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MRC in the News

February 2005


Many media outlets — radio, television and print — regularly feature MRC guests on their programs, quote MRC spokespeople in their articles, and cite MRC research in their stories. Below is a sampling of MRC making news in the news media. Links are provided when available, and were active when posted.


“Jeff Gannon: Bad Apple from A Rotten Tree,” by Terry Sawyer
February 28

…In absolving Gannon of the least bit of wronging for everything from operating under a political action committee posing as a news agency to plagiarizing White House press releases and even renting out his barker for $1200 large a weekend, the National Review's Tim Graham writes, "But what they really might wind up accomplishing with their 'Gannongate' pounding was the silencing of a rare right-leaning voice in the White House press corps. To them, you can only be "authentic" by pounding the President from the left" ("Gannon's to the Left of Me," 16 February 2005). …

See Story


Pittsburgh Tribune Review
“Media Monday” (no byline)
February 28

Here are some of the latest outrageous, sometimes humorous, quotes from or about the liberal media courtesy of the Media Research Center: 

Poll pushing in Iraq? "Was it clean? Was there no pushing by American soldiers or coalition forces to make people vote or discourage them from not voting?"

-- MSNBC's Chris Matthews to Brian Williams on "Hardball" the day after Iraq's successful elections. 

Bush as 'hostage': "A former Cabinet member (Christine Todd Whitman) says the president's party is being held hostage by the far right. ... When it comes to the president's agenda for his second term, things like Social Security, how much do you think it's possible he could be held hostage by that far right?" 

-- Matt Lauer to Whitman on NBC's "Today" show. 

The Post's fashion police: "At yesterday's gathering of world leaders in southern Poland to mark the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz ... (Vice President Dick) Cheney stood out in a sea of black-coated world leaders because he was wearing an olive drab parka with a fur-trimmed hood. It is embroidered with his name. It reminded one of the way in which children's clothes are inscribed with the names before they are sent away to camp." 

-- The Washington Post's Robin Givhan in a story bannered across the top of the paper's "Style" section.
“White House stirs debate on media tactics,” by Dick Polman
February 28

... Gannon's defenders see him as a martyr. Tim Graham, an analyst at the conservative Media Research Center, says, "conservative journalists... ...

See Story


Los Angeles Times
“Media Matters; Indecent? That sums up all of this moral posturing,” by David Shaw
February 27

… Even Brent Bozell, whose Media Research Center and Parents Television Council are among the leading media scourges in the solar system, said the violence in "Saving Private Ryan" was "not meant to shock, nor is it gratuitous." Like another often graphic World War II film, "Schindler's List," it was neither indecent nor inappropriate for television, Bozell said. …


Fox News Network
“Bush’s Trip Abroad,” byline/host: Eric Burns, guests: Cal Thomas, Neal Gabler, Jane Hall, Jim Pinkerton
February 26

… On the proves your point, that Bush had a good trip, a charm offensive trip and so on, you've got Iraq. They've clearly got a consensus on Iraq. The optics, the body language, everybody smiling, short (ph) of reaching over to shake Bush's hand and make sure that looked good on TV.

On the negative side, you have the EU arms embargo against China, which the Europeans are going to break. That's clearly a setback for the U.S. The Iran policy is not so clear. Kyoto is not so clear.

So you really have to pick two categories. And I think a lot of the media signed up on one side and the other side. I think most -- for example, NBC and ABC were, according to the Media Research Center -- and I agree with them -- were mostly positive towards Bush, and CBS was mostly negative.

JANE HALL, AMERICAN UNIVERSITY: Well, you know, there were a couple of European commentators, one comparing him -- not even comparing him, calling Bush "Caesar." And Mrs. Bush, "Caesar's wife."

They were focused on the lobster risotto that they ate. So I thought this European meeting could be just as primitive and superficial as the Americans.

But I think that it was very interesting to me. The Media Research Center really went after John Roberts...

BURNS: Let us say that is a conservative media watchdog group.

HALL: Right, a conservative media watch group. Really went after John Roberts for pointing out that some of the Europeans were alarmed by Bush's statement about all options are on the table about Iran.

