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MRC in the News

January 2004


Many media outlets — radio, television and print — regularly feature MRC guests on their programs, quote MRC spokespeople in their articles, and cite MRC research in their stories. Below is a sampling of MRC making news in the news media. Links are provided when available, and were active when posted.


Capital Report
January 30, 2004

MRC President Brent Bozell discussed CBS' decision not to air's ad during the Super Bowl.

Brent Bozell:..."My first reaction is welcome to my world. This has been going on against conservatives for 20 years. Firsthand, I can tell you stories of CBS playing the same game with conservatives, which they've been doing for 20 years. And all I can say is: Where was CNBC when I needed you to talk about this and give me all this free air time?


"Rush's Total Stack of Stuff"
January 30, 2004

Links to two CyberAlert items. First is on CBS' deletion of anchor Dan Rather's description of John Kerry as "another McGovern." Second is ABC Nightline's flattering five-minute segment on

See Story (registration required)


National Review Online
"Media Powered Howard," by Tim Graham
January 30, 2004

"As a general rule, the media despise the thought of examining themselves. Corrections on TV news in particular are so rare that they are generally dragged out only by lawyers threatening expensive litigation. So how does ABC explain Diane Sawyer going to the jaw-dropping length of reexamining the Howard Dean "Scream" speech and apologizing for the frenzy of coverage over it?..."

See Story
"Shameful Bias Again in This Year's March for Life Coverage by Mainstream Media"
January 27, 2004

" spoke with Tim Graham, the Director of Media Analysis for the Media Research Center (MRC) who told LifeSite of a newly completed report on media bias in 2003, which demonstrated similar media distortions.

Pro-abortion media bias is never more evident than television coverage, or lack thereof, of the annual Washington March for Life. Analyzing newscasts of the major networks ABC, CBS and NBC for 2003, MRC reported on distortions which can only be described as outright lies. For instance, one of the most popular news personalities in America, CBS' Dan Rather, uttered a blatant falsehood when he said of the 2003 Roe v Wade anniversary, "Tens of thousands of demonstrators on both sides of the issue filled the streets of Washington today." MRC commented, "In fact, the pro-life side consisted of tens of thousands, while the pro-abortion side could only muster a few tens."

See Story


Detroit News
"Muckraker Mixes Anger and Humor," by John Flesher, Associated Press
January 25, 2004

"Such gloves-off rhetoric is one reason why Moore’s critics — and they are legion — just don’t get the joke.

"'He is beyond mean-spirited. He is hate-filled,' said Brent Bozell, president of the conservative Media Research Center in Arlington, Va."

See Story

AP Story also ran in:, January 24, 2004


Jacksonville Daily Progress
"Networks Favor Liberal Agenda," by Steve Guy
January 24, 2004

"The Media Research Center (MRC) monitors news stories reported by the major newspapers and TV networks. MRC investigator Rich Noyes conducted a study comparing the media's focus on liberals vs. conservatives. His study determined that Democrats received nearly twice as much airtime in 2003 as Republicans had in 1999...."

See Story
"Don't Blame the Media for Howard Dean's Stumble," by Elaine Long
January 24, 2004

Cited MRC President L. Brent Bozell's column on Howard Dean's third-place finish in Iowa.

See Story
"Dean Stumbles, Don't Blame the Media," by Brent Bozell
January 23, 2004

"Just weeks ago, Howard Dean looked like he was popping corn in Iowa, comfortably on his way to the Democratic nomination. In the end, he was just creamed spinach, and most unmagnanimous in defeat. He was bitter and passing out blame. On CNBC, as the results rolled over him, Dean groused that he had become the front-runner and then "all you in the media had some fun at my expense..."

See Story
"ABC News Accused of Biased Coverage of Abortion, Pro-Life March," by Steven Erteld
January 23. 2004

Instead, ABC's web site featured two articles with a decidedly pro-abortion viewpoint, notes Jessica Anderson of the Media Research Center.

"'Christian Terrorists': Anti-Abortionist Calls for Violence, Says It Is Religious Duty," proclaimed one headline on the ABC web site while "A Global Abortion War" was the other.

