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 L. Brent Bozell


Founder and President of the Media Research Center, L. Brent Bozell III runs the largest media watchdog organization in America. Established in 1987, the MRC has made “media bias” a household term, tracking it and printing the compiled evidence daily.  Mr. Bozell is a nationally syndicated writer whose work appears in publications such as Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Washington Times, The New York Post, The L.A. Times and National Review.  Below is a collection of this year's News columns or click here for an archive of Mr. Bozell's Entertainment columns.


December 28
Bill Moyers, Hypocrite

December 21
Bad Quotes, Awful Year

December 15
Rumsfeld Gets Pranked

December 7
Still Tilting The Widow Pictures

November 30
Anchors Away

November 24
Reed Irvine, R.I.P.

November 17
Ashcroft, Worse Than Arafat?

November 9
Election Night Sweats

November 2
The Media’s Elastic Economy

October 27
They’re Not Referees

October 19
Who Are The "Brainwashers"?

October 12
An Obnoxious Rathergate Delay

October 5
More NBC Love for Jimmy Carter

September 28
No Time for Puppets and Optimism

September 21
Rather’s Game is Over

September 15
Dan Rather’s Forgery Fit

September 8
Convention "Con Games"

September 1
The Hometown Paper Sulks

August 24
John Kerry’s Soldier-Smearing

August 18
Newsweek’s Comic-Book Kerry Coverage

August 10
Free Pass on Democratic Legends

August 4
The Boston Pajama Party

July 28
Selling the Boston "Rock Stars"

July 21
The Fox-Hater’s Upside-Down World

July 14
Masquerading Liberal John Edwards

July 6
Kerry’s Catholic Problem

June 30
Jack Ryan, Meet Bill Clinton

June 23
Bill’s Boring Book of Bunk

June 16
New Myths on Reagan’s Record

June 8
Reagan’s History with Reporters

June 2
Huffington and Brock: Book-Length Liars

May 25
Nancy Pelosi Loses Control

May 18
The Media on Nicholas Berg: So What?

May 11
Our Media, In Damage Overdrive

May 4
Media Silence for the Limbaugh-Haters

April 28
Memo to the GOP: Where Are You?

April 21
Bush’s Conservative Idealism

April 13
9-11 Commission Absurdities

April 7
The Sad Paradox of Religion News

March 30
Terrorism, A Clinton Priority?

March 25
The Richard Clarke Assembly Line

March 23
"Embedded" Gets Shredded

March 17
Spain: A Media Flip-Flop

March 9
Nitpicking the 9-11 Ads

March 2
Media Spurn Majority for Rosie

February 24
John Kerry, The Anti-War Antihero

February 20
The RNC Agenda vs. The Media Agenda

February 12
Kerry Smears Without Fear

February 5
Besmirching Brit Hume

January 29
One Cheer for Peter Jennings

January 22
Dean Stumbles: Don’t Blame the Media

January 14
Tom Brokaw vs. Conservative "Jihad"

January 7
Move On? Let’s Not



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