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A bi-weekly compilation of the latest outrageous, sometimes humorous, 
quotes in the liberal media.

2000 Best of NQ PDF Version
Aiding & Abetting in an Election Theft Award | If He Didn't Sink, Send Him Back to the Clink Award | Kiss Me, Too, Al Award (for Gore Gushing) | Little Havana Banana Republic Award | Kosher Kiss-Up Award (for Lauding Lieberman) | Semper Fidel Award (Jim Avila's Admiration of Fidel Castro) | Carve Clinton into Mount Rushmore Award | Bring Back the Iron Curtain Award | Media Hero Award Damn Those Conservatives Award | The Real Reagan Legacy Award Good Morning Morons Award | Flirting with Disaster Award Politics of Meaninglessness Award (for the Silliest Analysis) | The Galloping Ghost of Gingrich Award Too Late for the Ballot, But Year End "Best of NQ" Worthy | W is for Woeful Award (for Bashing Bush) | Quote of the Year 

December 12, 2000
Our Fairy Tale Came True! | Hillary, You Are Our Hero | General Gore on Horseback | Ashleigh and Al's First Date? | No Honeymoon Here | Rather Rallies for Gore | Gore's Fantasy Math | Whining Over Palm Beach | The Shi'ite "Fix" Is In | Anchors Salve Gore's Wounds | Gore = Impartiality, Honesty | Gore's Not Craven, He's Like Us | Alter, the Sorest Sore Loser | Less Than the DNC Gives CBS | Post-Election Bias Admitted 

November 27, 2000
Decisive "Tax Dodgers"? | W Stands for Wallace | Margaret's Fractured Feminism | Partisan Hack with Bad Makeup | Haranguing Hardline Harris | Did I Mention She's Republican? | Republicans Tried to Snow Us! | Boisterous Boosting of Boies | Democracy Lovingly Preserved | The Florida Supreme Court, "Moderate to Conservative"? | Stephanopoulos: No Question Gore Won Florida...If It's Fair | Bush As Reprehensible As Gore | Help! James Baker Might Hit Me With His "Fear Stick" 

November 13, 2000
Let's Press to Certify Gore | Gore Should Win Big | Clinton, Genius of the Boom | Empathizing with Gore, Not Bush | No Compassion If GOP Wins | Speaking of Compassion... | Driving While Biased | Shoot! Where's the Gun Ban? | Gore Lies? That's So Harsh | Media Far Too Nice to Bush | Evan Thomas Raw | The Flight's On Hold 

October 30, 2000
Poor, Mistreated Al Gore | "Dastardly" George Bush vs. "Cunning" Al Gore | Clinton Abandonment Anxiety? | President Bush? Get Scared Now | Dick Cheney: The "Hidden Hand" President? | Lovable Gus Hall, Rest in Peace | Gore's Lies Are Little, Bush's Big | Republicans Loved Lying Reagan | Too High a Standard for Gore | "Non-Partisan" Democrats | Clinton's Lies: A Shining Moment | Bush, Gore Not Liberal Enough | Lower Taxes = Funds "Removed" | Bold Prediction 

October 16, 2000
Excusing Gore Whoppers | Bush Bombed on Character? | Speaking of Bumblers... | Stephanopoulos: Still Al's Ally | If This Was Gore At His Best... | Cheney: "Against Education" | Bernard's Liberal Questions | Improper Use of "Pro-Life" Label | Tax Cuts Trash Tots | Tax Cuts Deprive Government | Iron Curtain Ridicule | Winnie Skinner, Media Heroine | Diane Has Chutzpah 

October 2, 2000
Military Junta Forming for Bush | Rape, Murder: Now That's Funny | Like Hillary: Praise or Slander? | Blacks Oppressed in the '80s | Discuss It Instead of Reporting It | Hillary, the Victimized Guinea Pig | Credit Gore, Blame Both Sides | Berke, Led Around by the Nose | Hurray, the Coverup Worked | Starr: Still the Media Bogeyman | "Headline Exceeded the Facts" | Williams Admits the Obvious | Networks Were For Us, Except... | Do Me, JFK 

September 18, 2000
From Frat Boy to Rat Boy | Dick Cheney, Bathroom Bigot | I'd Love Help Denigrating Bush | CNN "Corrects" Non-Error | Asinine Adam Clymer Outrage | George Washington Crossed Line | Firestone Failures? Blame Reagan | Let's Ban Awful SUVs | One-Sided Take on Taxes | No Red Threat, Just a Green One | Geraldo Rivera for Mayor | Oprah: I Wanted Tongue Too 