"For the 31st anniversary of Roe v. Wade, ABC News chose to cast the pro-life movement in the most negative slant it could scrounge up on its Web site, and completely ignore it all together on the air the night before, morning of and day of, the annual March for Life," said MRC's Anderson.

See Story
"Conservatives React to the State of the Union Address"
January 22, 2004

Cites MRC CyberAlert item on Time magazine's Joe Klein, commenting for CNN, describing the speech as "remarkably combative."

See Story


The Rush Limbaugh Show
January 21, 2004

Limbaugh read an entire item from Tuesday's CyberAlert on the air. The following is excerpted from his radio archive -- he referenced the MRC approximately five minutes into his first hour -- at (registration required to hear audio)

Limbaugh: "Also on CNN Monday afternoon, we got a great story from our buddies at the Media Research Center. CNN’s Judy Woodruff on Monday expressed exasperation that President Bush scheduled his State of the Union address for the day after the Iowa Caucuses in order to distract news coverage away from the Democratic presidential candidates. She complained to Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist: “The rest of year and for the last three years the President has dominated the news. Don't the Democrats deserve a few days in the sunshine, if you will?” Not satisfied with Frist’s answer, she followed up three times.

Woodruff pressed her agenda, MRC analyst Ken Shepherd noticed, during a January 19 Inside Politics segment with Frist who was in Iowa as part of a surrogate speaking effort to back Bush.

Frist told Woodruff, who was also in Iowa: “I'm here today to say that the nightmare is going to be over shortly, to my Republican base. Right now, President Bush with his vision, with his commander-in-chief aura, has been at a real disadvantage here because of all the Democratic activity. So today, I'm meeting with Republicans all over the state, to energize that base, to begin that organization for the next ten months. And that's the sole purpose that we're here today.”

Woodruff countered: “But, the rest of year and for the last three years the President has dominated the news. Don't the Democrats deserve a few days in the sunshine, if you will?”

Frist replied: “You know, they do. But imagine right now of having to watch for the last several months, if you are a Republican, with those conservative principles, who admire President Bush, what you've had to suffer every day on the air. And that is, a Democrat saying that the President is not leading, or he's using the wrong principles to lead....”

After quizzing Frist about the challenge of not knowing who Bush’s opponent will be, Woodruff returned to the timing of Bush’s address: “A Republican close to the White House quoted in the New York Times this morning is saying the State of the Union was timed to come after the night of the Iowa caucuses to take attention off of the Democrats. I mean, you are the one who's involved in setting the time of the President's State of the Union. What about that? Why do that?” 

Frist answered: “Well, I think it makes for sort of good talk and good conversation. The President's speech really isn't a political speech. It's political in the sense that he is commander-in-chief.” 

Undeterred, Woodruff demanded: “But I'm talking about the timing of it?”

Frist: “No, I know. But the timing really doesn't matter. We always do it sometime between a couple of days ago and say five or six days from now. The specific timing, if it were a political speech, I think would make sense. You can say that's the strategy itself. But this is not a political speech. It's a policy speech. In fact, I think the President will go to great effort not to throw politics into this speech at all.”

Woodruff came at him once more: “But again, it's a sign the Republicans worried the Democrats getting too much air time, is that what we're talking about here?”


Washington Times
"Iowa Caucuses Grab Media Fancy," by Jennifer Harper
January 20, 2004

"Partisan favoritism emerged, however, according to a Media Research Center analysis of airtime doled out to Democrats by CBS, NBC and ABC morning news shows in the last six months of 2003. 
"The Democratic candidates, numbering nine at the time, had a combined 241 minutes on camera in that period, with a fifth of the questions "designed to amplify their condemnations of President Bush," the study found. In the last half of 1999, Republican candidates got 136 minutes, with questions that primarily "highlighted GOP schisms..."