He then goes on to say, you know, was it carrot or stick? I mean, it's a question. He did need to repair relations. I mean, public opinion over there was not with him. Many European nations were not with him. …
“Liberal Talk Radio Strikes Back,” by Susan Whitall
February 26

…"They have mullahs, we have Brent Bozell (of the conservative Media Research Center)," Skinner charges. "Since when did a girl in a T-shirt become offensive? One small group shouldn't have a veto over what the rest of us see." …

See Story
“The White House press clubhouse: No conservatives allowed,” by Doug Schmitz
February 26

... "But if softball questions in the White House are an enormous scandal," wrote the Media Research Center (MRC)'s Tim Schneider, "then why weren't...

See Story


Agape Press
“Commentary & News Briefs,” compiled by Jody Brown (by Chad Groening)
February 25

...A conservative television analyst says the recent remarks by a liberal TV personality illustrates the complete insensitivity the left has for people of faith. Comedian Bill Maher was a recent guest on MSNBC's Scarborough Country, where he said Christians and others who are religious suffer from a "neurological disorder" that "stops people from thinking." Tim Graham of the Media Research Center says that is clearly not the voice of tolerance. "If a conservative had said that homosexuality was a neurological disorder, their career would probably be over," Graham points out. …

See Story
“Why the Liberals Will Rule Forever,” by Klaus Rohrich
February 24

…I recently acquired a book entitled And That’s The Way It Isn’t by Brent Bozell III and Brent H. Baker, which is billed as a reference guide to media bias. What I found amazing about this book was not the fact that the media carries a left/liberal bias, but the extent to which their bias puts them outside the mainstream.

See Story


Pittsburgh Tribune Review
“Media Monday” (no byline)
February 21

Here are some of the latest outrageous, sometimes humorous, quotes from or about the liberal media, courtesy of the Media Research Center: 

They predicted violence; democracy broke out: 

Chris Matthews: "What does it smell like over there (in Baghdad)? Do you sense fireworks?" 

Campbell Brown: "You do, Chris. ... On the street, you get the sense that something big is about to happen, something big and fairly ugly." 

-- from MSNBC's "Hardball," two days before Iraq's first free (and relatively violence-free) elections on Jan. 30. 

Even "conservatives" misread the Iraqi situation: 

Mike Jerrick: "What do you think's going to happen Sunday?" 

Steve Harrigan: "I think there's going to be a bloodbath on Sunday. ... All over the place, especially in Baghdad and a few other cities." 

-- from Fox's "Fox & Friends," where Mr. Jerrick is the co-host and Mr. Harrigan, a Fox reporter just back from Iraq, was being interviewed on Jan. 28. 

Ann Coulterish? "'Support Our Troops?' That sentence is neither a request nor a statement; it's a command. There's a hint of a dare in it that reminds me of a similar sentence: 'Bring it on.' It's vaguely ... Ann Coulterish. Analyzing its rhetoric may be treason." 

-- Bob Sommer, whose son recently returned from a one-year military tour of Iraq, on NPR's "All Things Considered" on Monday.


The Toronto Star
“Bloggers Go Big-Game Hunting” (no byline)
February 20

…On, a daily roundup of conservative views, Media Research Center president Brent Bozell said the blogosphere appeared powerful because the mainstream media had avoided the Jordan story.

The resignation "made the blogs seem so powerful that liberals started attacking them for recklessly destroying Jordan's career, even using goofy terms like 'cyber-McCarthyism' to denounce it.

"But what the bloggers did here was deliver information and accountability, the same things the major media purport to be providing - unless it's one of their own in the hot seat." …


The International Herald Tribune
“Conservatives and Rivals Pressure PBS; Perception of Liberal Bias Is Just Part of What Ails U.S. Public Network,” by John Tierney and Jacques Steinberg
February 18

…Some critics, like Tim Graham of the Media Research Center, a conservative watchdog group, are reluctant to give PBS any independent endowment. "They want to create an empire that does not have to answer to the Congress or the people," he said. "Conservatives do not want to give more tax dollars to television stations that attack their ideas.


Washington Dispatch
“A Call For Knowledgeable Religion Reporters,” by Paul M. Weyrich
February 18

... Tim Graham, Director of Media Analysis for the Media Research Center, in a 2004 report "Religion on TV News: More Content, Less Context," asserted that ..

