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Gulf War II Resource Page

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Special Reports | CyberAlert | Notable Quotables
Media Reality Checks | Bozell's News Columns


Web Sections

Media War Watch
An extensive compilation of MRC analysis on Gulf War II, its prelude and its immediate aftermath. Includes more than 300 items from August 2002 through early May 2003.

Celebrities on Politics and War
A collection of celebrity comments on terrorism, the 2002 congressional elections and the war. Time frame is September 2002 through early May 2003.
Also of Interest: Celebrity Corner


Special Reports

“Grading TV’s War News.” A report card on the media’s performance during Gulf War II. Fox, CBS and embedded reporters did well, ABC didn’t.
Executive Summary | Complete Special Report | Press Release

“Peter’s Peace Platoon: ABC’s Crusade Against Arrogant American Power.” A review of 234 World News Tonight stories from January 1, 2003 through March 7, 2003 found that ABC News provided biased coverage of the prelude to war in four distinct ways.
Executive Summary | Complete Special Report



Special CyberAlert

Special Quote and Gloat Edition: The Media’s Erroneous Predictions.
A compilation of the woefully incorrect statements and predictions about the war from the nation’s leading journalists. Issued the day Baghdad fell.
(CyberAlert Extra Edition, April 9)



Notable Quotables Special Edition: America at War

A special edition of the bi-weekly Notable Quotables focused solely on the war in Iraq.
(Notable Quotables, March 31)



Media Reality Checks

These editions of the weekly Media Reality Check focused on war coverage.

Where’s the Media on Saddam’s Payoffs
ABC, CBS, NBC Featured A Bribed British Leftist Lawmaker, But Now There’s Nothing But Silence
April 30, 2003

Gulf War II: Grading Television News
Fox News Channel and Embedded Reporters Excelled, While Peter Jennings and Peter Arnett Flunked
April 23, 2003

Peter’s Sympathy for Hollywood Hypocrites
ABC Covers Anti-War Actors By Playing Up Their “Punishment,” Not Their Errors or Radicalism
April 17, 2003

CNN Admits Honest Reporting Was Impossible, So Why Go To Baghdad?
Will Other Networks Now Reveal The Saddam Secrets They Kept?
April 11, 2003

Wrong, Wrong, Wrong on the ‘Arab Street’
Baghdad-Based Reporters Issued Piles of Unreliable, Inaccurate “Reporting” On Iraqi Public Opinion
April 10, 2003

Newsweek’s War Whiplash Injury
Alter's “Conventional Wisdom” Box Exposed as Very Unwise
April 9, 2003

Arnett’s Propaganda Meets an End at NBC
NBC Fires Its Baghdad Correspondent Based on Iraqi TV Appearance, But His Work Was Also Shoddy
March 31, 2003

ABC’s War News Touts Doubt and Dissent
The Most Biased Network During the Pre-War Months Now Offers the Most Biased Iraq War Coverage
March 24, 2003

World News Tonight’s Anti-War Agenda
MRC Study: Despite Pledge of Objectivity, ABC Spent Pre-War Period Undermining Support for Bush
March 18, 2003



Bozell Columns

MRC President L. Brent Bozell weekly columns on war coverage.

Journalism and Relativism
Commentary on the media’s relentlessly negative coverage of post-war Baghdad.
April 22, 2003

Arrogant Media Blunders
Many in the media once again made fools of themselves with unfounded and overly pessimistic predictions.
April 17, 2003

The Post-War Show
A swift, decisive American victory was bad news for journalists and the American Left.
April 15, 2003

The More-War-Gore Caucus
An analysis of the media complaints of anti-war activists.
April 8, 2003

Peter Arnett, Cretinous Liar
War correspondent Peter Arnett was fired by NBC for his near-treasonous comments on Iraqi national television. This column reviews Arnett’s career.
April 2, 2003

Democrats: Incapable of Gaffes
Congressional Democrats made some preposterous comments during the war but there was little media coverage. A Republican response to a Sen. Tom Daschle comment, however, was portrayed as sad and regrettable.
March 25, 2003

Playing Hide and Seek With the Polls
Are media surveys intended to document public opinion or affect it?
March 18, 2003

Only Anti-War Citizens Are News
Despite the public’s support for war with Iraq, only those opposed to war seemed to appear on television and in print.
March 4, 2003






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