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MRC in the News

June 2004


Many media outlets — radio, television and print — regularly feature MRC guests on their programs, quote MRC spokespeople in their articles, and cite MRC research in their stories. Below is a sampling of MRC making news in the news media. Links are provided when available, and were active when posted.


Duluth News Tribune
“As War and the Economy Influence Election, Conservatives Turn Their Sights on the Media,” by James Kuhnhenn
June 30

…Conservatives across the country decry news coverage of the war as relentlessly and unfairly negative. Last week Brent Bozell, a conservative activist, launched a $2.8 million advertising and talk-radio campaign to discredit the "liberal news media."

Such complaints are escalating - and increasingly conveyed in e-mails to journalists, letters to the editor and even in social settings with news executives - a phenomenon that appears to have been aroused in part by the Republican Party, President Bush's campaign and leading conservatives on talk radio, the Internet and cable TV.

"The bias that's been there is now simply out of control," said Bozell, whose conservative Media Research Center is running newspaper and billboard ads accusing the press of lying. The ads show a stern-faced Uncle Sam warning: "Don't believe the liberal media!"…

Read the entire article


The Frontrunner
“LaHood Support May Make McKenna Top Choice To Replace Ryan”
June 30

…KHGA-TV in Quincy, IL (6/30, Shoemaker) reports, "LaHood has talked with Andy McKenna twice and says McKenna represents the same philosophy and values he believes in. He says despite the setback, it's not impossible for a Republican to keep the Senate seat." LaHood: "I thought it was important for him to be off the ballot so our party wins the seat. It's still a winnable seat, I'm very optimistic. It's not too late. We have a candidate on the other side who's the most liberal member of the Illinois state senate."

Bozell Says Ryan Scandal Shows Media's Double Standard.

In a Town Hall (6/30) column, Media Research Center President Brent Bozell writes, "Jack Ryan watched his young career as a Senate candidate go up in smoke because the Chicago Tribune sued to bust the seal on his divorce papers from his wife. ... Republicans wanted him gone. He had lied to conservative journalists and GOP supporters alike when he said there were no potential skeletons in his closet. Republicans wouldn't stand for that." Brent Bozell continues, "President Clinton had not only denied having sexual relations with intern Monica Lewinsky, skeptical lawyers even pressed him further to define these relations as touching her erogenous zones with an intent to arouse or gratify. He denied all that. Democrats not only stood for these ridiculous perjuries. They cheered him as his job approval ratings soared." Bozell states, "The Ryan case showed once again that our largest media outlets don't believe in balance or fairness. They don't believe in getting to the bottom of each and every sexual allegation, even rape charges. They believe in winning.
“Why News at 11 Goes Easy on Saddam,” by Thomas Patrick Carroll
June 30

... Examples could be multiplied ad nauseam, and indeed there are excellent watchdog organizations, like Accuracy in Media and Media Research Center, that do just ...

Read the entire article
“Portions Of Clinton's Book Invite Spiritual Reflection,” by Joe Bell
June 30

I have read excerpts of former President Bill Clinton’s biography, “My Life,” as well as columns by conservatives who have criticized the book. I agree with Brent Bozell’s assessment that the book is “an opportunity to recast Clinton’s deplorable legacy in a more favorable light.”…

Read the entire article


Tech Central Station
“Read All About It!!” by James K. Glassman
June 29

... was too tough. The press and the public remain, in the words of the
Media Research Center, "worlds apart.” This split has been ...

Read the entire article


Washington Post
Media Notes
“Hear No Lichtblau, See No Lichtblau,” by Howard Kurtz
Bias Watch
June 28

…Bozell's Media Research Center has raised $2.8 million for newspaper ads in 15 markets, billboards in 40 cities and a talk-radio blitz aimed at countering what he sees as a "liberal jihad" that is unfair to President Bush. The slogan (also on T-shirts and mugs) is not exactly subtle. A finger-pointing Uncle Sam declares: "Don't believe the liberal media!"

"This is a media that in the last year has gotten out of control," Bozell says. "They're so blatant in the way they slant the news. . . . It's as if people in newsrooms have just taken off the gloves, whether it's foreign policy, economic news or political news, there's a spin on everything that's said." …

Read the entire article


San Francisco Chronicle
“The Untold 9/11 Story 
VIEW FROM THE RIGHT,” by Adam Sparks
June 28

... The day the story broke, according to the Media Research Center, a journalism watchdog organization, "The CBS Evening News" didn't even mention it. ...

Read the entire artilce


Television Week
“Nielsen Blasts Critics”
CEO Accuses News Corp. of Playing Race Card in LPM, by Michelle Greppi
June 28

... The MRC, a research industry watchdog, declined to accredit the LPM sample in New York, but Nielsen, which already had delayed the rollout once in New York ...

Read the entire article


Agape Press
“Media Analyst Wants Rich NPR Off the Taxpayer Dole,” by Jenni Parker and Chad Groening
June 28

... Seeing how the public radio network appears to be living high on the hog, Tim Graham of the Media Research Center says he cannot understand why NPR continues to feed of the public trough. "I would think that Joan Krok giving 200-million dollars to NPR would be something that you could easily go to the House Appropriations Committee [with] and say, 'They can make a go of it on their own. They don't need government funding,'" he says…

Read the entire article


"Cut the Bias," by Jessica Smith

"...Astonishingly, the field thought the media was too lenient on Bush despite the daily barrage of Iraqi prison abuse photos and slanted Iraq news coverage. For example, a column by L. Brent Bozell, founder and president of the Media Research Center, cited that NBC aired 58 stories on U.S. prison abuse within a few weeks of the story first breaking but only aired five stories over 16 months on Saddam’s mass graves. According to the column, Abu Ghraib holds 1500 prisoners, only a fraction of whom were abused, while Saddam’s graves held as many as 300,000 people. To quote Bozell, “How is Abu Ghraib 10 times more important than that?..."

Read the entire story


WGST-Atlanta, Ga.
June 1

Director of Media Analysis Tim Graham discussed the media's coverage of recent events.


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