See Story
"Hello/Howie Kurtz? This is Rewrite," by Jack Shafer
January 19, 2004

"The real story is that most of the media people you nabbed in your database dragnet gave to Democrats! And that the overwhelming majority of the guilty are reporters! Doncha see? Let me write you a lede that says something meaningful, like, "A Washington Post survey of campaign donations indicates that when reporters make campaign donations, they're more likely to give to Democrats." From there the story writes itself. Put in a call to Bozell over at the Media Research Center so he can gloat, and call that Alterman guy, who'll say something like, "This doesn't prove the press corps is left; it proves that they're Democratic centrists...

See Story


National Review Online
"Lady Warns the President: Stay Away on MLK Day," by Clay Waters, TimesWatch Director
January 16, 2004

"When it comes to civil rights, Republicans just can't win. As a Republican president, Bush's policy moves are scrutinized by Democrats and their media allies for signs of racial insensitivity. Yet when Bush makes a point to honor the civil-rights movement, his efforts are trashed. Take, for example, the New York Times's hostile coverage of Bush's trip to Atlanta to commemorate Martin Luther King day..."

See Story
"Tom Brokaw Outs Himself," by Brent Bozell
January 14, 2004

"Once this presidential campaign has ended, Tom Brokaw will take his two-plus decades in the anchorman chair and his "Greatest Generation" millions and retire -- leaving Peter and Dan to soldier on desperately as if competing to see which one will become the Strom Thurmond Iron Man of the anchor desk...."

See Story


Special Report with Brit Hume
Fox News Channel
January 14, 2004

Brit Hume: "When former Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill, who made headlines Monday by saying the Bush administration was planning to oust Saddam Hussein even before the 9-11 atrocities, backpedaled on those remarks and apologized -- even saying he would probably vote for President Bush -- NBC News reported it. So did CNN and this broadcast. The Media Research Center notes that ABC’s World News Tonight and CBS Evening News, both of which had extensive coverage of O’Neill’s initial assertions the night before, never mentioned that he backpedaled."


Human Events Online
"Media Research Center's 16th Annual Awards for the Year's Worst Reporting: The Best Notable Quotables Of 2003"
January 13, 2004

Here are the Media Research Center's annual awards for the year's worst reporting, a compilation of the most outrageous and/or humorous news media quotes from 2003 (December 2002 through November 2003). To determine this year's winners, a panel of 46 radio talk show hosts, magazine editors, columnists, editorial writers and media observers made their choices for the first, second and third best quote from a slate of five to eight quotes in each category. Each judge was also asked to choose a "Quote of the Year" denoting the most outrageous quote of 2003...

See Story (National Center for Public Policy Research website)
"National Security: Has George Bush Abandoned Global Leadership," by Amy Ridenour
January 13, 2004

Article takes issue with former CBS anchor Walter Cronkite's charge that the Bush foreign policy has diminished America's global leadership.

See Story
"Media Watchdog Challenges Brokaw to $1 Million Challenge," by Melanie Hunter, Deputy Managing Editor,
January 12, 2004

"The president of a media watchdog group is challenging NBC Nightly News anchor Tom Brokaw to a $1 million challenge over comments the anchor made during a recent interview with Columbia Journalism Review.

"Brokaw directly took on the Media Research Center and its president Brent Bozell, denying the credibility of their evidence of liberal bias in the press.

"'What I get tired of is Brent Bozell trying to make these fine legal points everywhere every day. A lot of it just doesn't hold up,' said Brokaw. 'So much of it is that bias -- like beauty -- is in the eye of the beholder.'

"'I know our evidence does 'hold up' and we'll prove it,' Bozell responded. 'I issue this challenge to NBC and its anchor: Let's assemble a mutually agreeable third-party panel and have them review a compilation of the Media Research Center's 16 years of evidence of liberal media bias..."

See Story | Read Brent Bozell's Statement
January 12, 2003

Town Hall picked up the story on the MRC's $1 million challenge to NBC anchor Tom Brokaw.

See Story


Family News in Focus (
"Media Critic Throws Down Million Dollar Gauntlet," by Stuart Shepherd
January 12, 2004

"Conservative media watchdog L. Brent Bozell III does more than just take issue with Tom Brokaw's recent denial of media bias. He has delivered a substantial challenge to the NBC News anchor.

