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MRC in the News

February 2004


Many media outlets — radio, television and print — regularly feature MRC guests on their programs, quote MRC spokespeople in their articles, and cite MRC research in their stories. Below is a sampling of MRC making news in the news media. Links are provided when available, and were active when posted.


Scarborough Country
February 25, 2004

MRC President Brent Bozell participated in a panel discussion on the media coverage of The Passion of the Christ.

"No, it‘s worse than hostility. Look—and I think what Bill Donahue said before is correct. I‘m sick and tired of having to defend—for Christians having to defend themselves from false accusations of anti-Semitism. It‘s about time that people started talking about the anti-Christian attitude that some people are showing. And they are showing it. And Andy Rooney did show it. What he said was despicable..."

Read the entire transcript of the program


U.S. News & World Report
"The Tabloidization of the News," by Lou Dobbs
February 23, 2004

"...According to L. Brent Bozell, president of the Media Research Center, 'News media is becoming more and more indistinguishable from tabloid outlets like the National Enquirer.' Circulation of the National Enquirer, in fact, far outpaces that of the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and the Washington Post. Is it any wonder that many major news programs and organizations have blurred the lines between entertainment and important news events?..."

"...In a ratings- and circulation-driven industry, the news media are all too tempted to pursue the "sexy" stories at the expense of the profound and even critical news. As Bozell says, "The more you pander to the lowest common denominator, the more you drop that lowest common denominator. And the more that that descent continues, at a certain point, it's incumbent upon society to ask itself if this is how serious it really wants to be." And, Bozell contends, "it begins with news-gathering organizations getting back into news."

See Story


KKAR, Omaha, Nebraska
February 23, 2004

MRC Director of Media Analysis Tim Graham discussed the media’s coverage of the National Guard story and other aspects of this year’s presidential campaign.

Graham also discussed the National Guard story and election issues on:

WWBA, Tampa, Florida, February 20, 2004

Accent Radio, February 20, 2004

KFAX, Fremont, California, February 19, 2004

KMED, Medford, Oregon, February 10, 2004


Washington Times
"Inside Politics," by Greg Pierce
February 19, 2004

"When a liberal Democrat faces a personal charge, the national media find ways to avoid discussing it in public," the Media Research Center's Rich Noyes writes.

"Is there proof of wrongdoing, or merely suspicion? Is it relevant to their public role? Does everybody do it? Do voters even care? When they want to, the media can usually find an excuse to spike an uncomfortable story before the feeding frenzy ever begins," Mr. Noyes said at"

See Story


Investors Business Daily
"Kerry Smears with Fear," by L. Brent Bozell
February 18, 2004

"It is a testament to the dignity of George Bush the Elder that in 1992, he refused to make endless fun of the draft sheananigans of Bill Clinton, who skipped off to Oxford after he received his draft notice to blab endlessly about politics and play strip poker with the lasses.

"But he should have said something serious about it. Bush’s campaign was so devoid of red meat on Clinton’s military deficiencies that it was almost vegetarian in its fear of liberal media pounding.

"Twelve years later, seemingly we have role reversal with President George W. Bush. Except there is no evidence of scandal against this President. And the Democrats won’t stop making scurrilous accusations. And the media are eagerly promoting it all...
"MSNBC: The New Clinton News Network? " by Lowell Ponte
February 18, 2004

"But by 1992 Kaplan was beginning to leave any pretense of journalistic ethics behind. “Kaplan,” wrote Tim Graham of the Media Research Center, “has been the prime example of a TV news producer who did not just blur, but demolished the wall between reporting on liberal politicians and openly helping them.”

See Story Family News in Focus
"Press Award to Hume Prompts Resignation," by Steve Jordahl
February 13, 2004

"Overholser's comments were as much directed at Fox News as they were at Hume.
"The issue really isn't whether Fox is fair and balanced or not, to these people," said Tim Graham, with the Media Research Center . "Obviously what Fox's statement says is, well the rest of the media isn't." 

See Story
"Kerry Smears Without Fear," by Brent Bozell
February 13, 2004

"It is a testament to the dignity of George Bush the Elder that in 1992, he refused to make endless fun of the draft shenanigans of Bill Clinton, who skipped off to Oxford after he received his draft notice to blab endlessly about politics and play strip poker with the lasses..."

See Story


Washington Times
"Inside Politics," by Greg Pierce
February 13, 2004

"'The media obsession with advancing the liberal Democratic campaign quest, to make President Bush's National Guard record an issue, continued on Wednesday morning,' the Media Research Center reports..."

