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George Stephanopoulos
Boy George Becomes the Lone Anchor at This Week

Political partisan. Liberal presidential aide. Sunday news show anchor.

Former Clinton aide George Stephanopoulos will become the sole host of the Sunday news show This Week in September. If it seems strange that the post once held by broadcasting icon David Brinkley will be occupied by a former Democratic operative with limited media experience, it should. Stephanopoulos was a no-holds barred partisan during his political days and even liberal editors had issues with him. The Wall Street Journal’s Al Hunt, in a discussion about Stephanopoulos’s 1999 book on CNN's Capital Gang, recalled how the news host operated less than ethically in 1992: “For those of us that knew George before he was a virgin, I want to tell you something, this book is a shocker. I’ll give you one example. In 1992 we broke the story about Clinton evading the draft. James Carville and Paul Begala called me up directly. We had a fight over it to no avail because the story was right. George went behind our back and told everyone that we were had by right-wing Republicans. That was a lie and he knew it.”

ABC News insists the former political partisan is a fair and even-handed journalist. Good Morning America host Diane Sawyer even claimed that Stephanopoulos had been “completely non-partisan” during his time at ABC. Plus, Peter Jennings vouched for his fairness on The O'Reilly Factor last May 15.  Stephanopoulos’s comments over the last five years, however, don’t support either claim. 

To read about Stephanopoulos's coverage of Campaign 2000, click on Go Gore!  Also see the June 12 Media Reality Check for selected excerpts from his book, All Too Human.

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