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Posted Dec. 20, 2005
ABC's Moran Suggests Shame for Nation Bush-Cheney Will "Pass On"

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Moran: “Does the United States maintain secret prisons around the world?”
Cheney: “I'm not going to talk about intelligence matters.”
Moran: “Secret prisons?”
Cheney: “I'm not going to talk about intelligence matters.”
Moran: “Does the International Red Cross have access to everyone in U.S. custody, as we are obliged?”
Cheney: “Terry, with all due respect, I won't discuss intelligence matters. I shouldn't.”
Moran: “I'd like to put this personally, if I can. You're a grandfather. I'm a father. When we look at those girls and we think that the country we’re about to pass to them is a country where the Vice President can't say whether or not we have secret prisons around the world, whether water-boarding and mock executions is consistent with our values, and a country where the government is surveilling Americans without the warrant of a court -- is that the country we want to pass on to them?”
Cheney: “I want to pass on to them a country that<<Selection in Document>> is free, that is not plagued by terrorist attacks, doesn't see a repeat of the terrible events of 9/11 when we lost three thousand of our people that morning to a handful of terrorists who had no justification at all for what they do. I can guarantee you that we do do as a government, as an administration, is to support and uphold the Constitution of United States, that we do, in fact, take extraordinary steps to make certain we maintain our constitutional obligations and responsibilities, which includes both defending the country as well as defending individual liberties and protecting the rights of all Americans.”
Moran: “But it’s not the America we grew up in.

Exchange between Nightline reporter Terry Moran and Vice President Dick Cheney, Nightline, Dec. 19, 2005.

Posted Dec. 9, 2005
MSNBC’s Olbermann Sarcastically Attacks Rumsfeld, Bush

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Keith Olbermann: "And does he [Donald Rumsfeld] immediately walk right from his resignation to a Medal of Freedom ceremony? I mean, we've had George Tenet get one, Tommy Franks got one, Paul Bremer got one. It would be, is that an indicator of how dissatisfied the President would be with his work?"

Bazinet: "Well, I don't think it is. I think it's just a badge of honor. Remember, Secretary Rumsfeld twice tendered his resignation over the Abu Ghraib disaster, and the President refused. The word was, and I think accurately so, that the President did not want anyone behaving like something was wrong, like Iraq was a failure, as if Iraq was a failure. So I think that what happens here is you serve your time, you do your job, and the President says 'Well done,' and he hangs a medal around your neck."

-- Exchange between host Keith Olbermann and New York Daily News reporter Ken Bazinet, Countdown, MSNBC, Dec. 8, 2005

Posted Dec. 5, 2005
MRC President Brent Bozell Interviews ‘Memogate’ Producer Mary Mapes on C-SPAN2

Why didn’t you and 60 Minutes do an investigative report on the preferential treatment given to Al Gore and his Vietnam assignment as a “reporter”? And, in interests of fairness, why didn’t you do an investigative report on John Kerry’s service? 

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How do you explain that typography experts, first quoted by CNSNews.com the morning after your story aired, seriously questioned the authenticity of the National Guard documents? And, within two days, ABC, NBC, CNN, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the L.A. Times, and USA Today had produced experts who described your story as false – they aren’t part of the Bush Camp -- were they all wrong? 

Hear the clip: MP3

See the clip:
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