See Story


Denver Post
"But Where's the News?" by Joanne Ostrow
February 12, 2004

"Rich Noyes, of Brent Bozell's right-leaning Media Research Center in Alexandria, Va., agreed. "For the rank-and-file voter, they are beyond useless."
"The pundits are slaves to numbers, Noyes said, extrapolating from polls that are weeks old, which is why they were so far off in Iowa.
"The pundits tell us "how to run a campaign, which tactics are working, the process and mechanics of running for president, but not the substance," Noyes said. "'If I were an undecided voter, they're not giving me what I need to make a decision.'"

See Story


National Review Online
"Whose Wedge is It?" by Tim Graham
February 9, 2004

"In the fierce biennial battle among federal candidates for the broad (often politically undereducated) middle — that exasperating camp of moderates in love with moderation for moderation's sake, the porridge-just-right temperature-takers — it matters who started the fight on the political issues of the day.

"So when it comes to the burgeoning controversy over what proponents call "gay marriage," the media and their Democratic friends would love to replay the fading cassette loop of their 1992 convention spin that the two sides of the political debate over homosexuality are very different. On one side is the earnest, reasonable (and definitively not liberal) advocates of equality and justice who wait patiently for the end of "marriage discrimination." No one tends to mention their standing as part of the hard-core ideological base of the Democrats. On the other side is the frightening gauntlet of the "anti-gay" — presented as the hard-edged, strident, exclusionary religious extremists, who clearly will be the ruin of the Republican future..."

See Story


Tech Central Station
"The Great Struggle: Media vs. Voters," by James Pinkerton
February 6, 2004

"Also on Wednesday morning, as recorded by the Media Research Center, Katie Couric of NBC's The Today Show declared Edwards' 'two Americas' speech -- which is, after all, his standard stump speech -- to be 'quite moving.' As the MRC observed, 'Couric soon revealed she was just channeling the views of liberal political operative, and former Clinton enabler, Dee Dee Myers, as she prompted Myers: 'You were quite moved by that speech.' And, without naming anyone, Couric insisted Edwards' diatribe got 'positive reviews, even from conservatives.'"

See Story


"Hating Fox," by Brent Bozell
February 6, 2004

"The dominance of Fox News in the cable news ratings -- and what liberals see as its annoying tendency to cover topics and angles that they believe should be buried for the good of liberalism -- has led to a great amount of Fox-hating in the anything-but-'mainstream press...'" 

See Story


Washington Times
"Inside Politics," by Greg Pierce
February 5, 2004

"'Just as they did a week ago on the night of the New Hampshire primary, looking at exit polls from the Democratic primaries on Tuesday night, CBS's Bob Schieffer and NBC's Tim Russert contended the anti-Bush views of the voters, though they were of those motivated enough to vote in a Democratic primary, represented the wider electorate and portend danger ahead for the White House,' the Media Research Center reports..."

See Story


Yale Daily News
"When Discussing Business, A Bit of Consistency is Needed," by Brian Donovan
February 3, 2004

"While you're there, you might also want to pick up a copy of 'Arrogance,' Goldberg's follow-up book which expands on the themes from 'Bias.' And, just for sake of completeness, you might want to look at the report prepared by the Media Research Center, a watchdog group, detailing Dan Rather's 20-plus years of liberal cheerleading disguised as objective news reporting on the "CBS Evening News." Check all that out, and then ask yourself: is CBS really going to squash an anti-Republican ad on general principles?

See Story
"Chuckling But Still Fuming, Normal Director Readies Project," by John Flesher, AP
February 3, 2004

"...Such gloves-off rhetoric is one reason why Moore's critics - and they are legion - just don't get the joke. One of many Web sites devoted to him is labeled: Michael Moore Hates America.

"'He is beyond mean-spirited. He is hate-filled,'" said Brent Bozell, president of the conservative Media Research Center in Arlington, Va.

"Nope, Moore replies. Those labels are more fairly applied to purveyors of right-wing invective such as Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter and Bill O'Reilly...

See Story


"Rush's Total Stack of Stuff"
February 2, 2004

Links to three MRC items. One link is to the February 2 edition of Notable Quotables. Two items are from the January 30 CyberAlert. The first contrasts media reports on the prescription drug overrun and a rising budget deficit with reporters who campaigned for the entitlement last year. The second item was on Brian Ross's story on an Iraqi Ministry of Oil document that noted some 270 prominent politicians and corporations in 47 countries had been given oil contracts worth millions of dollars by Saddam Hussein's government.

See Story (registration required)


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