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A bi-weekly compilation of the latest outrageous, sometimes humorous, 
quotes in the liberal media.

February 1, 1993

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(Vol. Six; No. 3)


Inauguration Ratherisms

"Mr. Clinton was about as relaxed as a pound of liver."
-- Dan Rather referring to his earlier interview with Clinton, January 20 CBS This Morning.

"If an American inauguration can't bring a lump to your throat and a tear to your eye, if you don't feel as corny as Kansas in August, maybe you need a jump-start and some vitamins."
-- Rather during inauguration coverage.


In and Out of the Loops

Bush Makes Public Iran-Contra Diary Entries Suggest He Did Not Know Details of Scandal
-- New York Times, Jan. 16

Diary says Bush Knew 'Details' of Iran Arms Deal
-- Washington Post, same day

Diary: Bush in loop on arms, not Contras
-- Boston Globe, same day

Excerpts reaffirm Bush claim
-- Baltimore Sun, same day


Clinton the Messiah

"Roger [Clinton]'s life is in some ways the story of any younger sibling clobbered by the spectacular success of the one who came before. The presidential brother syndrome. If your brother is Christ, you have a choice: become a disciple, or become an anti-christ, or find yourself caught somewhere between the two."
-- Washington Post reporter Laura Blumenfeld, January 24.

"The Clinton campaign was guided throughout by a quiet messianism. It was more than just a holy war against the pinched, divisive brand of conservatism that had overtaken the Republicans in recent years; there was also a confluence of longstanding aspirations and frustrations -- Democrats, baby boomers, `new ideas' types all were hoping that their moment had finally come, that it was time to reclaim the idealism of the Kennedy years."
-- Newsweek Senior Writer Joe Klein, January 25.


Shalala Reception

Shalala, Espy Received Warmly; Christopher Still Coasting on Hill
-- Washington Post, January 15

Shalala omissions irritate Moynihan
-- Washington Times, same day


Most Important Inauguration of Our Lives?

"In 1978, Newsweek introduced its readers to a young man with a dream. On Friday, Newsweek will be the only newsweekly to mark the culmination of that dream, with a special newsstand issue on his inauguration. An issue that's sure to be a collector's item because it covers the most important inauguration of our life-time."
-- Newsweek television commercial.


Chelseagate Crystallized

"Perhaps this tempest reflects the extreme jitters of the public- school community after 12 years of government neglect."
-- U.S. News & World Report Assistant Managing Editor Wray Herbert, January 18.

"Well, the fact is 12-year-olds are not meant to be symbols of anything, unless it's the difficulties of approaching adolescence....Well, now the parental decision has been made, and the public can make its judgment. And then perhaps we should all just drop the subject and let a 12-year-old, who's leaving friends behind to move into a big house in a strange city, get on with life -- with becoming a teenager."
-- NBC anchor Garrick Utley's commentary, January 9 Nightly News.


Reliving Watergate

"It is often said that, during Watergate, the system worked. But in dealing with its spiritual stepchild -- Iran-Contra and the continuing constitutional criminality of the Reagan-Bush years -- it is now painfully apparent that the system has failed....The escalating criminality of the Bush-Reagan era -- in which the breaking-and-entering of Bill Clinton's passport records has become emblematic, just as the break-in of Daniel Ellsberg's psychiatrist was a symbol of the Watergate era -- refuses to go away, like some dark stain on the national conscience."
-- Former Washington Post reporter Carl Bernstein, Jan. 10 Los Angeles Times.


The Media Gas Tax Caucus

"We need to raise taxes...As for gasoline -- which costs about $3.75 per gal. throughout Europe -- Ross Perot was right. Phase in a 50-cent tax over five years, and you raise $50 billion a year."
-- Time "Money Angles" columnist Andrew Tobias, January 25.

"So Clinton is right to back off his plan for a middle-class tax cut and right again to `revisit' the proposal to increase gasoline taxes, regressive levies he routinely dismissed as un-fair during the campaign."
-- Time Chief Political Correspondent Michael Kramer, January 25.

"Norway has an admirable environmental record in other respects. The U.S., for instance, might follow its example and implement a carbon tax, which encourages efficiency and the use of cleaner fuels....If there is anything positive in this pastiche of cumbersome, expensive, and irrelevant initiatives, it is the trend championed by the Republican predecessors to move away from regulations and toward market incentives (hint: a gas tax!) to achieve environmental goals."
-- Time Senior Writer Eugene Linden, February 1.

"Economists generally agree that moderate increases in energy taxes -- even as much as $50 billion a year -- to reduce the deficit would actually boost economic growth even though consumers would be left with less money to spend and prices for just about everything would rise slightly."
-- Washington Post reporters Steven Pearlstein and Thomas W. Lippman, January 1.


Touting The Progressive

"Never merely refractory, never simply obstructionist, The Progressive has understood for three generations now the responsibility of a good citizen. It knows that to conserve the best things about America -- basic things, like democracy and liberty and equality -- we need to face up to where we've gone wrong....It is fully truthful enough to make us blush."
-- PBS omnipresence Bill Moyers touting the far-left magazine The Progressive in their direct mail fundraising, in a letter on his own company stationery, Public Affairs Television.


Bush Lost, But They Still Can't Forget Willie Horton

"And then there was the George Bush who could be churlish, almost a childlike bully when he campaigned. Commercials arousing fear and speeches veering into the absurd."
-- NBC weekend Today host Scott Simon over video of the Willie Horton commercial, January 16.


Publisher: L. Brent Bozell III
Editors: Brent H. Baker, Tim Graham
Media Analysts: Jessica Anderson, Eric Darbe,
Geoffrey Dickens, Mark Drake, Clay Waters
Research Associate: Kristina Sewell
Circulation Manager: Michelle Baetz
Interns: Stacey Felzenberg, Carrie Hale


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