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| Thursday September 13, 2001 (Vol. Six; No. 146) |
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MRC Defers Media Bias Analysis of Terrorist Attack Coverage

The Media Research Center has decided to defer, for a few days, documentation of any liberal bias occurring during coverage of the terrorist attacks.

     Given the tragic events, involving the deaths of thousands and still ongoing rescue efforts, we do not think it appropriate to immediately highlight any political bias when the overwhelming bulk of network coverage, with notable exceptions, is without any political tinge. Furthermore, we realize that at this time the interest of most people is directed at following developments and discussing in what form retaliation should be manifested.

     We are, however, monitoring as much of the continuous coverage as we are able in order to identify any politically skewed reporting or comments from journalists so we can report them at a more appropriate time. As coverage progresses and the amount of time devoted to analysis increases, liberal bias will most likely grow.

     To follow developments online, refer to the MRCís Cybercast News Service at

     Before ending this message, Iíll pass along just one quote from network coverage since no matter how sad the news becomes CBSís Dan Rather still manages to utter his "Ratherisms." At about 2:12pm EDT on Wednesday, a few minutes after he reported that New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani had held up an airplaneís "black box" found in the World Trade Center rubble, Rather corrected his fallacious assertion. Rather prefaced his correction: "Iíd rather be dragged behind a horse than be inaccurate."

     Rather must have a lot of bruises. -- Brent Baker



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