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Highlights and Lowlights from Enduring Freedom Coverage

• Americans First, Journalists Second?
• Apologists, Defeatists and Equivocators
• The Lunatic Fringe
• Notable Quotables: Outrageous Quotes from Reporters and Journalists
• Reporter Questions President's Right to "Bomb Countries" 
• Arnett Scolds Pentagon for Limiting Access 
• BBC World Service Refuses to Use Word "Terrorist" 
• Gallup: Public Disapproves of Media's Performance 
• ABC War: US Military Versus Afghan Civilians? 
• The Great American Propaganda Machine 
• According to the Taliban 
• The Westin Affair: ABC News President Apologizes 
• CNN to Submit Questions to Bin Laden
• What Peter Jennings Really Said Sept. 11
• Dan Rather, Patriotic "without Apology"
• Bill Maher
• Use of Word "Terrorist"
• Policies on Patriotic Pins, Ribbons 


• CyberAlert, Dec. 13
Networks question administration's "Osama" video

• CyberAlert, Dec. 5
Surprise, Surprise: ABC shows Afghans who are thankful for American war against Taliban

• CyberAlert, Dec. 4
More from Rather: Marines ready to fight "terrorists who murdered thousands of innocent Americans"

• CyberAlert, Dec. 3
Rather: Journalists' dangers don't compare to military's

• CyberAlert, Dec. 3
NYT's Tom Friedman: Afghans "were praying" for more B-52 strikes

• CyberAlert, Nov. 29
Poll finds public wants more military control over war reporting

• CyberAlert, Nov. 20
Dallas viewers provide stinging critique of ABC News

• CyberAlert, Nov. 16
"Hugging" equals taking sides in the war on terrorism?

• CyberAlert, Nov. 13
Chicago Tribune stands by story despite NPR retraction

• CyberAlert, Nov. 9
MSNBC President worried about "Patriotism Police"

• CyberAlert, Nov. 9
CNN military analyst becomes media critic

• CyberAlert, Nov. 7
NPR issues statement on behalf of editor who said he would report American positions

• CyberAlert, Nov. 6
Geraldo's "not the same guy" since September 11

• CyberAlert, Nov. 6
NBC's Russert: "While we are journalists, we are also Americans"

• CyberAlert, Nov. 5
Taliban and Pentagon both offer "semi-controlled" information

• CyberAlert, Nov. 5
CNN's "reminder" policy draws fire from Arnett and Schorr

• CyberAlert, Nov. 2
Brokaw says there is only one answer and "you do that militarily"

• CyberAlert, Nov. 1
CNN Chief Orders Network To Remind Viewers Why We're Over There

• CyberAlert, Nov. 1
Another Scoop from ABC's Dan Harris: Taliban Doctor Claims U.S. Is Targeting Civilians

• CyberAlert Extra, Oct. 31
ABC News President Apologizes For "No Opinion" Comments About Pentagon Attack

• CyberAlert, Oct. 31
Geraldo Rivera scolds media for losing its nerve

• CyberAlert, Oct. 29
CBS’s Lesley Stahl said she’s "more inclined" to believe the U.S. government than the Iraqi regime

• CyberAlert, Oct. 26
Second thoughts? Mike Wallace says "you certainly don't want to do any harm to this country or the war effort."

• CyberAlert, Oct. 15
NPR senior foreign editor Loren Jenkins said he would report "the presence of an American commando unit" unknown to the enemy in a "northern Pakistan village"

• CyberAlert, Oct. 10
In 1989, CBS’s Mike Wallace and ABC’s Peter Jennings agreed on a PBS forum that if they were traveling with enemy troops and learned of an ambush, they would not warn U.S. soldiers

• CyberAlert, Oct. 10
Seventeen news outlets knew two days in advance that an attack was imminent, but none reported it

• CyberAlert, Sept. 24
Americans first, journalists second – at least for now – at CBS and NBC 



• CyberAlert, Nov. 29
Prison battle "raises questions" about "proportionate" response

• CyberAlert, Nov. 29
Amnesty International worried about Taliban members in Northern Alliance-controlled prisons

• CyberAlert, Nov. 28
The Taliban as Wyatt Earp: CBS picks up the "law and order" theme

• CyberAlert, Nov. 28
Current consensus is a "shallow assessment" of war

• CyberAlert, Nov. 16
BBC now refuses to refer to Sept. 11 attacks as terrorism

• CyberAlert, Nov. 15
The New York Times "Vietnam" syndrome

• CyberAlert, Nov. 15
Full beards, no music and no girls...but they kept "law and order"

• CyberAlert, Nov. 13
1988 tragedy was American terrorism?

