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Posted August 22, 2005
MSNBC's Olbermann Smears the MRC, Bozell

Listen to MP3 audio clip  | See CyberAlert | Video:  Real | Windows

"Time for Countdown's list of today's nominees to the coveted title of 'Worst Person in the World.' There's just two tonight. A very close second, Brent Bozell -- yeah, the wacky guy from that Media Research Center scam -- accused me of distortion for having said that Rush Limbaugh had said on air, quote, 'Cindy Sheehan is just Bill Burkett. Her story is nothing more than forged documents. There's nothing about it that's real.' The only person distorting as usual is Bozell. Limbaugh said it on the air on August 15th. We have the transcript. Nothing in the transcript mitigates what he said. I'll put it online over the weekend. So, Bozell is close, but the winner is Limbaugh for saying, 'I never said this,' when, of course, he sure did, especially considering the line comparing Sheehan to Burkett was a featured quote on his Web site for his paying subscribers until it was mysteriously scrubbed off. And having now added about Sheehan's dead son, quote, 'I'm leery of even having to express sympathy. We all lose things.' Like your career, Rush. You're finished, credibility spent. Get lost! Rush Limbaugh, once again, today's 'Worst Person in the World!'"
-- Keith Olbermann, Countdown, MSNBC, August 19, 2005

Posted August 18, 2005
MSNBC's Keith Olbermann Brands Rush Limbaugh "Worst Person in the World!"

Listen to MP3 audio clip  | See CyberAlert

"He [Limbaugh] also referred to her supporters as 'dope-smoking FM types.' I guess the painkillers wipe out your memory along with your ethics. Rush Limbaugh, today's 'Worst Person in the World'!"
-- MSNBC's Keith Olbermann, Countdown, Aug. 17, 2005

Posted August 12, 2005
Fred Barnes Criticizes Media About Protesting Mom

Listen to MP3 audio clip  | See CyberAlert

"My view is, is there any left-wing publicity hound who the media won't build up? You have Joe Wilson, you have Bill Burkett, you know the guy that sold CBS on the story about Bush last fall and now you have this woman. This woman wants to go in and tell the President that the war is about oil because the President wants to pay off his buddies. She's a crackpot, and yet the press treats her as some important protestor."
-- Fred Barnes, Special Report with Brit Hume, FNC, Aug. 11, 2005

Posted August 10, 2005
CNN's Aaron Brown on Peter Jennings' Reporting

Listen to MP3 audio clip  | See CyberAlert

"I never once saw him look at a story, treat a story with anything other than complete fairness and demand the same from us. The silly little Web sites on the left and the right will spend days saying otherwise, but they are wrong."
-- Aaron Brown comments on Peter Jennings' reporting, NewsNight, CNN, August 8, 2005

Posted August 4, 2005
Media Negative on Iraq Coverage

Listen to MP3 audio clip  | See CyberAlert

"If you are a reader or a viewer and you want to know, well, how are we doing [in Iraq], you know, is anything getting rebuilt, are they really democrats over there? How engaged are the Sunnis? Could I see an interview with any of these founding fathers and founding mothers of this new emerging country? Can you find that? You'll have a hard time doing it."
-- CNN Special Correspondent Frank Sesno, in response to comment that the major media are pushing negative coverage about the war in Iraq, CNN's Reliable Sources, July 31, 2005

Posted August 3, 2005
Networks Trumpet Hackett, "Candor" in Chastising "Chicken Hawk" Bush

Listen to MP3 audio clip  | See CyberAlert

"...Hackett is no fan of his Commander-in-Chief, calling him a 'chicken hawk,' and 'the biggest threat to America.'"
Hackett: "That's who I am. I stand by it."
"If elected, Hackett says he'll use that same candor to educate Congress about what's really going on in Iraq."
-- Geoff Morrell during World News Tonight, July 31st, 2005

Posted July 28, 2005
Peter Arnett: Saddam an 'Elegant, Diplomatic Guy'

Listen to MP3 audio clip  | See CyberAlert

"When I drove to the interview 10 days into the first Gulf War, I had that impression because that’s what propaganda sort of suggested, the Hitler of the Middle East, and so forth. Actually, he [Saddam Hussein] turned out to be a very elegant, diplomatic guy."
-- Peter Arnett, in exchange with Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson, July 27, 2005

Posted July 26, 2005
Lou Dobbs: It's Hot, So Global Warming

Listen to MP3 audio clip  | See CyberAlert

"Heat advisories in effect tonight all around the Midwest, the Southeast, Southwest, northeastern United States. That just about covers it. The triple-digit temperatures and other bizarre weather patterns have many now wondering whether this is the reality of global warming."
-- Lou Dobbs, CNN's Lou Dobbs Tonight, July 25, 2005

Posted July 20, 2005
NBC: Timing of Court Announcement To Deflect from Karl Rove?