"Brokaw said in a recent interview in the Columbia Journalism Review that he sees no liberal bias in the media, criticizing Bozell in the process.

"'Brokaw said what he gets tired of is Brent Bozell trying to make these 'fine legal points everywhere, every day,' said Tim Graham, director of media analysis for Bozell's Media Research Center (MRC).

"So Graham said his boss decided to offer Brokaw a million-dollar challenge: Assemble an objective panel to judge what MRC has documented on NBC.

"In other words, Graham said: 'Put your money where your mouth is.'"

See Story | Read Brent Bozell's Statement
"Media Managed to Produce Plenty of Lowlights in 2003," by L. Brent Bozell
January 12, 2004

"Fifty years from now schoolchildren may learn that 2003 was the year President George W. Bush liberated Iraq, creating a prosperous powerhouse of democratic capitalism in the Middle East. We don't know how it will turn out yet, of course. But we know one thing: The first draft of history out of our national media came from the angry left, furious at the exercise of U.S. power and solicitous of the dictator now in the dock..."

See Story
"Media Help Sell Mass Extinction Scare," by Paul F. Stifflemire, Jr., Director, The Free Market Project
January 12, 2004

"Claims that global warming will cause "mass extinction" by 2050 were received with uniformly sympathetic coverage by media outlets. Newspapers in Britain, Canada and the United States featured stories trumpeting a study's dire warnings even before its official publication in the journal Nature and well before any analysis of its merits by the scientific community..."

See Story


The Bill Meyer Show
KMED, Medford, Ore.
January 12, 2004

Director of Media Analysis Tim Graham discussed the MRC's million dollar challenge to NBC anchor Tom Brokaw.

MRC personnel also commented on the $1 million challenge on these stations...

The Karen Grant Show
KIO-Monterey, Calif.
January 12, 2004

KRMS-Osage Beach, Mo.
January 12, 2004

WFLA-Tampa, Fla.
January 13, 2004

KSEV-Houston, Texas
January 13, 2004

WSPD-Toledo, Ohio
January 14, 2004

WWTN-Nashville, Tenn.
January 15, 2004

KFNX/WARL-Providence, R.I.
January 16, 2004


World Net Daily
"Eye on the Times," by Bob Kohn
January 9, 2004

"Earlier this week, Brent Bozell of the Media Research Center and I were asked to appear on MSNBC's Scarborough Country to share our observations on these questions. Certainly, there is no question that an open and heated feud is going on between CBS and the Times – and no doubt, as Brent suggested, the credibility of both organizations has been called into question in recent months. Brent went a step further to suggest, partly in jest, that the Times has been engaging in a "jihad" against CBS. Given the recent history of Times reporting on CBS, one could well reasonably come to that conclusion.

See Story
"A Critical Piece of Strategy in Iowa," by Brit Hume
January 9, 2004

Hume also dedicated a paragraph of his web notebook to the MRC's item on Halliburton.

See Story


The Greg Russell Show
Talk Radio News Service
January 9, 2003

Research Director Rich Noyes discussed the MRC study that found Democratic presidential candidates in 2003 received more network morning show time than the '99 Republican field.


Columbia Journalism Review
"Q & A with Tom Brokaw," by Jane Hall
January-February 2004

Hall: The Media Research Center, the conservative media watchdog group, has been getting a lot of attention for its reports alleging liberal bias in the media. They’ve been severely critical of Peter Jennings’s and ABC World News Tonight's reporting before the war in Iraq — and their reports get a lot of pickup on the Internet, through e-mails and on cable talk shows.

Brokaw: Look, I’ve been dealing with this myself since the Vietnam War and the civil rights movement, when reporters were accused of having a liberal bias.

The fact of the matter is, if I don’t establish a bond with the NBC News audience that is based on my credibility and my integrity, then I go out of business. We’ve been doing this for a long time. NBC Nightly News still has the largest single audience of any media outlet, print and electronic, in the news business. The simple test is that if people thought I had a bias, they wouldn’t watch me.

