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The Best Notable Quotables of 2001:

The Fourteenth Annual Awards for the
Year’s Worst Reporting

Too Late for the Ballot,
But Year End "Best of NQ" Worthy:

First Place

Persecuting Clinton Allowed 9/11
"It was a huge national distraction, going after a guy who lied about getting oral sex from a woman he wasn’t married to, and I think I know a million guys who get oral sex from a woman they weren’t married to....All of us have a shared guilt right now, and the shared guilt is for the last ten years we have been horribly distracted. I would bet you that I can find you 4,000, 5,000 FBI agents who wish to God they weren’t assigned to Whitewater, Monicagate, Bill Clinton – that instead they were on the trail of Osama bin Laden and the people who were plotting mass murder against us."
– Geraldo Rivera on the Nov. 15 O’Reilly Factor on FNC.
Homegrown Few = Al Qaeda
"Since September 11, the word ‘terrorist’ has come to mean someone who is radical, Islamic and foreign. But many believe we have as much to fear from a home-grown group of anti-abortion crusaders."
– Reporter Jami Floyd on ABC’s 20/20, November 28.


2001 Award Judges

Chuck Asay, editorial cartoonist, The Gazette in Colorado Springs
Brent Baker, Editor of MRC’s CyberAlert and Notable Quotables
Mark Belling, talk show host, WISN in Milwaukee
L. Brent Bozell III, President of the Media Research Center
David Brudnoy, radio talk show host, WBZ in Boston; journalism professor at Boston University
Priscilla Buckley, Contributing Editor of National Review
Mark Davis, talk show host, ABC Radio and WBAP in Dallas-Ft. Worth; columnist, Ft. Worth Star-Telegram
Midge Decter, author; Trustee for the Heritage Foundation
Jim Eason, KSFO in San Francisco talk show host, emeritus
Barry Farber, radio talk show host
Eric Fettmann, columnist and Associate Editorial Page Editor, New York Post
David Gold, syndicated radio talk show host
Tim Graham, White House correspondent, World magazine
Stephen Hayes, staff writer for The Weekly Standard
Kirk Healy, Executive Producer, WDBO Radio in Orlando
Quin Hillyer, editorial writer, Mobile Register
Marie Kaigler, radio talk show host, Detroit
Cliff Kincaid, commentator
Mark Larson, talk show host and GM at KCBQ/KPRZ in San Diego
Jason Lewis, talk show host, KSTP in Minneapolis/St. Paul
Ross Mackenzie, Editor of the editorial page, Richmond Times-Dispatch
Tony Macrini, talk show host, WNIS in Norfolk, Virginia
Michelle Malkin, syndicated columnist and Fox News contributor
Patrick McGuigan, Editor of the editorial page, The Oklahoman
Jan Mickelson, talk show host, WHO Des Moines/WMT Cedar Rapids
Wes Minter, Operations Manager and talk host, KRMG in Tulsa
Jane Norris, talk show host, WHAS in Louisville
Rich Noyes, Director of Media Analysis for the Media Research Center
Marvin Olasky, Senior Fellow, Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty; Editor of World magazine
Janet Parshall, nationally syndicated radio talk show host
Henry Payne, editorial cartoonist, The Detroit News
Wladyslaw Pleszczynski, Distinguished Visiting Fellow, Hoover Institution
Mike Rosen, talk show host, KOA in Denver; columnist, Denver Rocky Mountain News
Ted J. Smith III, Professor of journalism, Virginia Commonwealth U.
Philip Terzian, nationally syndicated columnist
Bruce Tinsley, Mallard Fillmore cartoonist
Cal Thomas, syndicated columnist; panelist on FNC’s Fox Newswatch
Armstrong Williams, nationally syndicated columnist
Dick Williams, columnist; host of Atlanta’s Georgia Gang
Walter Williams, Professor of economics, George Mason University
Thomas Winter, Editor-in-Chief of Human Events




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