September 4, 2000
Gore Kiss: Way to Go, Sexy Man | Saint Janet's Burden | Clancy Out of Touch...or Lauer? | Bush Tax Cut: Let's Repeat the Gore Press Release as "News" | Courage to Tap Christie | Reputation Splashed by Media | Kick the Killer Car Dealer | Post-Convention Liberal Guilt | "Red Meat Right Wing" Bush | Eric Pooley's Pool of Drool | Acknowledged Double Standard | How Could Al Be So Unlucky? | Geraldo's Premature Nostalgia 

August 21, 2000
Rather's Erroneous "Leak" Rant | Don't Let Gumbel Be Gumbel | You're Not Pro-Life, Are You? | Mislabeling Lieberman | Lieberman's Too Conservative | Delegate Differences | Case Study in Rather Bias 1 | Or What If He's Partying On? | Historic Right-Wing Ticket | Not A Hint of Gore Scandal? | Case Study in Rather Bias 2 | Pomposity Without a Purpose 

August 7, 2000
Mandela Imprisoned by Cheney? | Churlish Cheney Charges | Platform Failed to Please Liberals | GOP Run By Pope, Jesse Helms | Powell: GOP's Uncle Tom | Blacks Should Still Fear GOP | Carlson's Compassionate Corner | Tolerance Held Hostage | Cheney: "Hard Right" Isn't Sexy | Lashing Out at Loony Lynne | Bush's "Compassion" Claims Contradicted By Conservatism | Thanks for the Insight, Dan 

July 24, 2000
A Warning About Media Bias? | Quicksilver Spin of the Day | Clinton: Horny Man of Peace | Aren't Your Profits Immoral? | Celebrating Another Entitlement | Criticizing Hillary: Implicitly Sexist | GOP: Abysmal to Liberals | Incongruous Labeling | Caring vs. Conservative | Let's Take the Surplus and Apply It to Our Liberal Wish List | Fear the Soviets? Ha Ha Ha! | Heartwarming Democratic Unity vs. Nasty Republican Fratricide | See the Slums! Become a Liberal! 

July 10, 2000
Bryant Gumbel Raw | Hillary Plus Bill's "Expertise" | No Liberals on Supreme Court | Can't Spend Enough for ABC | Perhaps It's Jim Avila Who Needs Deprogramming | Is Cuba Bad or Good? It's a "Complicated Question" | Misplaced U.S. "Grudge" | Elian, Free at Last from Miami | In Need of Summer School | "Barbaric" Death of a Killer? | Boasting of Bias? | Fighting Cocks of Clinton High? 

June 26, 2000
Words Anchormen Never Used to Describe the "War on Poverty" | This Summer, The End Is Near! | Clarence Thomas = Aunt Jemima | Non-Expansion = Restriction | Republican Fairy Tales and Lies | More Federal Funding for Tubas | Making Excuses for Albert | Helen's Commencement Claptrap | Making Trouble for George W. | We Don't Have a Vacation Czar? | Professor Estevez on Guns 

June 12, 2000
Aren't We Frightening? | The Food Will Kill You, Too | Clinton's "So-Called" Lies | "Ultraconservative" Bob Casey? | It's Not Her Fault, It's Our Fault | Communism vs. Commercialism | Elian, Learn Ballet on the Farm! | Even Liberals See Pro-Gore Bias | Uh-oh, Gore's a Goner | Best Intentions on Evil Money | We Want Clinton to Stay Kinky | Sarcasm on Anti-Communism | Rushing to Hush Rush | Rosie: NRA Doesn't Love Kids 

May 29, 2000
Lazio: Already Being Scolded | If They Can Fake It, We'll Sell It | More Reporters, More Bias | Million Mom Media March | Nice Spin of the Wheelchair | Less Sex, More Liberal Uplift | CBS's Anecdotal Advocacy | Blessed with Ridiculous Enemies | Jamie's 11-Minute Valentine | If PBS Doesn't Do It, Who Will?