See Story


Richmond Times Dispatch (Virginia)
“They Betray Themselves When They Open Their Mouths,” by Ross MacKenzie
February 17

When things began to get really bad, a group called the Media Research Center (MRC) designated itself monitor of the leftism loping around in the mainstream press, primarily television. Most of the guilty insist they are mere mainstreamers, centrists ("nobody here but us moderates") -- yet surely they know better. They betray themselves when they open their mouths. …


Washington Times
“Firm foundation of conservatism,” by Christina Ianzito
February 17

... At a cocktail reception following the ceremony, Media Research Center founder and President L. Brent Bozell III said it would be hard to overestimate the ...

See Story


Washington Times
Inside Politics
”Softball questioners,” by Greg Pierce
February 17

... To them, you can only be 'authentic' by pounding the president from the left," said Mr. Graham, director of media analysis for the Media Research Center. ...

See Story


The Ledger
“Conservatives and Rivals Press a Struggling PBS,” by John Tierney and Jacques Steinberg
New York Times
February 17

... Some critics, like Tim Graham of the Media Research Center, a conservative watchdog group, are reluctant to give PBS any independent endowment. ...

See Story


Working for Change
“Hunting Hillary Clinton,” by Bill Berkowitz
February 15

…Blackwell wasn't the only one tilling the anti-Hillary fields. Early in 2000, The Washington, DC-based National Conservative Campaign Fund issued a Special Report entitled "Campaign Strategy to Stop Hillary Clinton," which aimed to drive up her negatives, establish a "Defeat Hillary Clinton" Web site, and run a protracted anti-Hillary media campaign. NCCF currently bills itself as "an independent political action committee," with Thomas L. Phillips as Chairman, and D. Jeffrey Hollingsworth, Executive Director. The group's Advisory Board contains a number of veteran right wing activists including Gary Aldrich, L. Brent Bozell III, Floyd Brown, Angela "Bay" Buchanan, Ann Coulter, George Gilder, C. Boyden Gray, Donald P. Hodel, Terrence P. Jeffrey, G. Gordon Liddy, Ralph Reed, Jr., Alfred S. Regnery, William Bradford Reynolds, John K. Singlaub, and Armstrong Williams. …

See Story


Washington Times
Inside Politics
“Blaming Bush,” by Greg Pierce
February 14

…"ABC's Peter Jennings personalized North Korea's boast that it has nuclear missiles as he asserted Thursday night that the communist regime 'says it has manufactured nuclear weapons for self-defense against the Bush administration,' not against the U.S. as the other networks characterized it," the Media Research Center's Brent Baker reports at …

See Story


JD Balart Show, (nationally syndicated) 
February 14

MRC’s Julie Stahl discussed the Abbas/Sharon meeting.

The topic was also discussed on the following radio station:

KMED: Medford, OR 
February 11


“I'm Not a Leftist, But I Play One on TV,” by Steve Rendall and Anna Kosseff
February 14

…Beinart is frequently matched with Wall Street Journal editorialist John Fund on CNN's Paula Zahn Now, and he's played the left role on other CNN shows opposite other reliably right-wing commentators, including Jonah Goldberg (News from CNN , 5/14/04), Brent Bozell III (Paula Zahn Now , 5/5/04) and Armstrong Williams (News from CNN , 4/20/04). …

See Story


Jawa Report
“Media Bias: An Overview,” (no byline)
February 13

... First, we've got a collection of large number of studies on media bias cataloged by the Media Research Center. Without drilling

See Story


The Conservative Voice
“OPINION : A Call for Knowledgeable Religion Reporters,” by Paul M. Weyrich
February 11

…Tim Graham, Director of Media Analysis for the Media Research Center, in a 2004 report “Religion on TV News: More Content, Less Context,” asserted that television news had failed to cover religion news accurately when it suddenly becomes “hot” as it did last year. At worst the reporters -- who are secular -- have an innate bias against religion. He wrote:

That disconnect between the media elite and the public is especially risky for journalists when religion news is “hot,” as it is right now. Even when the amount of religion news increases, the media’s tone remains cold, questioning, even hostile. The more traditional or orthodox the religious belief, and the more influential it threatens to become in the culture at large, the more the television networks seem to explain it away, as something “scholars” and “experts” dismiss. …

