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What The Media Tell Americans About Free Enterprise

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August 1998



While the other networks refuse to interview, or even admit that there are, scientists skeptical of climate-change theories (see front page), on July 22 the Fox News Channel did something different -- it presented both sides of the global-warming debate. Reporter Carlos Harrison began where most reporters end, by running a quote from Al Gore.

But, Harrison noted, "Critics say both the President and the Vice President have lost sight of science in the pursuit of politics and that they are trying to bolster their argument by sending out scientists on the White House payroll to spread the word." He quoted science policy analyst Steven Milloy, who said, "The Vice President and the President have already decided that global warming is real and we're going to say and do anything we can to convince the American people thatís true."

After running another administration soundbite, Harrison pointed out that "critics say there is hardly any evidence that global warming is causing severe weather of any kind. And, in fact, there is evidence that the Earth cools and warms in a regular natural pattern over time."

ó Rich Noyes






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