Best of NQ 2010

The Twenty-Third Annual Awards for the Year’s Worst Reporting

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Media Coverage

In addition to discussions on numerous talk radio shows where hosts cited quotes or interviewed MRC representatives, the Best of NQ Awards issue has been highlighted by these outlets:



Damn Those Conservatives Award


Joy Behar (55 points)

Co-host Joy Behar: “You know what I’d like to see her do? I’d like to see her [Nevada GOP Senate candidate Sharron Angle] do this ad in the South Bronx. Come here, bitch! Come to New York and do it.”

Co-host Sherri Shepherd: “We’re praying for you. We’re praying for you.”

Co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck: “Even Joy is praying for her.”

Behar: “I am not praying for her. I’m telling you right now. She’s going to Hell....She’s going to Hell, this bitch.”
— ABC’s The View, October 26, talking about Angle’s ad against illegal immigration. [MP3 Audio]


Bill Press (44 points)

“Just once — probably never get reelected if you ever said it — I would like to hear somebody say, ‘The voters have spoken, the bastards.’ Or, ‘The voters have spoken. What a bunch of idiots.’ ‘The voters have spoken. God, they’re dumb. Dumb as hell.’ I just wish I’d hear somebody say that, because I think that happens to be the case this particular midterm elections.”
— Longtime CNN and MSNBC contributor Bill Press on his radio program, November 4.

Joe Klein (43 points)

“I looked up the definition of sedition, which is ‘conduct or language inciting rebellion against the authority of the state.’ And a lot of these statements, especially the ones coming from people like Glenn Beck, and to a certain extent Sarah Palin, rub right next — right up close to being seditious.”
Time’s Joe Klein on The Chris Matthews Show, April 18. [MP3 Audio]

Cenk Uygur (42 points)

“Tonight, we start with the party of hate. The Republican Party in this country has been running on hate and division for the last 50 years....What black person, gay guy or girl, immigrant or Muslim American in their right mind would vote for the Republican Party? They might as well hang a sign around their neck saying, ‘I hate myself.’”
— Fill-in host Cenk Uygur on MSNBC’s The Ed Show, August 26. [MP3 Audio]


Joe Klein (29 points)

“Despite all the high-minded words about ‘sensitivity’ for the families of the victims, this is slimeball politics, pure and simple, except for when it descends into outright religious bigotry — which seems to be what happens every time Newt Gingrich opens his mouth. Does that demented, anger-infused doofus actually believe that putting the mosque near Ground Zero is the equivalent of putting a swastika next to the Holocaust Museum?...I mean, what a jerk.”
Time’s Joe Klein writing on the magazine’s “Swampland” blog, August 16.