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September 23, 2002
Katie Wright (703) 683-5004, ext. 132

The Weekly Worst From Operation ATM (Audit The Media):

NBC’s Russert on Personal Campaign
to Repeal Bush’s Tax Cut

Biased: 44 Questions This Year About Repealing The Tax Cut,
Zero Questions About Accelerating Or Expanding It

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ALEXANDRIA, Va. --- Media Research Center President Brent Bozell today chastised NBC Meet the Press moderator Tim Russert for going on a personal campaign to repeal President Bush’s tax cut.

     “On yesterday’s show, Tim Russert asked his 41st, 42nd, 43rd, and 44th questions this year about repealing the tax cut – 44 questions from the liberal point of view. To date, he has not asked a single question of any guest about accelerating or expanding the tax cut, which is the conservative point of view. Mr. Russert is usually tough on guests, even -handed on issues, but on the tax cut he has been completely biased,” Bozell said.

From Yesterday’s Meet the Press, Questions 43 and 44

Russert, to Colorado Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Ted Strickland: “Mr. Strickland, would you be supportive of freezing or postponing the Bush tax cut in order to raise revenues to help fight the war in Iraq?”

Russert, to U.S. Senator Wayne Allard (R-Colo.): “How are you going to pay for the war in Iraq without, would you suggest, holding off on the tax cut?”

From Last Week’s (September 15) Meet the Press, Question 40

Russert, to U.S. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.): “Can we afford a war in Afghanistan or in Iraq and the Bush tax cut?”


For more on MRC's Operation Audit The Media, and the newest Special Report on the networks' economic coverage, go to To schedule an interview with Mr. Bozell contact Katie Wright at
(703)-683-5004, ext. 132.







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