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The Best Notable Quotables of 1997:

The Tenth Annual Awards for the
Year’s Worst Reporting

Media Hero Award

First Place

"[I]n person, [Anita] Hill bears only passing resemblance to her rather stern image from newspapers and television. At 41, she is slender to the point of willowy. Her features are elegant, and while she is intense while discussing her political baptism-by-fire, she can also muster a warm smile and a hearty laugh -- qualities that had little occasion to surface in the nine hours that changed Hill's world. So, she was asked, does she sometimes feel like the Joan of Arc of sexual harassment? Sure, Hill replied, and here came the mirth the Senate never saw: 'I refuse to die, though.'"
-- Los Angeles Times reporter Elizabeth Mehren, October 1. [75 points]

"[Mario] Cuomo was a rare combination: an intellectual and a spellbinding orator. I would have bet that he could have won the Democratic nomination and been elected to the presidency. He had electrified the 1984 Democratic convention with his keynote speech, and I never saw him fail to excite those who shared his liberal vision of America's future. Despite the pollsters and political operators' contrary opinions, I remain convinced that the public was ready for a leader who could restore that vision after the selfish eighties. I don't believe the public has rejected liberalism; it simply has not heard a candidate persuasively advocate its humane and deeply democratic principles."
-- Walter Cronkite in his book A Reporter's Life. [60]

"Justice William Brennan led the Supreme Court on a quiet revolution that expanded individual rights and press freedoms to an extent found nowhere else in the world...Brennan saw his influence wane as justices appointed by Presidents Reagan and Bush cut back the court's role as active protector of individual rights."
-- USA Today reporters Tony Mauro and Mimi Hall, July25. [50]


If The Bias Fits We Won't Admit Award

First Place

"I don't think voting for Clinton makes you a liberal. I mean, Bill Clinton isn't even a liberal, and second, if you're liberal, does that mean you can't be fair? What hypocrisy that we sit around and talk about the press like it's some sort of 'they.' It's us. Are we too liberal? N-o....The bias is in favor of bad news and you go after whoever is in power, and the name of the game is kill the king, which is why Bill Clinton does not get a free ride."
-- Newsweek's Eleanor Clift on The McLaughlin Group, July 5. [79 points]

"Although the experience and independence of Tom Brokaw, Peter Jennings, Dan Rather, and Ted Koppel would give their opinions a lot more weight than those of any politician, they still observe the disciplines of their craft. Their on-air analyses plumb the views and prejudices of others without parading their own."
-- Former New York Times Executive Editor Max Frankel deploring ABC's hiring of George Stephanopoulos, January 19 New York Times Magazine. [65]

"Scholar after scholar has disputed, in studying the actual content of the press, what you've justblithely handed out that it's this left-wing media. That's a charge from the '50s. That's not thecurrent press. Tom Patterson -- no, the bias is a bias against politicians of all kinds, not a bias forone side or other."
-- Ellen Hume, Director of the PBS Democracy Project, reacting to Bob Novak's assertion the mainstream media are "tilted to the left." July 27 CNN Reliable Sources. [60]


Which Way Is It?

First Place

Nuns Tell of Panic About Fund-Raiser Documents Destroyed or Altered to Conceal Temple's Role With DNC
-- Washington Post, September 5 


Nuns Say Temple Event With Gore Was Not A Fund-Raiser
-- New York Times, same day [99 points]


CIA Agent Says He Gave Huang Classified Data
-- Los Angeles Times, July 17


C.I.A. Officer Says His Briefings For Huang Were Simply Routine 
-- New York Times, same day [97]

Dem tells of 'contribution swap' scheme
-- USA Today, October 10


DNC Ex-Aide Denies Teamster 'Swap' Plan
-- Washington Post, same day [67]



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