tim Russert told MSNBC’s John Hockenberry: "I said, ‘This is dead serious. Why aren’t people reacting to it?’ Front page of the New York Times on Saturday. I assumed by Sunday the country would be aghast by it and talking about it..."

"Why?" he asks. It’s because most Americans still don’t even know about the espionage. More than half of them get their news from TELEVISION – and ABC, CBS, and NBC aren’t reporting it like they should – like they would, were it any other Administration. Stop your bias. Report the real news!


L. Brent Bozell III, Chairman
Media Research Center


Stumped for ideas on what your network should be covering?

Try these reports which have been surfacing since
LAST YEAR – March 1998!

ABC, CBS, and NBC have reported NEXT TO NOTHING on these bombshells.

  • Former Democratic fundraiser Johnny Chung told federal investigators that the chief of China’s military intelligence secretly directed funds from Beijing to help re-elect President Clinton in 1996. (4/4/99 – LA Times)
  • During Clinton’s first term, virtually every nuclear weapon in the United States arsenal was compromised – suspected spy Wen Ho Lee "improperly transferred huge amounts of secret data." (4/28/99 – NY Times)
  • Clinton’s claim that spying only took place in the 1980s, before his election, was false. (4/28/99 – NY Times)
  • Clinton quietly approved the Loral Corporation’s export to China of missile technology while a federal grand jury was still investigating the company. Loral’s Chairman Bernard Schwartz was the largest individual contributor to the Democratic National Committee in 1996. (4/4/98 – NY Times) [Winner of a Pulitzer Prize for national reporting but the networks still ignored the story for six weeks.]
  • A White House document contradicted recent statements by Clinton officials "defending satellite export policies and claiming they were following procedures set by the Bush Administration." (6/15/98 – Washington Times)
  • "A secret report to top Clinton administration officials last November warned that China posed an ‘acute intelligence threat’ to the government’s nuclear weapons laboratories and that computer systems at the labs were being constantly penetrated by outsiders." (5/2/99 – NY Times)
  • Officials inside China's intelligence service were boasting that they had just stolen secrets from the U.S. and had used them to improve Beijing's neutron bomb. (4/8/99 – NY Times)
  • Out of the 2,686 wiretaps that federal officials requested from 1993 to 1997, the Justice Department only turned down one — for suspected spy Wen Ho Lee in 1996. (3/31/99 – Investor’s Business Daily)
  • When a suspected hit squad of Chinese visitors arrived in California, more than 40 FBI agents were assigned to guard key witness and former Democratic fundraiser Johnny Chung. (4/4/99 – LA Times)
  • Energy Secretary Bill Richardson admitted "a serious security breach that is unconscionable" and that Lee "may have made available to China far more sensitive information than previously imagined." (4/29/99 Washington Post)
  • Clinton loosened the Bush export-control policy by approving deals with China to launch U.S.-made satellites, despite evidence that China had sold ballistic missile parts to Pakistan. (6/11/98 – Washington Post)
  • When Americans finally reached a rocket crash sit that China had barred them from, a supersecret encoded circuit board was missing from the "battered but intact control box of the satellite." (6/24/98 – NY Times)



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