• CyberAlert, Nov. 12
Clinton's speech called incoherent but "far from seditious"

• CyberAlert, Nov. 9
Clinton says: "Those of us who come from various European lineages are not blameless"

• CyberAlert, Oct. 31
Let's tell them where we're going to bomb so civilians can get out of the way

• CyberAlert, Oct. 29
Reporters' organization issues guidelines calling for diversity, quotas, and article reviews by interest groups

• CyberAlert, Oct. 26
Today finds Pledge of Allegiance to be intolerant



• CyberAlert, Nov. 27
Norman Mailer says the Twin Towers had to be destroyed

• CyberAlert, Nov. 26
Novelist says U.S. got what it deserved 

• CyberAlert, Nov. 19
Danny Glover -- star of numerous violent movies -- blames America for violence and terror in the world

• CyberAlert, Oct. 26
Richard Gere says terrorists need love, compassion and understanding

• CyberAlert, Oct. 12
Did 6,000 Americans die for Big Oil?

• Media Reality Check, Oct. 4
Demanding Media Take Peaceniks Seriously

• CyberAlert, Sept. 28
Campaign finance reformer Granny D says attacks were Bush failures



• December 10
Zeroing In On Allied Behavior

• November 26
Up Side of Taliban Thugocracy

• November 12
ABC News Boss's About Face

• October 29
U.S. using kids as war pawns

• October 15
American food equals "propaganda"

• October 1
Terrorist Attack on America: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly...



• CyberAlert, Nov. 28
Wall Street Journal calls them terrorists

• MRC Press Release, Nov. 20
Media Research Center Blasts BBC's Ban on "Terrorism" 

• CyberAlert, Nov. 19
The term "terrorist" can appear judgmental 

• CyberAlert, Nov. 16
BBC World Service bans use of "terrorist"



• CyberAlert, Nov. 19
Media disapproval by the numbers 

• CyberAlert, Nov. 15
54 percent disapprove of war coverage



• CyberAlert, Nov. 7
New York Times cites MRC study of war coverage

• Media Reality Check, Nov. 5
ABC's war pits U.S. military against Afghan civilians



• CyberAlert, Nov. 5
The Taliban and the Pentagon both offer "semi-controlled" information

• CyberAlert, Oct. 15
ABC says President Bush's Afghan Children's Fund is involving American kids in propaganda war

• CyberAlert, Oct. 12
Washington Post: you don't want to hand the White House a propaganda victory

• CyberAlert, Oct. 11
Jennings dissatisfied with Pentagon's information flow

• CyberAlert, Oct. 11
Hume: networks would be more skeptical of a White House video than a bin Laden video

• CyberAlert, Oct. 10
ABC: humanitarian aid workers say food drops little more than propaganda

• CyberAlert, Oct. 9
Food drops are a propaganda to justify the bombing



• CyberAlert, Nov. 9
American and French media provide different views of Taliban

• CyberAlert, Nov. 6
Taliban "apparently satisfied with the results of its media tour"

• Media Reality Check, Nov. 5
ABC's War: US military versus Afghan civilians

• CyberAlert, Nov. 5
CNN says Taliban casualty numbers "could be believable"

• CyberAlert, Nov. 2
ABC and CNN take the Taliban Tour

• CyberAlert, Nov. 2
How the Taliban chose the media outlets for its tour

• CyberAlert, Nov. 1
ABC's Dan Harris quotes Taliban doctor saying U.S. is targeting civilians

• CyberAlert, Oct. 31
ABC's Dan Harris concedes that Taliban might be conducting tours for public relations purposes

• CyberAlert, Oct. 30
ABC says Taliban "firmly in control"

• CyberAlert, Oct. 30
Jennings shows Al Jazeera videotape of Taliban volunteers

• CyberAlert, Oct. 26
CNN unable to judge if Pentagon or Taliban more credible

• CyberAlert, Oct. 15
ABC quotes Taliban saying 200 civilians are killed; CBS sources say only military targets are hit

• CyberAlert, Oct. 12
ABC says the Taliban "believes" more than 100 civilians killed



• CyberAlert, Nov. 6
FNC, Weekly Standard and The New Republic use MRC data to weigh-in on Westin

• CyberAlert, Nov. 1
Why it took so long to find out about Westin's comments

• CyberAlert Extra, Oct. 31
ABC News President David Westin apologizes

• CyberAlert, Oct. 29
ABC News President David Westin has "no opinion" if Pentagon was a "legitimate target."



