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Media Bias Videos

The MRC's Collection of Media Bias Caught on Tape

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  • December 30
    In his sail around the world shown on the Travel Channel, Geraldo Rivera danced and got naked.
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  • December 17
    FNC showed the video of a woman at a New Hampshire town hall session asking Al Gore if he believes Juanita Broaddrick’s rape charge against Bill Clinton.
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  • November 30
    FNC picked up on Dirkhising. Bret Baier: "Some see a double standard when the alleged villains, not victims, are homosexual, providing a possible answer to the question of why Jesse Dirkhising’s case hasn’t made national headlines."
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  • November 1
    Gumbel Denounces MRC Ad; Insists That on Political Views "I Hold Them in Check"
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  • September 29
    In NBC's drama The West Wing actor Martin Sheen, as the President, told leaders of the Religious Right, who are called anti-Semitic, to get their "fat asses out of my White House."
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  • September 7
    Johnny Chung told FNC about how Democrats tried to suppress his testimony. The Washington Times pursued his charges and discovered fresh evidence of possible misdeeds by Democratic staffers. Chung also contradicted claims made by Hillary and her chief-of-staff.
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  • August 20
    On FNC Gennifer Flowers demonstrated how Clinton scratched his head when he was high on cocaine, but Deborah Orin predicted no one will ask him about it. None have pressed him about Broaddrick.
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  • August 3
    FNC’s Carl Cameron noted delays in sentencing hearings for Huang and Trie. CBS followed up on its 60 Minutes interview with Wen Ho Lee by allowing Congressman Chris Cox to suggest the Clinton administration is making Lee a scapegoat.
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  • July 28
    FNC’s Carl Cameron outlined how Justice failed to pursue leads in the Chung and Huang cases and "political pressure" is now suppressing pursuit of Trie’s charge that top Democrats "knew he was receiving illegal foreign contributions."
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  • May 27
    Dan Rather slobbered all over Hillary Clinton on 60 Minutes II, urging her to run for President and gushing: "Once a political lightning rod, today she is political lightning."
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