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MRC's Latest Analysis:
A 30-day archive of media bias as documented by the Media Research Center


May 21
CyberAlert: Gibson: 'Why Not' Put in U.S. Prisons 'the Guys from Guantanamo?'

May 20
CyberAlert: ABC Regrets California's 'Unwillingness to Raise Taxes'
Bozell Column:
Notre Dame Pacifier?

May 19
CyberAlert: Dire Couric Cites Great Depression, Kids Will Be 'Lost Generation''

May 18
CyberAlert: CNN's Whitfield Hails as 'Courageous' Obama's Notre Dame Speech '

May 15
CyberAlert: Diane Sawyer Frets: Obama 'Caved-In' to Cheney & 'Political Right' '

May 14
CyberAlert: ABC Channels Those Who See GOP as Limbaugh-Cheney 'Freak Show'
Bozell Column: Country Music: Too Much Freedom Loving?

May 13
CyberAlert: CBS's Smith Cues Up Sebelius to Recite Health Care Talking Points '
Bozell Column: Weak Knees In The White House

May 12
CyberAlert: Koppel: 'Enhanced Interrogation' Like 'Rape Is Enhanced Seduction'

May 11
CyberAlert: Time Mag Blames 'Extremely Conservative Ideas' for GOP Decline

May 8
CyberAlert: NBC and Newsweek Liken Obama to Spock: Both Victims of Prejudice

May 7
CyberAlert: NBC: 'Quintessential Obama' Doctrine of Talking Leads to Hug '

May 6
Bozell Column: Bias in Spector-Scope
CyberAlert: CNN and ABC Vets Join Obama's Team, So Revolving Door Up to Ten

May 5
CyberAlert: NBC's Mitchell Hails Hillary Clinton: 'Foreign Policy Superstar!'

May 4
CyberAlert: Newsweek's Thomas: GOP 'Their Extremists Take Them Straight Down'

May 1
CyberAlert: Cover for Biden's Gaffe: 'Not Terrible Advice,' 'Informative'

April 30
Bozell Column: A Hundred Days Of Love
CyberAlert: Obama a Victim, Stephanopoulos Echoes Emanuel on Greatest Success

April 29
Bozell Column: Beauty Pageants Get Ugly
CyberAlert: Study: Coverage More Positive for Obama than for Bush or Clinton

April 28
CyberAlert: Study: Coverage More Positive for Obama than for Bush or Clinton

April 27
CyberAlert: Sunday TV Obama Appraisals: 'Moderate,' 'Spring Time in America!'

April 24
CyberAlert: Trumpet Obama's Efforts to 'Protect Consumers' on Credit Cards

April 23
CyberAlert: Mitchell Cites Blair on Value of 'Harsh' Interrogations, But Calls View 'Controversial'

April 22
CyberAlert: Matthews Bellows: Is GOP 'The Party of Tax Cuts and Torture?' 
Bozell Column: Obama Welcomes America-Bashing

April 21
CyberAlert: ABC Defends Obama's 'New World View,' Touts Supposed Successes

April 20
CyberAlert: Vitriolic Garofalo: Racist Tea Party Protesters; FNC for Dummies

April 17
CyberAlert: ABC Upset 'Chilling' Memos Reveal Zubaydah 'Tortured with Insect'
Bozell Column: A "Black Howard Stern"

April 16
CyberAlert: Discredit 'Tea Party' Rallies as Front for 'Corporate Interests'

April 15
CyberAlert: Lauer 'Worried' Feds Unable to Dictate to Business Any More

April 14
CyberAlert: MSNBC's Shuster Claims He's Balanced, Blasts 'Partisan' MRC
Bozell Column: The End Of Newsweek

April 13
CyberAlert: SNL Joke: Chris Matthews Daydreams of Obama in a Loin Cloth

April 10
CyberAlert: Couric Presses Holder from Left on Guns and Probing Bush Crimes
Bozell Column: Bozell Column: Fox’s “Comedic Genius”

April 9
CyberAlert: Laura Ingraham Tweaks Lauer and Today on Obama Obsession

April 8
CyberAlert: Stephanopoulos: Obama's Trip a Test He 'Passed Pretty Easily'
Bozell Column: A Fawning Frenzy For Michelle

April 7
CyberAlert: NBC Hails Obama's Turkey Visit as 'Shrewd', CBS: Highest Approval

April 6
CyberAlert: Obama's Week Through ABC's Prism: 'Cool Kid in the Class'

April 3
CyberAlert: Michelle 'Mega-Star' Obama; Press Corps 'Begged' to Query Obama
Bozell Column: Why Recycle The Osbourns

April 2
CyberAlert: TV Journalists Enchanted by Obamas: 'America's Unofficial Royalty'

April 1
CyberAlert: Matthews 'Immensely Proud' of 'Sophisticated' Obama 'The New Us!'
Bozell Column: Washington Polling Games

March 31
CyberAlert: ABC Trumpets How Japanese Use Obama to Learn English

March 30
CyberAlert: Schieffer Commiserates w/ Obama: 'Have You Lost Any Friends Yet?'

March 27
CyberAlert: Obama's 'Virtual Town Hall' White House 'First' Enthralls ABC

March 26
CyberAlert: ABC's George Stephanopoulos Fawns Over Obama's 'Law Seminar'

March 25
CyberAlert: NBC Admires Obama's 'Know What I'm Talking About Before I Speak'
Bozell Column: National Public Unfairness

March 24
CyberAlert: Stocks Soar and Plunge, Couric Always Upbeat About Obama's Efforts

March 23
CyberAlert: Hypocritical Olbermann Maligns Hume for Using 'Lunatic-Fringe' MRC

March 20
CyberAlert: DisHonors Awards Held Thursday; Hume Honored with Buckley Award


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