Listen to MP3 audio clip  | See CyberAlert

Brian Williams: "David Gregory mentioned the Karl Rove factor in all this. What does he have to do with the naming of a Supreme Court nominee?"

Tim Russert: "I think Karl Rove's enjoying this day, one of the few in the last week or so. Harry Reid, the Democratic leader in the Senate, said, 'Isn't it interesting, the timing?' And, Brian, every Republican I talked to today in Washington said, 'Thank God they're changing the subject. We'd much prefer to fight over the Supreme Court than watch Karl Rove be talked about in the press with a CIA investigation.'"
-- Exchange between NBC anchor Brian Williams and NBC reporter Tim Russert, NBC Nightly News, July 19, 2005

Posted July 18, 2005
CNN Worker Calls Rove Testimony 'Bullshit' On the Air

Listen to MP3 audio clip  | See CyberAlert

Lou Dobbs: "Tonight, a surprising new development in the CIA leak investigation. Karl Rove's testimony to a federal grand jury is being reported. The testimony suggests that President Bush's political adviser may not have been the original source for the Valerie Plame leak. Rove testifying that he first learned about Plame from columnist Robert Novak, a CNN contributor. Dana Bash reports."

Female voice (not Dana Bash), whispering: "That's bullshit."
-- CNN's Lou Dobbs Tonight, July 15.

Posted July 13, 2005
CBS's John Roberts Comments on Media Criticism of Karl Rove

Listen to MP3 audio clip | See CyberAlert

"But I'll tell you, Bob, the White House has got to come up with something other to say on this, politically at least, than just, 'We're not going to talk about an investigation,' because for the last two days the press secretary has just been hung up on a clothesline and beaten like a dusty rug."
-- John Roberts responds to Bob Schieffer about the Karl Rove controversy, not mentioning that it has been Roberts and his media colleagues who have been castigating the White House press secretary on the issue, CBS Evening News, July 12, 2005.

Posted July 12, 2005
NBC's David Gregory Labels White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan's Comments About Karl Rove "Ridiculous"

Listen to MP3 audio clip | See CyberAlert

"Scott ... this is ridiculous. The notion that you're going to stand before us after having commented with that level of detail and tell people watching this that somehow you decided not to talk. You've got a public record out there. Do you stand by your remarks from that podium, or not?"
-- NBC's David Gregory in exchange with White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan about Karl Rove controversy, July 11, 2005

Posted July 7, 2005
ABC's Charlie Gibson Pushes for a Non-Conservative Supreme Court Nominee

Listen to MP3 audio clip | See CyberAlert

"You said a moment ago you suspected that the President would choose a very conservative candidate and you said, 'I think that he ought to do that.' Should he, or should he try to find somebody who would be more acceptable to all spectrums? And is that possible in this day of age?"
--- ABC's Charlie Gibson to Senator Orrin Hatch, Good Morning America, July 5, 2005.

Posted July 1, 2005
George Washington, Terrorist

Listen to MP3 audio clip | See Media Reality Check

"Andrea, what would it all matter if proven true? Someone brought up today the first several U.S. Presidents were certainly revolutionaries and might have been called 'terrorists' at the time by the British crown after all."
-- Anchor Brian Williams on the June 30 NBC Nightly News, asking reporter Andrea Mitchell about accusations that the new president-elect of Iran was a ringleader in the 1979 seizure of the U.S. embassy in Tehran and the holding of 52 American hostages for more than a year.

Posted June 30, 2005
Gergen Rues Bush's Talk of 9/11

Listen to MP3 audio clip | See CyberAlert

"I do think it's going to leave many of his critics spluttering because they're going to be, I think, angered by the playing of the 9/11 trump card. You know, 9/11 has been his trump card all along since then, and he plays it in various political moments along the way, played it in the campaign. He's playing it again now."
-- David Gergen during CNN's coverage of President Bush's speech at Fort Bragg, NC on June 28.

