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The Best Notable Quotables of 1990:

The Linda Ellerbee Awards
For Distinguished Reporting

Dewey Defeats Truman Award

First Place

"Polls won't close here for another thirty minutes, but the widespread belief that the Sandinistas will prevail has shifted thinking far beyond the ballot box. The topic of the day is: how will a freely elected Sandinista government be treated by the United States?"
-- NBC's Ed Rabel in Nicaragua, Feb. 25 Nightly News.

"The election observers say the Bush Administration may have itself to blame for Daniel Ortega's rise in popularity among the voters. The reason, they say, is the U.S. military invasion in Panama. That was a move that was widely denounced here in Nicaragua. It was a close race until the U.S. invaded."
-- NBC reporter Ed Rabel four days before Nicaragua election, February 21 Nightly News.

"For the Bush Administration and the Reagan Administration before it, the [ABC News-Washington Post] poll hints at a simple truth: after years of trying to get rid of the Sandinistas, there is not much to show for their efforts."
-- Peter Jennings five days before vote, World News Tonight, February 20.


The Real Reagan Legacy Award

First Place

"It will take 100 years to get the government back into place after Reagan. He hurt people: the disabled, women, nursing mothers, the homeless."
-- White House reporter Sarah McClendon in USA Today, Feb. 16.

"Now the lessons of Iran-Contra are also clear. We have learned this: that a President who lies to Congress and to the people will feel free to joke about it. A Vice President who lies to Congress and to the people will be elected President. A White House aide who lies to Congress and to the people will be hailed as a hero until the time for a reckoning comes...An administration, in short, that lies to Congress and to the people is the accepted order of things. And a Constitution designed to prevent exactly that order is a mere scrap of paper."
-- PBS' Bill Moyers writing in the January 1990 issue of the Progressive.

"Okay, Democrats are certainly not without blame. But I believe the S&L crisis lands right at the Republican door. It was the magic of the marketplace that took off the regulations...Oh, Ronald Reagan and the magic of the marketplace was the theme of the '80s. Greed in this country is associated with Ronald Reagan."
-- Newsweek reporter Eleanor Clift on Face the Nation, July 29.


Which Way Is It? Domestic Affairs

First Place

"When inflation is taken into account, it adds up to a cut in defense spending, and that's the first time in a long time that has happened." -- Bob Schieffer on the January 27 CBS Evening News. vs. "It's easily overlooked, but the fact is, that in real terms, the defense budget has been going down every year since 1985."
-- CBS News Pentagon correspondent David Martin on Nightwatch, January 31.


"If there's anything that we heard out there at the polls today, it was the sound of Reaganomics crashing all around us. If there's anything left of Reagan's trickle-down theory, Dan, it seems to be anxiety which seems to be trickling down through just about every segment of our society."
-- Ed Bradley during CBS News election night coverage, November 6.


"We have a lot of turnovers where Republican Governors raised taxes and they have been turned out."
-- Lesley Stahl, also during CBS election coverage.



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