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The Best Notable Quotables of 1997:

The Tenth Annual Awards for the
Year’s Worst Reporting

Quote of the Year

First Place

"The mood of the Republican congressional leadership is so ideologically obtuse as to doom even this modest first step down the path of responsibility. They would rather kill people than raise taxes."
-- Former Los Angeles Times reporter Robert Scheer in an April 22 column on the Kennedy-Hatch health for children bill. [111 points]

"Newt Gingrich's problem, I've always thought, he's like Lenin. They both made a revolution by shooting people -- Newt shot Democrats, Lenin shot everybody -- and then they didn't have enough sense to stop shooting once they won. So, I mean, once you win, you say, 'Okay, now I've shot all your relatives, but you're a good guy, let's work together.' Instead, Newt shut down the government and kept on trying to shoot Democrats."
-- ABC's Sam Donaldson on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, January 8. [96]

"Earlier tonight, we reported the President's apology for medical experiments that allowed black Americans to die of syphilis. The President noted how badly this hurt public trust in government, especially among minorities. The same criticism is being made today on another score. As CBS News correspondent John Blackstone reports, it's the fallout from California's voter-approved ban on state affirmative action programs."
-- Dan Rather introducing May 16 CBS Evening News story on drop in minority admissions. [66]

"The problem [of pedophiles] has been made only worse by the passage of Proposition 187. It specifically says that no public funds can be used to provide social services to anyone who's in this country illegally. That means that even if social workers for the city or the state wanted to help the boys of Balboa Park they couldn't. It would be against the law. Proposition 187 is now being challenged in court, but its message is clear."
-- John Quinones in March 19 Prime Time Live story on pedophiles preying on Mexican boys in a San Diego park. [50]


1997 Award Judges:

Brent Baker, Editor of MediaWatch and Notable Quotables
Mark Belling, talk show host, WISN in Milwaukee
Neal Boortz, talk show host, WSB in Atlanta
L. Brent Bozell III, Chairman, the Media Research Center 
George Brown, talk show host, WTAG in Worcester, Mass. 
David Brudnoy, talk host, WBZ; Boston U. communications prof. 
Priscilla Buckley, Senior Editor of National Review 
Tucker Carlson, staff writer, The Weekly Standard 
Don Cook, Program Director, WCHS in Charleston, WVa.
Mark Davis, talk host, WBAP; columnist, Ft. Worth Star-Telegram
Midge Decter, author, New York City 
Jim Eason, talk show host, KSFO in San Francisco 
Barry Farber, nationally syndicated talk show host
Don Feder, Boston Herald writer and syndicated columnist 
John Fund, editorial board member, The Wall Street Journal 
Tim Graham, Director, media analysis, Media Research Center 
David Gold, talk show host, KWRD in Dallas and Salem Radio 
Kirk Healy, Executive Producer, Cox Radio, Orlando 
Arianna Huffington, nationally syndicated columnist 
Marie Kaigler, talk radio host and broadcaster, Detroit 
Cliff Kincaid, co-host, Media Monitor 
Paul Koloski, Editorial Editor, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 
Tim Lamer, Director, Free Market Project; Editor, MediaNomics 
Mark Larson, talk host and general manager, KPRZ in San Diego 
Richard Lessner, Editorial Page Director, Union Leader (N.H.) 
Jason Lewis, talk show host, KSTP in Minneapolis/St. Paul 
G. Gordon Liddy, national talk show host, CBS/Westwood One 
Rich Lowry, national political reporter for National Review 
Ross Mackenzie, Editor, editorial pg, Richmond Times-Dispatch 
Tony Macrini, broadcaster, WNIS in Norfolk 
Marlin Maddoux, host, Point of View radio talk show 
Don Markwell, radio talk show host, WACV in Montgomery 
Mary Matalin, national talk show host, CBS/Westwood Radio
Patrick McGuigan, Editor, editorial page, The Oklahoman 
Jan Mickelson, talk show host, WHO in Des Moines 
Wes Minter, talk show host, KCMO in Kansas City M.
Jane Norris, WAVE-TV host, WHAS talk radio host, Louisville 
Robert D. Novak, syndicated columnist; CNN commentator 
Kate O'Beirne, Washington Editor for National Review 
Marvin Olasky, professor of journalism, U. of Texas at Austin 
Janet Parshall, nationally syndicated radio talk show host 
Henry Payne, editorial cartoonist & columnist, Scripps 
Howard Dan Pierce, talk show host, WGIR in Manchester, NH 
Wladyslaw Pleszczynski, Executive Editor, American Spectator 
Michael Reagan, nationally syndicated radio talk show host 
Mike Rosen, talk show host, KOA; columnist, Denver Post 
William Rusher, Distinguished Fellow, Claremont Institute 
Melanie Scarborough, ed. writer, Richmond Times-Dispatch 
Ron Smith, talk show host, WBAL in Baltimore 
Ted J. Smith III, journalism professor, Virginia Commonwealth U. 
Philip Terzian, syndicated columnist 
Cal Thomas, nationally syndicated columnist
R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr., Editor-in-Chief of The American Spectator 
Armstrong Williams, nationally syndicated columnist 
Dick Williams, columnist; host of Atlanta's The Georgia Gang 
Walter Williams, Professor of economics, George Mason U. 
Thomas Winter, Editor-in-Chief of Human Events 
Barry Young, President of WestStar TalkRadio Network, Phoenix




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