See Story


The Washington Post
“Scandal in the Press Corps,” by Dan Froomkin
February 10

…Tim Graham, who served as White House correspondent for a national weekly Christian news magazine, had this to say on National Review's The Corner blog: "[A]s a one-time White House correspondent that asked clearly conservative (but tough) questions in the briefing room, I can only say I'm glad I got out before the left-wing bloggers exposed my unnatural attraction to sugared kiddie cereals. Can we start at square one and agree that these very personal attacks on Jeff Gannon are creepy coming from the libertine left?" …

See Story


Family News in Focus
“PBS Goes to Capitol Hill for More Funding,” by Steve Jordahl
February 10

…Tim Graham of the Media Research Center said it's an old idea.
"What they want to do," he said, "is create an endowment so that they're insulated from congress and from the taxpayer so they can go do whatever they want." …

See Story


The Washington Times
Inside Politics
“Woe is Us,” by Greg Pierce
February 9

"All of the media have pounced on the Bush administration's desire to 'cut' spending on a few programs, focusing on how some small spending adjustments will hurt the poor, but none more so than CBS on Monday night," the Media Research Center's Brent Baker writes at …

See Story


PEJ News
“Shooting the Messenger: Targeting Journalists,” by Danny Schechter (not sure about the title for this)
February 9

… Needless to say Fox wanted to trash Eason, not the killing of journalists. They showed a very clip of my film with the sound muted but I did get to make a few points and plug the movie the best I could expect in circumstances of hostility..

Sean Hannity took some predictable whacks along with Brent Bozell but I held my ground and was still standing at the bell. I would score the round as a draw.

It was hard to shift the conversation back to the real issue – the killing of journalists and not what Eason Jordan said or didn't say – no one there seemed to know or really care in what was really a bash CNN exercise. You can read what some Fox regulars thought of my performance in today's letters section. …

See Story


News Hounds
“Hannity's Latest Target from CNN,” by Deborah
February 8

Eason Jordan, CNN Journalist, is in the center of a controversy about a statement he made about journalists in Iraq who have been killed while covering the war, implying that the journalist's deaths were not simply part of the collateral damage. Brent Bozell and Danny Schecter, and Weapons of Mass Deception , discussed the reaction to Jordan's comments. Bozell and Hannity were ready to condemn Jordan for smearing our troops and Schecter was ready with the bigger picture as well as proof that could vindicate Jordan, but Hannity and Bozell rejected Schecter's facts and offers of proof. 2/08/05 …

See Story


Fox News Network
Hannity & Colmes
“CNN's Eason Jordan: U.S. Military May Be Targeting Journalists in Iraq,” with Sean Hannity; Alan Colmes; Greta Van Susteren. Guests: Brent Bozell; Danny Schechter
February 8

COLMES: Welcome back to "Hannity & Colmes." I'm Alan Colmes.

Still to come, a Tennessee teacher is accused of having a relationship with one of her 13-year-old male students. Does she deserve a hundred years in jail?

But first, a chief news executive at CNN, Eason Jordan, has placed himself in the center of another controversy. Jordan told an audience at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland last month that the U.S. military may be targeting journalists in Iraq. 

Joining us now, the president of the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell, and the director of "WMD: Weapons of Mass Deception," Danny Schechter, our news dissector.

Danny, look...


COLMES: ... you have some e-mails from Eason Jordan. You've discussed this with him.

SCHECHTER: Well, not only that, I also talked with journalists who were at the Palestine Hotel that day, who are raising questions about why - - not only why they were attacked but also why there was never any independent investigation.

COLMES: What did Eason Jordan say?

SCHECHTER: Eason Jordan, you know, basically said that he would rather not talk about it anymore. He says he was not as clear as he wanted to be. And he raised the question, the possibility, that as many as 12 journalists were somehow targeted or killed by American military.

COLMES: But he went on to clarify...

SCHECHTER: He didn't want to say that it was the American soldiers that did it, that there was implying, in a sense, there was a policy of some kind to target journalists in Iraq. And there are many journalists in Iraq who believe that.

COLMES: All right. But Brent Bozell, he went on to clarify that he did not mean to imply -- and sometimes we misspeak and we want to clarify. We always have to option to do that. And hopefully people will believe our good intentions. He went on to clarify that he never implied or meant to imply that they were targeting people because they were journalists, right?

BRENT BOZELL, MEDIA RESEARCH CENTER: Well, here is the problem. First of all, Alan, we don't know exactly what he said, because this was an off-the-record meeting. But I think it's preposterous for him to say he doesn't want to talk about it anymore.