Hall: What is the impact, do you think, of a steady drumbeat of such criticism? Does it not have an impact on the network?

Brokaw: It is a little wearying, but you’ve got to rise above it and take it case by case. Most of the cases are pretty flimsily made. I’m glad that Peter, Dan, and I have been doing this long enough that we’re confident in our own abilities to withstand that. I understand the Rush Limbaughs of the world. I have less trouble with that. That’s who he is and what he does — and he’s very skillful at it. Rush has a strong point of view — and that’s fine. What I get tired of is Brent Bozell [president of the Media Research Center] trying to make these fine legal points everywhere every day. A lot of it just doesn’t hold up. So much of it is that bias — like beauty — is in the eye of the beholder.

See entire interview with Tom Brokaw


Washington Times
"Inside Politics," by Greg Pierce
January 8, 2004

"Back in mid-December, the 'CBS Evening News' twice led with stories about 'war-profiteering' by Halliburton for the price of gas it sold inside Iraq, with Vice President Cheney's name linked prominently," the Media Research Center reports at

"But three weeks later, when a January 6 front page Wall Street Journal story revealed that the Army Corps of Engineers had cleared Halliburton of any wrongdoing in its pricing, the 'CBS Evening News,' which had earlier touted a concern of 'Pentagon auditors,' ignored the development. But Tuesday's CBS newscast had time for a full story on how, as anchor John Roberts put it, the Howard Dean campaign 'offers America new love.' That was a piece on how young people are using Dean's 'meet-ups' as an opportunity to find a mate."

See Story


Special Report with Brit Hume
Fox News Channel
January 8, 2003

"“Last night we noted how some print media suddenly stopped mentioning in their leads that Vice President Dick Cheney used to run Halliburton Inc, once the company was, in effect, cleared of accusations that it overcharged for services in Iraq. According to the Media Research Center, the CBS Evening News referred twice to Cheney's past connection to Halliburton. But, the center says, now that Halliburton has been cleared, CBS Evening News hasn't mentioned that development at all.” (National Center for Public Policy Research website)
"Reaganomics: Were the 1980s the Decade of Greed?" by Amy Ridenour
January 8, 2004

An article focused on how the 1980s economic boom was distributed among various income groups cited information from an MRC CyberAlert.

See Story
"Move On? Let's Not," by Brent Bozell 
January 8, 2004

"The radical haters at MoveOn.Org have used their Internet space to show ads comparing President Bush to Adolf Hitler, and the media, so quick to condemn any negative ads produced by Republicans, are giving them a free ride..."

Read the Column


Ft. Worth Star-Telegram
"Appreciation 101," by Don Erler
January 8, 2004

"Less ideological but probably more potent is the content of our mass entertainment. Brent Bozell, president of Media Research Center, recently applauded an ABC special report deploring advertising designed to promote unhealthy overeating by children.

"But he noted that ABC seems unconcerned about 'the television shows in between the commercials that take up three times as much air time.' Bozell cited several examples, including ABC's presentation of 'wild bachelor and bachelorette parties with booze and strippers' as part of its Trista and Ryan's Wedding trilogy.

"'Children can watch female strippers taking their clothes off, with pixilated nudity. … what's more likely to leave an impression on children, this or an ad for Jell-O Pudding Bites?...'"

See Story
"NPR is Biased Says Candidate Kucinich," by Charles Mahaleris, Talon News
January 7, 2003

"...Media columnist Brent Bozell wrote, 'Gross recently became a hot topic on journalism Web sites for first having a friendly, giggly interview with 'satirist' Al Franken, promoting his obnoxious screed against conservatives on Sept. 3, and then on Oct. 8, unloading an accusatory, hostile interview on Bill O'Reilly's show. She pressed the Fox host to respond to the obnoxious attacks of Franken and other critics.'

"Even NPR ombudsman Jeffrey Dvorkin, according to Bozell, bristled at the coverage.

