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The MRC's Collection of Media Bias Caught on Tape

for more details

for more details

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  • Convention 2000 Media Reality Check Videos
  • Classic Video Clips: Alec Baldwin ("Stone Henry Hyde to Death"), Tom Selleck with Rosie, Clinton's Flight Attendant cover-up
  • The Best Notable Quotables of 1999: The Twelfth Annual Awards for the Year’s Worst Reporting
  • MRC's Dishonor Awards. Read & Watch Bias of the Decade
  • Video collection of Gore Gaffes
  • Dan Rather Video Bias Contrasts
  • Bryant Gumbel at his most biased in "Top Ten Gumbel Stumbles"

  • 11/07: On the Tonight Show Dennis Miller told reporters: "We don't want to know!" for more details

  • 11/02: ABC's David Wright offered little skepticism of Taliban claims of major civilian damage for more details

  • 10/29: The President of ABC News now says "I was wrong" to call the Pentagon a "legitimate" military target for more details

  • 10/24: After video of injured Afghans, ABC's Dan Harris prompted a doctor to say he's "angry" at the U.S. for more details

  • 10/19: Wolf Blitzer read the six questions CNN submitted to terrorist Osama bin Laden for more details

  • 10/13: Actor James Woods told Jay Leno: "I love George Bush right now" for his response to the attacks for more details

  • 10/04: Phil Donahue's secret plan to fight Osama bin Laden, revealed on ABC? Ban land mines. for more details

  • 09/28: Bush: Terrorist "harbors won't be safe." Rooney: "Not too smart" since Afghanistan landlocked for more details

  • 09/25: On September 25 FNC's Brit Hume highlighted the MRC's Media Reality Check on Peter Jennings for more details

  • 09/18: Dan Rather: "George Bush is the President....wherever he wants me to line up, just tell me where." for more details

  • 09/04: Diane Sawyer to Anne Marie Smith's lawyer: "A Republican vendetta of some kind? A right-wing vendetta?" for more details

  • 08/30: Oops? An ABC Sports reporter called George W. Bush the "acting President." for more details

  • 08/27: Even a C-SPAN host was confused: "Gary Condit is a Republican, isn't he?" for more details

  • 08/21: With Connie Chung set to interview Condit, recall her infamous 1995 encounter with Gingrich's mom. for more details

  • 08/17: CNN celebrated the convergence of Elvis's death and the birthday of the "first rock star President." for more details

  • 08/15: ...And a few minutes later Bryant Gumbel mocked his guest, mimicking his monotone delivery. for more details

  • 08/15: Bryant Gumbel cut off and insulted a DA who tried to defend a death sentence by recounting the crime. for more details

  • 08/09: Video Classic: In '92, after Bush was asked if he'd committed adultery, Dan Rather refused to answer. for more details

  • 08/02: Bill Maher charged that Ken Starr deserves "a little bit of guilt" if Gary Condit got rid of Chandra Levy. for more details

  • 07/31: ABC let an ex-Bill Clinton aide interview a current one about Clinton's life out of office. for more details 

  • 07/26: As he sat with his fiancee, Diane Sawyer praised George Stephanopoulos for being "completely non-partisan." for more details 

  • 07/23: Rather dismissed the Levy story as unproven, but last year he falsely blamed the GOP for an anti-Gore leak. for more details 

  • 07/18: Everybody Loves Raymond star Patricia Heaton admitted she voted for Bush and likes the tax cut. for more details 

  • 07/16: In 1992 the CBS Evening News immediately ran a story on "Oregon Republican Bob Packwood." for more details 

  • 07/11: In a July 4th special Diane Sawyer skipped "by their creator" in reading the Declaration of Independence. for more details 

  • 07/10: In 1997 Walter Isaacson, CNN's new CEO, denied there's any liberal bias. for more details

  • 07/01: Holiday Week Video: On the June 22, 1994 Late Show, Dan Rather sang "Wreck the Old Ninety-Seven."

  • 06/25: The Tonight Show lampooned Dick Cheney as a heartless oil driller. for more details 

  • 06/19: Newsweek's Evan Thomas conceded that "we launder our views through 'objective critics.'" for more details 

  • 06/12: Bernard Goldberg revealed that since his 1996 op-ed on liberal bias, Dan Rather has "never spoken to me." for more details 

  • 05/25: An unbiased Dan Rather. On 5/22 The Early Show unveiled a waxed Rather for Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum. for more details 

  • 05/22: In a 1993 interview the new top editor of the New York Times complained "the Reagan years oppressed me." for more details 

  • 05/18: Reporting on a runaway train, Dan Rather imitated its whistle: "So it was woo-woo and good-bye train." for more details 

  • 05/15: Dan Rather on Bill Clinton: "I think he's an honest man...I think at core he's an honest person." for more details 

  • 05/11: FNC's Brit Hume featured the MRC's study showing the networks' global warming bias. for more details 

  • 05/09: Brian Williams bemoaned criticism of Janet Reno who said she likes to "walk in the grass in my bare feet." for more details 

  • 05/04: NBC's Matt Lauer recounted how "I'm sexed up...the lion has sprayed me and marked his territory all over me." for more details 

  • 04/30: "May I please have some more arsenic in my water?" Tim Russert asserted: "There's nothing inaccurate in that ad." for more details 

  • 04/20: Race isn't "important" in sports "if you're good." Bryant Gumbel: "It may be the only place in America" that's so. for more details

  • 04/02: ABC's Bill Maher insulted President "Drinking McDumb Ass" Bush as "a lying sack of [bleep]." for more details