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In addition to discussions on numerous talk radio shows where hosts cited quotes or interviewed MRC representatives, the Best of NQ Awards issue has been highlighted by these outlets:


  • FNC's Fox & Friends, December 28: MRC President Brent Bozell discusses worst media quotes of 2009, part 1. Watch video on the NewsBusters blog or via
  • FNC's Fox & Friends, December 30: MRC President Brent Bozell discusses worst media quotes of 2009, part 2. Watch video on the NewsBusters blog or via
  • Breitbart TV's B-Cast with Scott Baker and Liz Stephans, “Bozell Unveils Worst Media Bias Quotes of 2009,” December 21. Watch video on the NewsBusters blog or via Breitbart TV.
  • Fox Newswatch Highlights Couric & Klein in MRC's Awards for Worst Reporting,” December 26. Watch video on NewsBusters blog or via
  • interview, "Bozell Raps Couric, Others for Worst Reporting," December 31. Watch video or read article.
  • Notable Quotables Show, end of year edition featuring the MRC staff ridiculing journalists highlighted in the “Best Notable Quotables of 2009.” Watch video on the NewsBusters blog or via


The Half-Baked Alaska Award for Pummeling Palin


Jack Cafferty (53 points)

CNN’s Jack Cafferty: “Here’s the question: ‘Would you rather listen to a speech by Sarah Palin or a speech by Newt Gingrich?’ Go to CNN — or would you rather just stick needles in your eyes? [Over loud laughter off-camera from a man other than Cafferty, presumably Blitzer] Go to and you can post a comment on my blog. I forgot about the third option.”

Anchor Wolf Blitzer: “What do you think, Jack? You want to listen to Palin or Gingrich deliver a speech?”

Cafferty: “I’m not interested in listening to either one of them.”
— Exchange on CNN’s The Situation Room, June 9, talking about Palin and Gingrich’s appearance at a Republican fundraiser the previous evening. [MP3 Audio (0:27)]


David Wright (49 points)

“She’s been an astronaut and a rock star. Pop icons Beyonce and Shakira. She’s won American Idol too. She’s even run for President twice. [Over footage of Sarah Palin] Some would argue she also ran for Vice President in 2008.”
— ABC’s David Wright in a retrospective marking the 50th anniversary of Barbie for Nightline, February 16. [MP3 Audio (0:31)]

Dan Abrams & Chuck Nice (42 points)

Ex-MSNBC anchor Dan Abrams: “Sarah Palin, to me, is like the representative of everything that’s gone wrong [for the Republican Party] lately.”

Comedian Chuck Nice: “Yeah, she’s a maverick!...And I’m going to say this, and please don’t take it the way it sounds. But, Sarah Palin to the GOP, this is what I’ve got to say: She is very much like herpes — she’s not going away. Okay? That’s it.”
— Exchange on NBC’s Today, June 9. [MP3 Audio (0:22)]

David Brooks (39 points)

“She’s a joke. I mean, I just can’t take her seriously....The idea that this potential talk show host is considered seriously for the Republican nomination, believe me, it’ll never happen. Republican primary voters just are not going to elect a talk show host.”
New York Times columnist David Brooks talking about Sarah Palin on ABC’s This Week, November 15. [MP3 Audio (0:20)]

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