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 Magazine Watch
A review of the latest bias, reporting trends and noteworthy items in the weekly news magazines: Time, Newsweek and U.S. News & World Report.



December 6:
Hard Andy Card; Simon vs. Supermarket Scanners; "Bastard" Bush?

November 30:
Harris’s Anti-Climax; Seething David Dukes; Chronicling the Khaki Riots

November 7:
DUI Spy; Clinton Teaches Morals; Stengel Takes Sides

October 31:
Heard About Byrd?; Rush and Ralph Are Wrong; Tipper’s Dating Game

October 24:
Letterman over Lehrer; Love = Tax Dollars; John Kerry’s Glass House

October 17:
Jimmy Carter, Foreign Policy Guru?; "Class Cutup" vs. "Smarty Pants"

October 10:
More Excuses for Gore’s Lies; Voters Fear Tax Cuts

October 3:
Popping the Kill Pill; Time's Terrible Ticket

September 26:
Newsweek Hates Whitewater; What Gore Gaffes?; Longshot Bush?

September 19:
Rough Little Ricky?; Bush Loses the Newsies; Moderate in Missouri

September 12:
W. Stands for Whipped; Reagan’s Tire Tracks; Dissing "Dr. Laura"

September 7:
"Prissy" George W? U.S. News Relays the Right; Newsweek Still Ogling The Kiss

August 29:
Bush’s "Albatross" Tax Cut; Al Wows Rope-Line Republicans

August 22:
Risky Populism Scheme; Scruffy Hunk Update; Lay Off the Wascally Wabbit

August 15:
The Chutzpah! Ticket; Ugly Gore Caricatures; Karenna In Command

August 8:
Bubba-Bashing Blowtorch? Gergen Blows Toward Bush; Carlson Cuffs Colin

August 1:
The White Stuff; Bush Is No Bill; Dastardly Dick and Lynne

July 18:
Alter Absent on Guilty McGinn; Time’s "Pro-Choice" Advice

July 11:
No Vast Anti-Rudy Conspiracy; Bush’s Alabama Air War

July 4:
GOP’s Hard-line Abortion Stance; Gore Sell Out on Taxes?

June 27:
Alpha Male Audacity; Poor Martyred Gary; Insincere Dr. Laura?

June 20:
Donna Gets the Shaft; Kim Jong Il, Huggy Bear?; The NRA in NYC

June 13:
Gore the Slumlord Spiked; Unreal Estate Tax Outcome; Gore "The Truth" Rises

June 6:
Death to the Death Penalty; Infighting Over Al; Going Postol on SDI

May 30:
All Ayes for SDI; Security Lapse Flaps; Don't Go Changing, Bill

May 23:
Lazio's Links to "Newtie"; Hard-Edged Helms; ‘Slim Shady' Schlessinger?

May 16:
The Diddling Dictator; NRA Compared to KKK; Marx’s Moment

May 9:
Mothers March On the Constitution; Eulogizing A "Demagogue"

May 2:
Flogging Soggy Elian; SDI Returns

April 25:
Those "Fiery Hothead" Latinos; Boy Scout Bigots; Hillary Get Your Gun

April 18:
Free Trade Stinks, Unless It’s With Cuba

April 11:
Little Havana Haters; Heston’s Unreal World; Decade of Greed Psycho

April 4:
Elian’s Miami Militants; "Sex and Lies? That’s Totally 1998"; Gergen Gurgled

March 21:
Freeh Falling On Fundraising; Guess Who’s Uncivil; Al Gore’s Oscar Hopes

March 15:
No LaBella Novella; Touching on Teamster Crimes; Newsweek’s Yay for Gays

March 7:
Shhh on Hsia; Gore’s Perfectly Positioned; McCain’s "Milestone" Speech?

February 29:
Al Sharpton, Moral Leader?; Human and Heroic McCain; "Reform" Is Dead

February 22:
Bush the Mudslinging Extremist; S&L Sleaze Slip-Ups; Gore the Grownup

February 15:
Profane McCain; Recessionary 1980s?; Defining "Reform"

February 8:
McCain’s Triple Crowning; Newsweek Rediscovers Gore and Pot

February 1:
"Conservative" Clinton Speech?; Gore’s for "Change"?; Feeding the Media Beast

January 26:
Conservatism Hurts Bush; "Cold Hearts and Small Minds;" Excellent Eskew

January 18:
Vast White Conspiracy; Confederate Flag Football; Hillary’s Hush-Kit Money

January 11:
Dangerous Tax Cuts?; Brazille the "Believer"; Bad Sports on GOP Candidates

January 4:
Rosenblatt's Liberal Nation; Thomas on the '60s; George Will Promotes Dellums?








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