May 15, 2000
Play Time or Re-education Time? | Get Him Back Now | World Yearns for Rule of Reno | Future and Current Journalists Embrace Ignorance and Apathy | Another Gumbel Gorbasm | Reno Should Have Acted Sooner | Clift: Better Off in Havana, Really | Lauer: Guns Should Be Legacy | Lashing Dr. Laura | Jesse Helms = Fidel Castro | Socialist-Capitalist Ideal in Cuba | Bob "Sherlock" Schieffer 

May 1, 2000
Great! Fewer Deaths Each Time | Principled Reno, Paranoid Family | Heartwarming Gun Photo | Rather's Raid Rants | "Crazy" Family and Friends | Bryant vs. Cuban-Americans | Only the Brainwashed Prefer U.S | Elian's Awaiting Cuban Mansion | Can Bush Care Like a Democrat? | Cuba: Not a Simple Tyranny | Dictatorship is Safer for Kids | Journalists Laughed at Fear 

April 17, 2000 
Not to The New York Times | Little Havana, Banana Republic | Nurture Elian in Peaceable Cuba | Elian Better Off in Cuba | Miami McCarthyism | Civilized Plan = Return to Cuba | Blaming the Free Society | Stupid Is as ABC Does | NRA Bashed and Slashed... | ...CDF Buffed and Puffed | Totalitarian Republic of Miami | Jim Avila Wins the Castro Prize | "I Hope We Kill Bush"

April Fools Edition 
No Temple Tantrums, Please | We Need a Love Pope | Perfect Passage to India | Hostile Takeover of Stocks | Giuliani, Brutal White Dwarf | Ever Lovable Bryant | No More Kennedy Types? | Devastating Blows Never Thrown | Elian Go Home! | Shriver Shoots Her Mouth Off | Al Gore, Strategic Genius | They're Saying Clinton Lied? | Bill's Beau Geste | Rudy's Artistic Achievement | Very Entertaining Abortionists

March 20, 2000
Welcome to Campaign 2000: Bush Nastiness v. Gore Outreach | Accusatory Bush v. Crafty Gore | Imus Zinged Brokaw | The Anti-Gun Lobby Called CBS | Brokaw: We're All Independents | Jeb Bush = Selma Racist Thugs | Women Love "Choice" to Kill | Equating Legal and Illegal Acts | Bush Sold His Soul to Hard Right | Far-Right Bush vs. Moderate Al | Locating Herself on the Spectrum | Larry King's Kiss and Tell

March 6, 2000
Kamikaze Conservatism | No Compassionate Conservative | McCain No Moderate | Kids Love You, Is That Okay? | Bush Makes McCain Fans Cry | Magazines Mangle Momentum | Baffled Bob on Bill's Boom | Disgusting Whiff of Cold War | Gore: A Better Son Than Bush | Poisonous Free Speech | Bryant's Reagan Double Take

February 21, 2000
Hillary, Victim of Venomous Bias | Gore's A Boaster, Not A Liar | Media Like Unsubstantiated Tale | Ken Starr = POW Torturer | We're Pro-McCain: Deal With It | He Was Conservative, Forget It | Pampered Under Communism? | Birthday Shot at Reagan | Our Hero Hillary vs. Loutish Lott | Good Grief, What A Blockhead | CBS: Clueless Bob Schieffer | Unlabeled Allies Clear McCain | Victims of Delayed Buffalo Wings

February 7, 2000
Tilting Right: A Political Disaster | Forbes, You're Far Out | CBS Finds the Far Right | Hate That Gigantic Tax Cut | A "Very Worthy" Liberal Cause | An "Evolving" Reactionary | Clinton: Victim or Martyr? | Raves for State of the Union | GOP Hates Civil Rights Advances | President Clinton, Racial Healer | More Surgery Needed | "Conservative" Speech? | Liberals Loved It -- Like Me | How Dumb Are We, Larry?

January 24, 2000
Stop That Scary Religious Talk | Feeding Red Meat To the Right | Still Recycling the Houston Spin | Tim the Tax Man | Eleanor Clift's Colossus | CBS's Global Warming Mantra | Centrist Dems, Hard Right GOP | ABC's Toobin Agrees with Hillary | Avoiding "Partial-Birth Abortion" | 224-Year-Old Bias

January 10, 2000
Time: Heroic Clinton & Eleanor; Backward Winston Churchill | Can We Have Another Camelot? | Reagan, Thatcher Mattered? No | Gumbel the Great | Bias in a Capsule | Cuban Kids Fear U.S Kidnappers | The Berlin Wall Suddenly Fell, But Germany's Far Ahead of America | Bradley vs. Greedy Tax Cutters | Hillary Knocks My Socks Off | Clinton's Like a Fine Sports Car | "Dispassionate" Clinton Attack | Another Christmas Saved By The Heroic Federal Toy Regulators





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