What you've got are people who were there who heard his remarks, who are shocked by what he said. A liberal Democratic senator from Connecticut is outraged by it. Barney Frank said, and quoting directly, he said that, in his remarks, that he said the soldiers did this maybe knowing they were killing journalists out of anger, knowing they were killing journalists.

I can't think of a more, more, more hideous charge to make against our men and women who are fighting and dying in Iraq to say that they're deliberately killing journalists and not be able to back that one up.


COLMES: I don't know exactly what he said.

SCHECHTER: Brent, why don't we talk about what happened? Your name is Tariq Ayub (ph) with the bureau chief of Al-Jazeera at the Arab media center, the same day as the Palestine Hotel was shelled. You had sent to the Pentagon the coordinates of the Arab media center. Everybody knew it was there.

You're on the roof. You're watching a plane come closer, an American plane. Suddenly, it strafes you and your building, OK? This happened. He died. They are not happy about it, believe me. They feel that Al-Jazeera was targeted. And it was attacked earlier in Afghanistan.

So there's a feeling among many that this happened. I spoke -- I was at the Arab media summit and spoke to a journalist from Reuters. And I asked her, "Was there an independent investigation of this?" Reuters had asked the Pentagon for an independent investigation. There was none.

HANNITY: All right. Danny, you're arguing things that, frankly, if you want to argue them privately, if you want to produce evidence, and you want the world to look at it, you have the capability of doing that. That's not what is at issue here.

You have, as my good friend, Brent Bozell, said here, Senator Dodd, Barney Frank, outraged that, in fact, he made these allegations without any evidence, proof or substantiation and what he needs to do now...

SCHECHTER: Yes, he may have been weak at making an argument. But the International Federation of Journalists, the committee to protect journalists, and other groups that have investigated this...

HANNITY: You are saying our troops are targeting journalists?

SCHECHTER: Not troops. That there's been a policy...


HANNITY: By who?

SCHECHTER: ... that has favored embedded journalists over independent journalists, that many Arab journalists were hassled, harassed and killed in Iraq under suspicious circumstances.


HANNITY: Do you have any evidence -- because here is what is happening here. You a throwing out these wild allegations...

SCHECHTER: I have some evidence.

HANNITY: It's outrageous. With no evidence -- wait a minute. If you have evidence that our -- we have a policy of targeting journalists, then you need not put our troops in harm's way. Because you know what, Danny? People hear you, and they hear Eason Jordan, and they react to it, and they really believe that.

SCHECHTER: You are arguing -- Eason Jordan was offering an opinion about what he believed. I made film, "Weapons of Mass Deception," WMD, and it features a section about, and asks the question, were journalists targeted? Were they targeted? And many people believe they were.

HANNITY: "Many people believe," "I think," "I feel"...

SCHECHTER: We're talking about journalists that were there.

BOZELL: Can I ask a question? Can I ask a question?

HANNITY: Hang on, Brent.

SCHECHTER: We have footage now of what happened to these journalists inside the hotel, and there was no satisfactory explanation given.

HANNITY: Let me go to Brent.

BOZELL: Can I ask a simple question? Because this is -- I want to repeat. This is the most hideous possible allegation that can be made. If this gentleman can't back it up with a piece of evidence, he ought to apologize right now. Back it up.

SCHECHTER: Well, I'd like to try, if I could a word in edgewise.

HANNITY: Hang on one second. But there's more than this, Brent, here than anything else. He wants to us watch his movie, and that's fine. But this is a separate issue. The issue here is...

SCHECHTER: And Eason Jordan, by the way, is backpedaling from this very statement.

HANNITY: But the point is, the statement was made. Witnesses, Democrats -- we don't often quote Senator Dodd and Barney Frank, Brent -- but the jeopardy that we put our troops in harm's way, we make their job tougher. People believe propaganda, they hate them more, and they become bigger targets. We're putting their lives in jeopardy with reckless statements. That's why this is so irresponsible.

SCHECHTER: If somebody lobbed a tank shell into this studio, you'd want an investigation, wouldn't you?


BOZELL: And frankly, I don't give -- I absolutely don't -- I absolutely don't give a damn what Al-Jazeera thinks about the American military or what they say about the American military. They have no credibility whatsoever in this debate.

