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 Magazine Watch
A review of the latest bias, reporting trends and noteworthy items in the weekly news magazines: Time, Newsweek and U.S. News & World Report.



December 28:
FDR, Mr. Free Market?; Eleanor Beats Churchill on Human Rights; Leo’s Campus Cowards

December 21:
Hail Madeleine and Joel; Saint Sanger; Take Me To Your Oprah

December 14:
Defending Another Columbine Cover; "Yammering" About Tax Cuts

December 7:
"Virulent Antigay" Army; No Time for Tax Cuts; Time’s "Easy" McCain

November 30:
Media Bias Against Hillary?; Westmoreland Helps Al; Gore’s Social Conservatism?

November 23:
Campaign 2000; Black Panther for a Gun Ban; Roche Trumps Dirkhising

November 16:
Alter Busts Bush; Another Gore Staff Gaffe; "Ugly" Tax Cut

November 10:
Shilling for "Straight Shooters"; Bush's "Pop-Quiz Fiasco"; Lessons of Campaign '99

November 2:
Gore's Surgeon General? Why Reporters Love McCain; No Space for Dirkhising

October 26:
Rodham Brothers Run Amok; Bradley’s Heroic Socialism; Quindlen Roots for Shooting?

October 19:
Test-Ban Tantrums; Al's Advertising Acumen; Hubbell's Friends in "High" Places

October 12:
Bush’s Sister Souljah?; Filet of Freeh; Quindlen’s Pro-Dung Debut

October 5:
Margaret Carlson's Vietnam; Ventura's "Courageous Observations"

September 28:
14-Year Search for Reagan Finds Him "Vacuous"; Al Gore is Horny?

September 21:
Is "Anti-Religion" Shooting a "Pious Invention"?; Yippee for Buchanan Hurting GOP!

September 14:
Puerto Rican Willie Hortons?; Bradley's "Hollywood Location Shoots"; Cybill For President?

September 7:
Bradley's Backup Band; Hillary's Carpetbag Manor; Paper, Scissors, Chris Rock

August 31:
Bush's Implied Hypocrisy; Nonviolent Terrorists; Blame Waco on Bush?

August 24:
Newsweek: Bush "Callous" and "Clintonian"; Time: Bush "Wobbly"; US News: Bush "Stumbles"

August 17:
Bauer a "Zealot"; Bill Bradley..."Zen Master"?; Newsweek Crusades Against Guns

August 10:
What Tax Cut?; Bush's Man in Black; Killer Culture; Suspect Sudan Spin

August 3:
Kiss All Guns Goodbye; Democrats Fight for the Left; Ignoring Clinton Scandal News

July 27:
Ted Kennedy, "Giant of the Postwar Senate; Newsweek Insists the NRA Still Might Lose

July 20:
Mourning JFK Jr. All the Way to the Bank; Bush's "Hard Right"; "Ideal" Clinton Separation

July 13:
Clinton's Anti-Poverty Legacy; Is Hillary Too Smart?; Is George W. Dumb?

July 7:
Falling Hard for Hillary; Time’s Soap Opera Digest; Gore’s Glass House Gaffe

June 29:
Bush Must Borrow From Liberals; The Capitalist Casino; Richardson Threatens Revenge

June 22:
Gun Bill Bodes Well for Gore?; Bush Needs "Candor" on Abortion; The Far-Right Pope

June 15:
Promoting George W. & His "Moderate" Backers; Feeling Global Warming; The Right Hurts GOP

June 8:
Time Celebrates Left-Wing "Heroes and Icons"; Newsweek Likes Hillary's Chances

June 1:
News Magazines: Cox Report Close to "Hysteria" and Fuels "Extremists"








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