Posted June 27, 2005
Totenberg Claims NPR Not Liberal

Listen to MP3 audio clip | See CyberAlert

Newsweek's Evan Thomas: "Is this attack going to make NPR a little less liberal?"

NPR's Nina Totenberg: "I don't think we're liberal to begin with and I think if you would listen, Evan, you would know that."

Thomas: "I do listen to you and you're not that liberal, but you're a little bit liberal."

Totenberg: "No, I don't think so. I don't think that's a fair criticism, I really don't -- any more than, any more than you would say that Newsweek is liberal."
Thomas, over other voices: "I think Newsweek is a little liberal."
Totenberg laughs.
-- Inside Washington, June 26, 2005.

Posted June 24, 2005
CNN's Brown Castigates "Silly" Rove

Listen to MP3 audio clip | See CyberAlert

"The Washington Times: 'Rove's mockery of 9/11 liberals riles Democrats.' Karl Rove making, I thought, some silly comments. And in a week of silly comments, the dumb Dick Durbin comments for which he apologized. Mr. Rove will not apologize, I guarantee you."
-- CNN's Aaron Brown reviewing the next day's newspaper headlines on NewsNight, June 23.

Posted June 21, 2005
PBS Airs TV Ads Lobbying Congress for Funding

Listen to MP3 audio clip | See CyberAlert |  Watch video: Real Player | WMV format

"As you may know, some members of Congress have moved to cut federal funding for public broadcasting by 45 percent, and they want to completely eliminate federal funding that supports educational and commercial-free children's programs -- shows like Arthur, Sesame Street and Clifford are at risk. These cuts will have a devastating effect on WETA and the television and radio programs you and your family rely on, like Masterpiece Theatre, Mystery, Nova, and the NewsHour. Do your elected officials know how you feel about funding for public broadcasting? Call your members of Congress today, and let them know where you stand, and for more information, visit our website at weta.org."
-- TV commercial broadcast on PBS stations lobbying Congress for taxpayer-funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Posted June 20, 2005
Newsweek's Eleanor Clift Declares Iraq 'Worse than Vietnam'

Listen to MP3 audio clip | See CyberAlert

"It’s worse than Vietnam because Vietnam was a tiny country with no strategic importance and we could declare victory and leave. Iraq is at the nexus of terrorism and oil and it’s a war that we don’t know how to win and can’t afford to lose."
-- Newsweek's Eleanor Clift on The McLaughlin Group, June 18, 2005

Posted June 16, 2005
NBC's Chris Matthews Endorses a Hillary Clinton vs. John McCain Presidential Race

Listen to MP3 audio clip | See CyberAlert

 Andrea Mitchell: "I think that would be such a great race!"
 Chris Matthews: "Oh! Pray for it! Bread and butter. Wouldn't that be the greatest? McCain against Hillary."
-- Exchange between Chris Matthews and Andrea Mitchell on The Chris Matthews Show, June 12, 2005.

Posted June 15, 2005
ABC's Bob Woodruff Discloses that North Korea's Communist 'Minders' Translated His Interviews'

Listen to MP3 audio clip | See CyberAlert

"But because we were not allowed to bring in our own translator, we had to rely on our minders to tell us what people were saying."
-- Following a week-long series of reports from North Korea for ABC, reporter Bob Woodruff disclosed that his interviews with North Koreans were translated by the Communist-government's selected "minders," ABC World News Tonight, June 11, 2005.

Posted June 14, 2005
Investigative Reporters Applaud Dan Rather and 'Underlying Story About President Bush'

Listen to MP3 audio clip | See CyberAlert

"How do you feel about the fact that journalists seem to have done more work in reviewing the 60 Minutes reporting than they have in examining the underlying story about President Bush?"
-- David Boardman, President of the Board of Directors of Investigative Reporters & Editors, in a question to Dan Rather at a June 4 conference where the latter was honored.

Posted June 13, 2005
PBS's Bill Moyers Says Liberalism Complex, Conservatism 'Red Meat'

Listen to MP3 audio clip | See CyberAlert

"The people out in the country who listen to Fox News, who listen to Rush Limbaugh, they like red meat. And you know, by nature, it's very hard for a liberal to throw red meat, simply because the issues are more complex than you can reduce down to a soundbite."
-- PBS's Bill Moyers in an exchange with MSNBC's Hardball host Chris Mattthews, June 10, 2005.

