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 L. Brent Bozell


Founder and President of the Media Research Center, L. Brent Bozell III runs the largest media watchdog organization in America. Established in 1987, the MRC has made “media bias” a household term, tracking it and printing the compiled evidence daily.  Mr. Bozell is a nationally syndicated writer whose work appears in publications such as Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Washington Times, The New York Post, The L.A. Times and National Review.  Below is a collection of 1997 News columns.


December 30
Did They Really Say That in 1997?

December 30
Time's Slanted First Draft of History

December 23
The Arrogance of "Nonpartisan" Greens

December 18
Why the Cisneros Indictment Story Tanked

December 11
1997's Notable Quotes In Review

December 4
Media Hot Air on Climate Change

November 26
Spendthrift GOP? Blame Them - and the Media

November 20
Still No Objectivity on Race Relations

November 13
PBS: The Profiteering Barney Scam

November 6
Gilmore Beats Beyer - and Liberal Reporters

October 30
China Prompts Tiresome Dances of Detente

October 23
Tom Brokaw's Strange Political Spectrum

October 21
Ten Years of Nattering Nabobs

October 16
Has Washington "Seldom Been Screwier"?

October 9
The Blame-Reagan Shift: From the Media to the Historians

October 2
Ruddy Blackout Shows a Book Bias

September 25
Campaign Reform? What Media Chutzpah!

September 18
NEA: Preserving Perversion's Heritage

September 11
Classless Obituaries for Mother Teresa

September 4
What Gore Feeding Frenzy?

August 28
The Espy Blackout, One of Many

August 21
Drudge in the Media Bullseye

August 12
CNN: Looking More Pro-Clinton Every Day

August 7
Budget Stumps an Honest Reporter

August 5
Brennan Eulogies Wrong on Rights

July 10
Flat Earth Environmental Reporting

July 2
One Lawyer Does The Media's Job

July 31
News Magazines: Also AWOL on the Hearings

July 24
Where's PBS's Gavel-to-Gavel Coverage?

June 26
Why Ignore Nolanda Hill?

June 19
David Brock Burns Himself at the Stake

June 12
Two New Developments at PBS

June 5
The Unbearable Lightness of Network News

May 22
CIA-Crack Story Implodes: Where are the Network Retractions?

May 21
Who Cares About Taxing Poor Smokers?

May 15
Stop the Madness of "Poor Susan McDougal"

May 14
I Couldn't Believe My Ears

May 8
The Media's Budget Approach: Spare the Facts, Ma'am

May 7
Journalist, Heal Thyself

May 1
Dan Burton in the Media Bull's Eye

April 24
Democrats: No Ties to "Merchants of Death"?

April 17
Where's the Obvious Analysis?

April 10
The Media's Hypocritical Valentines to the 1960s

April 3
Downplaying Another Poll on the Liberal Media

March 27
TV News to America: God is Off Limits

March 20
The NEA's Savior: Censorship

March 13
Koppel Biased? Let Me Count the Ways

March 6
Lying Al Gore: Will the Puff Pieces End?

February 27
Brokaw Brags, But About What?

February 20
Mrs. Graham, Do Liberals Exist?

February 13
No Scrutiny for the Tax Man

February 6
NPR: Radio's Voice of Hypocrisy

January 30
The "Last Liberal" in Washington?

January 28
Muckraking or Muckfaking?

January 23
Prejudice Against Pro-Lifers Reigns

January 16
Paula Jones, From Farce to Tragedy

January 9
Ten Reasons Ethics News Reeks of Bias

January 2
Exit Bryant Gumbel, Unprofessional Journalist


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