• MRC President Brent Bozell, Oct. 25
Nationally Syndicated Column: CNN Ogles Osama

 • CyberAlert, Oct. 24
FNC’s panel unanimously condemned CNN’s decision to submit written questions for Osama bin Laden to answer on videotape CNN could play 

• News Release, Oct. 17
Bozell Blasts CNN Gambit to Interview Bin Laden 



• CyberAlert, Oct. 10
Urban Legends Reference Page offers MRC proof to refute misquotations of Peter Jennings’s Sept. 11 coverage

• CyberAlert, Sept. 25
ABC News says Jennings “really disturbed” by people “quoting me out of context and inaccurately to hurt me”

• CyberAlert, Sept. 19
What Peter Jennings really said over video of Palestinians celebrating the attack on America 

• Media Reality Check, Sept. 19
What Did Jennings Say? ABC Anchor Never Insulted Bush During Crisis Coverage, But Did Label His Day Trip ‘A Little Strange’ 



• CyberAlert, Oct. 18
Dan Rather revealed that to stay alert during long hours on the air he relied "on something I call ‘zoom juice’"

• CyberAlert, Oct. 16
Dan Rather specifically noted the ingratitude of Saudi Arabia as he highlighted on Monday night how, "one Saudi prince said the bombing in Afghanistan quote, ‘does not please us at all’"

• CyberAlert, Oct. 12
The Taliban has no less credibility to Dan Rather than does the U.S. Department of Defense? 

• CyberAlert, Oct. 11
Dan Rather concluded Wednesday’s CBS Evening News with a message about perseverance 

• CyberAlert, Oct. 9
Dan Rather realized Monday night that the war was "forced upon us" as he delivered a patriotic message about accepting the deaths of members of the armed forces and remaining "the home of the brave" only so long as we "remain the land of the free"

• CyberAlert, Oct. 3
Dan “The Hawk” Rather pushed Secretary of State Colin Powell for military action

• CyberAlert, Sept. 24
Dan Rather told Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post and CNN's Reliable Sources, "I want to be a patriotic American without apology" 

• CyberAlert, Sept. 21
Dan Rather pined for Reagan-era military

• CyberAlert, Sept. 18
Dan Rather’s phenomenal appearance on CBS’s Late Show with David Letterman



• CyberAlert, Oct. 5
Nightline needs to "fact check" itself on Ari Fleischer's statement on Bill Maher's comments

• MRC President Brent Bozell, Oct. 2
Nationally Syndicated Column: Outdated ‘Politically Incorrect’ 

• CyberAlert, Oct. 1
More fallout on Bill Maher’s “cowards” comment 

• CyberAlert, Sept. 24
Bill Maher said he meant no insult

• CyberAlert, Sept. 19
Bill Maher called the U.S. Military “cowards” – and launched into a liberal screed against missile defense, drug laws and all religion



• CyberAlert, Oct. 3
George Will took Reuters to task for refusing to use the word "terrorist" 

• CyberAlert, Oct. 1
CNN okays use of the word “terrorism” 

• CyberAlert, Sept. 28
AOL Time Warner spokesman says CNN reporters supposed to use "alleged hijackers," not "terrorists" 

• MRC President Brent Bozell, Sept. 27
Nationally Syndicated Column: No Time for Moral Equivalence

• CyberAlert, Sept. 25
Reuters bans use of word “terrorists” 



• CyberAlert, Oct. 11
Cokie Roberts gets around the ABC News ban on flag pins by wearing an eagle

• CyberAlert, Oct. 3
Brit Hume, Washington Managing Editor of the Fox News Channel, on the ABC News directive against on-air personnel displaying American flag lapel pins 

• CyberAlert, Sept. 27
NBC News disapproves of reporters wearing flag lapel pins

• CyberAlert, Sept. 25
ABC News bans flag lapel pins for its journalists


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