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“The Insider”

As posted on December 30, 2002


Column in Insight magazine

-- The Media Research Center has selected its Notable Quotables for 2002. Here are some of the big winners:

* The award for silliest analysis goes to David Wright of ABC News for this one from World News Tonight for Oct. 15: "Seven years ago, when the last referendum took place, Saddam Hussein won 99.96 percent of the vote. Of course, it is impossible to say whether that's a true measure of the Iraqi people's feelings."

* The Fourth Reich award, for attempting to portray Attorney General John Ashcroft as a fascist, goes to Evan Thomas of Newsweek on WUSA-TV in Washington, Aug. 31: "But the German prosecutorial system was pretty laid back and didn't want to be John Ashcroft, you know, they didn't want to be the SS, they had that worry there, no Gestapos. And so it was a great place for terrorists to operate."

* The Ashamed of the Red, White and Blue award goes to Phil Donahue of MSNBC. Maybe nobody was watching, but Donahue said to NBC Nightly News anchorman Tom Brokaw on July 25: "Let me tell you what is impressive: You're not wearing a flag. Well, I don't want to damn you with my praise, but I say hip-hip-hooray for that. ..."

* The Mount St. Helens award goes to dyspeptic Helen Thomas, age 82 -- the pro-Arab curmudgeon who has annoyed presidents since FDR -- for her Nov. 14 remarks at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where she said: "I censored myself for 50 years. ... Now I wake up and ask myself, 'Who do I hate today?' ... I have never [before] covered a president who wanted to go to war."

Read the column as posted on Insight magazine.

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