SCHECHTER: They have a right not to be killed and to do their job. You may not agree with them, but they have a right to do their jobs.

HANNITY: But do you have any proof that our troops targeted these guys or that any American -- name names. Do you know any American that supported a policy that would target journalists?

SCHECHTER: No, I don't think it works that way, Sean. That's why I don't agree with the way you're framing it.

HANNITY: But that's what he said.

SCHECHTER: No, it wasn't a policy. The effect of -- there wasn't responsibility taken by our military. A tank moved into the Palestine Hotel. Everybody in the world knew there were journalists in that hotel. The guy in the tank claims he didn't know it.


HANNITY: Until you get more ammunition, you should hold your fire.

BOZELL: In other words, not one shred of evidence.

SCHECHTER: Well, I have a film, "WMD," that makes the argument.

HANNITY: Yes, I know. You want the world to go see your film.

SCHECHTER: Go see it and see for yourself.

COLMES: All right, Danny. Thank you. Thank you, Brent.
“Gunning for The Gipper: Why Media Leftists Hated Ronald Reagan,” by Doug Schmitz
February 7

…“The most notable omission in all the gracious obituaries and histories is the media’s own role in the Reagan era – fiercely hostile and often indistinguishable from the Democratic talking points of the day,” said Brent Bozell, Media Research Center director (6/9/04). …

See Story


KTSA – San Antonio, TX
February 7

MRC Research Director Rich Noyes discussed Schieffer and CBS.

The topic was also discussed on the following radio station:

WGL – Ft Wayne, IN
February 7


Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
"Media Monday: Janeane Garofalo edition," (no byline)
February 7

... coverage early Thursday morning. Here's the diatribe, courtesy of the Media Research Center: "The inked fingers was disgusting. ... 

See Story


The Washington Times
“Nobles and knaves,” (no byline)
February 5

... As picked up by the Media Research Center, Miss Garofalo said, "The inked fingers and the position of them, which is going to be a 'Daily Show' photo already ...

See Story


The Washington Times
Inside Politics
“Media Panic,” by Greg Pierce
February 4

…"Successful elections in Iraq, which occurred despite months of cynical media speculation that it was foolish not to delay, feel to the media like a rejection of their relentless vision of a hopeless quagmire in the making. (Or as John Podhoretz put it Sunday, the elections were 'Ted Kennedy's Vietnam.') The touching human moment of Wednesday night's speech, when a fallen Marine's mother hugged an Iraqi woman who had voted, only cemented the momentum," said Mr. Graham, who is director of media analysis at the Media Research Center. …

See Story


“Garofalo: Fingers with ink comparable to Nazi salute,” no byline
February 4

... Joe Scarborough, now a host on MSNBC. A transcript of the exchange leading up to the salute has been posted today by the Media Research Center. ...

A transcript of the exchange leading up to the salute has been posted today by the Media Research Center. 

See Story


WWNN – Boca Rato, FL
February 3

MRC Executive Editor of discussed elections.

The topic was also discussed on the following radio stations and programs:

WAAM - Ann Arbor, MI 
January 29

WSBA - York, PA 
January 28

Faith to Action w/ Janet Folger 
January 28

WGBF - Evansville, IN 
January 28

Chuck Harder Show (nationally syndicated) 
January 27


Washington Times
"Schieffer to host 'CBS Evening News,'" by Jennifer Harper
February 3

Others are critical of Mr. Schieffer. Tim Graham of the Alexandria-based Media Research Center called him "Dan Rather's echo" after the newsman delivered glowing reports about Democratic nominee Sen. John Kerry during the presidential conventions and debates last year.

See Story


The Washington Times
“Major Networks Missed Joy in Iraq,” by Jennifer Harper
February 1

…Habitual negativity can exact a toll on credibility, though. 

"Most everyone had positive reports, particularly on cable. But there were glaring exceptions who emphasized violence or uncertainty," said Brent Baker of the Alexandria-based Media Research Center. 

"Reporters look bad when they insist on being dour and sour when actual images on TV screens are so happy and thrilling," Mr. Baker said. "These correspondents look out of touch, grasping the negative so hard." 

Such reporting caps off weeks of critical coverage, which often predicted the worst outcome for Iraq, Mr. Baker said. 

"But in the end, these correspondents just couldn't compete with such powerful, positive images," he added. …

See Story


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