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July 22, 2008

Volume 2, Number 12

Gore Speaks, TV Swoons Over $3 Trillion Energy Makeover

For someone offering up an incredibly expensive proposal that would radically alter the entire U.S. economy, it's astonishing that Al Gore faced virtually no skeptical questions when he sat down with CBS's Katie Couric and NBC's Tom Brokaw to push for a $3 trillion conversion to 100% use of wind, solar and other renewable power sources by 2018.

On the July 17 CBS Evening News, Couric applauded how "Gore laid down a green gauntlet today," only fretting about whether "the political will is there to change the way we do business so dramatically in this country?" Couric's toughest question: "You've set a 10-year deadline. Is that realistic?"

Yet in the set-up piece prior to Couric's interview, CBS's Nancy Cordes had already vouched for the realism of Gore's plan by seeking a comment from "clean energy advocate Tyson Slocum," a spokesman for the left-wing Public Citizen group (which Cordes declined to identify as liberal).

"It is very realistic," Slocum assured viewers. [Audio/video (1:21): Windows Media (5.10 MB) and MP3 audio (386 kB)]

On NBC's Meet the Press, Tom Brokaw, at least, gently suggested to Gore that "what you have outlined, in fact, is a goal that may not be achievable. "But Brokaw agreed with the Democrat's thrust, telling Gore: "I don't think anyone doubts that we have to make some profound changes in this country...and maybe even suffer some pain." Brokaw also proposed new taxes: "Should there be a surcharge on jet fuel, cost for private aviation, which is expanding exponentially in this country and it leaves a very large carbon footprint?" Gore loved it: "Fine by me. Sounds like a good idea." [Audio/video (0:29): Windows Media (1.81 MB) and MP3 audio (126 kB)]

Writing on his group's OpenMarket.org blog, the Competitive Enterprise Institute's Myron Ebell added the context that eluded the big broadcast networks: "Utilities are having a hard time keeping up with population and demand growth, building every kind of power plant they can — coal, natural gas, wind. Meeting all new demand in the next few decades just with renewables would be extremely difficult and expensive. Doing that, and replacing all current coal and gas power plants in ten years, is preposterous."

Does Gore have an answer to such criticisms? We'll never know, because the networks never bothered to confront him with such pesky details.

For more, see the July 18 CyberAlert



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