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Olbermann Uses Franken to Hammer Fox News
Al Franken, NBC’s favorite author, appeared on Keith Olbermann’s MSNBC program to discuss his book and politics. The outrageous Franken was upstaged by Olbermann, who attacked the Fox network as McCarthyites and demagogues.
(CyberAlert, September 3)

Today Promotes Franken’s Book Twice in a Week
Today co-host Matt Lauer interviewed “satirist” Al Franken about his book on “lying” conservatives. It was Franken’s second appearance on the morning show in the last week. The highlight was Franken admitting he had lied and improperly used Harvard University stationery.
(CyberAlert, August 27)

Sheen Defends Davis, Suggests Reiner is Only Actor Qualified to be Governor
Actor and left-wing activist Martin Sheen appeared on CBS’s The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn and denounced California’s recall election as a “Republican grab for power.” Sheen also said that Rob Reiner was “the only qualified guy in our profession to go into politics.”
(CyberAlert, August 27)

Baldwin, Fisher and Shepherd Blast Schwarzenegger
Fellow thespians Carrie Fisher, Cybil Shepherd and Alec Baldwin won’t be voting for Arnold Schwarzenegger in the California recall election. Fisher told Inside Edition that because of the recall race, she would rather “live in England.” Shepherd claimed Schwarzenegger didn’t care about the poor while Baldwin suggested the recall was part of pattern of Republican “electoral nullification.”
(CyberAlert, August 22)

Garofalo Calls Bush Administration the “43rd Reich”
Radical actress Janeane Garofalo attacked President Bush often during her week as a guest host on CNN’s Crossfire. Her looniest attacks came when she compared the Bush administration to Adolf Hitler’s regime.
(CyberAlert, August 21)

Garofalo Calls U.S. Troops “Occupiers” and “Trespassers”
Actress Janeane Garofalo hosted CNN’s Crossfire for a week. On the first day, the radical actress called Iraqi saboteurs the “anti-occupation resistance” and blamed President Bush for the power blackout that occurred in the Northeastern U.S. and Canada.
(CyberAlert, August 19)

Curtis Backs Schwarzenegger
Jamie Lee Curtis, a former co-star with Arnold Schwarzenegger, backed the actor’s bid for California governor. The former bodybuilder pretends he’s a Republican, Curtis told ABC’s Diane Sawyer, but he’s really “a social Democrat.”
(CyberAlert, August 7)

Fox News Channel Annoys Alec Baldwin
Actor Alec Baldwin appeared on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher and charged that “if 9-11 had happened on Clinton’s watch” that Fox News Channel would have had a banner at the bottom of the screen noting how many days Osama bin Laden had been at large. Baldwin, according to a Washington Post story, has also donated money to Howard Dean’s presidential campaign.
(CyberAlert, August 4)

SNL Star Slams New York Times
Guest host Jimmy Fallon got a laugh at the expense of the New York Times on The Late Show audience. “How many of you have seen Weekend Update?” the comedian asked. “That’s the segment on Saturday Night Live where we make up stuff about what’s happening in the news. No, wait, I’m sorry. That’s the New York Times.”
(CyberAlert, July 1)

Leno Mocks Gore, Grammer Zings Jennings
Jay Leno mocked Al Gore’s notion that liberals don’t have any media outlets and Frasier star Kelsey Grammer got a laugh at the expense of ABC anchor Peter Jennings.
(CyberAlert, June 25)

Penn Complains About Bush Carrier Landing
In the last installment of Penn’s Pugnacity of the Day, the actor criticizes President Bush’s carrier landing. “Tom Cruise was fine by me,” the actor claimed.
(CyberAlert, June 20)

NBC’s Frasier a “Pro-Bush” Guy
Actor Kelsey Grammer, star of NBC’s situation comedy Frasier, told FNC’s Fox & Friends that President Bush had a “clear message” and “real courage.” Grammer dismissed investigations into pre-war WMD intelligence as politically motivated.
(CyberAlert, June 19)

Penn: Flag is a “Haunting Banner of Murder”
In the ninth installment of Penn’s Pugnacity of the Day, the actor claimed “flag that took me so long to love, respect, and protect, threatens to become a haunting banner of murder, greed and treason…”
(CyberAlert, June 19)

Penn: War Democrats Obscenely Betrayed Their Constituencies
Surprise, surprise. The only politicians Sean Penn liked were those left-wingers opposed to the war in Iraq…Barbara Lee, Dennis Kucinich, Robert Byrd and Ted Kennedy.
(CyberAlert, June 17)

Cusack Upset Because Michael Moore Supported Nader
Actor John Cusack is upset with left-wing documentary-maker Michael Moore. Why? Moore supported Ralph Nader in the last election and Cusack believes it cost Democrat Al Gore the election.
(CyberAlert, June 16)