Posted June 10, 2005
CBS's Bob Schieffer Draws Parallel Between Gitmo and North Vietnamese POW Camps

Listen to MP3 audio clip | See CyberAlert

"But you know, this thing is just, this is just a boil. It's a cancer. This thing is not doing anybody any good, and I'll tell you something, Don. I went to see, they had a showing up here in New York before Memorial Day, this film about John McCain when he was in the North Vietnamese prison camp. And to see what those people did to him, it just, it made me rethink this whole thing about how we treat these prisoners in Guantanamo."
-- CBS Evening News anchor Bob Schieffer discussing Guantanamo Bay POW camp on Imus in the Morning, June 9, 2005

Posted June 9, 2005
Rosie O'Donnell Calls President Bush a 'War Criminal,' Demands Trial at The Hague

Listen to MP3 audio clip | See CyberAlert

“Sean Hannity: "But Rosie, you guys, all you guys on the left, you demonize this President. You once called George Bush a war criminal."
Rosie O'Donnell: "He is. He should be tried at the Hague!"

Hannity: "What do you want? Do you want to give him the death penalty?"

O'Donnell: "No, I said he should be tried, Sean-"

Hannity: "Life in prison? You want to convict him?"

O'Donnell: "-tried. Listen, the leader of any nation that defies the UN and invades a sovereign nation that had nothing to do with 9/11 should be tried."
-- Exchange between talk radio host Sean Hannity and activist Rosie O'Donnell on ABC's The View, June 7, 2005

Posted June 7, 2005
Newsweek's Jonathan Alter Admits Bias on Embryonic Stem Cell Debate

Listen to MP3 audio clip | See CyberAlert

“I'm really ticked off these days about the stem cell research debate, because, as you know, for me it's kind of a personal thing. So I don't have a lot of neutrality on it."
-- Newsweek's Jonathan Alter on Imus in the Morning, June 6, 2005

Posted June 6, 2005
NBC's Matt Lauer Praises Bill Clinton on "Greatest American" Show

Listen to MP3 audio clip | See CyberAlert

“Under Clinton the economy boomed -- deficits turned into surplus -- and
more than 22 million jobs were created. Along with the character flaws
and the subpoenas came peace and prosperity.”
-- Matt Lauer describing Bill Clinton during the Discovery Channel's
"Greatest American" nominations, June 5, 2005

Posted June 3, 2005
Dan Rather Says Forged Documents Not Disproven, Guard Story True

Listen to MP3 audio clip | See CyberAlert

Dan Rather: "Important point: [Panel] said, 'We don't know whether the documents are fraudulent or not.'"
Larry King: "So, are you saying the story might be correct?"
Dan Rather: "Well, I'm saying a prudent person might take that view."
-- Dan Rather on Larry King Live, June 2, 2005

Posted June 2, 2005
Ted Turner Reveals that Communist Fidel Castro Inspired Creation of CNN International

Listen to MP3 audio clip | See CyberAlert

Ted Turner: "You know, I got the idea to go global from Fidel Castro. The signal spilled into Cuba and he heard about it -- and he's pretty intelligent -- and he bought a satellite dish or got one somehow, and started watching the news and he said it was incredibly important. When I met him in '82, he said, 'Ted, the whole world needs CNN.' He said, 'I use it all the time and it's very important to me.' So I said, 'Well if Castro needs it, certainly the capitalists around the world could use it, and perhaps some other communists, too.'"
-- From forum marking CNN's 25th anniversary, as played back on Anderson Cooper 360, June 1, 2005

Posted June  1, 2005
ABC's Terry Moran Pushes Amnesty International's Line that the U.S. Has Created A "New Gulag of Prisons Around the World."

