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CyberAlert. Tracking Media Bias Since 1996
| May 1, 1996 (Vol. One; No. 10) |

Clinton Lovers

Two items today. The far-left views of a man cheered by his media colleagues and who does Hollywood favor for President.

Under the headline "One of the All-Time Greats," the May 6 Newsweek reports that last week the American Society of Magazine Editors gave Osborn Elliott its Hall of Fame Award. From 1961 to 1976 Elliott served as Editor-in-Chief of Newsweek. Digging back in the Notable Quotables files I found this from Elliott to a May 16, 1992 "Save Our Cities" rally:
     "We hold accountable Republicans who have savaged our urban schools, our housing, our health care, our social services. We hold accountable Democrats who have collaborated in this butchery....We hold accountable those who waste our billions on a military with no enemy to fight."
     Elliott was labeling Republicans heartless extremists before calling conservatives mean-spirited extremists was cool.

Tuesday's USA Today (page 4D) listed the entertainment industry's political contributions. Many gave large amounts to the Democratic Party, but nothing to the Republican Party from January 1995 through March 1996:

Miramax Films: $276,000
David Geffen, DreamWorks: $100,000
Steven Spielberg, DreamWorks: $100,000
Rob Reiner, Castle Rock: $20,000
Michael Douglas: $5,000
Sharon Stone: $5,000

Here are some of the names listed of those who contributed $1,000 to Clinton-Gore:

Tom Arnold
Michael Bolton
Kate Capshaw
Ted Danson
Robert DeNiro
Richard Dreyfuss
Melanie Griffith
Billy Joel
Quincy Jones
Garry Marshall
Penny Marshall
Mary Stuart Masterson
Rob Reiner
Mary Steenburgen
Barbara Streisand
Marlo Thomas
Grant Tinker
Kathleen Turner
Henry Winkler
     Plus, Larry King (I assume the CNN Larry King), CBS entertainment chief Leslie Moonves, and Michael Eisner, the President of Walt Disney Company, the owner of ABC.
     Giving smaller amounts: Peter Falk, Lloyd Bridges, Tom Hanks, Paula Poundstone and Ali MacGraw.

Now, here's the complete list of all those listed as Dole donors:

Pat Boone $250
Bob Hope: $1,000
at Sajak: $1,000

Three people. I think it's pretty clear who Hollywood favors.

  -- Brent Baker



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