Penn: “bin Laden’s Agenda Furthered by Our Fear”
The seventh installment of “Penn’s Pugnacity of the Day.” The latest excerpt from Penn’s nonsensical rant focuses, sort of, on the war in Iraq. 
(CyberAlert, June 16)

Penn: Iraqis Like Us for our Food
In the sixth installment of “Penn’s Pugnacity of the Day,” the actor accused Secretary of State Colin Powell of lying and downplayed the idea that Iraqis might be happy to be liberated from Hussein, claiming they just wanted food. “True poverty will bring the best of us to our knees,” he wrote.
(CyberAlert, June 12)

Penn: Regime Change “Significantly” Benefited U.S. Corporations
The fifth installment of “Penn’s Pugnacity of the Day.” In this section, the actor claimed the war benefited American corporations. Also wrote this baffling line about collateral damage: “This is a term where proportionality of loss is taken from the people who have lost, and given to marketing executives.”
(CyberAlert, June 11)

Penn Claims “Editorial Staffs” Thwarted War Correspondents
The fourth installment of “Penn’s Pugnacity of the Day.” The actor regaled readers with details of his trips to Baghdad and his meetings with Tariq Azis, reporters, U.N. officials and others. Also claims “editorial staffs” and networks derailed attempts by war correspondents to “bring deeper understanding to the American public.”
(CyberAlert, June 10)

Penn: Searching for a Taste
In “Penn’s Pugnacity of the Day,” the actor begins to recount his trip to Iraq and his search for “a taste, a smell, a piece of truth.”
(CyberAlert, June 6)

Feeling the “Pain of Dissent”
The second in CyberAlert’s daily Sean Penn installment that highlights sections of his 4,000-word paid ad in the New York Times. In this “Penn Pugnacity of the Day,” the actor complained of the “pain of dissent” he felt in the fall of 2002 after the Washington Post ran a letter he wrote to President Bush.
(CyberAlert, June 5)

Penn Buys NY Times Ad to Criticize War, Bush 
Actor Sean Penn is one man that puts his money where his mouth is. The actor bought a full-page ad in the New York Times and filled it with a 4,000-word rant on life, war and President Bush.
(CyberAlert, June 4)

More Proof That Liberalism is Entrenched in Hollywood
Two recent celebrity appearances reinforced the notion that Hollywood is liberal to the core. Actor John Spencer told The View that he didn’t want his show, The West Wing, becoming more conservative while on CNN’s Reliable Sources, producer Lawrence O’Donnell said “the writers guild of America, my union, is at a minimum, 99 percent leftist liberal.”
(CyberAlert, May 29)

Scientology Made Her Do It
Talk about your one-issue voters. Actress Kirstie Alley voted for George W. Bush in the 2000 election because Al Gore’s wife once took medication for depression. Alley is a member of the Church of Scientology-supported Citizens Commission on Human Rights which is “unalterably” opposed to psychiatric medications of any kind.
(CyberAlert, May 27)

Lange Attacks Bush…Again
Actress Jessica Lange criticized the Bush administration once again, this time in a commencement speech at Marlboro College in Vermont. Lange likened Iraq to the bombing of Vietnam and claimed the President’s judicial appointments were eroding women’s rights.
(CyberAlert, May 19)

Moore: Bush Knows Where bin Laden is Located
Left-wing movie producer Michael Moore told HBO interviewer Bob Costas that the Bush administration “absolutely” knows where Osama bin Laden is located. The administration doesn’t go after him, Moore claimed, “because he’s funded by their friends in Saudi Arabia.”
(CyberAlert, May 12)

Miller Blasts Byrd
Dennis Miller appeared on FNC’s Hannity & Colmes and blasted Sen. Robert Byrd (D-WV) for criticizing President Bush’s carrier landing.
(CyberAlert, May 9)

Miller Slams Bush Critics on NBC’s Tonight Show
“If Clinton had only attacked terrorism as much as he attacks George Bush we wouldn’t be in this problem,” comedian Dennis Miller told Jay Leno. Miller also praised the U.S. military performance in Iraq.
(CyberAlert, May 7)

Miller Slams Author Norman Mailer in WSJ Op-Ed
Comedian Dennis Miller poked fun of author Norman Mailer’s latest anti-American rants in an opinion-editorial piece for the Wall Street Journal.
(CyberAlert, May 6)

Glover and Belafonte Claim Bush More Dangerous Than Castro
A two-paragraph statement from 160 “artists and intellectuals” claimed that President George W. Bush posed a graver danger to the world than Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, who only a couple of weeks earlier had executed and imprisoned individuals for speaking out against his rule. Actor Danny Glover and singer Harry Belafonte were among the signers.
(CyberAlert, May 5)










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