Listen to MP3 audio clip | See CyberAlert

Terry Moran: "Mister President, recently Amnesty International said you have established quote 'a new gulag of prisons around the world beyond the reach of the law and decency.' I'd like your reaction to that, and also your assessment of how it came to this, that that is a view not just held by extremists and anti-Americans, but by groups that have allied themselves with the United States government in the past, and what the strategic impact is, that in many places in the world the United States these days under your leadership is no longer seen as the good guy?"
--Terry Moran at President Bush's press conference, May 31, 2005

Posted June  1, 2005
Aaron Brown Says 'No Heroes' in Clinton Impeachment

Listen to MP3 audio clip | See Media Reality Check

Aaron Brown: "Accept for a moment this premise. There will be no winners in the impeachment battle going on, no heroes are going to emerge from this mess, that when all is said and done, the landscape will be littered with losers of varying sorts. Ms. Lewinsky, whose life is forever changed, Ms. Tripp, who will never seem heroic, Judge Starr will be no winner, and Mr. Clinton will be the biggest loser of all. According to this premise, the only person even vaguely close to a winner is the First Lady. And what a heavy price she has paid for that."
 --ABC Good Morning America/Sunday anchor Aaron Brown, November 22, 1998

Posted May 31, 2005
CBS's Bob Schieffer Endorses Closing U.S. POW Site at Guantonamo Bay

Listen to MP3 audio clip | See CyberAlert

Bob Schieffer: "Columnist Tom Friedman said the prison ought to be shut down because the stories about it are so inflaming the Arab world they're making the war on terrorism more dangerous for our American soldiers to fight. But as I watched the McCain movie, I wondered if the greater danger is the impact Guantanamo is having on us. Do we want our children to believe this is how we are? Is this the code of honor we are passing on to the next generation?"
-- Face the Nation, CBS, May 29, 2005

Posted May 26, 2005
Law & Order: Criminal Intent Portrays Rep. Tom DeLay as Hero of White Supremacists

Listen to MP3 audio clip | See CyberAlert | Watch video: Real Player | WMV format

Detective Alexandra Eames (character): "Looks like the same shooters. CSU found the slug in a post, matched it to the one that killed Judge Barton. Maybe we should put out an APB for somebody in a Tom DeLay T-shirt."
-- Law & Order: Criminal Intent, May 25, 2005

Posted May 25, 2005
CBS's Gloria Borger Spins Senate Filibuster Deal as Non-Partisan.

Listen to MP3 audio clip | See CyberAlert

Gloria Borger: "Enter the Gang of 14, a collection of Republicans and Democrats led by maverick John McCain, and ranging from the liberal Senate elder, Robert C. Byrd, to conservative John Warner. Their politics are different but they shared one goal: to save the Senate from the partisanship of interest groups on both the left and the right."
-- CBS Evening News, May 24, 2005

Posted May 24, 2005
First Lady Laura Bush corrects the negative spin NBC's Katie Couric puts on U.S. military.

Listen to MP3 audio clip | See CyberAlert

Katie Couric: "In your view, is the administration holding the people who are doing these things and perhaps they are in the minority as you say, but do you think they're being held sufficiently accountable?"

Laura Bush: "Yes I do. I mean there's investigations going on the people are being held accountable and it's not 'perhaps in the minority.' We know it's very, very few people. A handful of people. We know that overall our troops are serving with distinction."
-- NBC's Today, May 23

Posted May 23, 2005
Dan Rather talks about the "magical mystic kingdom" of CBS News.

Listen to MP3 audio clip | See CyberAlert

Tina Brown: "What are the realistic chances that you're going to be able to do a story that really shakes and rattles the Bush administration?"

Dan Rather: "Excellent. The Bush administration, the Democratic leadership or any future Democratic Presidents. CBS News has a culture, has a history that those of us who work here, it's very real -- that we see it as a sort of magical mystical kingdom of journalistic knights -- and I know I can mentally hear people rolling their eyes, that's the way we feel."
-- CNBC's Topic [A] with Tina Brown, May 22, 2005.

Posted May 2, 2005
Actress and Activist Rosie O'Donnell Declares President Bush a War Criminal.

Listen to MP3 audio clip | See CyberAlert

Rosie O'Donnell: "You know, this President invaded a sovereign nation in defiance of the U.N. He is basically a war criminal. Honestly. He should be tried at The Hague."
-- At Large with Geraldo Rivera, FNC, April 30, 2005

Posted March 28, 2005
NPR's Totenberg Uses Schiavo to Push for Universal Health Care.

Listen to MP3 audio clip | Video | See CyberAlert

"If we really believed in an unmitigated, uncurbed in any way culture of life, we would be having universal health care that paid for every conceivable medical treatment in the world."
-- NPR reporter Nina Totenberg




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