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 L. Brent Bozell


Founder and President of the Parents Television Council, L. Brent Bozell III leads the only Hollywood-based organization dedicated to restoring responsibility to the entertainment industry. The PTC at http://www.parentstv.org features the Family Guide to Prime Time Television which aids parents in making informed viewing decisions for their children. Mr. Bozell is a nationally syndicated writer whose work appears in publications such as Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Washington Times, The New York Post, The L.A. Times and National Review. Below is a collection of this year's Entertainment columns or click here for an archive of Mr. Bozell's News Columns.

December 29
What About What Fat Kids Watch?

December 19
Fast-Flying F-Words

December 11
NBC Loves Al Charlatan

December 4
Hollywood and The Reasonable Liberal

November 26
Murder and the "Anti-Gay"

November 21
Shameless Britney and Pink

November 13
Enjoying "Joan of Arcadia"

November 7
"Censorship" of the Reagan Attack-Film?

November 4
Why is Naughty Going Nowhere?

October 23
CBS Revises the Reagans

October 17
What Teens See on Must-Surrender TV

October 9
Audio Attacks on Catholics

October 2

September 26
When Comedians Play Mean

September 19
Superheroes for Saving Saddam?

September 11
Britney Spears, Spectacle

September 5
TV Raunch vs. The Comics

August 26
Sex and the “Glamour” Girl

August 22
Drama Far From The "Fringe"

August 14
Mel Gibson, Wronged For His "Passion"

August 7
Nip/Tuck or Up/Chuck?

August 1
Arrogant Michael Powell

July 24
Trashing the Army at the Movies

July 18
“Queer Eye” for the Straight Girl

July 8
The Savage Cartoon Ends

July 3
Radio's Summer Smut

July 1
No Porn Show at the Library

June 13
"Never Gayer" Tony Awards

June 6
Hope Against Sleaze

May 28
Inaction at the FCC

May 16
Hollywood’s Propaganda Awards

May 8
Abortion On The Air

May 1
MTV Flunks at the Movies

April 24
Monica and Marriage on Fox

April 10
Getting "Queasy" At The FCC

April 3
Madonna's No Pundit

March 27
Why The Oscar Honors?

March 21
Anti-Catholic "Entertainment"

March 6
From Russia With Lust

February 27
Hollywood's Geopolitical Geniuses

February 21
Please Sink These TV Love Boats

February 14
AIDS Education...Or Condom Promotion?

February 6
Michael Jackson Descends

January 30
The Return of Glamorous Violence

January 23
Watch Out for ‘Adult’ Ads

January 16
Sex on the Radio

January 9
Exploiting The “Real World”

January 2
Even Worse in England


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