"'Unfortunately, the [O'Reilly[ interview only served to confirm the belief, held by some, in NPR's liberal media bias ... by coming across as a pro-Franken partisan rather than a neutral and curious journalist, Gross did almost nothing that might have allowed the interview to develop,' Bozell quoted Dvorkin as saying..."

See Story


"Times Lowlights," by Jason Maoz
January 7, 2004

"Regular readers of this column know the esteem in which the Monitor holds the website The site provides consistently trenchant analysis of the distortion and bias that have come to define the news coverage provided by The New York Times. TimesWatch’s year-end look back at the alleged paper of record’s “lowlights” for 2003 merits as wide a readership as possible, and the Monitor is pleased to feature it this week...

See Story


Chattanooga (Tenn.) Times Free Press
"Media Liberalism Confirmed -- Again," Free Press Editorial
January 5, 2003

Each year, a watchdog organization, the Media Research Center, compiles the most outrageous comments by people in the liberal media. The Chattanooga Free Press editorial page was among more than 40 judges -- including syndicated columnists Cal Thomas and Walter Williams -- who selected this year's "award winners." The full list of quotes is on the Internet at Here are some samples: 

* Boston Globe Magazine writer Charles Pierce: "If she had lived, Mary Jo Kopechne would be 62 years old. Through his tireless work as a legislator, Edward Kennedy would have brought comfort to her in her old age." (The MRC notes that Miss Kopechne drowned in Sen. Kennedy's submerged car off Chappaquiddick Island in July 1969. He reported the accident only hours later.)
* Dan Harris of Good Morning America: "(Saddam) points out frequently that he was elected with a hundred percent margin recently." (In a sham election.)


Washington Times
"What About What Fat Kids Watch," by Brent Bozell
January 3, 2004

"ABC anchorman Peter Jennings recently hosted a special telling us "How to get fat without really trying." The primary point was to encourage the public to view fatty foods as a public health threat on the order of cigarette smoking, and to encourage the viewpoint that government had better play a greater role as the national food police..."

See Story
"Bozell: The Media Lows of 2003," by Jean Shaw
January 3, 2004

L. Brent Bozell provides a sampling of the Media Research Center's picks for lowest media moments of 2003. The article is posted at their website, ...

See Story


World Net Daily
"Winning the War on Liberal Bias," by Bob Kohn
January 2, 2004

"What's going on at the New York Times? Have they begun to pay attention? Could it be that critics of liberal bias, such as the Media Research Center and, have begun to have an effect on the Times? Have recent books on media bias – such as Coulter's "Slander," Morris' "Off With Their Heads," and my "Journalistic Fraud" – found an audience at the Times? Or has the Times new "public editor" begun making headway against liberal bias in the Times' news pages?"...

See Story


Washington Times
"Inside Politics," by Greg Pierce
January 2, 2004

"You'd think that after the phony bubble of the late 1990s, built on exaggerated earnings and revenue claims by some greedy corporate executives, that referring to the Reagan era of the 1980s as 'the Decade of Greed' would be passe. But it's a slap at the decade some in the media can't shake," the Media Research Center's Brent Baker writes at

"Case in point: On Tuesday's 'Today,' Matt Lauer marked the 20th anniversary of the film 'The Big Chill' — yes, NBC considered this milestone newsworthy — by recalling how it was released in 1983, a period he described as 'a time of Reaganomics, burgeoning yuppies, and the Decade of Greed...' "

See Story
"The Art and Science of Scary Cuts," by Brent Bozell
January 2, 2004

"Our national media do not take charges of an institutional liberal bias well. Often they ignore them. Sometimes they simply deny them. Few reporters call and stand their ground.

"Recently, the Media Research Center (MRC) asked a panel of 46 judges from across America to select the "Best Notable Quotables of 2003" for the year's worst reporting. One unhappy winner was Time reporter Karen Tumulty, who won the "Media Millionaires for Higher Taxes Award" for some May 11 comments on CBS's "Face the Nation." She called the MRC to protest. "This is taken out of context!" she complained to MRC's Tim Graham"...

See Story


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